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Mother Panic will encounter (and fight) Batwoman.
  • Violet is already an Expy of Kate, so it would make sense for them to meet and clash, since Violet is going to be starting out not abiding by the "house rules", so to speak. Jody Houser has also name-dropped Batwoman in an interview as an appearance possibility, and work-in-progress images from Tommy Lee Edwards's Twitter suggest Kate could show up as early as the first issue. There's also the fact that Kate is already a brutal fighter and Violet is described as such in preview materials, so for them not to throw down at some point would be a major disappointment, Violet's Super Strength be damned.
    • The solicit for issue #2 implies that Violet is tracking down missing children, which is exactly what Batwoman's primary goal was during the first three arcs of her solo series. Maybe that could lead to a more nuanced relationship between them.
    • Okay, at this point, if Violet starts dealing with the occult, I'm calling shenanigans. It's getting ridiculous.
    • Semi-Confirmed!: Word of God states that Batwoman will feature in the first arc. Whether or not they fight remains to be seen.
    • Even more confirmation: the solicit for issue #3 indicates that they will confront each other. Still unknown whether that means they will fight, though.
    • The initial WMG is fully confirmed according to progress art from Tommy Lee Edwards's Twitter. The two will fight in issue #3.

The Gather House has something to do with entering alternate universes...
  • ...and due to this, Violet is actually a parallel universe version of Kate Kane.
    • The Expy-ness of Violet has already been mentioned, and seems too deliberate to be a coincidence. It would also be an interesting angle on the fact that the main universe Kate already has a bad twin. And the purpose of the Gather House is a complete mystery at this point, so anything's possible.

The series will take place 20 Minutes into the Future.
  • If so, it's odd that this hasn't been mentioned in any preview materials. But the existence of Violet's hover bike makes this a possibility. This would also be a way for the creative team to not have to worry about what's currently going on in the main Rebirth books in order to tie everything in.
    • Well, considering how strange and new advanced technology has been popping up in a bunch of Rebirth books very explicitly (Action Comics, Tec, Batman, etc) that surprises even Batman, it might not be this. Could just be a neat tie-in to Rebirth. Hell, it could be both.
    • Jossed, perhaps? The preview for Issue #1 shows Kate still has her buzz cut, meaning it takes place around a month before Tec 943. Or that could be a lack of communication between artists.

Violet received her superpower from the same person or group who gave Gotham and Gotham Girl theirs.
  • And thus, it will operate in a similar way. This theory is out there and might be too connected to the main DCU for what the Young Animal imprint is meant to be, but anything's possible at this point.
    • Violet's suit will counteract the negative effects from these powers, mainly how using them takes time off of one's life.
  • Most likely Jossed. Violet's Super Strength is a result of cybernetic augmentations, and thus technically isn't a power in the way the Gothams' are.

Since Violet is apparently straight and an Expy of Batwoman, somebody's going to start calling her "Straight Batwoman".
  • ala "Gay Batman" for Midnighter, heh.
    • As funny as this would have been, I'm glad it's Jossed

Gather House is connected to the Court of Owls.
  • Both are secretive Gotham-based organizations (or near enough to make no difference). Both have a hefty dose of Animal Motifs about them. Both have rhymes associated with them. Both are concerned with influencing Gotham society. Both train children to be their agents.