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Awesome / Mother Panic

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  • Issue #1: Violet takes out a group of Hemsley's thugs before they can kill his bodyguard, who Violet needs to interrogate.
  • Issue #3:
    • Violet goes toe-to-toe with Batwoman and manages to keep pace with her before backhanding her off a roof and escaping. Not too shabby for a newbie.
    • Batwoman also gets one for coming out of a scrap with a super-strong individual unscathed.
    • Violet manages to save all the children Gala had used in Hemsley's sick artwork, prompting a reappearance from Batwoman along with a commendation for her heroics.
  • Issue #5:
    • A flashback/dream sequence shows Violet winning a training fight against another student at Gather House by headbutting her. In the same scene it's mentioned that Violet became a candidate for her augmentations based on her combat ability.
  • Violet gets Batman's praise for good work and his blessing to keep operating as a vigilante in issue #9.

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