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Heartwarming / Mother Panic

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  • In issue #3, Violet chooses to rescue a group of kids from a fire rather than pursue and kill Gala, the Mad Artist who used those children in her twisted artwork.
  • Violet's mother, Rebecca, expresses support for Violet's bisexuality.
  • In issue #7, the parents of one of the children Violet rescued in issue #3 are murdered. When Violet goes to the hospital to interrogate the girl, the child recognizes her and gives her a bear hug. Initially taken aback, Violet returns the hug and says she's sorry for her loss.
  • A bit dark, but, her flashbacks revealed Violet overheard what she thought was her father allowing Helmsley to molest her. When Violet pulled a shotgun on her father, he explained they weren't talking about Violet, but her mother. Violet immediately pulled the trigger after learning her father was going to allow someone to rape Rebecca, which shows she's been protective of her mom for years.
    • And both dark and messed up, despite having fewer qualms about letting Helmsley rape Rebecca Violet's father was horrified by the idea of Helmsey molesting her, and was quite protective of her.

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