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The black hotel roommate of Dahmer told the "Fan Club" about the weird exchange he had with Jeff
  • This is why, right after the Washington trip, the Dahmer Fan Club starts showing their true colors. Before the trip; They seemed to be genuinely good friends of his and Derf even tried visiting Jeff at his home (only to be weirded out by Jeff's mother, her harassing of the dad and yelling at Derf by while misnaming him).
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  • They probably were willing to overlook the fish incident but a guy who's black telling them about the weird exchange involving skin color and innards was the last straw. Remember; Jeff just did something Crazy Awesome on that trip with the meeting with Mondale; He would've been hailed as cool, not shoved to the side while the club gets stoned or insulted over his lack of prom date. It just seemed so weird that they instantly turned into jerks.
  • In a nutshell; There needed to be a very brief scene between the "Meeting V.P. Mondale" Scene and the "Coming Home Off The Bus/Dad Announces Divorce" Scene...the "Back at Hotel/Black Guy Confides to Derf" scene.

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