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Take one category of people, and then maybe another. Then make a list of stupid things that people from the first category say, perhaps to people from the second category. There, you have laid the basis for your own "Shit X Say" or "Shit X Says To Y" video on YouTube.

Having gone completely viral, there are now very many such videos, by different authors. Many different pairs of categories-of-people can be heard saying shit to each other. In a way, this can all be seen as one big comedy series, spontaneously developing on the internet.


One inevitable side effect is that the average quality has plummeted. The original videos restricted themselves to listing things actually said to the authors and their friends. Real stupidity, and thus really hilarious. As the trend caught on, many of the new videos was instead based on premises such as:

  • "I bet those people would say this kind of things if I ever spoke with them."
  • "This is what I would want them to say, so I could feel morally superior to them."
  • "While I know they don't actually say these things, I consider the bad people, and this is what bad people would say - so it's true even though it's not true."

Still, some of the new videos are really spot on, and even the ones that are totally unrealistic eye-rollers can have their amusing moments. Of course, it can sometimes be impossible to determine which portrayals are accurate and which ones are complete bullshit. Even among the silliest, some of them may actually have happened once or twice. Especially if the X character person was actually being sarcastic but the Y character person missed that particular detail.


Common tropes in "Shit X Says To Y" are:

  • Straw Character: The X category is a total strawman. The things they say are actually extremely rare in real life, if it ever happens at all.
  • Straw Loser: Only only does X give their category a bad name, but they are prone to trip over their own words, effectively defeating themselves in the debate. Note that this happens in honestly reality-based episodes as well as purely manufactured ones.
  • Aggressive Categorism: While many "Shit X Says To Y" videos are themselves prime examples of Aggressive Categorism, ("proving" racist/sexist/etc stereotypes by the logic of "well, these people really say these things... in spite of them actually not really saying these things",) they are also very prone to include in-universe examples. This trope is one of the prime ways for how a Straw Loser character may trip over his own words.
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  • Cloud Cuckoolander: The category X character is often this.
  • Only Sane Man: The category Y character is almost always portrayed as this.

Examples of "Shit X Says To Y" videos follows below...

Asian Marriage Negotiations, or: Sh!t Asian Girls Say to Asian Men

Synopsis: A nice and proper Asian man fails to suck up to two bitchy and extremely unpleasant Asian women. Then a white man walks in, being not only creepy and badly dressed but also racist and sexist to the Asian women. Their response is to suck up to him and basically throw themselves at him.
  • Aggressive Categorism: Played at least twice:
    • The idea that a man may be simultaneously chauvinistic and effeminate is treated by the protagonist and the narrative as being this trope. The two traits somehow disprove each other - so the trope Effeminate Misogynistic Guy couldn't possibly exist, right?
    • The Straw Feminist characters want men who they percieve as treating women well, not men that they perceive as treating women badly. However, they base their perceptions entirely by skin-color: The Asian man is mistaken for misogynistic no matter his actual behavior, while the white man is mistaken for Mighty Whitey no matter his actual behavior.
  • Asian Airhead: The Asian women are VERY stupid. They accuse the poor innocent male Asian character of looking down on Asian women, in spite of the fact that it is very clear from the narrative that he is far to nice and enlightened to see them for the worthless race-traitor bitch-whores that they truly are... nope, the protagonist is not a misogynistic racist... The author might be an entirely different matter, however.
  • Boomerang Bigot: The Asian women hate their own kind, Asians. Granted, they hate Asian men, not Asian women like themselves. And thus, just in case anyone would miss the message, the author kindly step in and clarify that this trope is indeed i effect.
  • Career Versus Man: The first few seconds of the video come across as a reasonable debate about this. It doesn't last long, since the women quickly start parroting Straw Feminist nonsense phrases that real life women are likely to use only if they want to make the man leave her the hell alone - if he think she's not worth his time, then at least he won't stalk her.
  • Category Traitor: The video has an undertone that Asian women ought to stick to Asian men, if an Asian woman prefer a white man it means that she is a stupid worthless piece of shit. In the uploader comment, the author clarifies that he consider preferring another race than one's own to be a mentally unhealthy lack of racial pride.
  • Entitled to Have You: The protagonist doesn't whine about how he deserve to have the women - the narrative does this for him. And just in case anyone missed the anvilicious message, the author clarifies it.
  • Informed Ability: The protagonist is a great guy i every way. You know, because he says so. And because his claims of greatness are always countered with one variation or another of "No, you are Asian and I am a stupid racist, so you couldn't possibly be any good".
  • Mighty Whitey: Parodied - the white man is anything but, but is treated as one by the Asian women anyway.
  • Nice Guys Finish Last: Obviously, we should all feel for the protagonist.
  • Straw Feminist: Welcome to a setting where feminists proudly proclaims that a woman shouldn't contribute anything in a relationship - the man should earn all the money and do all the housework while treating his wife as a princess.
  • Straw Character: Both Asian women, as well as the white man, are made entirely from straw. And rotten straw at that, being total nightmares to be around. The women are stupid brainwashed drones who believe anything they hear on television - or worse, in their university courses.
  • Straw Loser: The women are this on several levels...
    • They make sure to point out how stupid their own arguments are, for example with the statement "television never lies".
    • They trip over their own arguments with liberal doses of Aggressive Categorism.
    • Whenever the protagonist make a point, no matter how lame, the women will "disprove" his statement by claiming that he is wrong because he's Asian, or even that he is wrong because he is right - in their Straw Feminist rhetoric, it is "oppressive" of a man to use better arguments than the woman does.
    • They end up heading for what is obviously a Destructive Romance.
  • This Loser Is You: Male Asian viewers are supposed to identify with the protagonist. (Of course, male Asians who has girlfriends - Asian or otherwise - are no very likely to feel at home in this surreal scenario. And neither are Asian men who are single but have a healthy perspective on women.
  • Word of God: The "uploader comments" that comes with the video makes the messages clearer... Just in case someone thought it was a parody or something. Nope, the video is not intended to be satire: This is what the author truly thinks of Asian women, Asian men and white men, respectively.

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