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Krypton was a World of Buxom
Given that Kara's Most Common Superpower can be attributed to a downplayed example of Bizarre Alien Biology, taking into account that the entire population of Krypton would have to share the same biology and Designer Babies being part of Kryptonian society in some continuities it brings about the probability that (prior to Krypton's destruction) Kryptonian women had huge tracts of land.

Supergirl and Power Girl's powers malfunctioned early on because of the destruction of the Multiverse
In Supergirl story arc "Girl Power", Power Girl's powers went haywire when she and Supergirl shook hands because they were the same person trying to occupy a single space. This had never happened before when Earth-One Supergirl and Power Girl met and wouldn't happen later when both girls met again after Infinite Crisis when The Multiverse was restored.


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