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Eggman is the Seventh Deadly Six.
Why not?

This game is a test by SEGA to try out some more Mario-esque gameplay styles.
Think about it. I forget who said it exactly, but I remember reading a long time ago one of the executives of either Nintendo or SEGA said the reason there isn't a (legitimate) Mario and Sonic cross-over game is because the gameplay styles are too different. From what we've seen so far, the gameplay can be discribed as Sonic X-treme meets Super Mario Galaxy. Considering SEGA is partnering up with Nintendo for the long term, if this goes well, we might have an actual Mario and Sonic cross-over soon... Though only time will tell if the gameplay will be as well acccepted as modern Sonic's gameplay from Colors/Generations.
The game will have Super Mario World-style nonlinearity
From the looks of the beehive look of the "Lost World", there will be levels throughout the world, and with multiple goals that each lead to different levels.
  • Jossed. With exception of bonus levels, this game is completely linear.

The guardians will have Elemental Powers.
  • Some of the Deadly Six get what appear to be Ki Attacks, but other than that Jossed.

This game is a Spiritual Successor to the cancelled Sonic X-treme
Sonic X-treme had tube-shaped levels like the ones shown in the trailer. The title Lost World is likely a reference to X-treme's cancellation.
  • Jossed: Word of God stated that it was just a mere coincidence.

The guardians have something to do with the Chaos Emeralds.
  • Jossed. The Chaos Emeralds are completely optional and have zero bearing on the plot. They aren't even mentioned.

Eggman is backing up the Six Guardians from behind the scenes.
  • Considering that the main enemies are his robots, the Six Guardians (emphasis on "Guardians") are from a floating land, and Eggman being the main Big Bad in Colours and Generations this is very, very plausible.
  • Jossed - Eggman is wholly against the Deadly Six after their betrayal and teams up with Sonic to defeat them and buy time for his latest mech to charge up.

Proposed names for the Guardians/Deadly Six are as follows:
  • Adramelech (red), Shalim (white), Ninsar (green), Gurzil (purple), Zababa (yellow), and Cebren (blue or cyan). All swiped from various pantheons.
    • Jossed. They have names.

Lost Hex is a Lost Wisp Planet.
  • Or is otherwise related to the planets seen in Sonic Colors, which is why we see Wisps here.
    • Alternatively, Lost Hex is the original version of the wisps' home worlds. Recall that at the end of Colors, they zap the planets out of the chains to Eggman's Interstellar Amusement Park. So, couldn't it logically follow that after cleaning all the EIAP construction off that Windy Hill could actually be another part of Planet Wisp? Or maybe Desert Ruins is the original Sweet Mountain. IN ADDITION, there seem to be 6 main worlds in Lost World and 6 planets in Sonic Colors, two of which have similar level tropes to the ones revealed in Lost World so far.

Eggman will overpower the Deadly Six near the end of the game
SEGA appears to be aware that fans are tired of having Eggman be defeated by the new enemy every single game, and yet here it's happening again. However, unlike the "twist" endings of previous games, this happens at the start. It seems odd that SEGA would reveal this so early on in the game unless they're deliberately planning something. Maybe when Sonic defeats the Deadly Six, Eggman shows up and tries to harness their power again, actually succeeding this time. Then you go to the final zone/boss and foil Eggman's plan. May or may not result in the Deadly Six pulling a Heel–Face Turn

There is a secret seventh member of the Deadly Six

The Deadly Six are actually all robots made by Robotnik.
The whole 'being over powered' by them thing is actually a ploy by Robotnik to trick Sonic into achiving his goal. Exactly what that goal is, though...
  • Jossed - they're certainly organic beings who are older than Eggman at least a century and overpowering Eggman was definitely not part of his plan.

Alternatively, the 'Deadly Six' aren't actually evil.
Instead, Robotnik tricks Sonic into thinking they are, when in actuality the 'Deadly Six' are the guardians of the Lost World. Robotnik did try to take them on before for whatever he has planned, but lost, hence why he needs to trick Sonic into thinking they're evil.
  • Jossed. Once free of Eggman, they attempt to kill Earth and everything on it just to enhance their abilities.

How the game uses the Chaos Emeralds.
Here, we shall guess how the Chaos Emeralds are gonna be handled in this game, in comparison with how previous games did it:
  1. The characters get them as the plot goes along (most games since Sonic Adventure).
  2. Completely optional, but needed to see the true ending of the game (Sonic Heroes).
  3. Just there for the player to collect if he or she chooses to (Sonic Colors).
  • You get a Chaos Emerald by collecting all the Red Rings in a world. Getting all the emeralds unlocks Super Sonic and nothing else.

There will be a Mario cameo or a bunch of Mario or Nintendo references.
  • You think with Nintendo partnering with Sega this wouldn't happen?
  • Nope, there don't seem to be any.

The Deadly Six are connected to the Wisps.
  • They share the same colors (red, green, yellow, purple, cyan, and violet), but unlike the Emeralds, the Wisps are confirmed to return and are part of the gameplay.
  • Their boss fights will utilize the Wisp powers. Why? Partially because it would variate the bosses, and partially because it seems like it'd be awesome.
    • This one in particular is jossed unfortunately.
  • The new cutscene shows them controlling Eggman's robots, and Eggman did use the Wisps' hyper-go-on power to make a mind control weapon.

The Deadly Six will be voiced by an All-Star Cast/Celebrity Voice Actors.

Despite Lost Hex's somewhat-benign appearance, it is a Death World from which few mortals escape.
  • Given how the prequel comic showed Zavok not taking too kindly to foreigners and threatening to kill Eggman as soon as they first met, this may well be likely...

Mephiles is behind the guardians
  • Jossed.

Tiara Boobowski will appear in this game.
  • Jossed.

The Dummied Out dialogue from Sonic Colors will come into play here.
  • Namely the Wisps being more powerful than the Chaos Emeralds and them being able to fight Eggman's control.
    • Jossed: The Wisps aren't mentioned at all in the story.

The Deadly Six are the result of an experiment combining Wisps with the power of the Chaos Emeralds.

The Indigo Asteroid wisp is an "uncorrupted" Void wisp
  • Both Asteroid and Violet Void have similar powers based around gravity, and are of similar colour as well. The Asteroid wisp seems like a cutesier version of the Void wisp, where instead of eating everything like a black hole it just pulls it into orbit like an asteroid belt.

Likewise, Crimson Eagle and Magenta Beat are two more purified wisps
  • Even though there was only Frenzy and Void for corrupted wisps, who's to say that only two kinds were corrupted by Eggman? It stands to reason that these two new wisps could also be purfied wisps after the event of Sonic Colors.

Desert Ruins 3 was created by Zomom
Zomom is seen in Desert Ruins in the second trailer, and the yellow guy in charge of the desert stage is pretty standard. Not only that, but his short clip in the trailer where he's seen eating a sandwich, as well as his design, all point towards him being the glutton of the group. It seems perfectly in character (from what little we've seen) for him to create a giant world full of floating cakes and a giant string of liqourice acting as a road. This explains why Desert Ruins 3 is so out of place even among the abstract designs of the other levels, as well as being a perfect Hand Wave for why the candy level is part of the Desert zone in the first place.

We'll get a cutscene of Zomom eating a Sonic Unleashed sub sandwich whole
The levels are full of throwbacks to past zones, why not have them in the cutscenes as well?
  • In this newly released cutscene, Eggman mentioned giving the Deadly Six a giant sandwich.
  • Confirmed.

ESRB lines and who will be saying them (and why).
  • "You're going home in a box." Zazz, because he seems to be the crazy one of the group.
  • "I'm going to skin you alive." Zazz again, for the same reason as above.
  • "I long for death's cold embrace." Zor, because he's clearly meant to look like an emo person.
    • Confirmed. Ironic as he says it as he kinda-sorta-maybe falls to his death in lava.
  • "I'll get fat from eating your black hearts." Not sure, really. Sounds like something Zavok would say.
    • Actually a line by Eggman to the Deadly Six.
  • "One second you're contemplating genocide." Sounds like an Eggman line.
    • Close. Sonic says this to Eggman, who actually had been contemplating destroying the entirety of Lost Hex a moment prior.
  • "As long as I can still strangle a Zeti, my hands are fine." Clearly none of the Deadly Six. Probably either Knuckles or Eggman.
    • Confirmed to be Eggman.

One or more members of the Deadly Six will recover Eggman's magic conch shell and destroy it.
Possibly not even that long after Sonic kicks it away. Why risk Eggman ever getting it back?
  • Jossed - the Cacophonic Shell never appears again after Sonic kicks it away.

The collectible animals
Are used as batteries for Tails's helper mechs. The animals are the "materials" you need to giev to Tails for him to build them. When the RC vehicles follow Sonic around, the in-universe explanation is that the robots are, of course, sentient. The animals may or may not be doing this of their own free will.

... alternatively, they're used for Chao Gardens

  • Jossed and jossed. Not only does Tails not utilize animal batteries in his machinery, the only purpose animals have is to unlock the next Zone. Plus, no Chao Gardens, sadly.

The magic conch shell will be the Big Bad
The magic conch is seeking revenge for Sonic kicking it. After you beat the boss, the cutscene shows Sonic kicking it away again (presumably after it can't do any more harm)
  • Jossed - it disappears after Sonic kicks it away, and is not sentient.

We'll get throwbacks to the scrapped zones from Sonic 2

SEGA is going into maximum fanservice mode for this game, and there isn't much better fanservice than an official incarnation of a scrapped level fans have been recreating for years.

  • Nope. Better luck next time.
  • Actually, act 4 of Frozen Factory could be a reference to the cut Winter Hill Zone from Sonic 2. A lot of elements in FF look pretty close to how WHZ was described. Also helped by the fact that the stage occasionally segues into areas that are blatantly based off of Metropolis Zone.

Some lines from the ESRB page are actually parodies of edgy dialogue heard in previous games in the series.
Namely, "I'm going to skin you alive" and the infamous "I long for death's cold embrace". Sonic or someone else in the area may provide a little snark.
  • "I long for death's cold embrace" in particular happens to be quite funny in context involving lava, but most of the other lines are used seriously.

Sonic is the seventh member of the Deadly Six, Zonic.
This is all based on the Chaos emeralds and the Deadly Six in relation to them, with the main body colours matching six of the emeralds except for the blue one, which is covered by Sonic. Could lead to playing as Eggman at the end to defeat a powered up Zonic, as at this stage, Sonic could be a bad guy. There are multiple reasons I believe this, as Sonic is, so far, the only character to use the 7 emeralds to achieve a greatly changing super form (appearance changes, flight, etc.), while other characters just flash, gain super speed and invulnerability. He also has been changed by other energy effects and so far is the only character to join with Wisps. Also, the Lost Hex is very reminiscent of Sonic 1 in terms of appearance in the levels alongside a lot of other elements, making me believe the Lost Hex was once part of the world, and the Green Hill Zone especially, which is now a part of the Lost Hex. This could tie in to why Tails does not recognise it in Generations more than just an in-joke as to only appearing in the games in Sonic 2. Also, Sonic's origin has never been covered, this could be a plot point in the game. Then again, this is all just a WMG.
  • Jossed. All of the Deadly Six are Zeti, a species native to the Lost Hex, and do not have any non-Zeti members. Plus, Zonic is a character from the Archie Comics.

The Deadly six are The only Zetis left
Think about this line. "One second you're contemplating genocide." The term genocide means to kill anyone who is a part of a group. And hypothetically, if one of them said this to an opposing force attempting to get rid of them, then that means that they just ended a species.

The Deadly Six have Mind Control Powers.
Which will result in some sort of boss fight with one of Sonic's friends. Considering that they can control machines by doing the Instant Transmission pose, this isn't exactly far-fetched.
  • Well it's not so much mind control as it is controlling magnetic fields.

The Deadly Six ended up biting it in the end.
Given how we never see them again after their defeat and that Zor and Zavok appear to fall into lava, this seems likely.

The darker elements contributed to the poor reviews.
  • While the game at first looks bright and colorful, like the past two games, the later dark tones in the story (including several characters who were temporarily killed off, and the Deadly Six mentioning grisly murdering) blew it down. Much like the OTHER two games before.

Metal Sonic was originally going to appear.
  • Think about it. The Deadly Six wanted to turn Sonic into a robot. This could be a reference to an original plot point in which Metal Sonic teamed up with them or decided to help them in exchange for killing Sonic.

Eggman actually used the remaining dark energy from the Time Eater in Sonic Generations to power his Magic Conch
He probably found a tiny bit of energy in White Space and put it inside a random conch after escaping. He lied about it being "magic" and rare. He did this after learning about the Zeti and their weakness against dark energy frequencies. The dark energy controlling them could have also affected them and turned them dark enough to want to destroy a planet in revenge.

Knuckles will no longer suffer from the Worf Effect in the next game.

The recent games Sonic Colors, Sonic Generations, Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Episode II have all seen the return of Tails as Sonic's equal established way back in Sonic the Hedgehog 2. (Tails is non-playable, but it's still apparent.) In the cutscenes of this game, Knuckles is going on and on about how he could have done it better. As matter of fact, for the first time since his stint as a Power Character in Sonic Heroes Knuckles isn't inflicted with the Idiot Ball or some cheap comedic gag. (Watch the cutscenes of any game between Sonic Heroes and Sonic Colors).

Sonic 3 & Knuckles established Knuckles as being just as good of a character as Sonic. Knuckles' opening cutscene is knocking the Chaos Emeralds out of Super Sonic! Sure, Knuckles couldn't jump as high or use the elemental shields, but Knuckles could glide, climb walls, and get to areas that Sonic never could, and just like Sonic, he could use the Chaos Emeralds AND Super Emeralds. Since the horrors of Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), Sonic has been restored to his original self. Tails has been returned to his level, something not seen since Sonic Adventure, (he spends Sonic Adventure 2 entirely in a mech and Sonic Heroes carrying Sonic and Knuckles when you play as him.). And after an appearance that goes against the trend of his other recent appearances, it looks like Knuckles may be getting set up for his own return to competence.

  • Jossed simply because he doesn't get in onto the action. In fact, him, alongside Amy, were two of the known beings that had their life forced drained by the Deadly Six.

The Lost Hex is actually the Mushroom Kingdom.
  • And the reason why Mario & co. are nowhere to be found is because they're all visiting the Sprixie Kingdom.
    • This could work, since Sonic went to Yoshi's Island (via Wii U DLC), and he should be heading to Hyrule soon.

The whole game's simply a computer simulation.
This is why the world is suddenly so much less detailed and so many things go unexplained. It's an in-universe virtual reality game made by Tails, which is why he's suddenly smart enough to pull off literally impossible feats.

The Duke of Zill is the creator and/or seventh of the Zeti.
The accident that deformed him also transformed him into the first Zeti, which is why he hid himself in his suit. After his defeat, he discovered the Lost Hex and resided there. Afterwards:
  • 1. He discovered a group of creatures just like him and tricked them into thinking of him as a god, much like he did with the creatures of Zill.
  • 2. He created 6 more Zeti like him to use as slaves and/or companions.

Eggman escaped the White Void because of his Prime counterpart.
As seen post-Worlds Collide, Eggman's Super Genesis Wave affected the entire multiverse. While the game universe hasn't been mention by Archie, it would logically still be part of the same Sonic multiverse. When the Genesis Wave occured, it ended up altering the game's universe-either rewriting Sonic Generations so that Eggman never got trapped, or simply open a huge wound in reality for the Eggmen to exploit. This wound/retcon was thusly used to bring him back into the main universe, none the wiser.
  • Now this makes perfect sense! Too bad Sega won't say, but let's have it headcanon'd anyway.

Sonic has gone Turbo!
Appearing in NiGHTS into Dreams..., Yoshi's Island, and The Legend of Zelda? Is he not worried that he may not respawn if he dies?!

Eggman Named the Deadly Six
We never actually hear them refer to each other by that name. They probably weren't even a threat until Eggman showed up and enslaved them (except Zazz; he's nuts).
  • Seemingly Jossed, as they refer to each other by their names, even after deposing Eggman.

Eggman will find another conch and regain control of the Zeti if this game gets a sequel.
However, Zavok will manage to escape, and beg Sonic to help him rescue his friends. This will possibly lead to Zavok and the Deadly Six pulling a Heel–Face Turn.
  • He certainly seemed to be planning to do the exact same thing at the end of the game.

Zazz and Zomom really are Zavok's brothers.
They're the two he hangs around the most, and when Zavok says "strike, brothers!", they're the two who attack Eggman. And they're the only three who wear spiked wrist cuffs/collars.

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