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  • This gem from the first revealed cutscene:
    Eggman: I hone your abilities; I equip you with the most powerful mechs I can create; I even give you a giant sandwich, and you still disappoint me!
    • What adds to that is Zomom looking ashamed at the "giant sandwich" part and Zazz yawning like he doesn't even care.
    • Adding to that, in that in another leaked cutscene, it is shown that Eggman did indeed give Zomom a giant sandwich in exchange for getting rid of Sonic.
  • During the cutscene, after Sonic's attempted "heroic act" causes the Deadly Six to turn Eggman's mechs against him, Orbot grabs Cubot, who says "Yarr, shiver me timbers!".
  • After Eggman gets knocked out of his own Eggmobile in that scene, one well-fired shot from a Buzzbomber singes half his mustache.
    • Then there's this:
    Sonic: Oh man! I should've listened to you Tails!
    Tails: You think?
  • In Desert Ruins Zone 3, the title card shows an extra "s" put above the word Desert in between "s" and "e". Because it's Level Ate and "desert" becomes "dessert", y'see.
  • From this trailer:
    Tails: Full speed ahead!
    Sonic: What? It's what I do!
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  • In Windy Hill, there are sheep that you can bounce off of if you jump on them (it doesn't do anything but shear them). But doing so makes every other sheep in the area turn red and angry. Sonic can be overwhelmed by herds of furious-but-otherwise-adorable little sheep.
  • In a recently leaked cutscene, while Amy and Sonic are talking to each other through Miles Electrics, you can see Knuckles being carried off by the animal friends.
  • Upon confronting Zomom, Sonic makes fun of his weight. Zomom responds by whacking him with his sandwich.
  • This exchange between Master Zik and Zomom in "Powered by life force":
    Master Zik: I tested the blue one, and he's more powerful than I anticipated. He shows much potential.
    Zomom: Who cares about him? Now that I'm free, I want to squeeze Eggman until he pops!
    Master Zik: And eat him, I suppose.
    Zomom: *burp* Well, yeah.
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  • This exchange between Sonic and Zeena in Frozen Factory. Roger Craig Smith's delivery just sells it.
    Zeena: *painting her nails* The last time we met, you ruined my nail art. Now I have to apply a whole new coat.
    Sonic: Oh my gosh, are you serious? I'm so, so sorry...
    Zeena: Oh? Well, in that case-
    Sonic: No, what I meant was, I'm sorry you have nothing more important to do in life.
  • In one cutscene, Sonic asks everyone to raise their hand if they think Eggman is a bonehead. Orbot raises his hand shamelessly.
    Tails: The motion is passed unanimously!
    Eggman: [muttering] I didn't raise my hand.
    • Even better when you realize Cubot couldn't raise a hand, since he's just a head at this point.
  • The post-final boss cutscene where Eggman attempts to escape.
    Eggman: Funny... why isn't my jetpack working?
    Sonic: Maybe because I borrowed the exhaust hose? *holds it up for him to see*
    Eggman: *stares at the screen for a moment before falling* SOOONIIIIIC...!!!
    • The Stinger shows Orbot and Cubot stumbling upon part of Eggman's mustache sticking out of the ground and pulling him out to find that he survived the fall. Unfortunately, the other half of his mustache didn't. Orbot tries keeping this a secret from him, but...
      Eggman: What's wrong with my mustache?!
      (Orbot and Cubot run away screaming)
  • Orbot asking to be Sonic's sidekick if he fails to rescue Tails.
  • Zik and Zomom's lines after defeating them in Lava Mountain Zone 1.
    Zik: You beat an old man. Are you proud?
    Zomom: Mom was right, I am a failure.
  • Sonic's really turned up his snarkiness for this game, as exemplified by this cutscene when Zazz is introduced:
    Zazz: I've been itching for a fight all day.
    Sonic: I think you're itching because you need a bath.
    (Both proceed to do an Aside Glance)
    Zazz: Are you disrespecting me?
    Sonic: Maybe.
  • Zik's introduction, in which he displays just how little his age has slowed him down by knocking Zazz and Zomom flat on their asses. Keep in mind that he is by far the smallest of the Deadly Six; Zomom is probably around six to eight times as large as Master Zik is.
  • Sonic spends all of Frozen Factory Zone 2 inside of a snowball. When you complete the level, you get a hilarious victory animation of the snowball hopping and spinning around.
  • Prior to Frozen Factory Act 2 (Act 2s of each worlds are the levels where the first boss battle with the resident Zeti takes place), Zavok finds that Zeena is still busy with her nail art instead of being outside to fight Sonic. Instead of getting mad, he charms her into going. Travis Willingham's performance totally sells it.
    Zavok: Well, what if I told you that you were the only one I trusted to be fast enough...
    Zeena: Oh?
    Zavok: smart enough...
    Zeena: Mmm-hmm.
    Zavok: ...and pretty enough...
    Zeena: Go on.
    Zavok: to beat the blue nuisance?
    Zeena: Well, I'd say you got the right girl for the job!
    (Zeena gets up, does a Hair Flip and leaves.)
    Zavok: Well, that was so easy I almost feel guilty.
  • Prior to the above scene, there's this little bit of banter between Sonic and Eggman in one of the doctor's bases.
    Sonic: Whoa, over compensate much? Man, how many military factories does a guy need?
  • The Deadly Six have captured Sonic with the intent on turning him into a robot... or so they think. But when they open the capsule, they find Tails instead. Zavok promptly gets mad at the gang, but quickly decides to improvise. What makes the scene so hilarious is that Tails is just lying there like this, with the biggest "Why the hell am I here?" expression he can make.
    • The icing on the cake comes when Zor rushes in to tell the gang the bad news, only to find he's a little late.
    Zor: Somebody messed up royally, because we don't have Sonic!
    Everyone else: We KNOW!
  • Meta example: To promote Sonic Lost World, Nintendo set their Facebook cover image and Twitter header image to banners for the games. To someone who only knows gaming from The Seventh Generation of Console Video Games onwards, this is nothing out of the ordinary. To someone who's grown up with video games since The16bit Era Of Console Video Games, it's hilarious to see Nintendo promoting a SEGA game; in the span of two decades, we've seen SEGA go from "Genesis does what Nintendon't" to "Nintendo, promote our games please!"
  • Zeena's remark upon being defeated in her first boss battle.
    Zeena: Gotta go. Call me!
  • In rail sections, missing the switch for a gate results in Sonic face planting into the gate. Even better is that he sticks to the gate, even when the screen closes out. A great way to continue the Running Gag.

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