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  • Code Geass:
    • In Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2, the Emperor (who has the power of creating Fake Memories with his Geass) erases all knowledge of Nunnally vi Brittannia a.k.a. Nunnally Lamperouge from Ashford Academy, replacing her with Rolo Haliburton, now Rolo Lamperouge. This even includes Lelouch, who for a year is convinced that Rolo is his brother... until C.C. restores his memories.
      • Code Geass: Oz the Reflection adds to this by introducing Clara Lanfranc, who was the first Geass Cult spy/"substitute Nunnally". She came into conflict with the Zevon twins and was killed, leading her to be replaced by Rolo, with the Emperor erasing everyone's memories of Clara.
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    • After Lelouch successfully topples Britannia, the first thing he does is mind-control the nobles that supported Charles to forget he ever existed, and the second thing is to burn every scrap of history involving the Britannian royal family.
  • In the end of the Clow Card arc of Cardcaptor Sakura, Sakura is threatened with something like this should she fail: no one will actually be gone except Yukito in the anime, who disappears with Kero, Yue, and the Cards, but everyone will forget that their most beloved person ever meant anything to them. This includes a Les Yay moment when Tomoyo Daidouji cannot remember Sakura at all, despite being her best friend, meaning HER most beloved person ever is Sakura herself!
  • Happens to Aichi during Season 4 of Cardfight!! Vanguard. All memory of Aichi's existence has been wiped from everyone's (except Kai's) memory. Kai sets out to find Aichi, help Aichi's friends remember him, and discover what happened to him. It turns out that Aichi had himself sealed away to prevent the seed of Link Joker (Which had been inside of him since the end of Season 3) from taking control of him. He erased the memory of his friends himself for that end.
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  • This is the whole plot/premise of Madlax. Friday Monday from seems to be able to do this to people, such as one poor detective who got too close to the truth. Eventually even he forgot who he was as well as everyone who once knew him.
  • Happens in Yu-Gi-Oh! to the Pharaoh, or 'Yami Yugi' as he's known. When he was king he sacrified his life, name and memories to seal away the Shadow Games and Zorc, effectively wiping himself from history except in vague records. Upon first release 3,000 years later he seems to have adopted the identity of a dark avenger, since his magic is all he knows about himself. A theme of the series is his quest for a separate identity, as even Yugi's friends still refer to him as the other Yugi or just Yugi after learning of his past life.
  • Suou has this happen to her in the second season of Darker Than Black, as her family is killed/forced on the run, her house is wiped off the map, and all of her friends (excepting the also fugitive Nika) have had their minds wiped of her existence.
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  • Johan Liebert from Monster is notable since the one who is removing the evidence of his existence is himself. He also did the same to General Wolf. All because the poor sap at one point asked him "how he felt".
  • In Shakugan no Shana, a large amount of people have had their power of existence consumed and turned into torches. When a torch's flame dies out, they disappear completely, and no-one ever remembers they existed.
  • One Piece:
    • The prison Impel Down has six levels. The sixth level of the prison — reserved for those who are most dangerous (whether to society or simply the World Government) — does not officially exist; the same could be presumed of its inhabitants. Which is why several of them escaping was covered up.
    • The Donquixote Family member Sugar has this as a side effect of her Devil Fruit power. The main power of her Hobby-Hobby Fruit is that it turns people she touches into toys that she can then place under her total control. The side-effect is that all memory of her victims are erased from those who knew them, though physical evidence still remains.
  • Tiger & Bunny has a variation on it: neither Wild Tiger nor Kotetsu T. Kaburagi were stricken from record and memory, but any indication that they're the same person was. Thus, it becomes much easier for Maverick to frame Kotetsu for the murder of Samantha Taylor and have him hunted down by all of his former friends, whose memories were altered to believe Kotetsu is a murderer. Fortunately for the victim of this plot, Maverick overlooked a few key people - among them Kotetsu's former boss, and the judge who is secretly the vigilante anti-hero Lunatic - who retain their memories and are able to help unravel the plot.
  • Bleach:
    • Rukia had artificially created an existence for herself as a transfer student when she was hiding in the World of the Living. As a result, Soul Society removes all traces of Rukia's existence from the World of the Living when she's returned to Soul Society, including wiping human memories. Only those with spiritual pressure remember her.
    • Tsukishima's death undoes his power and all his effects. His victims also forget all about him, even his very existence and despite remembering everything else.
  • The characters in Another adopt this as a survival tactic. A curse regularly kills a particular class's students (and their immediate family members) year after year. The one common trend is that there always seems to be an extra person each year and Laser-Guided Amnesia / Fake Memories prevents anyone from identifying who it is. One response, is to choose one student and make them an Un-Person in the hopes that will make the curse think everything is correct. It has about a 50% success rate.
  • Suicide Island: Any attempted suicide patient who consents to being put on the titular island will be considered this by the Japanese government. The island is apparently isolated, and there seems to be little chance of getting off it in the first place, even if the characters wanted to. Furthermore, the characters find themselves handling a number of issues coming from both themselves and the island to even worry about the outside world!
  • In Gundam AGE, this is The Reveal about the Unknown Enemy: they are the descendents of an attempt to colonize Mars that failed when the planet's properties started killing people. Instead of evacuating them, the Federation erases all records of it so that they don't have to admit to such an enormous blunder. It backfires. Ohhh, does it ever.
  • In Martian Successor Nadesico this is also The Reveal towards the Jovians - they're a bunch of humans who wanted to live their lives through the Show Within a Show Gekiganger III and ended up getting chased out by the Earth Federation all the way to Jupiter. When they came back for revenge, they lied and called them alien lizards.
  • A minor case occurs in Eyeshield 21 when a character returned to America to find the real Eyeshield 21, everyone seemingly didn't recognize the name or refused to speak about said person. It turns out that Mr Don filed charges against Yamato that didn't exist and had him expelled from Notre Dame.
  • Implied in Vampire Princess Yui. Once Yui leaves her home after the death of her grandmother and last relative, Miyu and Larva erase the memories of her remaining friends (Kyouko and Shouji) so they won't remember her.
  • Played with in Fruits Basket. Everyone from outside the Sohma family who has found out about their secret must have their memories of such a fact and of the respective cursed Sohma member deleted, to not let anyone find out about the curse. This includes: Yuki's pre-school friends after a girl trips on him and accidentally triggers said curse, and Momiji's German mother after she rejects him and falls into illness. Tohru is the only exception, and the manga explains that there's a huge reason behind it: Akito and her mother Ren bet on what would happen if she stayed around the Sohmas while knowing about their curse: will she be able to stray them away from Akito's grip, or will they stay by Akito's side even if it's through fear?
  • This happens to Fuko in CLANNAD, who simply disappears out of everybody's memories after her sister's wedding. She reappears in ~After Story~, even though Tomoya doesn't remember they ever met.
  • At the end of Serial Experiments Lain, Lain removes others' memories of her (former) self.
  • In Di[e]ce, all records of Kazuki and Haruki's existences are erased when they get sucked into the death games known as di[e]ce. Only the players that serve them acknowledge/remember them.
  • Black Zetsu of Naruto erased all evidence of Kaguya's existence as part of his Long Game.
  • In How to Make an Invisible Man, becoming "invisible" doesn't just mean nobody can see you. It means nobody can see you, hear you, notice your presence, or even remember you, even if they are family, friends or lovers. You even disapear from the photos where you were. Your existence is erased from the world. But even with that, Kana keeps a vague, residual feeling of having lost something; her bond with Shinji is just that strong.
  • Pokémon:
    • Porygon has become something of an Un-Pokemon as far as the anime is concerned. The only episode to feature Porygon as "Pokemon of the week" is infamous for having triggered seizures in a number of viewers; as a result, it was dropped from the schedules and never exported outside Japan. Since then, Porygon and its evolutions have, at most, been glimpsed fleetingly and have never been mentioned by any major character. Which is incredibly unfair by the way, because it was Pikachu that caused the seizures, but since Porygon was the 'Mon of the week, he took all the blame.
    • Lorelei eventually met a similar fate due to using a Jynx in her only episode, "The Mandarin Island Miss Match". As of the current DVD print run, she doesn't exist in the anime at all as far as TPCI is concerned.
  • This ends up happening to Sakuya in Tenchi in Tokyo. With her purpose complete, Big Bad Yuugi recalls her (as she's actually her shadow) and everything about her is erased from pictures, memories, everything... except for Tenchi and his friends, which makes the poor kid panic.
  • Implied during the finale of Tokyo Ghoul. The chairman of the CCG has several files on his desk, one of which bears the picture and personal information of protagonist Ken Kaneki. The file has been stamped with the word "ERASED", suggesting some sort of cover-up concerning his existence. In the sequel, :Re, Sasaki discovers that no files on the case exist.....with the exception of a single, misplaced draft report stashed deep within the archives. When he tries to find out more about the Investigator that authored the report, he is told the Investigator's cause of death has been classified and is completely inaccessible.
  • In K: Return of Kings, it is revealed that, as part of the plan to force Weismann to come down from his airship, the Green Clan did this to Tooru Hieda, the boy who's body the Colorless King stole in season 1, which is why not even Scepter 4's surveillance systems could identify the culprit in the video that shows the Colorless King in Tooru's body committing a murder.
  • Shokugeki no Soma: The Big Bad of the Central arc, Azami Nakiri, was banished from Tootsuki and the Nakiri family for the abuse he put his daughter Erina through. Almost everything referencing him was removed from the school (which was not a small feat — Azami is a very accomplished chef) and those who know of him (such as Hisako's parents) refuse to speak of him. After seeing the effects his abuse had on Erina, it's not hard to see why.
  • This happens to Madoka in Puella Magi Madoka Magica. She traded it for a happy afterlife for corrupted magical girls.
  • This is done as a reward in Crest of the Stars by the creator of the "Abh Hell." Though the Abh as the whole don't believe in an afterlife they created a living hell as a place of torture for their worst enemies. The opening narration of one episode recounts the meeting of the Emperor who commissioned its creation, offering the creator any reward they desired. Knowing full well the magnitude of the horror they have made the unnamed creator's only request is to be erased from history, a request the Emperor grants.
  • Kaoru's grandfather in Ai Yori Aoshi tries to do this to Kaoru after he was adopted as the Hanabishi clan's heir. After his mother passed away, his grandfather ordered the complete destruction of all personal effects that ever proved that she ever existed. Kaoru managed to hang onto a small necklace charm that contains a piece of her placenta when he was born. All he has left of her is that charm and his memories of her.

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