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"Embrace those that mock you behind your back; at least they're acknowloging you exist."

"We do not fear objects; we fear actions. We fear not water, but drowning in it. We fear not spiders, but them biting and poisoning us. We fear not death, but dying."

supercomputer276 (commonly known as SC276 or just SC) is a little-known troper. He wishes it to remain that way since on other community sites such as Newgrounds, he got riled up and made a fool of himself; understandably, he wishes to not repeat that painful experience.


SC is particularly knowledgeable about video games and wishes to get into video game design. He has Asperger Syndrome (or maybe high-functioning autism, I'm not sure) at least according to his parents, but doesn't like making a big deal about it. Is primarily a writer, but has occasionally done comics (usually sprite comics), along with drawing and Flash animation. Can have a little trouble paying attention at times. Is a little more self-centered than he'd like.

Has a fetish for mind control, but whenever he writes about it, it tends to be on the deconstructive side.

Claims credit for creating and releasing the world's first fully playable You Dont Know Jack fangame. He's currently making a sequel.

Currently heading a scanlation project of Gregory Horror Show: Another World and the aforementioned fangame sequel.


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Fan Fic


Original Works

Original Games

  • Gyro Core
  • Short Circuit (unrelated to Short Circuit)
  • BlackJack
  • SiN: Dominion

Web Comics

Web Original

More to be added in time.

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General tropes

For Game Over, see its page.

Tails and His Inverse Universe

Supercomputer 276's first sprite comic and one of his more popular, started as an innocent one-shot with an interesting twist and then grew from there.

Microsoft Paint takes form in the Sonic the Hedgehog universe as the MS Paint Zone. One day, the Zone inverts its colors while Tails is in it, resulting in Tails's colors inverting. An attempt to fix the condition results in all of Mobius inverting, and then before he can fix it Eggman steals the control device and absorbs its data, allowing him to paint the fourth wall with Paint's drawing tools. He then escapes from Mobius into the Windows Explorer Zone, and Tails takes it on himself to follow him and bring him back before Eggman can cause serious damage to the various universes of GameWorld.

Includes examples of:

Wario's Temple Trek

A Wario Land 4 fangame currently in development. Currently being made using Game Maker 8 Pro. Demos have been released.

Includes examples of:

The Superkirbies

A Kirby Sprite Comic. Set in an Alternate Universe where, instead of one Kirby defending Dream Land, there's now seven of them acting like a band of superheroes. A very bad band of superheroes that can't do their showy intro properly three pages in.

Includes examples of:

Magic Man's Corner

The Robot Masters of Mega Man, led by narrator / host Magic Man, perform various pieces of classical literature (mostly poems) for your entertainment. And you will be entertained, given half the actors are incompetent, the other half forget their lines, and the other other half aren't supposed to be on the stage in the first place.

Current entries in this series:

Includes examples of:

Requiem for the Forgotten Reality

A Gregory Horror Show fan fiction. Follows the adventures of a college student who falls asleep on a bus from exhaustion and wakes up outside the hotel. Sounds like standard fare, right? It would be... if the guest didn't know a lot about where he is, having watched the entire series on DVD.

Includes examples of:

  • Genre Savvy: the Guest.
  • Original Character: Along with the Guest, a few new residents of the hotel are included to shake up the Guest's Genre Savvy. This includes a vending machine that eats people trying to buy certain items from it.
  • Original Flavour: Aside from much more dialogue on the part of the Guest than usual, each chapter is intended to very well stand as an episode of the show. Although whether or not the chapter number will add up to 25-6 like the show remains to be seen.
  • Shout-Out: While walking the hallways during the first night, the Guest hums the Luigis Mansion theme, although he can't remember where it came from.

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