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Fan/fic/ Theater 3000, the first MST collaborative project focused on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and created from Ponychan's /fic/ board, eventually ground to a halt. While they had completed a few MSTs of note - namely, the Past Sins MST and The Conversion Bureau MST, along with one of the original My Little Unicorn: Magic is Believing - a vast majority of their projects went unfinished as the amount of comments that had to be copy-and-pasted into them from Google Document's comment system grew too much, to the point several documents now can't even be opened because the computer can't handle that many comments. Ponyriffs arose in its place for a time, but it too died off after a couple years as it choked on its own Continuity Snarl.


Then, technology marched on. Google Documents implemented the suggestion feature, which allows anyone to insert text into a document without permanently editing it, and committing suggestions to the doc was a simple as the click of a button. Ringmaster saw his chance, and the revival began.

That revival was Fan/fic/ Theater 3015 (F/F/T3K15), so named because it started on June 15, 2015. Since then, riffs have brought out on a (mostly) weekly basis, and whatever's currently on the chopping block can have a riff inserted by everyone, including a wide cast of recurring editors. Everyone can also submit a fanfic for consideration in a future riff, following a set of provided guidelines.

Following the announcement of Friendship is Magic ending with its ninth season, the group announced that they would be moving into the "F/F/T3K19" era and switching to a three-riffs-a-month format starting June 2019, with the third riff being designated "anything goes" and will mainly feature non-pony material.


The group operates out of Fimfiction.Net, here. A list of completed and on-going riffs can be found here.

    Fanfics with Trope pages that have been riffed 


  • One Steve Limit: Invoked in "Equestria Girls (Rewrite)": after Calico reveals that one of the characters has the same name as him (Tim), Crazy56U renames him "Steve".
    • In fact, it's been hinted at in various riffs that this is actually Crazy56U's name.
  • Seven Deadly Sins: SC276's ending rant in Community Shuffle #4 associates each of the fics with one of the sins (though since there were eight fics, one sin shares two), which form the the basis of his complaints about them.
  • Aesop Amnesia: Played for laughs at the end of "Ring's Birthday Special #2": after the fic ends with Twilight deciding to come to peace over accidentially creating an alternate reality and is more or less stuck there, Crazy56U (tying into this theory that she was sober due to being in AA this entire time) creates his own ending:
    Crazy56U: "And thus, all was at peace… until later that evening, when Twilight decided she earned a sip of moonshine after her long day. Within the hour, Twilight polished off five jars, had forgotten everything that had transpired that day, and had sworn off going back to AA. All was right with the world."
  • Alternate Character Interpretation: invoked A common source of comedy. The alternate interpretations for characters in The Catch got so big and crazy that a parody story, The Fumble, was started by some of the riffers using them.
    • Outside of The Catch, it is collectively agreed upon that Fluttershy is a drug dealer.
      • Meanwhile, Twilight Sparkle has been reinterpreted into being addicted to moonshine.
      • Likewise, as a result of the "Past Sins Original Edit" multiparter, Crazy56U has taken to making Celestia addicted to paint.
  • And Now For Something Completely Different:
    • For the first riff of September 2016, Ringmaster decided to subject the riffers to the worst fanfic he'd ever read for his birthday - which ended up being "Love Knows No Race", an Invader Zim fanfic from 2002. As you might have guessed, it has nothing to do with MLP.
    • And of course, the 10/15 poll winner, which turned out to be Sonic.Exe and its sequel
    • And then there was My Immortal. Or rather, Handbook for Mortals.
    • Ring's third birthday special was a shuffle of lemons that had been riffed by Fan Fiction Friday, as its launch day was the feature's tenth anniversary. Only one of them vaguely relates to MLP.
    • Not only is "Editor-Requested Double Feature" specifically two certain fics that Crazy56U and SC276 wanted to covernote  outside of the Blitz, but due to a power outage effecting his home state, Ring was unable to put the document together, let alone host. FallenPrime had to sub in for him.
      • Similarly, the Anniversary Shuffle was hosted by Crazy56U and SC276... because Ring went to bed as they were gathering the material for it.
  • Arch-Enemy: Both Kudzuhaiku and Dakari-King Mykan, to pretty much equal degrees.
    • Chatoyance has since generally replaced Kudzu, due to none of his fics being riffed after "The Catch"'s abandonment until the Hell Shuffle.
  • Artistic License – History: "Pony Costumes, or How Angel became a Brony" is supposed to be taking place during Halloween 1997, and yet costumes of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Dick Cheney and Barack Obama are present.
  • Artistic License – Law: "The Mysterious Death of the Wonderbolt Leader" practically has no idea how courtroom proceedings work. And the same goes for almost all of the characters in it.
    • It eventually got to the point that the line "She had no idea what you were supposed to do as a lawyer, but she didn’t care right now." was declared to be the story's Tagline.
  • Artistic License – Religion: During "Tree of Harmony", after Crazy56U remarks that Blue Rivers caused the Great Flood, he states his hope that Pony!Moses "managed to finish that Ark". Dark Angel responded:
  • Ascended Meme: invoked Downplayed: Flame Striker's nickname got referenced by Fallen when announcing the third community shuffle:
    In lieu of a poll winner this week (we need to hold a poll to even HAVE a winner), this week's little digest is a multi-fic shuffle! The stories we're looking at all have a central theme: alicorn OC's. Yeah, Nobody isn't your only threat this month.
  • Ass Pull: invoked
    • Fluttershy spontaneously dying in "The Mysterious Death of the Wonderbolt Leader", if only because it built up the possibility of Trixie dying due to a near fatal pratfall.
    • The final part of the "My Little Pony: The Acceptance of Friendship" multiparter as a whole counts, mainly due to the fic suddenly going from having no plot to too much plot, ranging from the sudden appearance of a clown-based mafia, to the use of an actual, real-life serial killer as one of the antagonists, to even humanized Minnie Mouse showing up.
  • Author Avatar: The riffers.
  • Bait-and-Switch: Sometimes the doc titles lie.
    • The original example is the third riff, where the editors were led to believe it would be another Chatoyance fic before the reveal it would actually be Kudzuhaiku's The Catch.
    • "Caveat Lector" turned out to be SONIC.EXE and its sequel. They would later finish the rest of "Caveat Lector" in the Editor-Requested Double Feature.
    • "SCARY STORY 2" started as a riff of "A Scary Story", but Ring intentionally did that as to serve as a prelude to "SCARY STORY 2".
    • April 2018's Troll Shuffle was one troll fic, "The Spiderses", before it revealed itself as the Hell Shuffle.
    • And then there's the biggest one of all: My Immortal was just a cover for riffing Handbook for Mortals.
  • Berserk Button: she must never know's inclusion of "Hey Jude" as one of its songs elicits very strong reactions.
    • For JofY, any song just inserted into a fic sends him into a rage.
    • The appearance of Happy Appy in "Element Seven" managed to enrage Crazy56U unlike anything else.
    • Mono has two: Reminding him that he's unable to watch the MST3K Revival, and any violence directed towards the CMC (most notably Scootaloo).
  • Beyond the Impossible: Crazy56U had to riff "Tree of Harmony" on his phone. Why? The Author's namenote  somehow managed to make his computer crash.
  • Bilingual Bonus: At the beginning of My Little Fazpony.
  • The Blind Leading the Blind: By either choice or coincidence, riffers will submit stories that they haven't fully read, and thus are caught by surprise by their own submissions.
    • Crazy56U's push for "The Trixieverse I: The Grass Is Always Greener" in "An Evening With A Pegasus" ultimately led to it being riffed... despite the fact that he was pushing for it based on title.
      • This pops up again during "Moonlight, Moonlight, Let my Fangs Gleem Tonight"... although he apparently did read some of it before part 2...
      • Same goes for the "Siren Chronicles" multipart riff. All he did was share the links with Ring; he never actually read them..
      • Tellingly, this winds up being defied for "Sister Dash"; Crazy56U discovered the story practically by accident, read it, and eventually submitted it.
      • Ultimately, this was zig-zagged for "Cutie Bloom"; he read most of it only once prior to the riff, but gave up during the MandoPony section.
    • SC276 pushed to include Twilight the tank engine in the first Obscure Crossover Shuffle having only read up to the scene where Twilight first turns into a train. He was among the most blindsided when the actual plot turned out to consist of taking actual episodes and changing the names.
  • Bookends: It's pointed out that the first and last riffs of 2017 are rewrites of Equestria Girls stories by TheGreatGodzilla.
  • Borrowed Catchphrase: Crazy56U co-opted Ring's "Without further ado" at the end of his eulogy for the "Sister Dash" Running Gag.
  • Brick Joke:
    • Once the Gumball fic ends during the second Obscure Crossover shuffle, Crazy56U voices his desire to punch SC276 in the throat for being the one to submit it. During the wrap up of the shuffle, he follows through on it.
    • When riffing My Little Pokemon, CaptainPipsqueak makes note that the square building in Pallet Town is actually an IHOP. Cut to the third part of My Little Sonic Friendship is Way Past Cool:
      Crazy56U: "So this is what an IHOP looks like."
      Terabyte: "Welcome to Pallet Town!"
    • In the first part of the Multipart Blitz, SC276 shouts triumphantly that he won't be slipped up by a load of dropped balls again because he glued his shoes to the floor. He comes to regret this later when his locked position keeps him from the balls continually dropping on the side of the knocked-over Ultra Machine.
    • In response to Sombra and Chrysalis deciding to swap stories about how they know Nobody in "Tree of Harmony", Crazy56U decides "Fuck it" and opts to instead play Pokemon Yellow on his 3DS. He then effectively vanishes from the riff until the ending:
      And the only pony who had any idea of what had happened was Twilight Sparkle and her faithful assistant Spike,
      Mononeko: So can they please tell us what the fuck was going on?
      Crazy56U: (looks up from 3DS) ...fuck, I missed the rest of the story, didn't I..., worth it. (puts away 3DS)
    • The three fics by TheGreatGodzilla riffed in 2017 has one. It starts with "Equestria Girls (Rewritten)" where SC276 threatens to kill Ring if they riff the sequel. They do, which ends with SC276 charging up and releasing a "rocket mallet" out the window, saying it'll hit its mark "when he least expects it." Come "Holiday Special (Rewritten)" and it slams into Ring and explodes in the middle of giving the title of the second fic.
    • During the "Anon-A-Miss" section of "Multipart... 'Sampler'?", Crazy56U comments on how a high school student being homophobic isn't exactly uncommon, before admitting that this stance could be a result of his own high school being shit. Later on:
      [Principal Celestia and Vice Principal Luna] were trying to reach an agreement on whether or not to enforce a new "No Cell Phones Allowed" policy.
      Crazy56U: Just because you enforce it, it doesn’t mean the students will abide by it. Schools also enforce "No Smoking", but you can still see kids sneaking off to light up.
  • …But He Sounds Handsome: One instance of Rouge Angles of Satin in "An Evening With A Pegasus" leads to a series of riffs that start as this, but then derail into Self-Deprecation:
    The site made me quietly chuckle to myself saying, "It's that good huh?"
    JofY: "This riffing site is hilarious."
    CaptainPipsqueak: "That Captain Pipsqueak guy is the best!"
    ToonGuy: "ToonGuy is so HANDSOME!"
    SC276: "This SC guy, though, his humor stretches kind of thin and he uses too many obscure references."
    Crazy56U: "And that Crazy guy... God, I loathe him!
  • Butt-Monkey: See Death Is Not Permanent below.
  • Call-Back: SC276 sung "Break the Chain" over "Welcome to the Show" in "Rainbow Rocks (Rewritten)" with the same pacing as the first time he did so in "Sonic - EGRainbowRocks."
  • Catchphrase:
    • "Without further ado" could be considered one for Ringmaster, as he often states it before giving the title and author of the oncoming fanfic.
    • "Oh sweet baby Jesus" has quickly become Crazy56U's.
    • Funnily enough, this was discussed during the "New Bearer" portion of "The Celestial Sabre Saga":
      "It's his catch phrase." said Ditzy. "He's kind of obsessed with them."
      SC276: Mine is "Aaaaaaand I've stopped caring."
      Crazy56U: I... don't think I have one, actually... ...gotta fix that someday...
  • The Constant: Discussed when one of "Moonlight, Moonlight, Let my Fangs Gleem Tonight"'s chapters was named "Somethings Just Don't Change":
    DarkAngel: The fact that this fic sucks ass for example.
    Mononeko: War. War never changes.
    ToonGuy: Badfic is the constant.
    Crazy56U: Death and taxes are the only constants.
    SC276: And chaos. Chaos is the constant.
  • Continuity Snarl: invoked During the second Obscure Crossover Shuffle, Crazy56U points out two examples from "Pony Costumes, or How Angel became a Brony", which is set during "Halloween": Rainbow Dash being Dawn, who isn't supposed to exist until season five, and Twilight being Tara, who not only got introduced in season four, but also the Author claims "was, before this night completely unaware of the supernatural in general":
    Crazy56U: Uh, I'ma gonna call bullshit on that. Her dad's been saying she was a demon ever since she was a kid and she's a witch. Or did the Author never see past Season 2?
  • Crapsack World: After one of the guards remarks how "[t]he world should try to go harsh on art" during "Cupcakes 2", Crazy56U drops this line:
    Crazy56U: But the world is already harsh. I mean, if you look at the grand scheme of things, 1989 was the point things started going downhill.
  • Creator Backlash: invoked Discussed: After explaining the history of the given fan fic in regards to FFT3Knote  during the October 2020 Multipart Sampler, Crazy56U comments about the likelihood that Fallen Prime probably hates the fact that his own fanfic, "The Retribution of Chrysalis", was being ran again. Fallen's response?
    Fallen Prime: Nah, this is the one that aged worse. Not sure either aged well, necessarily.
  • Creator Cameo:
    • Sorcerer, the writer of "The Trixieverse I: The Grass Is Always Greener", participated in the riff.
    • LukasDeAudi, fed up, showed up at the end of the "Seventh planet/The Mirror Spell" multiparter to rant about the riff.
    • In a variation, one of the fics that were part of the October 2020 Multipart Sampler was "The Retribution of Chrysalis"... by Fallen Prime.
  • Critical Research Failure: invoked Crazy56U has been known to declare that someone is spinning in their grave, when in reality said person (providing they actually are dead) was cremated.
  • Curse Cut Short: When a Riffer, (usually Topher) is on the verge of making a particularly naughty joke, They are almost always interrupted, usually by being hit with a brick.
    Topher Sonic Rainboom kinda sounds like code for Rainbow and Sonic fu-*gets hit with a brick*
  • Cutting the Knot: During the "Forever Faithful" portion of the Anniversary Shuffle, Twilight mentions (in a letter sent to Princess Celestia despite Twilight being dead) that she's in an empty void of nothing that contains unknown figures whispering to her. Crazy56U cuts out the middle man and states Twilight is in Hell.
  • Damned by Faint Praise: Downplayed severely, but once "The Pokemon Story" reaches the Point of No Return, Crazy56U can only respond by pointing out that Living the Dream didn't actually go through with the rape scene, that Clockwork: Your Time Is Up at least had the courtesy to "cut away", and that Cloud Mows the Lawn only subjected the audience to "poop eating".
  • Darker and Edgier: Crazy56U considers part 2 of "Mighty Morphin' Kaiju Rangers: An EQG Crossover" to be this, with jokes including riffers getting stabbed in the throat, him jokingly stating everybody in the fic got cancer after being exposed to radiation, and the mental image of King Ghidorah beating Peppa Pig to death.
  • Deadpan Snarker: A lot of the riffers fall under this category.
  • Death Is Not Permanent / Made of Iron : Many of the jokes used in the riffs feature one or more riffers being maimed or dying, only to return moments later completely unharmed. This includes:
  • Delayed Reaction: In part 3 of the "Starfleet Humans" riff, it takes a little bit for Topher's act of shooting himself in the head to register before he collapses.
    • It takes Crazy56U roughly five pages before he realizes that the Sorcerer participating in the riff of "The Trixieverse I: The Grass Is Always Greener" is the same Sorcerer who wrote it. To make things worse, this was extra delayed due to it "[taking] a second to click" after Sorcerer flat-out said he was the author.
  • The Determinator: Almost anyone that actually manages to get to the end of a fic without skipping over large chunks.
  • Devil's Advocate: invoked Zig-zagged: In the first part of the "Three of Me: School Society" multiparter, Mono got so fed up with one of Toothpaste's consciousnesses, Kill, delivering an overly schmaltzy speech over the prospect of attending a sleepover that he advocated the death of Toothpaste's consciousnesses, only for Crazy56U to (briefly) talk about how bad that would go:
    we are having a party, then sleep with girls....
    Crazy56U: Well, hey now, Devil's Advocate here, but I've read comics. You know what would happen if someone tried flash-frying Toothpaste’s other consciousnesses? "Toothpaste Kills the FIM Universe". I do not want that.
    ThatUnknownPony: ...when you put it like that, I think I can tolerate these two obnoxious voices just a little longer.
    Crazy56U: Granted, it would've ultimately resulted in "Toothpaste Kills Toothpaste", but it would take too fucking long; I'm not about that life.
    Bless your soul you pink hyperactive angel"]
    ThatUnknownPony: Having second thoughts about flash-frying Kill and Joy?
    CaptainPipsqueak: Kill 'em anyway. I’m pretty sure the universe'll survive it.
  • Dirty Old Man: CaptainPipsqueak, being the oldest riffer of the group, is usually the first one to break out the filthy jokes.
  • Do Wrong, Right: As pointed out by Crazy56U during the "Retribution of Chrysalis" section of the October 2020 Multipart Sampler, one of the key reasons why Chrysalis' plan for feeding the Changelings failed was because she chose to feed off of Shining Armor instead of Cadance, the Alicorn of Love.
    In one fell swoop, she could have both expanded her own kingdom and fed her subjects for a lifetime!
    Crazy56U: Again, literally all you needed was just Cadance. Brainwash her, fake her death, take her back to your hive, keep her as a love battery! Literally the easiest fucking solution possible!
  • A Dog Named "Dog": "Moonlight, Moonlight, Let my Fangs Gleemnote  Tonight" saw Crazy56U rename Trust Spirit Harenger and his wolf "Dog" and "Wolf" respectively. The former because "he's clearly obviously the werewolf", the latter because No Name Given. But then it turns out later on that Wolf is actually called that in-fic.
  • Doorstopper: Averted. The submission guidelines cap riffable fics at around 60,000 words.
  • Enraged by Idiocy: Pretty much everyone got hit with this in "The Mysterious Death of the Wonderbolt Leader".
    • Twilight Sparkle repeatedly insisting that Gumball was a delusion of hers in "My Little Gumball" during the second Obscure Crossover Shuffle practically almost gave Crazy56U a stroke.
  • Epic Fail: A major plot point of "The Mysterious Death of the Wonderbolt Leader" is that Trixie, upon approaching the witness stand, manages to miss the chair while sitting down... resulting in her splitting her skull open and needing to be rushed to the hospital.
  • Everyone Has Standards:
    • During the Creepypasta shuffle, "Amethyst (Necromancer Pony) AKA Death Pony"'s Narrator wants someone to kill her. Crazy56U (and others) respond thusly:
      Crazy56U: On it. (pulls out a Fant4stic DVD)
      ThatUnknownPony: Woah dude! That’s overkill! Do you hate her that much?
      ToonGuy: Come on, man. That’s practically a hate crime. You're better than that.
      Crazy56U: That is a fucking lie and you know it.
    • Crazy56U expresses legitimate concern during "Editor-Requested Double Feature" after Mono expresses a desire to have "theme of sanic hegehog" played at his funeral.
  • Exact Words:
    • The application of this very trope at the end of the "Moonlight, Moonlight, Let My Fangs Gleem Tonight" multiparter is what spawned one of the more well known Running Gags of this series: After Lycan!Dog kills Spike by punching him hard enough to impale his gut, the werewolf curse decides to heal Spike as to fight him again in the future. However, as Crazy56U repeatedly points out, all that the fic says in this regard is that the wound got healed. Not a word is mentioned about internal organs, nor is it mentioned (outside of a vague mentioning by Sweetie Belle in the last chapter) that Spike was actually alive again. Or, in other words, as far as everyone is concerned, Spike was still dead by the end of the story.
    • At one point during the "Duty or Friendship?" portion of the "Editor-Requested Double Feature", Panzer comes up with a theory that rather than kill her, Lyra was going to help Bon Bon fake her death and start a new life under a different identity outside of Ponyville, which Crazy56U immediately states is stupid. Near the end of the fic:
      Crazy56U: Keep in mind: I said Panzer's theory was stupid. I did not say she was wrong. (snaps fingers)
  • Feghoot:
  • Flipping the Bird: Crazy56U does this in "she must never know". Doubles as a Visual Pun:
    Crazy56U: And now, visual pun. (puts a rubber duck on the table) (flips it)
    • Also does this in the form of an emoticon in "The Mysterious Death of the Wonderbolt Leader", after the author keeps using them.
      Crazy56U: Okay, you wanna keep doing that shit?! Fine. <^> -__- <^>
  • For Want of a Nail: invoked Discussed in "better season 5 end" during Starlight's Motive Rant:
    "'We were all perfectly content to keep living our humble lives in our little village until you came and ruined everything.[']"
    Crazy56U: Well, really, if you trace the events of the show back from "The Cutie Map", it was really Discord's fault your village got fucked over. In fact, without him, a large chunk of the show wouldn’t have happened...
    Mononeko: Well, if you go back even further, the CMC originally freed Discord, who never met-
    Crazy56U: Well, that's nice; I was referring to the flashback from "Princess Twilight Sparkle", where Discord accidentally created the Everfree with his bag of seed? That led to the Tree of Harmony issue, that led to the locked box thing, that led to other things, that led to the map becoming a thing, and that led to the girls going to Starlight's village.
    • There was also the discussion during "Sister Dash", when Celestia disowns Twilight as her student over the Mare Do Well incident:
      ThatUnknownPony: Also, I really doubt that THIS is worth Celestia giving up on Twilight. Which, by the way, would imply she never became an alicorn, and means that she might or might not save the Tree of Harmony, and since she would be a simple unicorn, she wouldn't stand a chance again Lord Tirek, and that means Equestria is doomed. Congratulations! You just screwed your own country for the pettiness of MAKING RAINBOW FEEL BAD!
      Crazy56U: Well, to be fair, this was written during season 3, so Tirek wasn't canon yet.
      • A similar discussion occured during the "Mare Do Well: Fallout" portion of the first Multipart Sampler, which winds up having an unintended side-effect:
        "Before the pink pony could say another word, she was cut off when Rainbow Dash zoomed down to within inches of her muzzle. "WE'RE NOT FRIENDS ANYMORE!'"
        SC276: Let’s see, Mare-Do-Well was season 2, so... when is Equestria completely doomed by supervillains, exactly?
        Bucephalus: Nah. They've got Spike.
        CaptainPipsqueak: So they're doomed by Spike, then?
        Crazy56U: I wanna say by that goddamn wedding, but really, Cadance and Shining saved the day there. There's also Sombra, but that was more Cadance and Spike..., really, I think they wind up getting screwed... during that Everfree nonsense in the season 4 premiere... I mean, providing Rainbow doesn't leave them her Element... ...on the plus side, they won't be able to free Discord, so... (shrug)
        MrSing: Here we have the horrible realisation that Rainbow doesn’t matter in the show. Thanks fic, for completely convincing us of the opposite point you were trying to make.
        Crazy56U: ...that wasn't the point I was trying to make, that was more directed to the Elements of Harmony, but eh, apples and oranges...
    • SC276 engages in some analysis of Starpops, and comes to an interesting conclusion:
      "Celesto was especially grateful for Lightning's arrival and efforts. 'Were it not for you and the magic you brought, I wouldn't be here now. For that matter, none of us would be.'"
      MrSing: Finally a way we can all blame this on Lightning.
      ThatUnknownPony: Yeah, thanks for keeping him alive, you dickhead.
      SC276: Especially considering the only reason a fireball went into space in the first place was because of the final battle. So, if Lightning hadn’t shown up, you wouldn’t have drifted through space for an hour and would’ve come home safely by whatever method the rest of your repair team would’ve gotten back to Earth by — and would’ve been fine given demons apparently suck at moving to different places. In fact, I just double-checked, and that fireball went up and hit the satellite because Lightning kicked Blaze, so if anything, Lightning indirectly put you in danger in the first place. Also, as for the “none of us would be,” the original ending of Equestria Girls happened, so the girls are magical, and if Equestrian magic couldn’t stop or reseal the demons, they would’ve already gotten out the door they were first found sealed behind, with the seal made of Equestrian magic which is why the sirens undid it in the first place. One might argue that defeating the demons by reseal would still have been possible, perhaps the same way the Dazzlings were defeated in the original movie, though I’ll have to skip exact details since this isn’t the forum for such a thing. So, from a purely objective standpoint, using only facts presented in the text itself, LIGHTNING’S PRESENCE LITERALLY MADE EVERYTHING WORSE.
      ToonGuy: Feel better?
  • Foreshadowing: In the "Cupcakes" riff (part of Classics Month), Crazy56U dismissed the possibility of riffing "Pattycakes", following up that they would instead do "the next best thing".note  That "next best thing" wound up being the third entry of Classics Month: "My Little Dashie".
    • After a Ship Tease between Fluttershy and Twilight in "Pony Costumes, or How Angel became a Brony"note , both Crazy56U and ToonGuy almost immediately realize who those two are actually supposed to be (with some confusion as to why one of them is there, since this fic takes place before the fourth season). They're actually Willow and Tara.
  • Fridge Brilliance: invoked "My Little Dashie" being (jokingly) declared the prequel to "The Conversion Bureau" turns out to make too much sense.
  • Gargle Blaster: During the Sonic Crossover Multipart Sampler, Topher creates a cocktail called the Spiky Blue. The drink has proven to be incredibly dangerous, often destroying whatever it touches and killing anyone who drinks it.
    • In the wrap-up following the sampler, Topher reveals the recipe.
      Topher: Drink up before the glass goes limp!
  • Gone Horribly Wrong: It quickly became agreed upon by everyone that the Multipart Blitz was a mistake.
    • Similarly, Mono quickly came to hate his own "Sonic Apple Bloom" joke.
  • Harpo Does Something Funny: invoked Used to great effect during "Mare-Do-Well: Fallout, The Rest":
    Glad for something to distract her from the mess that her class was turning into, [Twilight] quickly told Pinkie to do something,
    Crazy56U: [Pinkie Pie] "(does something funny)"
    SC276: [Twilight Sparkle] "...Close enough!"
  • The Host: Originally it was Ringmaster and Fallen Prime, but over time SC276 took over for the latter. The former gives the introduction to all the riffs, mostly accompanied by the latter but occasionally by one of the other editors. Ring and Fallen only rarely add their own riffs in the fic itself.
  • I Hate Past Me: Implied as a joke during "An Evening With A Pegasus" when Crazy56U keeps ragging on the Garfield movie:
    Crazy56U: Meanwhile, a fat orange cat waits outside and plots to steal their pizza before becoming CGI again and becoming a fucking annoy- look, I just rewatched the Garfield movie recently, and I have regrets...
    SC276: Don't watch the sequel then.
    Crazy56U: Maybe you should say that to Past Crazy56U then. (begins openly sobbing)
    • After Nox reveals in the "Past Sins Original Edit" multiparter that the original riff got him into riffing, Crazy56U responds thusly:
      Crazy56U: Hey, I feel somewhat accomplished, then! ...too bad 2011!me was a fucking dweeb...
    • During the "Sonic - EG Friendship Games" multiparter, when the events of The Cutie Remark are brought up, ThatUnknownPony invokes this around a previous riff:
      Crazy56U: It is my personal headcanon that, for Twilight, she’s going through the events of better season 5 end right now.
      ThatUnknownPony: thanks for reminding me that thing happened... and how godawful I was in it.
      Crazy56U: Happy birthday, dude.
  • I Need to Go Iron My Dog: Twice done by Crazy56U in "Moonlight, Moonlight, Let My Fangs Gleem Tonight".
  • I Was Just Joking: "I WAS JOKING!" is a common reaction to blind riffers saying something happens in the fic that actually does end up happening.
  • Insane Troll Logic:
    • The best way to prove your legitimacy? Have a Tumblr.
    • In the grand scheme of things, 1989 is when things started going downhill.
    • If people think Earthbound ripped off Undertale, then it's okay to claim that Undertale ripped off Past Sins.
    • In the "Tree of Harmony" riff, Crazy56U justifies saying Pony!Moses, not Pony!Noah, built the Ark because of the fic saying Sombra died in Canterlot, and with Twilight siding with Nobody over the Princesses.
    • If your debate opponent doesn't care anymore, that means you're right.
    • If the only thing we have to fear is fear itself, then we are always afraid.
    • In the "Duty or Friendship?" portion of the "Editor-Requeste Double Feature", the mention of a clearing in the Everfree prompts Crazy56U to comment:
      Crazy56U: Smokey the Bear finally snapped. He rationed that the only true way to prevent forest fires is if all of the forest was gone.
    • If you respond to a person's question, but a different person calls into question your response, you don't have to answer the second person.
    • During "Ponymon Finale/MLPokemon 3: Lighten's Coronation", it's declared that a timberwolf choking to death on a pebble means that timberwolves are afraid of the Sun.
      I knew that Timberwolves don't like the sun.
      Crazy56U: Well, given how said timberwolf dies in that scene, technically, Quilava is not wrong.
      ThatUnknownPony: But it was from a pebble in its throat and not the sun, therefore Quilava is still wrong.
      Crazy56U: Pebbles result from the erosion of rocks. Erosion occurs as a result of direct or indirect contact with environmental factors, such as water. Water is distributed as a result of the water cycle, of which the sun plays a key factor in. As such, Quilava is still technically correct. Ball's in your court.
  • Insult to Rocks: When "Equestria Girls (Rewritten)" is revealed to be taking place in Florida, it's stated that "not even Florida deserves this".
  • Interface Screw: Due to the fact that a fic's formatting is removed when being put into a document, there have been numerous instances of fics being hindered as a result during a riff, such as removing colored text being used differentiate who is talking (thus causing Ring to be accused of catering to the colorblind), or removing bold text (as the riffers themselves use bold).
  • Killed Off for Real: During "Moonlight, Moonlight, Let my Fangs Gleem Tonight"'s climax, Spike winds up getting fatally injured. Because of the dialogue being vague on the degree of his being healed, everyone becomes convinced that Spike actually got killed.
  • Lampshade The Obscure Reference: SC276, Scarlet, and Dragonborne, most notably.
    • In "Cupcakes", during the final stretch:
      Dash was barely aware of what was going on anymore. The shock was causing her to fade.
      Crazy56U: She's a memory that’s slipping, Audience... Fading, fast now... To zero... ...okay, hands up, had I not linked that, would any of you have realized what I was doing here?note 
  • Left Hanging: Averted; fics must be marked completed on their respective site in order to qualify for riffing. The only incomplete fics ever (re)done are the abandoned Conversion Bureau, the in-progress/abandoned The Catch, and the rough draft of Past Sins.
  • Logic Bomb:
    • "Equestria chronicles : the lesson of a human adaptation"'s Author's claim that "[they] dont think anypony ever done a sci-fi fanfiction" managed to make the outflow pipe of the ball dropping Running Gag explode.
    • Upon SC276's realization that Mykan didn't see "Return of Harmony" when writing the original "My Little Unicorn", ThatUnknownPony states he doesn't know if that's good or not. Crazy56U winds up having his brain lock up due to trying to choose.
  • Loophole Abuse:
  • Lost in Medias Res: invoked The first chapter of "Sister Dash" suffers extensively from this, as several riffers become confused during a flashback montage that, as Crazy56U reveals, references events from the next chapter.
  • MST: Take a guess.
  • Mad Libs Catch Phrase:
    • "The part of [character in story] will be played by [something from something else that the character is imitating]."
    • SC276 regularly mocks repetitive word/phrase use with "X X, X. X? X!" with X being the word/phrase in question.
    • "I can't fucking believe [character name] is the most relatable character in this fic."
    • "You leave [something or someone the character is imitating] out of this!"
    • "We interrupt [alternate name for the fic] to bring you [different alternative name reflecting the current situation]."
  • Malicious Misnaming: Tying into The Nicknamer, "Snow days are forever" saw Crazy56U, CaptainPipsqueak, Topher and SC276 calling the fic's OC, Snow Day, practically anything but his actual name. By the end of the riff, he acquired about 200 names.
    "Right, well my name is Snow Day."
    Crazy56U: That’s... ...severely debatable.
    CaptainPipsqueak: Yeah; if you go by us, he has about thirty names.
  • Marathon Boss:
    • The Multipart Blitz was 2017's Spring Cleaning event, where several fics that previously were unrunnable due to difficult-to-manage lengthsnote  were daisy-chained together, resulting in a 10-part riff lasting from March 15th to May 1st.
    • For May 2018, "My Little Pony: The Acceptance of Friendship" was riffed as a four-part daisy-chained riff.
  • Mouthful of Pi: On the continuation of My Little Sonic Friendship is Way Past Cool, Terabyte rattles off the first 60 digits of pi.
  • My God, What Have I Done?:
    • Downplayed; Crazy56U is ultimately regretful to having submitted "Moonlight, Moonlight, Let my Fangs Gleem Tonight", but not to the point of hysterics. Partially because he submitted it without reading it.
      • He was noticeably a lot more regretful when "better season 5 end" (another thing he submitted) got riffed.
      • Inverted with the "Siren Chronicles" multipart riffnote . Even though he made Ring aware of those stories' existence, Crazy56U keeps pointing out it was Ring who decided to run them.
  • Mythology Gag: During the anniversary riff of "The Conversion Bureau", Crazy56U's tape recorder plays some of the original 2011 riff after being knocked off the table.
  • Name's the Same:
    • invoked Part two of "Living the Dream" introduces "Louie", a human-turned-dog OC who unfortunately for Crazy56U shares the name of his sister's dog.
  • Negative Continuity: Enforced, to prevent running into Continuity Snarl like what doomed Ponyriffs.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!: Crazy56U's decision during the "Love Knows No Race" riff to recast one of Dib's past loves, Flame, as Nobody winds up backfiring when it's revealed that Dib lost his virginity to Flame.
    Crazy56U: Well now I regret turning Flame into Nobody... Because beastiality.
    CaptainPipsqueak: [Nobody, Alicorn Princess of Even I Have Standards] "You...bastard."
  • The Nicknamer: Another common gag.
    • SC276 does this with some of the notable badfic authors the group has riffed: "Sunrise" for Felix Dawn, "Plant-Boy" for Kudzuhaiku, "Moron Mykan" or just "the Moron" for Dakari-King Mykan, "Mykan Jr" for NerfSonicRD - Books / Sandstorm - Books, "Pinkie's Mom" for Kikio3000, and "Mykan's Fangirl" for PikachuSkitty. This is however averted with "Mai Can" (the nickname given to Black Kyurem), which was given to him by Mono instead.
      • SC276 also occasionally refers to Ring as Monokuma when the fic choices are particularly vicious.
      • Played with with The Equestria Goth, where Mono, Crazy, and SC276 collectively agree to call the author "Miserable Lancelot Jr." at the end of "Acceptance of Friendship" part 3.
    • invoked Meanwhile, Crazy56U occasionally does this with the characters, usually either out of simplicity or spite. The most noteworthy one was renaming "Tree of Harmony"'s Flame Striker into "Nobody", done for both reasons:
      A natural one too. Twilight Sparkle was pretty sure that her name was . . .
      Crazy56U: So... She was Nobody? ...screw it, calling her Nobody...
      I'm Flame Striker
      Crazy56U:, Nobody it is then. Anyone object this?
      • This led to CaptainPipsqueak referring to her as "Nobody, Alicorn Princess of" and adding a title based on the situation.
      • Meanwhile, Mononeko took to calling her "Ellipsis".
  • "No. Just... No" Reaction: A discussion about accidentally scarring themselves via looking up stuff online with no filters during the "Three of Me" multiparter causes Crazy56U to accuse SC276 of wanting to make it a contest, before going into an incident in high school where he went on CWCki-
    SC276: (slaps hand over Crazy’s mouth) No. No I don't.
  • No Swastikas: Subverted fucking hard in "Sanguine: The Origin Saga" during the "Pre-Event Shuffle": it's part of the OC's cutie mark.note 
  • Non Sequitur, *Thud*: Getting hit repeatedly by a plank of wood in "she must never know" causes Crazy56U to shift through several different songsnote  before collapsing.
  • Not His Sled: Crazy56U tries using a Magic-8 Ball when the question "How does a queen work?" reappears. The answer he gets? "Go fuck yourself."
    Crazy56U: ...alrighty then.
  • Number of the Beast: A stealth variant: during his Monster a-Go Go Homage in the "Spirit of Hearth's Warming Eve Shorts" riff, Crazy56U mentions that the Sparkling Star Necklace, "rescued, alive, well, and of normal size", was back in the jewerly store about eight thousand inches away; 666 and 2/3rds feet, to simplify.
  • Old Shame: Invoked by Crazy56U at the start of the "My Little Unicorn" second anniversary riff, telling both the readers and the other riffers to not read the original MLU riff because he felt that it was his worst one. Any references to said riff tend to be met with violence.
  • Ye Olde Butcherede Englishe: In one early scene of "A Demons Love", it's pointed out that Luna's dialogue became "less Shakespeare than she had literally ten seconds ago". And then Crazy56U busted out a Shakespearean translator.note 
    Crazy56U: [Luna] "I am s'rry to inf'rm thee, but I might not but be going. Mine sist'r wanteth's us to be home f'r travelling lamp riseth. 'Twas a v'ry fun night to be with thou. I hopeth we meeteth again in the future. Until then, Blades, good day."
  • Only in Florida: "Equestria Girls (Rewritten)", for whatever reason, takes place in the fictional town of New Zaragoza, Florida.
    Something: "New Zaragoza, Florida" doesn’t exist.
    Crazy56U: I mean, come on, I know Florida is batshit, but you don’t need to invent places of insanity within it!
    ThatUnknownPony: Either the Author failed Geography, or they thought they were being smart.
    Mono: It's all the fault of the Dutch I tell ya! They started all of this with their New Amsterdam nonsense!
  • Outdated by Canon: invoked As a result of various fics being written before certain things, this tends to crop up:
    • In the last part of "Starfleet Humans", SC276 and Scarlet both celebrate how Friendship Games negated Mykan's story by defining human!Twilight's place as well as Crystal Prep (as opposed to the fic's Crystal High).
    • Several riffers make a point of decrying the "Past Sins" rough draft version of Filthy Rich, who was written before he actually appeared in the show itself.
    • A significant portion of "Cutie Bloom" is spent acknowledging how "Crusaders of the Lost Mark" invalidates or counteracts portions of this fic.
  • Planet of Steves: Crazy56U seemed determined to have every character in "From One World to Another" be named Davey (however, the intro to part 2 reveals that this was a result of post-"Cutie Bloom" insanity).
  • Previously On…: One of the editors recaps prevents events in multiparts, usually SC276.
  • Put on a Bus / The Bus Came Back: There's no set roster of riffers across the entire project. Not even all the editors participate in every entry. Riffers come, riffers go, riffers come back.
  • Rage Breaking Point:
    • During the "Shining Sabre" portion of the "Celestial Sabre Saga" riff, Crazy56U outright snaps when Sabre (who uses Green Lantern-esque magic) doesn't just make a gun to put down Rainbow Dash.
    • In the first part of "Moonlight, Moonlight, Let my Fangs Gleem Tonight", it going from midnight to noon within two hours caused Crazy56U to up and kick the table over in anger.
    • Crazy's increasingly severe abuse towards SC276 for submitting an The Amazing World of Gumball crossover where Twilight idiotically refuses to believe Gumball is real in the face of all evidence to the contrary.
    • Multiple riffers explode with rage and dramatic text size increases when one of the songs in "she must never know" is "Hey Jude". This theme continues throughout the story as the author somehow manages to destroy the favorite song of each riffer or their parents.
    • Love Knows No Race is an absolute wrecking ball with its consecutive series of terrible twists and reveals, starting with Dib being a lost Irken all along and snowballing into Dib and Zim's daughter raping one of the Tallest, who is also her grandfather. It was so terrible, SC276 threw a TV across the room and by the end had become a Dark Teensie. By next week, everyone was glad for a FNAF crossover with a stupid premise just because it wasn't nearly as bad as "last week".
    • The last part of Starpops included ripping a scene transition from Space Jam... done with Artie and Sunset. The sheer dissonance caused SC276 to somehow throw the whole riff across the Atlantic Ocean.
    • The Sonic multipart sampler ends with a fic that has six Sonic characters fall one by one into Canterlot High's gym where they instantly have Love at First Sight with one of the Humane Five plus Sunset, following the color-matching pattern that was discussed at the beginning of the first story. SC276 was so upset with it being the most Marty Stu thing he had ever seen, six times in a row, that he declared that it winning the multipart slot would probably actually kill him from stress. So of course it ended up winning.
    • During the seventh story of the Lost Episode Creepypasta Shuffle, Topher rages against Pinkie using a Molotov cocktail made with a bottle of cider (which is impossible, as even alcoholic cider doesn't contain enough to burn) by pulling out a flamethrower and setting everything on fire. Topher is also known to enter a rage whenever the story's writing is poor on a technical level, ESPECIALLY when an author uses phrases such as "Or something" or "and stuff."
    • During "Element Seven", the appearance of Happy Appy caused Crazy56U to snap to the point where, at one point, he threatened to buy a jar of applesauce and then shit in it out of spite.
    • Celestia threatening to kill Nyx manages to (yet again) piss off Crazy56U. However, special mention goes to his reaction to Celestia refusing to acknowledge to Luna that her actions were stupid, when he states that he would abandon the multiparter if it wasn't for the fact that he wants to see it through to the end.
    • SC276 both figuratively and literally explodes (into Sega Genesis controllers) at the end of "Living the Dream" part 2, considering the main character a sociopath for going into his friend's room right after he said not to, immediately after he had managed to talk Luna out of raping him by telling her not to.
    • The third of Ring's birthday shuffles sees a deep, loathing, spiteful anger on Crazy56U's part in regards Ring's choice of the final fic for the shuffle: "The Pokemon Story".

  • Recurring Element: The inconsistency of time.
  • Recursive Fanfiction: The Fumble, as a result of the riffs for The Catch.
    • Many of the riffs are of these, including the very first one.
  • Refuge in Audacity / Crosses the Line Twice:
  • Riddle for the Ages: "Why did Pushing Daisies get cancelled?"
  • Rummage Fail: An audio equivalent occurs during "Pony Costumes, or How Angel became a Brony" via the tape recorder:
    Crazy56U: (pulls out a tape recorder; hits “Play”)
    Tape Recorder:
    Damn it, drank too much moonshine again. least I'm not blind...
    Crazy56U: ... (rewinds tape; hits "Play")
    Tape Recorder:
    We interrupt one fight scene to bring you a different fight scene.
  • Running Gag Stumbles: invoked
  • Running Gagged: The "Sister Dash" running gag finally came to an end on September 15th, 2016 when it finally won a Strawpoll.
  • Schmuck Bait:
    • The Running Gag of Crazy56U linking "theme of sanic hegehog".
    • During part five of the "My Little Unicorn: Magic is Believing" anniversary multiparter, Crazy56U links a track from a video game he found at random, and chose simply because the game looked cute. The track? "Sayo-nara".
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here!: Riffers have been known to not only leave a riff partway through, but announce their departure as reaction to some especially terrible moment.
  • Self-Serving Memory: invoked
    • SC276 pretends that the riffs of March 2016 (which were stocked with alicorn OCs, including the especially painful "Tree of Harmony") didn't exist.
    • Crazy56U does the same concerning "The Ponyville Curse".
    • As far as ThatUnknownPony is concerned, the "better season 5 end" riff never happened.
    • Implied at the end of the "Tree of Harmony" riff: CaptainPipsqueak mentions during the wrap-up how he liked how the Author's namenote  caused JofY's computer to crash. Only problem is that this happened to Crazy56U...
  • Serious Business: In SC276's opinion, if you're going to write a prequel to Rainbow Factory, make sure you match up with its canon (Rainbow Dash never found the factory, for one) and don't just bluntly use the song because it's the song.
  • Shameless Self-Promoter: After The Fumble was announced at the end of the fourth part of The Catch, it got plugged in at least every Catch part after it, mostly by SC276 who's one of its editors.
    • Crazy56U once plugged his Tumblr at the end of a stream-of-consciousness tangent concerning Twilight's castle during the "My Little Fazpony" riff:
    SC276: I don’t know what the front door of that castle made up, but I’m not entirely sure it’s birch.
    Crazy56U: It’s made of crystal. Literally the entire castle is made out of crystal, even if it doesn’t seem like it. The beds? Crystal. The books? Crystal. The food? Crystal. Fourth thing? Crystal. Crystal Death Place is 100% crystal and I just proved it, trust me, I have a Tumblr, that proves my legitimacy.
    • During the anniversary riff of "The Conversion Bureau":
      SC276: This is reminding me too much of my thoughts regarding real-world hypnotism, and that means that this fic is kinkshaming me.
      Crazy56U: Wow, kinkshamed twice in one month? That’s rough, buddy...
      • And then a few months later, during "Love Knows No Race":
        SC276: Well for the last few days I had to go back to school and riff a Mykan fic, so I sympathize.
        Crazy56U: (indignant) Oh, I see, and what you and I did last week never happened in your eyes, huh?
        SC276: Wait, that was only last week??
    • While introducing the Buffy the Vampire Slayer crossover in the second Obscure Crossover Shuffle, SC276 states that the group has a TV Tropes page.
  • Shown Their Work:
    • When Topher notices the size of the meal ordered by the main cast in Equestria Girls (Rewritten), he calculates the total calorie count per person, complete with a spreadsheet showing the math.
    • In another Topher example, he shows a lot of his stage experience in the early parts of Handbook for Mortals.
    • Occasionally, when a date is mentioned in-story, complete with year, Crazy56U will reference an episode of a show that actually premiered on that date. For example, from "My Little Pony G3 Episode - The Black Dawn" during the "Lost Episode Creepypasta Shuffle":
      It was Friday, May 13th, 2005.
      Crazy56U: invoked So... the day "These Are the Voyages..." premiered...
    • Crazy56U shows off a minor bit of knowledge about Toy Story's production during the "The Black Friday Incident" portion of the "Toy Story / Mario Creepypasta Shuffle", not only managing to rattle off the actual circumstances of the titular incident right at the outset, but also citing how at one point, Woody was going to be strapped to the rocket, not Buzz.
      Dr. Ocsid: I... had no idea about any of that, but I’m glad I read through that paragraph to find out about it.
      Crazy56U: Hey man, Toy Story is one of the few things in life I care about, I had this shit in the back of my pocket.
  • Side Bet: Riffers going in blind often "bet" on future events in the story.
  • Sleep Deprivation: Upon being called out for referring to Friendship Games as Equestria Games, Crazy56U states that his "excuse" is having been awake for 24 hours.
  • Song Fic: Starting with part one of "Moonlight, Moonlight, Let my Fangs Gleem Tonight"note , and then codified in "she must never know" (which is one in itself), whenever song lyrics are printed in the fic's text, many riffers, most notably Crazy56U, sing their own songs in turn over the fic's.
  • Spiritual Successor: "a new world" is considered to be this to "she must never know", given how both involve Screwball being the daughter of Discord and Fluttershy and how both have songs.
  • Stating the Simple Solution: In the "Starfleet Humans" riff, Topher repeatedly recommends that Lightening Dawn simply use his super strength to search the school until he finds the rainbow rod, and return home.
  • Staying Alive: Since it's part of the fun, riffers dying don't stay dead. Eventually lampshaded.
  • Stylistic Suck:
    • At one point during "better season 5 end", it's pointed out that "it seems like Twilight is debating with a comment section over 'The Cutie Remark'". As such:
      JofY: FIRST111
      Mononeko: STFU, you faggot!!1!
      Crazy56U: click thislink 2 Win a frree i POD: [link]
    • Crazy56U's attempt at emulating Luna's style of talking during "A Demons Love", by means of a Shakespearean translator.
  • Suckiness Is Painful:
    • "The Mysterious Death of the Wonderbolt Leader" wrecked everyone with its sheer stupidity.
    • invoked "The Enemy of My Enemy" wound up burning some of the riffers out.
    • "A Nostalgia Critic and Mlp Christmas" during the Stocking Stuffer Shuffler, along with causing most of the riffers to suffer from various degrees of Heroic BSoD, wound up giving Crazy56U a stomach ulcer.
    • "Mother Pinkie Pie" was so utterly stupid that SC276 called "The Mysterious Death of the Wonderbolt Leader" the better story and caused Crazy56U to state that they have earned the right to one day rerun said fic in order to reevaluate their past claim of it being the dumbest story they ran.
  • Sudden Intelligence: In the Lost Episode Creepypasta Shuffle, Topher randomly spouts a detailed explanation as to why crying sound effects are so frequently used in children's television creepypastas.
  • Surprisingly Realistic Outcome:
    • The ball dropping Running Gag has caused instances of people slipping on or tripping over them, and the room being filled with them as a result.
    • During Part 5 of "Past Sins Original Edit", Dark Angel nonchalantly drops various weapons on the floor, loudly saying he hopes Crazy56U doesn't use any of them as a result of his anger of Celestia threatening to kill Nyx. Crazy56U takes one look at said weapons... and tells Dark to pick them up. "I'm not your fucking mom."
    • Getting repeatedly hit in the head with a piece of plywood during "she must never know" results in Crazy56U (aside from temporarily shifting through multiple songs) being severely concussed and have a bad headache (and also bleed from his head).
    • Concerning cults during the "Past Sins Original Edit" multiparter, Crazy56U makes it clear that if a cult were to actually resurrect a demonic evil, said cult would be the first to go, since said demonic evil wouldn't give two shits about them.
    • Trying to evoke Persona 3's game mechanics in real life will only result in you blowing your brains out.
    • And, of course, let us not forget the more memorable one: why is eternal night a bad idea? "Because we would all freeze to death and die."
  • Tastes Like Purple: During his monologue in the fourth part of the "Three of Me: School Society", Crazy56U describes his experience with a rum and Coke as it "[tasting] like battery acid and [going] down like burning".
  • Tears of Blood:
  • They Killed Kenny Again: Spike, ever since "Moonlight, Moonlight, Let My Fangs Gleem Tonight".
  • Time Travel: invoked Starting with the Trixieverse riff, SC276 has been able to do this by pressing the Page Down key. It's most notable uses are in "Tree of Harmony," where he skips the character descriptions for the Mary Sue's backstory; the third community shuffle, where he double-checks whether or not a repetitive portion of a fic was posted; and - most recently - "Living the Dream" part 4.
  • Too Dumb to Live:
  • Unconventional Learning Experience: invoked After the revelation that "My Little Pony: The Acceptance of Friendship" used an actual, real-life serial killer as one of the antagonists in the climax, Crazy56U angrily informs JofY (who tried arguing that said person was a stranger to them and held no actual importance) that he already was aware of this person due to Dirty Laundry: An Alternate 1980s covering him.
  • The Un-Twist: invoked
    • Spitfire being the killer in "The Mysterious Death of the Wonderbolt Leader" was telegraphed so hard that when it was ultimately revealed at the end, no one was surprised.
    • Likewise, despite being a twist, "Rise of the Dark Queen" made it painfully obvious that "Director Q" is Discord in disguise, to the point where the Author uses vectors of a ponified John de Lancie for said character.
  • Up to Eleven: invoked NerfSonicRD / Sandstorm is nicknamed "Mykan Jr" because "Sonic - EGRainbowRocks" is this for "Starpops." They both possess the same general plot structure - the plot of Rainbow Rocks with the Dazzlings making a deal with some sort of demonic entity that inevitably turns on them, Marty Stu Original Characters from another dimension that get shipped with the cast of Equestria Girls, and the introduction of Power Rangers elements to the universe - but several aspects are exaggerated to make it even more juvenile, much to the shock of the riffers at how thoroughly Mykan has been outdone. Some examples:
    • "Starpops" had only three pairings with different dynamics, and none involve the Humane Five. Each gets their own relative turn in the story, and mostly illict major negative reactions due to just pairing an OC with a canon character. "Sonic" has six all structured in exactly the same way, pairing a Humane Five member with a Mobian of the same color. The sixth pairing, Sunset with Shadow, turns out to be the only one to get any real focus.
    • Mykan's Dazzlings participate in the after-concert climax even after losing the Battle of the Bands and being backstabbed by the Demonites to try and get back to (New) Equestria and at least attempt to salvage their situation. NerfSonicRD's have no significant scenes that weren't part of the original movie - and a few are actually stolen by OCs - and are completely absent from the finale, being thrown into the distance by Darkness right after the movie's climax.
    • Lightning Dawn is basically an unrealistic ideal of Charles Atlas Superpowers with a dose of Protagonist-Centered Morality. Strike is literally the Speed Force God, has samples of blood from all his alternate versions across reality in his body, and his biological tissues are apparently capable of curing all disease and possibly reviving the dead. And that's on top of everything he had done in the fic up until that reveal.
      • invoked This exponentially multiplies in "Sonic - EG Friendship Games," where not only did he build basically the world's largest city by himself, he's capable of Time Travel and his attempt to avert his mother's death and then return it to normal caused the entire series to happen. Essentially the "Up to 11" got upped to 11.
  • Urban Legend of Zelda: invoked Discussed Trope during the "Black Friday Incident" portion of the "Toy Story/Mario Creepypasta Shuffle":
    There was a stock smashing noise.
    Crazy56U: Huh, I guess Gamefaqs wasn't lying about Buzz Lightyear being playable in the original Super Smash Bros. The rumor is that he's only unlocked by playing on Sector Z for five days nonstop.
    Crazy56U: Well, someone clearly didn't do it right...
  • Wham Episode: Of a sort: "Ring's Birthday Special #2" sees the return of Chatoyance via "Around the Bend".
  • Wham Line:
    • Near the end of the finale of the "Seventh planet/The Mirror Spell" multiparter, as everyone is giving their final thoughts, someone decides to pipe up:
  • White Void Room: Enforced, in a sense. Roleplaying of other characters is expressly forbidden to avoid falling into the same trap as Ponyriffs, as well as keeping the setting as loosely defined as possible. Riffers roleplaying as themselves is tolerable as long as it doesn't distract too much from the actual riff and is funny.
    • That said, Running Gags establish a few recurring points, such as the door out always being bricked in during a riff and the presence of a table, which often gets flipped at some point.
    • Frequently lampshaded with riffers frequently commenting on how various furnishings seem to come and go as needed.
  • Who Names Their Kid "Dude"?: Played with: During the epilogue of "Snow days are forever", it's revealed that Snow Day eventually had a daughter named Frostbite. However, Crazy56U (having stopped caring by that point) opted to call her "Gum" instead.
  • Who's on First?:
    • As it happens, during part 2 of "Moonlight, Moonlight, Let my Fangs Gleem Tonight":
      Once the dog was dead he got up and continued.
      Crazy56U: Wait, Dog died?! I thought he killed the guar- you know, in retrospect, maybe renaming Spirit “Dog” wasn’t my smartest move...
  • Wild Mass Guessing: Crazy56U is of the opinion that the author of "Equestria Girls (Rewritten)" is actually (an extremely high) Charlie Kelly.
  • Writers Cannot Do Math: The transformation scene in "Life Change, in 127.8 Seconds", the scene that the story was named after, happened "in under two minutes".
    Crazy56U: Two minutes equals 120 seconds. The fucking title said it was 127.8 seconds. Do the fucking math.
    BittplexMutt: Author failed at math.
  • You Do Not Want To Know: invoked Inverted near the end of "Moonlight, Moonlight, Let my Fangs Gleem Tonight" when Rarity is pregnant with Spirit's children:
    Rarity released him and felt her stomach, "Oh ho, they're is kicking!["]
    SC276: They’re be dragons.
    CaptainPipsqueak: Ask yourself how that could possibly make things worse. I mean really ask yourself.
    Crazy56U: Fetal alcohol syndrome plus half-wolf hybrid fetuses will not equal good things. Do you want a couple of mutated wolf-pony spawn to erupt from Rarity's vagina?
  • You Have GOT to Be Kidding Me!: When it was revealed that "The Trixieverse I: The Grass Is Always Greener" beat "Sister Dash" in a poll to be a riff topic:
    Crazy56U: I’m kinda livid, to be frank. I wanted "Sister Dash" to win, damnit.
    Fallen Prime: Oh my god. You're the one who fought for this.note 
    Crazy56U: That doesn’t mean I wanted it to win! Plus, I never read this before! I was going off of title! DON’T JUDGE ME!

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