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Play Station All Stars Battle Royale has enough of these to receive a Shout Out page before the game was even out.

  • Big Daddy has recordings of Andrew Ryan's voice playing when he enters the ring or when his level 3 is used.
  • Cole MacGrath and Evil Cole MacGrath use a number of the abilities they could learn in Infamous, like the Thunder Drop, Redirect Rocket, Firebird Strike and Tripwire Rocket, all of which act very closely to how they're originally used.
  • Dante's first stage entrance has him striking the pose from the Devil May Cry 3 box art.
    • One of his palette swaps changes his coat to resemble that of Vergil from Devil May Cry 3.
    • His second victory pose has him twirl around Ebony and Ivory, similar to how the previous Dante would in his Marvel vs. Capcom 3 victory pose; itself based on the same pose Old Dante would strike in Dante's Awakening.
    • Many of his quotes are taken word for word from Devil May Cry 4, most of them directed at Nero.
    "'re looking to play, huh?" note 
    "I've got some time to kill" note 
    "Looks like you had a trick up your sleeve" note 
    "Adios kid" note 
    "You cooled off yet?" note 
    "What a punk" note 
    "I think that look suits you better" note 
  • Emmett Graves's unlockable outfit is his Space outfit. His DLC outfit is his brother Logan Graves.
  • Fat Princess' kill taunts and are frequently taken from lines said by her soldiers, such as "A E I OWN YOU!" and "Prepare to be pwned!" along with the popular "Don't make me slap you!"
    • One of the selectable Taunts she can use during fights is called "Ready For This Jelly[?]", which is part of the lyrics to Destiny's Child's song "Bootylicious". Double points in that the Taunt involved Fat Princess shaking her butt at the opponents.
    • Her Pre-Order Bonus costume takes inspiration from the Fat Roles expansion pack, which adds Pirates, Ninjas and Giants. The Princess herself apparently likes pirates, though a ninja costume was later added as DLC.
  • Heihachi's play-style is accurately derived from his moveset in Tekken, including the Spinning Demon, Electric Wind God Fist, Hell Axle, Flash Punch Combo and Stonehead. They even went so far as to make the Shadowstep (an evasive move popular with good Heihachi-players) into his back-ward dodge.
    • His Level 3 Super is identical to his Tekken 5 ending, where he launched Jin, Kazuya and Jinpachi into space by strapping them to a rocket.
    • His Up+Circle has him throw a Tekken Bowl pin. Every so often, he will instead throw out the beach ball used in Tekken Ball.
    • One of his ending outros has Kuma dancing for him while he claps, much in the way the bear did during his Tekken Tag Tournament ending.
    • His Pre-Order Bonus costume is his long coat alt-outfit from Tekken 3. The dev team has affectionately taken to calling him Pimp Heihachi. His alternate costume ages him up and gives him his fundoshi from Tekken 4.
      • It should be noted that SuperBot lead designer Omar Kendall is a mondo Tekken-fan. note  The amount of dedication shown to Heihachi's easter eggs shouldn't be surprising.
  • Isaac's Level 3 super appears to take more than a few cues from Asteroids, and other such games.
    • His unlockable outfit is his CEC Engineering Suit from the first Dead Space, while his DLC outfit is based on the Elite Advanced RIG from 2.
    • His intro and ending cinematic feature Ellie Langford from Dead Space 2 and 3.
  • Jak and Daxter when left alone long enough perform the dance they did at the end of The Precursor Legacy
    • His Pre-Order Bonus skin gives him back his outfit from The Precursor Legacy... however, he doesn't lose the tougher looking face (though he does lose the goatee). His alternate outfit is his racing outfit from Jak X.
  • Kat's unlockable outfit is her Military Uniform from Gravity Rush's DLC. Her DLC outfit is her Spy Catsuit also from 'Gravity Rush'' 's DLC.
  • Kratos's alternative colors come a few references. One of them gives him a blue tattoo scheme, which would've been his final design were it not for David Jaffe changing his mind. Another costume colors him entirely black ala Fear Kratos from GoW3 and the last gives him the Ghost of Sparta color scheme (monochrome with Kratos' tattoo highlighted in red) from the game of the same name.
    • His Pre-Order Bonus casts him as his brother Deimos. His alternate costume gives him his Morpheus armor from God of War III. His DLC costume is the "Apollo" costume from GoW3.
  • Nariko's third intro is taken from the Sword Pointing cover of Heavenly Sword (aka Nariko is About to Stab You)
    • Her Pre-Order Bonus outfit was taken from the ending of Heavenly Sword while the Shen's Armor unlockable outfit was inspired by her father.
  • Nathan Drake's arcade-mode opening takes place in the beach bar most famously seen at the start of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.
    • He gets to wear his winter gear from Among Thieves in his Pre-Order Bonus skin. His alternate outfit is his desert outfit from Drake's Deception. Another DLC outfit of his uses the scuba gear from the first game.
  • PaRappa's Level 3 Super has Lammy, Sunny Funny and Chop Chop Master Onion in the crowd (among others). It also has the screen start to look like his game's interface.
    • Many of PaRappa's voice clips call back to stages from his series.
    • His arcade-mode cutscenes are closely rendered as if they took place in the PaRappa the Rapper anime.
    • Listening closely to his Boxy-Boy-based attacks reveals that they put out Run–D.M.C. samples.
    • His Pre-Order Bonus outfit is his alternate astronaut outfit from Um Jammer Lammy. His Funky Gi alternate came from an episode of the anime, as did his Prom King DLC outfit.
    • Some players noted the similarities between his Level 1 Super (Romantic Karate) and Guile's Flash Kick, which lead to the creation of this. The game's official website even describes it as "Parappa does a flash kick in the air that sends off a burst."
  • Radec's dialogue is heavily influenced by lines in Killzone. When selected, he'll say "As you wish" to the player, something he's said to Scolar Visari, founder of the Helghan Empire; he could also warn the player that he's not a very patient man, said to Evelyn Batton. "Kill or be killed" and "Nothing but a speed bump!" is adapted from his Boss Banter, "The essence of combat: kill or be killed!" and "You're nothing but a speed bump on the road to destiny" while "This will be a day of mourning" was a line said by Visari originally as "I want this day to be a day of mourning for the ISA."
    • One of his defeat animations has him sprawled on his back, clutching his wounds while trying to keep his pistol steady, identical to his death scene in Killzone 2. Of course in that fight he decides it makes more tactical sense to turn the pistol on himself
    • His intro in the E3 trailer is a Call-Back to the covers of Killzone.
    • His Pre-Order Bonus outfit gives him a jetpack from Killzone 3. His alternate outfit turns him into one of the Helghan Army's Capture Troopers (not the Elite Shock Troopers described in the game).
  • Raiden's chained-up pose in Heihachi's Level 3 Super seems to reference his infamous torture scene in Sons Of Liberty.
    • One of his alternate colors causes him to resemble Grey Fox, possibly a reference to the fact that Grey Fox was originally planned to be the main character of Revengeance.
    • His level 3 has him cut down enemies who are hiding inside cardboard boxes, a reference to the series' primary hero Solid Snake. Boxes that do not contain enemies are filled with watermelons; this is a reference to watermelons being used as dummies for demos of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance and a tactic Snake used to distract a Gekko in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.
    • His third outro has him striking the pose from the Japanese cover of Revengeance.
    • His Pre-Order Bonus costume sees him don his skull suit from Sons of Liberty. His Alternate is the look he sports at the beginning of Revengeance.
  • Ratchet has this for one.
  • Sackboy's arcade-mode intro calls back to his battle with The Negativitron at the end of LittleBigPlanet 2.
    • When Sackboy activates his Level 2 or 3, occasionally Stephen Fry will have something to say.
    • He dresses up as Sofie the Sackgirl from LittleBigPlanet 2 using his Pre-Order Bonus outfit. He gets his Skeleton skin from the first LittleBigPlanet as his alternate costume.
  • Sir Daniel receives his Super Gold Armor from MediEvil 2 as a Pre-Order Bonus. His alternate outfit is the Dragon Costume from first MediEvil.
  • Sly Cooper's kill quote "You are stew-pid" is a reference to Jean Bison, a bad guy from Sly 2: Band of Thieves.
    • His level 2 super is a homage to the final boss battle of the very first Sly game.
    • His Pre-Order Bonus costume dresses Sly in the Archer costume earned in the Medieval England period seen in Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. His alternate outfit is another costume from Thieves in Time, the Arabian Disguise. His additional DLC costume is his Jailbird costume, also from Thieves in Time.
  • Spike's Level 3 Super is originally used in the final battle of Ape Escape: Million Monkeys and amusingly requires 3 meters of energy to use.
    • His Pre-Order Bonus costume is his battle-gear from the Japanese-exclusive Million Monkeys. His unlockable alternate outfit is a "Classic Throwback Suit", combining his shirt from the original Ape Escape, his black undershirt from Pumped & Primed, his pants from the first season of the anime and his goggles from Million Monkeys.
  • Sweet Tooth's kill-quote "That's it, boys and girls!" can be considered a reference to the way he refers to the audience during his narration of Twisted Metal: Black and Twisted Metal (2012).
  • Toro's three different "stances" are based around Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Tekken, Virtua Fighter and The King of Fighters.
    • His Torobi Stance has Scorpion's chain, Sub Zero's Ice Slide, Lui Kang's Bicycle Kick and Noob Sailbot's teleport.
    • His Oni Toro form has a Mochi based Hadouken and Oniyaki
    • His Pre-Order Bonus costume has him a waiter outfit, which he uses while working in his owner's sushi shop.
  • Zeus's Down+Circle summons a lightning bolt from the top of the screen down to him, hitting all above him. Looks like even the mightiest gods take lessons from the smallest mice.
    • His lines are either loosely or directly taken from quotes said throughout God of War, such as "You have started a war you cannot possibly win" and "Your torment is just beginning."
    • His unlockable outfit is his armor from GoW: Ascension. His DLC outfit is Young Zeus as seen in God of War II.
    • One of Zeus's taunts has him float in the air while doing an Evil Laugh. Ganondorf has a very similar looking taunt in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
  • Polygon Man's introductory quotes are taken from the written advertisements he was featured in. He also says You Are Not Ready, which was a slogan used for the original PlayStation.

Other Shout Outs:

  • The Power Meter from Hot Shots Golf shows up when the golfers are about to take their swing in the Sandover Village/19th Hole stage, also serving to warn the players to dodge the oncoming hail of golf balls.
    • If a player can score 3 kills inside a single Super, colorful block-letters reading "Nice Shot" will flash across the screen.
  • "Fever" appears on the top right corner of the Hades stage when the Patapon are getting ready to throw their spears on the stage.
  • The level editing content thermometer from LittleBigPlanet shows up in the Dreamscape/Buzz stage.
  • During the second half of the Dojo stage, Chop Chop Master Onion will knock down all the walls and re-appear later over-looking the stage from the background as a giant. In PaRappa the Rapper, he'd only do this if the player scored enough Cool ratings.
    • Looking at PaRappa Town after Chop Chop Master Onion knocks down his walls reveals various locales from the first game.
  • The opening of the San Francisco stage has Mission Control communicating to Echo Team (aka, the elite Sentinel team led by Nathan Hale) with the HUD looking like it was ripped straight out of Resistance. The user-interface displays the M5A2 Folsom Carbine with 30 rounds and two launching-grenades loaded.
  • The gravity in Time Station will decrease whenever Specter uses the time machine, just like in Ape Escape.
    • Specter's dialogue is heavily reminiscent of things he's said throughout the series.
    "I'll prove to you just how great my powers are!" (said in Ape Escape)
    "Hello human friends how are you[...] Sorry, but you just don't stand a chance[...] This should be a lot of fun." (all said in Ape Escape 2)
    "Now I'll prove to you how my magnificent power can bring you down!" (said in On the Loose)
  • The Gargoyle in The Graveyard says this to Drake:
    "You might want to think twice about your plans, master thief, these tombs have already been raided plenty enough thank you."
  • In Stowaways, a blimp owned by the Vox Populi is in battle with Songbird, reminiscent of Infinite's final battle.
  • In the Paris stage, once the Negativitron attacks, the background is replaced with an arcade machine showing space scenery, which is a reference to the final boss fight of LittleBigPlanet 2, which also had such an arcade machine in the background in its final phase.

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