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Playstation All Stars Battle Royale is a young game, but it has already drummed up quite a bit of awesome.

  • You WILL squee with delight when you see your favorite game overtake the level.
  • Almost all level 3 supers could qualify as a CMOA. The music for most of them helps a ton, especially when remixed from their source game. No matter which one it is, it will almost ALWAYS warrant serious Oh, Crap! reactions from everyone. Except the user.
  • The entirety of the attract trailer. It really show what the game is about by bringing the characters together for a fight. Highlights include:
    • Nathan Drake kicking Ratchet off a grind rail while ziplining.
    • Fat Princess' Sorcerer launching a fireball powerful enough to match a grenade from Evil Cole.
    • Sir Dan vs. Radec. After saving Fat Princess, Sir Dan is shot at by Radec, who ditches his sniper rifle, takes out his knife and cloaks himself. Sir Dan takes a moment to ready himself before catching Radec with his sword, followed by a brief blade clash before Radec overpowers him.
    • Sackboy using the Item Menu to drop a banana peel in the path of a seriously pissed-off Big Daddy, causing him to slip.
    • Seeing Kratos and Sweet Tooth clash blades - two of the Playstation brand's biggest faces face off for the first time. Somewhere, David Jaffe is wiping a tear from his smiling face.
    • The final recap of all the rivalries before...
    • The bit at the end. Although many had called it, Polygon Man is in the game, ladies and gentlemen.
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  • Getting Robot Chicken to make an ad for the game is pretty awesome.
  • PSASBR winning the people's choice award for IGN's Best Overall Fighting Game of 2012. You better believe SuperBot was happy.
  • There is something satisfying about clobbering the unstoppable Kratos using someone such as say, Fat Princess.
    • Hell, beating anybody on the roster with Nathan Drake, the game's resident Badass Normal, can count. For reference, some of the other characters in the game include extremely cartoony heroes (Ratchet and Clank, Fat Princess, Parappa), superpowered freaks of nature (Raiden, Big Daddy, Cole) and even gods (Kratos and Zeus.) Nathan's nothing but a regular human who just so happens to be firearm-proficient, knowledgeable in world history, decent in hand-to-hand combat and surviving events where everything around him is reduced to nothing. Runners-up would be Heihachi and Isaac Clarke, if not for the former's superhuman strength and the latter's futuristic arsenal.
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  • Dodging an opponent's Level 3 Super completely without getting killed at all. Bonus points if you do it online and the player with the Level 3 rages.
  • A lot of pre-battle quotes from the rival cutscenes are pretty cool, but Isaac's deserves special mention:
    Isaac: I know the dangers of men convinced they're gods. If I'm what stands between you and the rest of civilization, I'll put an end to this... now!
    • Bonus points for the fact he's saying this to FREAKING ZEUS.
    • And then in Zeus's cutscene, Zeus gets angry and throws a lightning bolt at him, Isaac just grabs it in midair with kinesis and doesn't even flinch.
  • Winning Fighting Game of the Year at the 2013 D.I.C.E. Summit's Interactive Achievement Awards, an award ceremony voted for by people working in the video game industry.
  • Some players upload awesome moments from this game. This video, despite having a 10 second long intro, is awesome once it gets to the synergistic part.
  • The Keep All Stars Alive campaign getting through to Sony Santa Monica and convincing them to make a new patch for the game.
  • Some of the rivalries deserve to be mentioned. We have:
    • Ratchet and Clank vs. Jak and Daxter. If you thought their crossover in PlayStation Move Heroes was disappointing, be disappointed no more.
    • Sackboy vs. Big Daddy. One's a cute little sack creature who hails from a colorful universe which can appear as anything the player wishes and wants to spread his fun and the spirit of creativity to others. The other is a freak of nature stuck in a gigantic scuba suit armed with a drill and several elemental powers, destined to forever guard a little (if somewhat scary) girl to the death. Despite the circumstances, it WORKS.
    • Cole McGrath vs. Raiden. Two heroes who uphold the values of justice, plus the whole Shock and Awe thing going for them.
    • Kratos vs. Sweet Tooth. As stated above, both are considered to be two of the characters one would associate readily with the Playstation brand. Seeing these two psychopathic and murderous badasses go toe-to-toe with each other would make David Jaffe proud.
    • Zeus vs. Isaac Clarke. Admit it, the rivalry sells itself on shock value alone, even moreso than the others.
  • A minor one, but in Raiden's reveal trailer, he's shown avoiding Sly's Level 3. What makes this awesome is that Raiden is the only character in the roster to be shown dodging a Level 3 in his own trailer.
  • Sometimes after KO'ing someone, Parappa will say this twist on his catchphrase:
  • It may take place in the background, but Chop Chop Master Onion destroying the MAWLR terrorizing his hometown on the Dojo stage deserves a mention.

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