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     Characters (First/Second Party) 
There will be an Ape Escape character, level, or cameo
  • After all, Ape Escape has so far been on all but the Play Station Vita and has never been on any non-Sony system as I can recall. Not to mention that it's popular and a part of the company's history because it made the dual stick a PlayStation standard! At the very least a cameo is in order.
  • Confirmed, Spike is playable, the Time Station is a stage, Specter is in the background helping other franchises invade, and the Invasion stage from Killzone gets mashed up with a few Ape Escape elements.

This one hypothesizes that a Dark Cloud or Dark Chronicle character(s) may also appear.
  • If so, it would either be Toan as a standalone character, or Maximillion and Monica as a "two-for-one" character, similar to SSB's Zelda/Sheik.
  • This isn't exactly an easy pick. Toan was the first protagonist and his game sold better, but he's also a Heroic Mime that mainly fights with his short sword. Max or Monica could make for an interesting move-set between either of them, if they weren't given an Ice Climbers set-up. Perhaps one could follow as an A.I partner while the player switches between who they control as a sort of Stance System?
    • Here's what I speculate to be a decent way for Max & Monica to work:
      • The two will switch between each other, a la Zelda/Sheik (Max to Monica, and vice-versa. This switch might be mapped to a neutral button input), but if one is K.O.ed, the other will take their place upon respawn, similarly to Pokemon Trainer's Pokemon. Story-wise, this could be done with the use of a device that looks suspiciously like their Atlamilia, if not the Atlamilia themselves (in which case, it would make them semi-composite characters).
      • Each one will have their own Level 1 Super, but both will share the Level 2 (Max pilots a modified Ridepod, with Monica riding shotgun) and the Level 3 (both board the Carpenterion, which tosses various Georama pieces at the stage).

A Team ICO Series character
  • Either Ico, Wander, or the protagonist of The Last Guardian
    • Jossed. Team ICO wouldn't let them add any of their characters.
      • ...Or did it? SuperBot said Team ICO is strict with how its characters are used. It didn't specifically deny Ico nor Wander's presence as DLC.

This game is actually the best-selling PSOne Classic since it was released on the PSN in May and is still going strong as of this writing (mid-August). When it was out for the PS1, it sold enough to become a Greatest Hits title, and according to VGChartz (take that with a grain of salt), it sold nearly 2 million.
  • Dart's moves could be combo-heavy yet yield a small amount of AP-gain, making him ground-based, like Heihachi. He could rely on items to round out his zoning game as well. His level 3 would be difficult to decide, given his being a dual-Dragoon Spirit host.

Gabriel Logan for DLC or playable in the sequel
  • His series has sold somewhere over 6 million copies and the first one holds a review score of 86.93% on Game Rankings, with the second one at 81.47% and Logan's Shadow at 84.16%. Basically, his games are hardly small potatoes and have honestly done better than most of the obscure choices people tend to come up with. As far as the 90's are concerned, Gabe is one of the biggest PlayStation All-Stars.

  • As she was heavily featured in Sony's early Playstation ads...

More 90's RPG heroes
  • The sad truth is that All-Stars has payed very little attention to the PS1 RPG golden age of the 90's. People tend to think of FF7, but Sony has its own stable of exclusive titles that helped turn it into a true gaming movement (besides the above-mentioned Dart).
    • Rudy Roughnight from Wild ARMs: When IGN described their reasons why he should be made playable, they said "The original game on its own is one of the best story-driven experiences PlayStation ever provided, and the game’s main character, Rudy Roughnight, would be an amazing character to include as DLC in PlayStation All-Stars."
    • Alundra's main lead of the same name.
    • Arc Eda Ricolne from Arc the Lad
    • Vahn from Legend of Legaia

The Uberhero from Patapon

Ellen from Folklore
Why not? She could be incredibly unique, like an advanced form of Fat Princess' summons. Basing an entire character on summons could make an interesting set-up. Here's a pretty fleshed-out move-set for her.

A representative for Resistance
This one's been getting guessed at for ages, and some are surprised such a character wasn't on the game from the start (with having so many icons and stage to itself).
  • Nathan Hale utilizing most of the series' crazy weaponry with his infected 11th-Hour Superpower at the end of Resistance 2 as a Level 3 Super.
  • A single Chimera grunt. Hard to say what he could do, as they're not too smart, tend to work in large groups and one of his best-known abilities is throwing the Hedgehog Grenade (already an item).
    • The Chimeran grunt is out of the question, now that he's a minion.
  • The Chimeran leader Daedalus, last boss of Resistance 2 and the closest thing they have to a Radec. He has quite a nice fighting build on the go.

A Level-5 character
They developed a strong series of exclusive titles for the Playstation, which Sony has full ownership of. The only major problem is SuperBot's insistence on working with/getting feedback from the original developer, which isn't easy with their being independent. It isn't currently known how Santa Monica Studio will be approaching DLC.
  • A Dark Cloud or Dark Chronicle character: See above.
  • Jeanne d'Arc: A natural pick for representing the PSP and getting more females on the roster.
  • Jaster Rogue: More RPG characters, more space characters, the game's first pirate and a late PS2-classic. Check, check, check and check.
  • Leonard: His Level 3 Super is already decided, and he has the advantage of being Level-5's latest Playstation exclusive.

Rau Utu from The Mark of Kri/Rise of the Kasai
His title was one a popular cult classic and his stylized appearance would be interesting when juxtaposed with his brutal violence. Baumusu's Axe is currently a usable item, so the developers acknowledge his game.

Jennifer Tate of Primal
The game is sorely lacking in female characters, and her elemental transformations could make a character possibly more complex than Toro or Emmett. Her presence also gives some representation to Studio Cambridge, which could help drive up European sales.

This game was a cult hit that would surely please a number of people. The game would bring an interesting visual style to the roster and possibly a great fighting build as well.

Admit it: you want to see a character who spends the entire match inside a kart.
  • Unfortunately, he'll have to wait for a sequel, due to him being a minion.

Robbit from Jumping Flash!
This was one of the PlayStation's earliest exclusives, and it could be fun to have a robot character on the roster. If nothing else, he could make an interesting assist item.

Joel from The Last of Us
He could be an interesting character to include, and Ellie could easily assist.

     Characters (Third Party) 
Third Party Characters
Because they HAVE been confirmed...
  • Street Fighter / Tekken characters
    • For the same reasons - Street Fighter X Tekken was a near launch title on Vita, and it featured several Playstation-exclusive characters such as Cole MacGrath and Toro.
      • Paul Phoenix was in the background of the Michael ad.
      • Confirmed. Heihachi is in, and Kuma assists him.

We will NOT get a Kingdom Hearts character
  • I hate to sound negative but, Disney has already stated that it doesn't want any of its characters in a fighting game back around when Dissidia was being made and as awesome as it would be to have Sora, Riku, or any of the other protagonists, they are all partially owned by Disney and thus probably won't appear.
    • Omar Kendall said in an interview in May 2012 that the team hasn't come across any major problems in getting the characters they want in the game (SO FAR), and that he thinks the IP holders they're asking all understand how important this game is to the fans. There is still hope.
    • I took Disney not wanting their characters in a fighting game to mean Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, etc. They might be fine with Kingdom Hearts original characters.
      • Mickey's incarnation from Epic Mickey seems like he could work in a zany fighting game - the mouse fights with paint and thinner, for heaven's sake - but Epic Mickey (the first game) was a Wii-exclusive. I don't know how well Epic Mickey 2 is doing on the PS3.
  • Ironic that Disney won't allow characters in a RPG to appear in what the Polygon Man calls a RPG (probably has something to do with characters from mature games being included). Still, there's a chance that Sora might appear in a sequel to promote Kingdom Hearts III, and his costumes would what he wore in Halloween Town and Space Paranoids.

Nippon Ichi Software
Like the above but to be honest I can't hope for much. But still Nippon Ichi Software seems to adore sony. Ever since the playstation 2 they've had a steady supply of over the top strategy Role Playing Games all for Sony only. And Barring about three remakes, they release solely on Sony consoles. And all in all, it'd just be fun to have a bratty half pint overlord, hot blooded big brother, a netherworld honor student, prinny instructor, prinny, personification of the company, or any of their other main or recurring characters. (or Asagi)
  • If NIS is in here, we'll probably only one of them, likely the Prinny. Etna would be the likely second choice.
  • Perhaps Noire or Uni would appear in this game, being personifications of the PS3 and PSP respectively?
  • Etna and Laharl have been noted for possible DLC.

  • Ezio Auditore (or Altair/Connor/Desmond, but Ezio is more iconic)
    • Apart from appearing in the "Michael" trailer, there are other clues. Ubisoft has been giving the PS3 free stuff for no reason in Brotherhood and Revelations (The Copernicus DLC and the entire first game respectively), so it seems they are making deals with Sony of some sort. Also, Ezio was in Soul Calibur V, so he can be done in a fighting game. This would actually counter the idea that all third-party characters are used for Product Placement, should Ezio and anything related to him stays exclusive to AC2, Brotherhood and Revelations.
  • Rayman.

  • Chell (Or the co-op bots, or some other Valve characters)
    • Once again, Chell appeared in the "Michael" trailer, if only briefly. Also, since E3 2010 and Gabe Newell's Heel Face Turn to PS3, Steam has been on the PS3 through Portal 2 and Counter Strike: Global Offensive. I can't see why he (Gabe Newell) would disagree to this.

Warner Bros. Interactive
  • Mortal Kombat character
    • Along with the game being a near-launch title for the Vita, Kratos was in Mortal Kombat 9.
      • Supposedly Ed Boon posted a now-deleted tweet hinting at Scorpion being on the game, though some think he may have been trolling.
  • Juliet Starling.

  • Crypto
  • Maybe Death or War.
    • Unfortunately, the entire company might be going under or will be bought out by someone else. In which case this WMG will have to be moved.
      • With THQ having fallen apart and their franchises being sold, the studio that make Darksiders is being shut down entirely, making Darksiders characters unlikely unless Sony buys the IP off of the corpse of the studio.
      • There's still hope. Plus, PlatinumGames seems to have showed interest in saving Darksiders, so it's still somewhat likely.

Square Enix / Eidos
  • Anyone think Kain or Raziel might make it into the ranks? Soul Reaver was a pretty popular title for the PS1, and Blood Omen was released fairly early on.
  • Lighting, since she also appeared in the "Michael" trailer. Though given all the bad press FFXIII got, it's more likely they'll pick Cloud instead.
    • Unless she's added for promotional reasons.
      • Considering the game included the hated Reboot!Dante over the original incarnation for that exact reason, it's more than likely. Plus Heihachi promoting Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Isaac promoting Dead Space 3, Big Daddy for BioShock Infinite and Raiden for Metal Gear Rising...
  • Cloud. Paul Gale mentioned that he was up for consideration at one point.
  • Most people are guessing Cloud (Because he is arguably the most famous protagonist in Final Fantasy.) or Lightning (because of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII and because she is the most recent protagonist), but how about Tidus? Final Fantasy X is getting an HD remake for the PS3and the PSV.
  • Square Enix may pull off more than one representative for Final Fantasy, considering how different titles are synonymus to a certain Playstation: VII and VIII from the PS1, X from the PS2 and XIII for the PS3.

  • Spyro the Dragon will be in this game, and not just one Spyro, but all three spyros: the classic one, the legends one, and the Skylanders one. And you can have them team up if there's a story mode.
    • It'd be a whole lot cooler if Spyro merely merged his appearances and skillsets from each game.
      • YMMV on that; SuperBot is actually aware that most fans of the classic trilogy hate the later Spyro incarnations.
    • If Spyro ever makes it into the game (and, at this point, he'll have to be DLC alongside his rival), his rival most likely will be Crash Bandicoot. Makes sense, doesn't it?
  • I'm surprised that no one has predicted Crash Bandicoot yet, he was practically the mascot for the PlayStation 1!
    • As mentioned on the Trivia page, SuperBot has been fighting tooth and nail to get Crash in the game, it's very likely we'll see him announced in the next set of DLC characters.
      • Adding more to the WMG side of this, if Crash makes it in, perhaps he'll be joined by Aku Aku. His general tone would make him a great method of compensating for Crash's lack of speech. Besides, you know you want his Level 3 Super to be him putting on the Aku Aku mask and becoming invincible.
  • Ghost from the Modern Warfare series. While the addition of a Call of Duty character would no doubt piss a lot of people off (consider that we have Radec to represent a regular FPS), note how the recent third party characters have all promoted an upcoming installment of their series and since a new game supposedly focusing on Ghost is to be announced soon, this would be expected. However, this isn't a wholly bad thing; Ghost is one of the most respected characters from COD, and take into consideration how certain COD multiplayer elements can be incorporated into his movelist, like kill-streaks.

  • Adding in Selvaria Bles. Valkyria Chronicles is a cult hit that Needs More Love, so adding in a representative would show the series and Sega as a whole some Playstation love. All three games so far have been on Sony platforms, and Selvaria in particular would add more variety to the cast in terms of gender ratio, villains, AND art style.
  • How about Kazuma Kiryu? His entire franchise has been a Playstation exclusive and it's apparently one of Sega's better-selling franchises despite that exclusivity.
  • Um, Sonic the Hedgehog? He is one of the most iconic characters in gaming.
  • Perhaps Bayonetta or Jack Cayman?
    • True, Bayonetta's next game would be a Wii U exclusive, but if she does get picked, it could be in a similar vein to Solid Snake's involvement with Super Smash Bros. Brawl (i.e., being a third party character whose upcoming game would be released on a competitor's console). Could provide quite a bit of... teasing.
  • In light of Sega's recent purchase of Atlus (due to the financial issues with their parent company), all Atlus characters can now be counted here instead.
  • Yu Narukami
  • Technically Demon's Souls was published in N.A by Atlus, meaning that while Sony owns the game, SuperBot still has their permission to use a Demon's Souls character.

Take-Two Interactive (despite Big Daddy)
  • A character from Borderlands, like one of the original Vault Hunters. Brick seems like a good pick, considering his Square moves would be his melee (in other words, hand-to-hand). His rival? Maybe the Stranger, from Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath.
  • Carl "CJ" Johnson, as if the Grand Theft Auto games are one of the best selling Third-Party titles for PlayStation, then it would be inevitable for him to show up in the Game or in the Sequel.
  • Songbird has become increasingly popular as the Big Daddy's, and Columbia is present as a stage its only proper that they include him in the game.

Namco Bandai (despite Heihachi)
  • Maybe someone from the Soul Series or .hack.
  • Even though Seth Killian said that a moveset for him was to hard to think of, The King of All Cosmos. It would be pretty cool, and the game needs at least some kind of a rep.
  • Rick Taylor from [[Splatterhouse]]. His voice would dominantly be Jim Cummings as the Terror Mask, and his Level 3 Super would turn him into Berserker Rick. Alternate costume would make him into Classic Rick.
  • What about Pac-Man, the mascot for Namco?
  • Perhaps, they can have some Digimon characters into the roster, since the franchise have lots of games for multiple generations of PlayStations.
    • Guilmon, if they didn't want to put Agumon in. He's one Godzilla ripoff that would put anyone to shame.
    • What about Agunimon?
    • Or Shoutmon. He can turn into a giant robot too!

Konami (despite Raiden)

Electronic Arts

Bethesda Softworks

Tecmo Koei
  • How about Ryu Hayabusa?
  • Alternatively, ANY character from the Monster Rancher series; Monster Rancher is a cult classic among PS1 gamers, and it had some revolutionary technology at release that took advantage of the PS1s hardware capabilities, which already gives them ties to Sony. Not to mention Monster Rancher has been mostly forgotten and a character would open the door for a PS4 reboot.

Arc System Works

Capcom (despite "Dante")
  • Leon S. Kennedy needs to finally be the RE representative in a cross-over, and RE4 was no small potatoes: its sales on the PS2 were surpassed only by the first Devil May Cry within Capcom's library (not to mention all the awards it won). Meanwhile RE2 was the best-selling Capcom property back in the PS1 days. To say that Leon hasn't done a lot for the Playstation is insane.
    • Failing that, perhaps Nemesis could add a satisfactory gameplay experience to the game.
  • Amaterasu. Ōkami is a massive Cult Classic game, that originated on the PS2 I believe. While most people are surely more familiar with the Wii port of the game, it was re-released as an HD exclusive to the PS3.
  • Akuma.

  • A combination of Sly Cooper and Destroy All Humans!
    • To elaborate, the stage starts out on the rooftops of Paris. After picking up a Brain Cortex item, Crypto's UFO comes down and shoots the Quantum Deconstructor at the Eiffel Tower. Then the saucer flies to the arena and periodically begins firing a Death Ray at the players.
      • They have a stage of Sly Cooper's Paris, but instead of Destroy All Humans, it's invaded by the Negativatron from LittleBigPlanet 2.
  • A combination of Fat Princess and Twisted Metal
    • To elaborate, the stage starts out as the Kingdom of Titania with both kingdoms at war, which can harm players. Eventually, some Twisted Metal vehicles bust through the walls of one of the towers in the background and begin running down villagers (and possibly players!)
  • A combination of Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon.
    • To elaborate, the stage starts out on the Island with both Crash's house and Cortex's Ice Lab in the background. Eventually the Psychotron appears and opens a portal. Suddenly, Ripto, Crush, and Gulp emerge from the portal and periodically wreak havoc on the stage.
    • Also, it would would be a neat Mythology Gag to two certain games.
  • A combination of ModNation Racers and Wipeout or Motor Storm
    • Could I add one? How about Motor Storm: Apocalypse meets Flower. Fake San Francisco is crumbling with random explosions covering the battlefield, whole buildings crashing on the players and violently-driving vehicles occasionally passing. Once the stage has reached past the point of total destruction, the wind and pedals fly in and calm the stage to become a flat, peaceful, grassy plain.
  • The train from Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, just going through the jungle and snowy mountains, enters a tunnel... and is stopped at Empire City/New Marais from inFAMOUS, and gang members appear in the foreground and background and try to shoot you.
  • A stage in Paris with the Eiffel Tower in the background. It starts with Carmelita from the Sly Cooper games chasing the Sly gang's van around the area. After a while, the Eiffel Tower blows up like in Twisted Metal 2 and then various Twisted Metal vehicles could start driving around, along with the Sly gang's van in the action.
    • Again, they already have a Sly Cooper's Paris stage.
  • A stage combining Crash Bandicoot and Kingdom Hearts The stage opens with the characters fighting on N Sanity Beach. Crash's house can be seen in the background, with Crunch and Polar watching in the garden. As the battle goes on, Cortex and N.Gin appear in a mech and start firing lasers at the fighters, which causes the Heartless to appear. This results in the stage resembling the destruction of Destiny Islands in the original Kingdom Hearts.
  • The City from Motor Storm: Apocalypse. The city will instead be populated by classic Twisted Metal characters instead.
    • No no, the stage has to be invaded by another series, not a mashup from the start of the match.
  • Iram of the Pillars from Uncharted 3. The city would at first be shiny and well-constructed. Over time, several Precursor artifacts from Jak 3 come alive and start destroying the city. The Djinn will appear in the background as a stage hazard.
  • A Killzone/Resistance crossover stage. The fight will take place in Scholar Visari's palace from Killzone 2 (Radec's boss fight stage), all fixed up. Suddenly, the Chimera attack and a three-way fight between them, the Helghast and the ISA will take place. Eventually, Visari's place will get destroyed, changing the layout. Players will also need to watch out for incoming fire from all three factions.
  • Perhaps a stage based on the opening cutscene of Final Fantasy VII crossing over with the train-top segment of Dark Cloud 2 (Dark Chronicle)?
    • To elaborate: The stage starts off simply enough as a train-top battle atop the train seen in the opening cutscene of Final Fantasy VII, as it is traveling through Sector 1 of Midgar. About midway through the match, Flotsam from Dark Cloud 2 pulls a possible Jump Scare by popping up from the bottom of the screen (like he did in that game's prologue) before driving alongside the train and opening fire with a turret, serving as the stage's hazard. Near the end, Cid Highwind and Cedric work together to defeat Flotsam by throwing dynamite and bombs at Flotsam's car.
  • The absolute best idea for a crossover stage I heard was Oddworld combined with BioShock. Rupture Farms + Rapture = Rapture Farms! And for anybody who doesn't think that's a good idea, just read the following sentence: Sligs with Plasmids. Mudokons being chased by Big Daddies in the background while the Little Sister cracks "we're gonna have Mudokon Pops for tea, Mr Bubbles!". Slog kennels across the bottom of the screen that periodically eject their inhabitants to attack the battlers. And just for fun, maybe have Andrew Ryan taunt the players while wearing a Glukkon suit. "KILL 'EM! ... Would you kindly?"
    • Interesting idea, but the stage needs to be invaded by another series. Still, you have given me an idea of which series would invade a Rapture stage... Perhaps the Glukkons would have their own submarines and start smashing through the glass that allows a view of the sea?
  • One thing I'd like to see is Cocoon or Academia (Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2, respectively) invaded by Portal, with the players being forced to perform "tests" for GLaDOS (most of which involve causing Wheatly as much pain as possible) or else be turned into Cie'th incapable of attacking. And in the background, Saxton Hale, Gordon Freeman, and P-Body would be fighting an Adamantoise.
  • Silly as it may be, how about Gran Turismo versus Motor Storm?
  • A stage based on an area from Borderlands. Hazards would initially be bandits and skags. Some time into the match, a magic portal opens, and baddies from Rayman Legends come pouring out, fighting the bandits and skags.
  • A stage based off of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance and Dm C Devil May Cry
    • It starts off in the city from the MGR demo. There are cyborg PMCs and Gekkos stomping about. The Gekkos are one stage hazard. Blade Wolf appears at one point occasionally throwing the HF knives at the players and using his chainsaw tail. The mash up starts when the city begins to distort itself into Limbo, causing drastic changes to the battle ground. Demons rise from the ground. There is now a large pit in the ground similar to Invasion's flight section. The Gekkos and the Blade Wolf are now battling the demons with the players occasionally getting hit.
  • Another fun little mash-up would start with the Junes Store from Persona 4, which then gets taken over by Silent Hill.
    • The intro starts off like a television flicking through the channels, showing brief glimpses of some of other video games (even, for example, the Golden Playhouse Channel from Catherine) before settling on a Junes "commercial", where the characters are fighting in front of the electronics department—more specifically, in front of the wall of flat-screen televisions that the Investigation Team goes into to get into the dungeons. Teddie, in his "mascot" costume, will periodically wander around absentmindedly. Before the second phase, some members of the Investigation Team enter the television (most likely while the fight is causing a distraction), before a siren starts blaring and the wall of televisions start flickering images from the Silent Hill game. Cue the store making the blood-and-rust transition, as now the creatures of Silent Hill come in through the other televisions. These monsters become partly responsible for the stage's hazard: Teddie, the poor thing, starts getting chased by the creatures of Silent Hill, and any character unfortunate enough to be in the way of the chase will be knocked aside, losing some of their AP in the process (a warning sign will bleep on-screen before the Teddie-chasing mob enters from either the left or the right).
    • How about, instead of just Silent Hill, the TVs in the background bring up hazards from other games (ala Time Station)? The major crossover would be with Dm C Devil May Cry, as Raptor News Network hijacks the Midnight Channel and calls in occasional laser attacks, similar to Bob Barbas' boss battle.
  • A crossover between Journey and Starhawk.
    • It will begin in the empty barren desert that most of Journey takes place in with the mountain in the background. It is a mostly empty stage with nothing but dust and rocks. As the stage progresses a sand storm kicks up and a bright flash appears in the sky. A large amount of pods fall from the sky, releasing outcasts and rifters, a few of the background characters are driving gear like the Ox Tank, the Grizzly and the Vulture Packs. The shots between the two factions occasionally hit the player, such as a large explosion.
  • A crossover between the DMC reboot and Motor Storm. The stage would be that of the city from Motorstorm Apocalypse, which involves racers running in the stage as hazards. After some time, the environement morphs into Limbo, modifying the stage's layout entirely. Just like the Graveyard stage, the mash-up does not need to be a one-time thing; Limbo will kick in at random intervals, and the modifications will be different for each interval. Plus, Noisia was responsible for the soundtracks for both games. What would stop Sony from bringing him in?

The final stage will be a mashup of the system menus of all the Playstations
It'll be a representation of the breakdown of the universe everyone's fighting in, reverting back to its base state. It'll start looking like the Playstation 3 menu and fluctuate between that and the PS2 and PS1 menus.
  • That would be awesome! It would start with the original playstation logo, then load to a playstation underground demo disk, then a PS2 menu, someone presses "browser" and checks their memory card, then to a PS3 menu where you have to jump to each icon until they all fade and the last survivor fights the final boss on the "games" icon.
    • And, in keeping with the "invaded" theme: Playstation Home invaded by... wait for it... Katamari Damacy. Yup, just when you think everything's normal, here comes the Prince of All Cosmos to roll everything up...
  • Somewhat confirmed. In Heihachi and Toro's rival video, they are seen in some Final Destination-esque realm which may end up being the system menus of the Playstation dynasty.

    Future Minions 
  • From Ape Escape
    • Natalie / Natsumi
    • Jake / Buzz / Hiroki
    • Charu / Casi
    • Jimmy / Hikaru
    • Helga / Haruka
    • Kei or Yumi
    • A member of the Freaky Monkey Five
    • Any of the other Pipo monkeys
    • A Pipotron
    • Aki
    • Pipotchi
  • From Fat Princess
    • The Ranger or Bluderbuss Ranger
    • The Priest or Dark Priest
    • The King
    • The Warrior or Spear Warrior
    • The Mage or Ice Mage
    • The Giant
  • From God of War
    • Hera
    • Deimos
    • Pandora
    • Hermes
    • Helios
    • Aphrodite (censored to hell of course)
    • Ares
    • Hephaestus
    • Hercules
    • A Minotaur
    • Medusa
    • Gaia
    • The Last Spartan
    • The Ship Captain
  • From Gravity Rush
    • Cyanea
    • Gade
    • Nushi
    • Fortune Teller Aki
    • Echo or Newt
  • From Heavenly Sword
    • King Bohan
    • Whiptail
    • Shen
    • Roach
    • Flying Fox
  • From InFAMOUS
    • Sasha
    • John White
    • Rosco
    • Moya
  • From Jak and Daxter
    • Samos
    • Gol or Maia
    • Sig
    • Pecker
    • Baron Praxis
    • Human Daxter
    • King Damas
    • Captain Phoenix
    • Tess (human or Ottsel)
  • From Killzone
    • Jan Templar
    • Tomas "Sev" Sevchenko
    • Gregor Hakha
    • Marshal Luger
    • Jammer
    • Shawn Natko
    • Dante Garza
    • Kowalski
  • From LittleBigPlanet
    • One of the many downloadable costumes, 1st-party of course
    • The King
    • Larry da Vinci
    • Avalon
    • Eve
    • Dr. Herbert Higginbotham
    • Victoria Von Bathysphere
    • Clive Handforth
    • A Meanie
  • From MediEvil
    • Lord Kardock
    • Professor Hamilton Kift
    • King Peregrine
    • Winston Chaplemont
  • From Parappa The Rapper
    • Katy Kat
    • Prince Fleaswallow
    • MC King Kong Mushi
    • Joe Chin
    • Sunny Funny
    • Chop Chop Master Onion
    • Lammy
    • Guru Ant
  • From Ratchet & Clank
    • Talwyn Apogee
    • Courtney Gears
    • The Plumber
    • Angela Cross
    • Big Al
    • Captain Slag
    • Rusty Pete
    • Cronk
    • Zephyr
    • Lawrence
    • Chairman Drek
    • Emperor Tachyon
    • Gleeman Vox
    • Ace Hardlight
  • From Sly Cooper
    • Bentley
    • The Panda King
    • Dimitri
    • Cyrille Le Paradox
    • Any of Sly's ancestors
    • The Guru
    • Neyla
  • From Starhawk
    • An Outcast
    • Sheriff Tracey Howell
  • From Together Everywhere
    • Jun Mihara
    • Ricky
    • R. Suzuki
  • From Twisted Metal
    • Jamie Roberts
    • Minion
    • Axel (miniaturized on a massive scale)
    • Calypso
    • Sophie Kane
    • No-Face
    • Crazy Harold the Wacky Lunch Sack
  • From Uncharted
    • Eddy Raja
    • Harry Flynn
    • Tenzin
    • Rika Raja
    • Charlie Cutter
    • Zoran Lazarević
    • Lieutenant Draza
    • Katherine Marlowe
    • Talbot
    • Salim


The main antagonist is the Playstation X who is secretly Kevin Butler

In the future, the Playstation X is the ultimate game console. So ultimate in fact, it considers all previous Playstations inferior and is trying to wipe them out one by one. The PS3, PS2, and PS1, have banded together to hold a tournament and select the top champions to take down the PSX and save gaming!

At the end someone (Preferably Sackboy) will pull back a curtain and see Kevin Butler sitting there operating the whole thing. Kevin was trying to bring out the full potential of the various series by bringing them together, and showing them how together they can overcome any obstacle. And then Kevin Butler sucker punches someone (Preferably Cole or Sly) and he is the true final boss, and he fights with shape shifting Move controllers and Coca-Cola.

  • Don't forget the PSP. They'll need all the help they can get (Jeanne d'Arc for instance).

The main antagonist is Polygon Man
He was supposed to be the original Playstation's mascot. However, he was cast aside, and all these years of being ignored has made him bitter and resentful, and now he's decided that it's finally time to take the spot that would have been his. Besides, this saves the trouble of Sony creating a new boss. For all we know, Polygon Man (there might be a name change because Polygon Man seems to be a weird name for a Final Boss) is actually the creator of the entire Sony universe, ala Master Hand. However, this seems to be unwise, as more detractors would create more comparisons to Smash Bros.
The crossover occurs thanks to a merging of universes
Let's assume each of the Playstation games take place in their own worlds. Now, someone or something is causing the universes to merge. This is evidenced by the merged stages. The distortion seems to be affecting the timeline of each series. For example, notice how Hades and the Hydra (from the Hades and Metropolis stages) are still alive, even after Kratos supposedly kills them. This also causes the characters to become Composite Characters as well:
  • Sweet Tooth's appearance and backstory hails from the 2012 reboot, but elements of his appearance as well as the Sweet Bot are take from the original series.
    • It wouldn't be much of a stretch to assume that, if Calypso isn't the Big Bad, that he'd hire Needles to kill the man behind the merging.
  • Kratos' design is from God of War III and uses two weapons (Blades of Exile and Nemean Cestus) from said game. However, he has the Arms of Sparta set, which he discards after the death of Deimos.
  • Radec is taken directly from Killzone 2, albeit altered with some flair from Killzone 3. He also uses the Petrusite Cannon and Jetpack from Killzone 3, which is impossible as he died before 3's release.
  • Sly Cooper uses his much older design from his upcoming game, but will reuse weapons and gadgets from previous games.
  • Nathan Drake's design is from Uncharted 2, but some of his weapons hail from Uncharted 3 and his level 3 super brings back the El Dorado coffins to transform Nate's enemies into Descendants.
Character Endings
  • I'm guessing PaRappa will get a Dance Party Ending after clearing arcade mode.
  • Drake will likely receive a The Adventure Continues ending.
    • Confirmed. He uses his discovery of All-Star power to power the plane him and Sully flew in on to head off to his next adventure.
  • Needles Kane will probably decide to use the killing of the big bad as a means of getting a wish from Calypso.
  • Perhaps Kratos will make the final boss erase his past sins and revive his family.
Rift Gates from Jak and Daxter will play a role in the story
  • Like in the opening of Jak II, Samos and Keira (minus the main duo) get sucked into a Rift Gate in Sandover Village. Shortly afterwards a bunch of Hot Shots Golfers flood out of the thing. If you look at the sides of the Metropolis stage, you can see a massive ring around the area, at least big enough to fit a Hydra. This could explain why the worlds of Playstation are crossing over and invading each other.
Final Boss possibilities
  • A Captain Ersatz or Lawyer-Friendly Cameo of Kinect.
    • Think about it! Everyone's heard the jokes about Kinect being sentient and plotting our downfall, so we could have it actually plotting the downfall of PlayStation FIRST! It would be a Back Ground Boss, and it would attack with lasers. First it would use weak, green lasers [and it's "eye" would be green], but after being damaged enough, it's super would be activated: it would have a vertical, all consuming laser(that would look like a scanner) from above that could only be survived by hiding under a certain platform. It's "eye" and the lasers it fires would turn red. The lasers would do double damage, but you would gain twice as much AP from attacking it's weak point(the "eye"). You could only defeat it by using a special level FOUR super: each character would have his or her or its own, and it would be exclusive to this fight. For example, Kratos would climb Kinexpy(as I'll refer to it from now on) and stab out it's "eye. Or Nathan Drake killing it with a rocket launcher. Probably not going to happen, but it would be very cool.
      • But what about the PlayStation Move?
  • The original PS1
    • The PS1, driven mad by being ignored in favor of the newer PS2 and 3, sets out to use there technology to improve itself. It would attack with a classic PS1 controller, complete with absent analog stick, from just trying to whack you with it, to arcane spells performed by a special series of button presses. It's weak point would be the wire connecting it to the logo. After it's health bar has seemingly been depleted, it would grab a PS2 in desperation, and you would be transported to the browser from said console. This time, it would attack with the weird light thing that would just wander about until the disc was read if you had no memory card in. You would need to break the memory card icon, spilling out all the contents. Then, you smash it all to nothing. The seemingly defeated PS1 would, in a last ditch attempt, assume control of the PS3. Here, it would attack with the options each category offers by throwing them at you. You could freely move about, and you would need to destroy every icon, except games, which PS1 would naturally prioritize and protect with a force field. Once everything else has been destroyed, the games icon becomes a magnet for the player, who is immobilized by it. The force field disappears, and all that's left is to press X or start to begin a game called "Project Oppression", which would both reveal that PS1's plot is for far more than recognition and be a nice Shout-Out to Nintendo's "Project Revolution". In it, you would finally fight the PS1 in a fair fight: it would be seen as the PS1 logo. When it runs out of health, it would explode as a final act of spite towards all things modern, destroying the PS3. All the characters of the game(minus the character used to complete whatever mode they would use), now at peace with one another, would stand in what is now a completely empty void. The chosen rival of your chosen character would ask what would happen now that all of PlayStation is gone. Cue your chosen character riding in triumphantly on a complicated looking piece of machinery. It would then describe what your character did with this immense power(Kratos could use it to revive his family, and Nathan Drake could choose to become the greatest treasure hunter in the world) and at the end of every ending, it would show an image of your chosen character standing in front of vague, unreadable letters triumphantly as some epic voice says "And so, [name of chosen character] decided that [chosen action of player character] was a suitable use, for the INFINITE POWER. Of the. PLAY. STATION. FOOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRR!!!!!!!! As the letters clear up to be readable that is says, well, PS4. That's right. This game will turn out to be an Advergame for the PS4. And it would be a GLORIOUS way to reveal it, too!
  • The Bonus Boss: PEPSIMAAAAN!
    • To get to this boss, first, unlock EVERYTHING ELSE. Everything from Characters and Stages to Trophies and Stickers(or whatever this game's useless equivalent will/may be). Then you would need to beat arcade mode on the hardest difficulty with every character THRICE. Without losing, no wait, without getting hit once! Then, you would lose everything you've unlocked: you have to unlock it all again. Then, go into arcade mode IMMEDIATELY. If you even go to another MENU after doing this, your effort will be wasted, and you will need to start again from step 2. If you go into the arcade mode first thing after doing this, however, you will be given an extra difficulty: Secret. This difficulty would epitomize The Computer Is a Cheating Bastard, you would have to fight the characters of the game FOUR at a time, but only one would count as the one you're actually fighting, so they repeat. Every attack an opponent lands would be considered a super, and would instantly KO you. And you only get one stock. On top of that, lose in this mode EVEN ONCE, and you MUST repeat EVERYTHING again from step 2. To continue your quest to confront Pepsiman, you would need to win arcade mode on Secret difficulty with every character. Then, after defeating the final boss (who would be multiplied so that there's four of him/her/it and each has four times as much health and attack damage, not that that matters because you are a One-Hit Point Wonder) in the middle of your victory cinematic, Pepsiman would punch you RIGHT THROUGH THE BACKGROUND of not only your current cinematic, but every single background in the game, complete with humorous reactions from the various people residing in the background (such as Hades being distracted by the flying you and being quickly overwhelmed by Patapon's) Pepsiman would make a dramatic appearance, complete with his iconic theme song. Then, the fight would commence. And by fight, we mean Pepsiman kicking you all sorts of sideways because he's TWICE AS HARD as the Fighting Game Hell you were just put through. However, this time, there's a special menu option that says PEPSIMAN CHALLENGE on the main menu, should you fail. Also, until you defeat him, Pepsiman takes over the game to a degree that can be changed in the options settings (to either Pepsiman's chagrin or his approval, depending if you set it lower or higher, respectively. He'll also dramatically disappear if you set his influence low enough.) Set at maximum, you see Pepsi everywhere, from stages to changes in character's themselves (Kratos would get a nice Pepsi Logo Ink). If you actually defeat Pepsiman (who uses Pepsi, the Pepsi logo, and Pepsi cans from giant to bullet sized to attack you, naturally) he becomes a playable character! His level one super will be him summoning a Pepsi machine to drop on some poor, randomly selected sod that isn't an instant kill- rather, while you can't escape(showing the poor sod in the machine itself, Roadrunner style) when this special lands on you without being attacked by someone else, causing a Pepsi explosion which kills you instantly(but the point still goes to Pepsiman, no matter who finished him off). With good foresight or reflexes, it can be dodged pretty easily though. His level two special has him flood the screen with Pepsi, up to the top of the screen to an entirely new looking stage. Pepsi cans serve as the platforms that are the only things that can save the opponent: however, there's only one, and Pepsiman can destroy it, bringing in an instant replacement in a random location. The Pepsi can is destroyed with the PEPSIBEAM, a beam that looks like the Pepsi logo, automatically, whenever a button is pressed. While this could encourage Button Mashing a little too much, it would be much more beneficial to destroy the can just as a player is about to land on it. The PEPSIBEAM would have a delay, making the technique of performing this twice in a row to squander the double jump of the character and instantly get kill points, would be Difficult, but Awesome. Touching the Pepsi does not kill you, but being submerged (read:falling of the screen) is what does it. The level three super would be simply PEPSIMAAAAAAAAN! That is all. Okay, not really. The camera would dramatically zoom in on the soda super hero as he poses heroically. The other characters will be frozen in awe of the sheer AWESOMENESS of Pepsiman in his current form, his ultimate form. We'll see a closeup of each character either in adulation or fear of this ultimate hero. The background will turn into a Pepsi flag flowing in the wind, and the music will switch to, well, if you don't know, you're an idiot. The other characters will be frozen until you kill all of them, and won't respawn until the mode is over: which, incidentally doesn't happen until Pepsiman has killed all of the others. This gives Pepsiman time to gloat, and, to make things all the more humiliating, he'll have a special move which has him drink Pepsi, filling his AP meter(a given considering the character). If you use the level one super on the now unable to dodge opponent, the mode ends, but now takes place in a Pepsi machine. Incidentally, this means Pepsiman not only charges AP automatically at a ridiculous rate by merely being in the beautiful monument to all things Pepsi, but he always has at least one bar filled. That means it's PEPSI MACHINE HAPPY SPAM TIME!

      Pepsiman also would be banned at all tournaments EXCEPT ONE. It would be called the Pepsiman tournament. It would have nothing but Pepsiman (and only the Pepsi machine stage would be used: Pepsi Machine Happy Spam ANARCHY TIME). AND. IT. WOULD. BE. GLORIOUS!
  • Sepiroth. FFVII was one of those games that put the PS1 on the map. I would be hard to imagine a tribute to the Playstation without a final fantasy character of some sort.
  • True Final Boss: Gran Turismo protagonist. He is a Badass Driver and his identity hasn't been revealed yet. He can ride bikes like a badass, why not fighting? Well, his moveset will be a Mirror Boss variation of your character, but at stronger difficulty. Well, he is a human, and he could be The Stig, so why not? Because you are the Gran Turismo protagonist.

All of the characters are Conduits
In the Alden's Tower stage, once you reach the top you can stand by the Ray Sphere to make it grow and drop AP. In the inFAMOUS series, the Ray Sphere either gives inactive Conduits powers, or amplifies their existing powers to make them stronger. The fact that all of the characters can gain AP from this, which makes them more powerful, means that they are all Conduits.
  • Maybe that's why inFAMOUS has more than one rep, because they are all Infamous reps.
    • Mabe all of them have the Conduit gene and it only awakened when the whole crossover thing occurred. Either that, or it's BECAUSE of Ray Field radiation that they're able to do all that cool stuff (i.e. Ratchet uses pocket dimensions to store his weapons)
      • In Good Cole's Arcade Mode, he wonders whether or not the people he fought were conduits or not.

Polygon Man, Master Hand and Crazy Hand are part of the same entity
They were the result of Nintendo's negotiations with Sony back in the SNES era, getting separated between both companies after the deal was scrapped. While Master Hand represents creation and Crazy Hand destruction, Polygon Man represents power (or smugness... perhaps ham). Who knows what would happen should they ever get reunited...

Polygon Man will be the Big Good of the sequel
The first time he simply wanted power/control. This time having learned he can't defeat them, he'll instead bring the Playstation All-Stars together to battle an evil force which threatens their entire universe (possibly a Villain Team-Up).

Polygon Man is a corrupted Digimon.
Polygon Man was in fact corrupted by Eater, turning himself evil. His true form is Bagramon, again corrupted.

There will be third-party characters, but...
... aside of Crash and Spyro, they'll all be off-disc DLC. Perhaps certain companies will even see future bundle-based releases. For instance, the Square Enix pack, containing Cloud, Aya Brea, Sora, Claude, Gex and Lara Croft (or some other combination of their intellectual properties).

DLC will contain Sony employees and Kevin Butler

"Rivalries" Predictions
Since SuperBot confirmed Rivalries (Interactions with your picked character interacting with a specific other one, using Heihachi's Rival (Toro & Kuro) as an example), might as well be fun to guess the future rivalries
  • Drake's Rival will probably be Sweet Tooth, due to his fear of clowns
  • Parappa's Rival might either be Toro or Fat Princess, due to both their unusual (and somewhat comic relief) way of fighting
  • If Ratchet makes it in, he'd probably give Radec a run for his money with the crazy weapons he builds.
  • On the PSASBR site, if you look at the logo for the match-up creator, it shows Kratos Vs. Sweet Tooth. Raiden was prematurely leaked when a screenshot of him fighting Evil Cole was seen in said logo. This would somewhat mean that the rivalries are done in the order they were announced: Kratos vs. Sweet Tooth, Fat Princess vs. Sly, Radec vs. Parappa, Nate vs. Big Daddy, Toro vs. Heihachi, Cole Vs. Jak, Ratchet Vs. Spike, Dante vs. Sackboy, Evil Cole vs. Raiden and Nariko vs. Sir Daniel.
    • Jossed, although Kratos' rival will be Sweet Tooth.
  • Possible rival combinations:
    • Kratos vs. Sweet Tooth (Confirmed, both are very blood-thirsty and violent)
    • Dante vs. Nariko (Confirmed, both are from hack-and-slashers made by Ninja Theory)
    • Sackboy vs. Big Daddy (Confirmed, a David vs. Goliath match-up)
    • Toro vs. Heihachi (Confirmed, two characters of Japanese origin who specialize in martial arts)
    • Parappa vs. Spike (Confirmed, both are cartoony characters who originated from the PS1)
    • Cole vs. Raiden (theme of electricity and lightning)
    • Radec vs. Evil Cole (villainous characters)
    • Fat Princess vs. Sir Daniel (medieval theme)
    • Nathan Drake vs. Sly Cooper (thieves)
    • Jak and Daxter vs. Ratchet and Clank (both series are closely related to each other)
    • Alternatives for the unconfirmed rivalries:
      • Cole vs. Evil Cole (obvious Mirror Match)
      • Radec vs. Raiden (military-themed match)
      • Partially confirmed. Jak/Ratchet and Drake/Sly rivalries are featured in the game.

If Sackboy makes it as a playable character, he'll have the ability to copy everyone else's moves
The Sackboy, by default, lacks any sort of personality besides that of the player. He can be customized to look like anyone, and even got some major expansion packs based on popular franchises like God of War. By this logic, if the Sackboy were playable, every one of his moves would be taken from some other character in one way or another, or maybe even pull a Double and take some scrapped moves from everyone.
  • Why couldn't he have his own moveset? He has enough moves. He has his trademark slap, he has a jetpack, a cake launcher, the power gloves, grappling hook, he can throw bombs, etc. Plenty to make a moveset off of.
    • Almost the entire point of Toro is that he mimics other characters, and he doesn't have this power except from the three set stances. Sackboy will likely have his own moveset using his gadgets and other creative abilities. Funnily enough, Nathan Drake has a moveset that utilises creation.
    • Confirmed? Sackboy's Level 1 Super copies the Level 1 super of a random other character, and dresses Sackboy up as them.
    • Nope, all he does dress up as Parappa, Cole or Drake, and move at an upwards diagonal angle.

There will be a story mode not unlike the Subspace Emissary
Hopefully with voice acting.
  • Confirmed. A Story Mode was talked about, and there's a clip of Toro and Heihachi's pre-battle cutscene, with both of the talking.
    • That sounds more like the Arcade Mode in Street Fighter IV, as opposed to a full-blown story mode like the Subspace Emissary.

There will be DLC outfits
And they will most likely be as follows
  • Kratos- Hydra Armor
  • Sweet Tooth- Twisted Metal 2 outfit
  • Fat Princess- An outfit based off of the worker
  • PaRappa: His pajamas from the anime
  • Sly- Pirate Costume
  • Radec- Scout Sniper
  • Drake- His outfit from the Beginning of Uncharted 3
  • Big Daddy- Alpha Type
  • Toro- "Sports" Themed Toro
  • Heihachi- Mishima Dogi
  • Jak- Jak 2 design or The Lost Frontier design
  • Cole- inFAMOUS 2 Beta Design
  • Ratchet- Deadlocked Armor
  • Sackboy- Caveman Sackboy
  • Dante- Neo Dante
  • Spike- Jimmy, Kei, or an outfit from the anime.
  • Evil Cole- Vampire Cole
  • Raiden- Cyborg Ninja/Grey Fox
  • Nariko- Whiptail's Armor
  • Sir Daniel- Victorian Dan
  • Kat- Schoolgirl Uniform
  • Emmett- a Eucadian Solider from Warhawk
  • Isaac- John Carver's RIG
  • Zeus- The Gravekeeper

The Dart Campaign will ultimately...
Fail to get Dart into the game, but will convince Sony to green-light an Updated Re-release on the PS4. With Dart on-disc.

LittleBigPlanet will get PSASBR Costume DLC.
Everyone except those who already have DLCs of them will get DLC or the already made DLC will be bundled with them in packs like the others.

A sequel to the game will be a launch title for the PS5.
Because Sony seems to be more affable with companies like Activision (which owns Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon, both of whom have gotten a resurgence as of late) and may actually be able to get their characters to use in a potential sequel now; considering the first game's biggest flaw was often cited to be its roster lacking said characters (among others), said sequel could fix that problem and actually be more successful as a result. And would pull an EVERYONE IS HERE!!!! by expanding the roster.

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