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  • Dan showing his tap dancing skills before demonstrating his level 1.
  • Here lies Sir Daniel Fortesque, who got his shit kicked in by Radec for asking directions.
  • One of Ratchet's losing animations involves him throwing his wrench in the air. It then lands on his head.
  • A good chunk of PaRappa's battle dialogue is hilarious. It usually references the rap lyrics from his game.
  • Dan's default losing animation has him dejectedly sit on a gravestone reading "Here lies Sir Dan." A bit of dark humor that wouldn't be out of place in the MediEvil series.
  • A few moments in the Attract Trailer:
  • The reason why Sweet Tooth hates Kratos. He spilled his ice cream. Made funnier by the fact that Sweet Tooth didn't even try to attack Kratos afterwards; he says "Pick that up! And pay for it!"
    • Actually, he does try and attack Kratos in his own cutscene, telling him that he's going to pay for it, one way or another.
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  • The end of Drake's story. It's just so perfectly timed.
    Drake: I punched a chicken.
  • Most of what Polygon Man says is hilarious.
    Who's thirsty for a glass of ultimate power?!
    I consider this a Role Playing Game. Today, you'll be playing the part of the pinata!
  • In Fortesque's rivalry cutscene with Radec, Fortesque desperately tries to explain himself while constantly side-stepping out of the sights of Radec's shotgun. The funny part is that Fortesque's movements are so random and goofy that it takes Radec, a trained military marksman, a full 3 seconds to react.
    • Radec's cutscene is also funny; you can't help but laugh at Radec asking Sir Dan to "Speak clearly." Plus Sir Dan looks genuinely confused when Radec prepares to fight him.
  • In Cole's rival cutscene, he walks calmly across the rival stage... when suddenly, Raiden appears behind him and does sword tricks. Cole's reaction is a mix of "What the hell?", "Oh, boy, here we go," and "Uh... okay."
    Raiden: What are you up to?
    Cole: Uh, just looking... for some... people.
  • Evil Cole and Fat Princess. The cutscenes just match just how weird the matchup really is.
    Fat Princess: Do you have any cake, by chance?
    Evil Cole: I'm not looking for cake. I'm looking for... special people.
    Fat Princess: There's no reason to be rude about it! [Evil Cole approaches her, ignoring the guards threatening him.]
    Evil Cole: You're gonna be wishing for rude when I'm done with you!
    • Evil Cole's version is just as funny. Happening upon the unusual sight of a bloated princess with several midget guards, Fat Princess casually shoves two cakes down her throat and asks Cole to surrender his cake while the cake is still in her mouth. Now Evil Cole, having the goal of having the biggest "It's all mine" complex, refuses to give her any pastries he may or may not have. At the same time, a curious warrior pokes Cole's hand with his sword and gets zapped.
      Evil Cole: Whoa. Now I've seen everything.
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    • That quote is said by Evil Cole in Fat Princess's version, though.
  • Heihachi's Level 3 super is so bizarre you can't help but laugh, and if you get Fat Princess with it, she has her own special animation where she's chained at the waist (instead of the arms and legs like the other characters) and dejectedly takes a nibble of her cake.
    • Other characters have funny animations for Heihachi's Level 3, such as Nathan Drake being tied upside down by his feet, Sir Daniel and Toro being tied up sideways, Daxter trying to free Jak, and Ratchet & Clank looking at each other and screaming, and Sackboy having a huge SMILE one his face. PaRappa and Spike, on the other hand, look very worried, and you can't help but feel sorry for them.
  • Just try and keep a straight face after you see Hades doing the Apache Dance.
  • Just the simple concept of the War God, a psychopathic murderous clown, the Demon of Empire City, and a cyborg ninja being defeated by an obese princess, a flat rapping dog, a living sack, or a normal cat is fairly amusing.
    • Better yet, in the stages themselves, Chop Chop Master Onion destroying the enemy ship from Killzone, and the Loco Rocos smashing Metal Gear RAY into the ground.
      • Hades getting defeated by the patapon is also FUNNY.
      • Black Rock Stadium's mash-up gets rather amusing since the invasion of the Red Guard garners absolutely no response from the vehicles competing in the blood sport going on in the background. Even as they try to chase down Sweet Tooth (the vehicle), Axel, and a helicopter.
  • The end of Emmett's reveal trailer.
  • The gargoyle in the MediEvil/The Unfinished Swan stage will insult players in the match; it has a specific insult for a majority of the cast.
    (To Kratos) "No need to be so irate mate, it's not that bad being bald."
    (To Fat Princess) "All hail her royal stoutness."
    (To Big Daddy) "You don't look like her father..."
    (To Dante) "While you are exceedingly cool, Demon Hunter, putting on a shirt and getting a job is much cooler!"
  • Some of Buzz's lines when players answer his questions incorrectly.
    Buzz: You are a dozen lifetimes of dense rolled into one.
    Buzz: Look at your score, then look any of us in the eye. I dare you.
  • Franzea starts out as the typical Locoroco fare, with a bright, bouncy and overall happy atmosphere. Suddenly, the Desperado RAY from Metal Gear Rising cuts open the background, revealing the African city background. After it gets some potshots on the fighters, a giant Kulche rolls past and squashes the RAY. It spends the rest of the fight staring up at the stage fading in and out of consciousness.
    • On a similar matter, the concept of Hades getting overrun by the Patapon is pretty funny on its own. And the Patapon manage to defeat Hades by launching a few spears at him.
  • Parappa is pretty sure in Spike's rival cutscene that Chop Chop Master Onion isn't trying to take over the world... yet.
  • Isaac's Hand Cannon taunt. Practical in the sense that if timed right, he may net 60 AP, and may follow it up with one of his Limit Breaks.
  • This quip from Dante when he respawns:
    Dante: "I die... I come back. Insane!''
  • If you thought Heihachi's Level 3 couldn't get funnier...
  • One of the pre-battle animations for Jak and Daxter: "This isn't a Game"
  • The crew from Robot Chicken gave us a look into the game's break room.

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