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The character in the main menu looks exactly same

The Animated Adaptation for Gamers! has tons upon tons of Shout Outs to many games. Most of the games are Bland-Name Product variations for liability reasons, but it's still relatively obvious what is being parodied.

  • The Poster/Key Visual for the show mixes Tetris and Marble Madness.
  • Keita's name is the same as the Japanese name of Nate Adams from Yo Kai Watch (though, with slightly different kanji).
  • The game Keita and Chiaki plays on their phones has a very reminiscent interface to Granblue Fantasy.

    Opening credits 
Of note: Keita is losing each of the games below.
  • A PlayStation 4 loading screen and the Playstation buttons (X, Circle, Square, Triangle).
  • Controllers for the Sega Genesis, Wii U, PlayStation, and early Nintendo/Super Nintendo, along with iPhone, Android Phone, and Playstation Vita systems fly by.
  • A zombie-based horror game - given the dilapidated shack and HUD-less first-person view, it was likely trying to emulate Resident Evil 7: biohazard.
  • An Affectionate Parody of Parodius.
  • Keita and Aguri play a game of Super Smash Bros. as themselves. She kicks his ass by wave dashing backwards and hitting him with a SMASH attack once his attack whiffs towards her. Also, as opposed to Aguri emulating Ike, Amano looked like he was based on Hsien-Ko (though Hsien-Ko isn't a Smash character, but that's neither here nor there).
  • Chiaki gets a headshot on Keita in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (although most HUD elements have reversed placements from the original).
  • A sidescrolling platformer that is Super Mario Bros. except the it is the main character in his school uniform instead.
  • A Dating Sim in the mold of Tokimeki Memorial, with Karen Tendo. (In keeping with the Keita 'losing' each game, Tendo is saying she "just wants to be friends").
  • A Rhythm game like Pop N Music which uses colored versions of the main cast's faces.
  • A very old-school RPG in the mold of Wizardry or Dragon Quest. Uehara appears as a dead ringer for Dragon Quest III Big Bad Zoma (except that Uehara's hands are mirrored from how Zoma's sprite has them).
  • A Continue Screen from Street Fighter (specifically, Ken's from the original Street Fighter II).
  • Tales of Phantasia was recreated with Karen as Mint, Keita as Cless, Aguri as Suzu, and Chiaki as Arche (although she uses her natural dark blue colors). Other fans has suggested its possibly Dragon Quest III, instead,

    Episode 1 

    Episode 2 

    Episode 3 

    Episode 4 
  • In the end title card, Karen is holding a Playstation 4 Controller

    Episode 5 
  • Keita's "Bad End" in his dating sim is possibly a nod to the infamous end of School Days.
  • Two kids in the background are playing with 3DSs together.
  • In the English Dub, Uehara suggests that Amano "rock that Social Link."

    Episode 6 

    Episode 7 
  • The episode opens with a load of a 16-bit RPG save game.
  • When Keita & Karen play darts, Keita ends up with a dart in his knee.
  • Keita, Karen & Chiaki play a bland name version of Mario Kart at the arcade.
  • On the bus home Keita & Karen start a conversation about the latest Fire Tactics game.
  • The location Around 1 is based on the famous arcade Round 1.

    Episode 8 
  • Chiaki's sister, who is the Student Council President at her school, has other girls in the student council who look suspiciously like the girls from Seitokai no Ichizon
  • One of the games on sale on the rack behind Konoha is Final Fantasy XV. Interestingly, it uses its North American cover art instead of the Japanese one.
  • The game Keita initially recommends to Eiichi is CLANNAD.
  • The board game the five play in the second half of the episode uses the classic Game of Life with a few twists, like marrying fellow players instead of an NPC — even if that player is already married to a different player, mixing it with a 'couples' game.
  • In Hoshinomori's daze caused by finding out that Amano is both her favorite fan, and her online gaming buddy (and, by all accounts, her soulmate) during The Stinger, all she could say to her sister is a dejected Nyoron.
  • In the ending photo, Chiaki in a bikini is playing a game that resembles Sound Voltex.

    Episode 9 
  • Uehara's "I choose you!" is probably a Pokémon reference.
  • Chiaki's first games were made in RPG Maker.

    Episode 10 
  • When Keita calls Karen early into the episode while at a park, Keita spots a black boxer wearing blue gloves and sporting a fine mustache, a dead ringer to Dudley. In the English dub, he asks Tendou on the phone if she’s been punched out, making it a double reference.
  • "Space Ocean" is a Bland-Name Product of Star Ocean
  • The endcard showcases Karen with a PlayStation VR headset over her forehead.

    Episode 11 
  • On the phone call for the double date, Karen is holding a Steiff Teddy Bear. Steiff is an old (1890s) brand of expensive stuffed animals, appropriate for an ojou like Tendo.

    Episode 12 


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