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Recap / Big Finish Doctor Who 048 Davros

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The second part of the "Villains Trilogy": three standalone episodes that explore how the Doctor and his arch-enemies are Not So Different in the end. The other two parts are "Omega" and "Master". The trilogy also thematically paved the road for the next episode, "Zagreus", although that episode is not standalone and is instead part of the Eighth Doctor's Story Arc. This episode also features the first appearances of characters expanded in I, Davros.


Davros. The Sixth Doctor. No Daleks. Two men enter, one man leaves.

The premise is simple — after being found drifting in the cold of space by Arnold Baynes and his wife Lorraine, head of TAI Industries, Davros is revived and... hired to work as the new head of their R&D Division. The Doctor, having been summoned by an old friend, is displeased with this arrangement. And after abruptly introducing himself, he hires himself out to Mr Baynes, so he can be present when Davros inevitably flips.

Despite Davros' protests, the Doctor knows it's not a matter of if, it's just a matter of when.

While Davros and the Doctor bicker and snark at each other, we're treated to snippets of Davros' life on Skaro. Flashbacks show him in Anachronic Order as a simple Kaled scientist; working on projects together with his friend Shan; his accident, his recovery, and becoming used to his horribly disfigured body; Shan coming up with the concept of Daleks in order to save the Kaled race.


It turns out that Davros has (of course) spent his time at TAI Industries making a nuclear bomb to throw on top of the Doctor, since he solved all of TAI Industries' actual problems during his first few hours there. The Doctor neutralises the bomb, but by that time Davros has already taken over the company and manipulated Lorraine Baynes into handing him full executive power. While pretty much every single minor character in the story rapidly dies, Davros and the Sixth Doctor get a chance to talk in full detail about how they feel about each other. Davros makes a good show of insisting that he has. no. emotions., but is tripped by the painful memory of Shan and his homesickness for a life of war and battle. When the question comes up of whether he might have loved Shan, Davros reveals that he simply took the credit for her concept of Daleks and damned her to death.


Davros escapes in the end, as he always does, and Six glumly notes that his Joker Immunity is yet another way in which he and Davros are Not So Different. Lorraine thinks she'll get away as well, but the Doctor stays by her side until the interstellar police arrive.

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