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If your narrative and your core mechanic are at odds with each other, then that means your main character is a hypocrite.
Walt Williams, lead writer of Spec Ops: The Line

It might have helped if it had been playable, but Halo 5’s attitude seems to be that nothing ruins an action sequence faster than players.

This is my first settlement, ahh, I call it Watermelon Island. Uhh, because if you look closely, if you look under this house, I actually have a lot of watermelons in this house. Yeah. Ironically we're having a food crisis at the moment, with only '6 FOOD' right now.
Dunkey, "How to Play Fallout 4"

It's a little odd, even for a fighting game, that Luke is supposed to beat the crap out of his own sister with his lightsaber, although even leaping into the air and slamming it through her chest will always be a “knockout”, at worst. Ah, fighting game logic, where would we be about you?

There's a stage where the screen keeps moving up, if you're caught at the bottom, you die. What kind of logic is that? In Trevor Belmont's world, what killed him? The TV screen?

You just gotta love the sewers of Castle Britain which are crawling with giant predatory rats and man-sized fucking cobras. And this is the instant you set foot off the ladder. You'd think Lord British would send a coupla guys down here every few days to try and keep the giant fucking serpent population to a minimum. He's let it go too long; at this point he needs to mobilize the regular army... WHOA! There's a roomful of lava, man! This is in the sewers, under the castle! Someone should tell British about the active magma flow running right under his throne you know what, fuck him.
Noah Antwiler on Ultima: Runes of Virtue

In another game, Japan here declared war on me for no reason at all—with no units or plan of attack—so three years later he just asks for peace!....Which is really a problem of interface affluence: players wouldn't notice how bonkers the AI is if they didn't make so many unskippable cutscenes telling you how bonkers the AI is being.
Super Bunnyhop on Civilization VI

Hey, is this Bob from the gameplay department? Yeah, this is Mike from the story department. Listen, I know the game's almost done, but I think we're actually gonna kill off the protagonist's girlfriend... uh... pretty early in the game, so you're gonna have to replace her after the warehouse scene. Uh, just some disposable female character will be fine, clothing is optional.

"For the third fucking time, scripted sequence versus gameplay! Never the twain shall meet!"
— Elizabeth in the Playthroughline Script of Bioshock Infinite

"What confuses me, though, is that even after you've been wrongly accused and are on the run, you can still arrest people. In fact when the evil private cops show up to arrest you, you can arrest them back. What organisation is going to come around and pick those guys up? The Criminal Police from opposite land who give talks to high school kids on how drugs are really great and everyone should take them?"

Due to the limited nature of player agency, attempting to interrogate moral questions in videogames can be a challenging proposition. To put it another way: how can I have made the wrong choice if it’s a decision the game forced me to make? Repeatedly, Undertale throws the player into unavoidable boss fights, where negotiation is not an option. [...] Like my fight against Toriel, these conflicts require the player to take advantage of hidden mechanics, repeat actions without knowing whether or not they’ll succeed, and subsist under a barrage of enemy attacks.
The player’s choice, then, to fight or not to fight, is not one necessarily related to roleplaying or ethical considerations. It’s also a mechanical consideration. A failure to deliver mercy might simply be a failure to solve a puzzle, or figure out a way to survive with inadequate resources. In my case, it was a decision made because the game did not effectively communicate to me that I could do anything else. I wasn’t making my choices as a moral actor. I was making them as a player.
Undertale's not as peaceful as it pretends, an article by Jake Muncy

Jo will still have all the money she had at the end of last time. She'll keep everything she bought or unlocked too. That means she can potentially be a millionaire but remain the same poor bartender. ...Well, suspension of disbelief exists for a reason, right?
Anna, VA-11 HALL-A

What I'm saying is that I like games where the story and gameplay go hand in hand, while in most JRP Gs the story and gameplay are kept either side of a wrought-iron fence made of tigers.

Shadow: I had no choice.
Danny: Really?
Arin: You had three choices, actually.
Danny: Yeah, multiple choices! (...) (as Shadow) "I had no choice... I super felt like it."

Jimmy: Son of a bitch. Another dead counselor. Well. Come on, let's go.
Counselor: Wait! I'm not dead yet. Please. I saw you over there fighting. Maybe...maybe some of that magic Indian burial ground dirt can resurrect me, too. Maybe if you sprinkle it over my body, it'll save me.
Jimmy: Oh my god. Get some of that dirt, Butthole! We still have time to
[The player does so]
Counselor: I think it's working. I think...I think... [dies]
Butters: Aw, he died. I really thought that was gonna work.
Old Mechanic: Nope. That resurrection dirt's only a combat mechanic. Nice try though.

Buzz: Maybe we need a race to settle this
[Boss fight starts]
Annotation!Woody: Actually, fuck you and your races!
Annotation 1: OH MY GOD A RACE LEVEL!!!
Annotation 2: Actually, I think you mean a boss battle...
The Annotated Series, "Let's Jab (Toy Story NES Pirate)"

Eggman: What the actual shit? WHERE DID AMY GO? SHE WAS RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!


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