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Item Amplifier

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An ability, item, or situation that affects items used by players. The Item Caddy often has this ability.

Examples include:

  • Gaining more resources on pickup
  • Items are more effective when used.
    • Potions heal more than usual, often a skill The Medic has.
    • Item effects last longer than usual.
    • Items grant additional effects.
  • In cases of Breakable Weapons, items last longer when in use.
  • Additional actions can be performed when using an item.
  • Items affect more than one target when used.

Compare Amplifier Artifact, an item that boosts the user's already existing powers, Quad Damage, a power-up to a character's stats, and Money Multiplier, something that can increase the amount of items found.


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    Action Adventure 

    First-Person Shooter 
  • BioShock has the plasmids Booze Hound and EVE Link, which add EVE regeneration with the use of health items (though you still get blurred vision from drinking too much). The Medical Expert and Extra Nutrition plasmids give more traditional boosts to the effects of health items.
  • The End Times: Vermintide and Vermintide II: Some equippable trinkets/charms enhance the Magic Potions the wearer drinks, such as by increasing their duration or spreading their effect to nearby allies.
  • Team Fortress 2:
    • The Scout's Shortstop formerly increased healing by 20% when deployed.
    • The Backscratcher increases the amount of health gained from health kits by 50% for Pyros. However, other healing sources such as the Medic's mediguns, Engineer's dispenser, and the Payload cart heal the Pyro 75% slower.
    • In Mann vs Machine mode, the Medic can upgrade any of his Mediguns to share Canteen abilities with their healing target. A later update allows him to increase the duration of certain Canteen abilities.

  • In the Ghosts 'n Goblins SNES sequel Super Ghouls and Ghosts, picking up turquoise and golden armor gives your weapons more power and in the latter, the ability to charge up your attacks.
  • Metal Slug: In 6 onward, some characters gain more for certain items on pickup.
    • Tarma obtains twice as many Slug Shells on pickup.
    • Eri gains double grenades on pickup.
    • Fio gains 50% more ammo on weapon pickup.
    • Leona gains 20% more ammo and grenades.

    Real Time Strategy 
  • League of Legends has this in the form of the Rabadon's and Wooglet's Deathcaps. They're a bit of a mix between this and Amplifier Artifact though, since they improve the ability power gained from any source: Be they items or the character's innate ability power.
  • War Craft III hero units can carry items that improve the damage dealt by their weaponry, such as Orbs of Fire and Claws of Attack.

  • The Thief class in Desktop Dungeons restores both health and mana with any kind of potions. The Monk class, meanwhile, enjoys increased restoration rate from health potions.
  • For the King uses consumable herbs for healing, Anti-Debuff, and other purposes. There are four tiers of pipe with which to smoke them, offering scaling numerical benefits for each.

    Role-Playing Games 
  • In Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana, Klein has a skill called Power Item, which can be used on a specific item to enhance its effect. He also has other skills called Wide Item and Pass Item, which increase item range, horizontally and vertically respectively.
  • In the sequel, Atelier Iris 2: The Azoth of Destiny, Viese also has both Power Item and Wide Item skills. Unlike Klein, though, they have item-unrelated healing skills as well.
  • Bravely Default has a few: Healing Lore, which doubles the effects of healing abilities (items and otherwise); Attack Item Amp, which multiplies the power of attack items by 1.5; Widen Area, which causes a single-target item to affect the entire party; and Item Critical, which gives items a 15% chance to be a critical hit (which doubles their effectiveness). In the last case, you can even use it alongside other abilities that affect how frequent or how powerful critical hits will be.
  • Divinity: Original Sin II: Characters with the "Five-Star Diner" talent gain double the normal effect from consuming food and potions, such as ability score boosts, percent-based healing, and percent-based damage resistance.
  • The Dragon Age series allows you to improve various aspects of your weapons with runic enchantments (removable in the first game, overwritable in the second).
  • Goggles in Dubloon boost the effectiveness of battle items used by whoever equips them.
  • In EarthBound (1994), using the right condiment with the appropriate food increases the healing power of the latter.
  • Fallout 3:
    • There is a perk that doubles the effects of books, which naturally increase stats by 1 point.
    • An item called the Food Sanitizer increases the amount of health recovered by food items by 20%.
    • Classic Fallout titles had perks that increased the skill points earned from books by a percentagenote , as well as increasing the effects (and addiction risk) of chems.
  • A staple in the Final Fantasy series:
    • The Scholar job in Final Fantasy III doubles the effectiveness of all items used including the magical attack items making them far more deadly then they initially appear.
    • The Economical Ring in Final Fantasy IV: The After Years doubles the effectiveness of healing items used and is typically given to Edward to supplement his Item Caddy abilities to supplant a role usually had by a White Mage.
      • In addition, Edward himself has the 'Salve' ability, which lets him split an item's effect into all party members (in the earlier versions) or use several items at once to all members (in later versions).
    • The Chemist job in Final Fantasy V doubles the effect of HP and MP restoring items.
    • The Alchemist dressphere of Final Fantasy X-2 can combine different items to create interesting effects that you wouldn't normally obtain.
    • The Item Lore Augments in Final Fantasy XII increase the effectiveness of items for each one purchased.
    • One of the item combination effects in Final Fantasy XIII-2 is "Improved Potions", which increases the amount of health restored potions.
  • The Mobius Master Quartz in The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel increases the effects of items, and eventually grants an AoE effect to items.
  • In Paper Mario and its sequels, the Badges "Double Dip" and "Triple Dip" allow Mario to use 2 items or 3 items per turn, respectively.
  • Pokémon:
    • The Harvest ability has a chance of restoring a used held berry. The chance doubles in harsh sunlight.
    • The move Recycle restores a used held item.
    • The Cheek Pouch ability restores HP whenever a berry is consumed.
    • The Ripen ability doubles the effects of held berries.
    • The Cud Chew ability uses a berry twice in the same turn.
    • Pokémon GO: certain events will increase the duration of items like incense, lucky eggs, and lure modules.
  • Urban Dead has the First Aid and Surgery skills that increase the amount of hit points restored from First Aid Kits by 5 each. The first skill is passive while the second one works only in powered hospital buildings.
  • The Wild ARMs series:
    • There is a recurring Force ability called "Mystic" usable by one character per game (one class in the Strategy RPG Spin-Off Wild ARMs XF) that allows them to use an item and have it affect the entire party.
    • Some of the games have a skill that can be equipped to any character that causes healing berries to restore twice as much health.
    • In Wild ARMs 3, the "Mystic" ability applies to attack items, and in that game enemies that are killed by elemental attacks drop an attack item of the element that killed them. So by using Mystic with Virginia, you can use attack items to create more attack items than you used and create your own infinite stock. Very helpful when exploiting weaknesses.

    Stealth-Based Games 
  • Dishonored: Certain bone charms give you more health and magic from taken elixir. Two skills obtainable can increase the amount of health and mana recovered from using potions.

    Third Person Shooter 
  • Dead Space 3: Certain Support Attachments will increase ammo, health, or stasis for both Issac and John.
  • Resident Evil 4 (Remake): Various charms will increase the healing gained from certain items like Green Herbs, Bass, etc.
  • Warframe: various mods and skills affect pickup, such as:
    • The Equilibrium mod converts a portion of the restored amount into additional Energy and Health upon looting a Health Orb or Energy Orb respectively. Equinox has this same effect as a passive ability.
    • Picking up health orbs increases Citrine's Geoluminesence passive's healing rate by 0.1 points for the rest of the mission, up to a maximum of 25 points per second.
    • Scavenger Aura mods increase the amount of ammo pickup for certain weapon types.
    • Ammo Mutation mods convert unused ammo types into the ammo type of the currently equipped weapon.
    • Ammo Case converts unused ammo type into ammo for the currently equipped weapon and provides increased ammunition capacity.
    • The Cedo has a weak Ammo Mutation effect if used by Lavos.

    Turn-Based Strategy 
  • In the Civilization series, some of the Wonders that can be built will amplify the effects of any city improvements you've also built (such as the Sistine Chapel, which doubles the effects of any cathedrals you've built), or amplify unit abilities (Magellan's Expedition increasing ship mobility).
  • Every item in the Disgaea series has a randomly generated dungeon inside of it—the more floors you clear, the stronger the item becomes.
  • Fire Emblem: Awakening:
    • The Armsthrift Skill will not reduce a weapon's durability when activated.
  • Fire Emblem Fates:
    • The Apothecary's skills, Potent Potion and Quick Salve, increases the effectiveness of vulneraries and tonics, and allow the unit to perform another action after using such items, respectively.
  • Joan McFadden in Odium heals 15% more damage when she uses healing items on someone.

    Wide Open Sandbox 

    Non-Video Game Examples 
Tabletop Games
  • Dungeons & Dragons:
    • The 2nd Edition chronomancer spell Item Supercharger could increase the number of times a magic item could be used per day and the duration of the item's effect(s).
    • In the Dragon magazine #56 article "Singing a New Tune", bards were given the class ability to increase the effects and duration of several magical musical instruments.
  • Fabula Ultima: The Tinkerer's Potion Rain and Secret Formula skills. The former allows their crafted single-target restorative potions to affect extra targets at the cost of halving the HP or MP restored. The latter permanently makes their potions, elemental shards, and magispheres restore more HP/MP or deal more damage.
  • Pathfinder has the Scroll Savant Wizard archetype, which makes the spells cast from normally-weak consumable scrolls as strong as if they were casting them personally, i.e., far stronger.
  • In the Pokemon Trading Card Game, Magnezone has the effect "Double Brain" that lets the player use 2 Supporter cards per turn instead of the usual 1.
  • The second World Book of Atlantis from Rifts introduced the option of attaching an Eye of Eyelor to any weapon. This added to the damage, gave it unlimited payload, and allowed to teleport on the command on the wielder. It was however prohibitively expensive, much more so than other uses of Eyelor eyes like implanting them on living beings or siphoning their power using staffs.
Web Animation
  • Coco Adel from RWBY has a Semblance she calls "Hype". It lets her use her aura to amplify the power and effects of Dust. Most commonly she uses this on standard Dust bullets to make them powerful explosive rounds, but she can also increase the power of elemental based Dust like Gravity or Ice.