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Literature / Tales of the Pack
aka: Lunatic Fringe

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Lunatic Fringe book cover

"Being a wolf is a kind of magic. You donít force it. Itís part of you. Itís effortless. I want my gender to be the same way. A synergy, a harmony so tight you canít even tell itís a bunch of different notes smooshed together.Ē

Tales of the Pack is a book series written by Allison Moon featuring a pack of lesbian werewolves.

Lunatic Fringe, the first book of the series, introduces the series protagonist Lexie Clarion as she enrolls in Milton College. She befriends a group of radical lesbian werewolf-hunters, and soon after, she falls for a mysterious woman who may be among the hunted.

Not to be confused with a certain WWE Superstar named Dean Ambrose who goes by the nickname of The Lunatic Fringe.

The second book, Hungry Ghost, had a successful crowdfunding campaign in late 2012 and was published in April 2013. The story continues to follow Lexie as she takes a leadership role in the Pack and leads a battle against Milton's violent pack of full-bloods.


  • Does Not Like Men: The alpha of the Pack, Blythe, clearly and proudly declares this.

Alternative Title(s): Lunatic Fringe