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  • Inspired by a bright green & yellow bus in Grand Theft Auto V, the "Banana Bus" song became a bit of a running gag in their early days.
  • Vanoss and Delirious drive while their camera faces whoever is sitting in the backseat and has the backseat-er give directions on how to drive and avoid traffic.
  • During a mission Lui receives a call from his mom and Lui talks to his mom as if the mission was real.
  • This Christmas themed GTA V video. Some highlights include:
    • Vanoss and Basically rocking out to Christmas music remixes... just as Delirious tumbles out of the sky and dies right behind them.
    • Delirious is flying up to the others on a helicopter (they're standing on a skyscraper), and Vanoss announces that he will kill Delirious when he gets up there to stop his singing. He never gets the chance; a jet, which Lui is piloting, clips Delirious as he jumps from his helicopter and sends him into a death spin, and all he can do is scream in terror as he hurtles towards the ground.
    • The guys are flying in a helicopter, with Vanoss piloting. Vanoss sends a text to Basically to bail out on "1". He does not, however, tell Delirious:
      Vanoss: 3, 2, 1. (He and Basically jump out)
      Delirious: Why are you counting? (Beat) AAAH! Ho Ho Ho bitches! (Boom)
  • The Military skit in GTA V Had oodles of funny moments.
    • Their attempt at a "Ten hut Salute": Evan slurps on a soda, Basically gives two thumbs up, and Mini Ladd shoots himself in the head. Naturally, Nogla does absolutely nothing for the salute.
      Vanoss: Someone call a medic!
      Squeaker!Lui: That WAS the medic!
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    • Lui and Basically's talk:
      Squeakwer!Lui: Who are you soldier?
      Basically: I know who I am! I'm the dude, playing the dude, disguised as a dude disguised as a monkey! I don't read the script; the script reads me.
    • After meeting up with Wildcat later in the video, they do the exact same things for the salute, only this time Vanoss eats a candy bar, Nogla picks his nose and Basically is facing the wrong way. Yes. That means Mini Ladd shoots himself in the head again.
      Vanoss and Basically: MEDIC!
      Basically: We need the medic!
      Squeaker!Lui: That WAS the freakin' medic! How many times do I have to tell you?!
    • This lovely little moment:
      Vanoss: We're in a dangerous territory but luckily we have lots of cover.
      Basically: We're on the freeway.
      (Camera pans out to reveal them hiding in a bush.)
      Vanoss: (Cracks up) God damnit!
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    • Wildcat takes the squad to a strip club to tell them about the secret mission he had, only to forget about it completely and takes them to a golf course, and later the Playboy Mansion.
      Vanoss: Okay, alright, alright piggy, now that we're here, tell us about the stupid mission, okay?
      Wildcat: Huh?
      Vanoss: The mission!
      Wildcat: The fuck you talking about?
      Vanoss: The fuck-
      Basically: You said there was a fucking mission!
      Wildcat: Yeah, the mission to play some fucking golf, right? We're gonna chase the little white balls around, right boys?
    • Whilst almost everyone else is panicking when Wildcat goes over to them, Mini is the only one who keeps his cool, casually walking around and saying that he's a medic, despite Wildcat pointing his gun at him and the others. Seeing as how Mini had killed himself before and after this, it's easy to see why he kept his cool.
    • Just how all over the place the skit goes. For those interested: note 
    • There is one funny moment on Wildcat's perspective as they stop outside the strip club
      Lui in his squeaker voice: Hey, my mom works here!
  • Delirious' "battle gear".
  • This video at the beginning showing that Vanoss and Delirious try to do a plane glitch, failing at many attempts to do so when it comes to blowing up many planes (no thanks to Vanoss).
    • This bit shows Vanoss and Delirious trying to get past a building via a glitch... and then, at one point, fail and are killed for no reason when the plane explodes, leaving the entire screen in flames.
  • Wildcat's odd string of bad luck during a heist on GTA V, which includes several occasions of him being flung off his motorcycle, and a point where his parachute is broken by a freefalling bike, causing a fatal plummet. His shriek upon falling seals the insanity.
  • In one round of GTA's "Slasher" mode, Terroriser gets taken out by Nogla mere seconds into the round, thanks to Nogla spawning close enough to Terroriser to take him out. In the next round, Terroriser returns the favor, only to be taken out by Nogla again in the third round, pissing him off to no end.
  • Delirious being a magnificent bastard in this GTA V Slasher adversary play-through by first tricking Vanoss into believing that he was on his team to get close enough to hack him to death in GTA Online Slasher. In the same video, he ambushed Wildcat and Nogla and nearly killed both of them. To clarify, Wildcat and Nogla had shotguns and dared Delirious to come to them. He pretended to be on his way when he was already a few feet behind Wildcat (whose shriek of terror is gold) and manages to kill him with a machete. Unfortunately for Delirious, Nogla (who is still alive because Delirious went after Wildcat first) guns him down.
  • Returning to GTA V, Wildcat opens up a company with the new DLC, called Fuccboi Inc.
    • The Continuity Nod of an employer of Wildcat's company being called Steven Bills.
    • Nogla's job interview.
      Wildcat: Alright, Nogla, so say you have some free time during this day, what do you do? What do you do with your free time?
      Nogla: Ohh, lemme think about dat...
      Wildcat: Stop fuckin' thinking about everything!
    • At one point, Nogla mentions he has "very clean" toenails as a positive and then seconds later, he suddenly says he has dirty toenails as a negative, going the opposite of what he mentioned. Both Vanoss and Wildcat call him out on that.
    • After getting fired a bit later, he decides to open up his own company, "WildcatsAFucboi", where the other guys, including Wildcat under a disguise (as in just wearing Vanoss' red jacket) visit... and then Nogla accepts a new job at Wildcat's company, resulting in him closing down his own company, and losing all his money off it. note 
      Nogla: I went bankrupt in ten minutes!
    • Then he wants to be fired again to get his company again. Wildcat then fires a gun at him and kills him.
      Nogla: No, not that fire!
  • During one GTA V session, Vanoss and Lui are messing around with a hot dog stand, Vanoss playing a disgruntled customer of the "mustard shop". When he reaches a breaking point, he lashes out... and decks a pedestrian that he could not see because of the camera angle, causing Lui to practically die laughing.
  • In one GTA session, Terroriser gets locked out of a store while in the middle of changing clothes and promptly starts complaining about being stuck "dressed like a sophisticated Chinaman". As a bonus, the next time he goes to change outfits, the crew's mayhem outside once again causes the store to close before he can switch.
    • And then he tries a hat glitch while wearing a horse mask, resulting in something that can only be described as a nightmarish abomination of nature. Normally it would be terrifying, but the crew's reactions to it and Terroriser's Gollum-like voice when it happens makes it hilarious.
    • Even better, he then shows the result to Mini Ladd;
      Terroriser: PLEASE KILL ME.
      Mini Ladd: (Bursts out laughing) You look like you ran into a wall!
      Terroriser: MY NAME IS NIGEL. NIGEL THE HORSEMAN! (Runs around, chuckling.)
      Mini Ladd: (Quickly guns him down) I'm gonna end your suffering, Jesus Christ! That's a cry for help, right there!
  • In this GTA video, Vanoss tricks Delirious into pressing the Y button... While they're inside a helicopter.
    Vanoss: Does your TV work?
    Delirious: Probably not.
    Vanoss: Is your TV working? Mine's working. Press Y.
    Delirious: Press Y? Really? (Jumps off to his death) No! NO! NOOOO! YOU SON OF A BITCH!
    Additionally, Delirious totally deserved it since he used a similar bait during this video Delirious tricks some of the guys into jumping out of a helicopter by claiming that pressing the "Y" button would let them pick up snowballs in the chopper.
  • One video has Carlos preparing for his biggest adventure yet...having sex. He lets out an explosive fart.
    • Later in that same video, the gang use Suicide as Comedy by having Sticky Bombs all around you.
  • Wildcat has an epic rage from being trolled by the guys three times in a row in this GTA V video. At this point, he can may as well be considered the group's new Butt-Monkey for their GTA V videos.
    • First, Vanoss trolls Wildcat by knocking him off his bike while he is AFK, then proceeding to steal his bike and rocket off the side of the mountain. When Wildcat gets his bike back, Terroriser blows him and everyone else up. Wildcat then attempts to use a helicopter to fly back up to the top, but is killed by Nogla, causing him to loudly smash up his room. The others appear to be freaked out by this.
    • Additionally in both Nogla and Terroriser's perspectives of the whole thing, Terroriser tries to invoke Hypocritical Humor on Nogla which the latter is quick to call the former out on.
    • At one point, Vanoss drove his massive truck down the train tracks to pretend he's the train, and Scotty responded by ramming his truck on Vanoss's truck, stopping it, and Scotty actually thought he stopped the train for one second before realizing that it's Vanoss's truck.
  • Brown Streak Man. He can make people shit their pants.
  • This Overtime Rumble mode has quite a lot of this:
    • Delirious manages to trick Moo into having his car jump when he tries to mislead the others into believing that the left thumb stick makes them go faster.
    • During the first attempt of the first match, Vanoss is the only one to make it to the target; Ohm forgot how to parachute, Delirious lands successfully but overshoots due to his excessive speed, and Moo barely misses the target; he lands, but only the front of his car landed, causing him to fall off.
      Delirious: Parachute now!
      Ohm: How do I parachute?!? (Vanoss and Delirious begin laughing.) How do I parachute?! (Ohm gets blown up, and Moo starts laughing.)
      Delirious: (Overshoots the target and falls off) NOOOOOOOOO!!
      Moo: (Lands, but only with his front end, causing his car to tip over and fall off) AAAAHHHH! (Cackles.)
    • Ohm gets a little bit paranoid at one point in the game after taking a bluff by Vanoss and Moo seriously of them waiting to screw him and Delirious over, not noticing that there is a timer for them to jump before their cars detonate automatically. This just causes both of them to get killed when Ohm refuses to make the jump and Delirious accidentally veers off the ramp.
      • Delirious actually tries to correct him over this by telling him that they weren't waiting for them. Moo and Vanoss even try to do the same after Delirious does so. Ohm still apparently doesn't believe it until all three of them point out that there is a timer and that they can't wait as their cars will explode when the timer runs out, causing Delirious to call him out for it, albeit not offensively.
    • Vanoss turns his car at the top of his and Moo's ramp, causing him to drift and lose control, going airborne. Crosses into Moment of Awesome when he lands it anyway, and not only that, he and Moo manage to tie Delirious and Ohm for points gained that turn.
    • Delirious dares Vanoss to crash into him so he can get more points. Vanoss obliges by pushing him off the entire platform. That's not what made this scene so hilarious, however. While Vanoss is laughing at Delirious' demise, Ohm comes out of nowhere and rams his car into Vanoss', causing Vanoss to fall off the platform.
    • Sometimes one or two of them will reach their target area, only to later fall off.
    • The episode also features some of the stupidest things to come out of Delirious' mouth:
      Delirious: The moon tide is tugging on our hearts right now!
      Delirious: I will climb greatness mountain and grab greatness' tits at the top of the peak! I will be great!
    • And this bit:
      Delirious: Share some team, man! God damn it!
      Ohm: There's no "I" in "team".
      Delirious: There's a-there's a "me", though.
      Ohm: Yes.
      Delirious: Yeah.
      Ohm: Kinda.
      Delirious: There is a "me". There's a T-I-M-E, me.
      Ohm: There's time.
      Delirious: There is an "I" in "me". Wait a minute. What?
      (Everyone laughs.)
  • During this video, Delirious tries reading the race description, only to make a noise akin to someone gargling on mouthwash because he was reading too fast, causing the entire crew to laugh themselves off. Mini Ladd lampshades it:
    Mini Ladd: Today we learn that Delirious also records with a farm of roosters! (Gargling noise.)
  • This Overtime Rumble Mode, with Delirious, Wildcat, Smii7y and Basically up against Moo, Terroriser, Nogla and Fourzero has a few funny moments:
    • Nogla getting constantly pushed off by mistake by his teammates.
    • At the beginning, Wildcat is able to secure 5 Points for his team until Delirious drops in and accidentally pushes him away from it. However, Moo then drops in and pushes Delirious towards the 5 Points... until Smii7y comes out of nowhere and pushes Delirious away from it too by accident. Additionally, out of everyone on his team, only Brock managed to get on the platform.
    • Marcel often failing to reach the target and constantly getting the lowest score on his team.
    • At one point in the game, Tyler is able to reach the target and hangs on to 4 Points but barely. The rest of his team, except Delirious, are able to reach the target too and knock off both Nogla and Terroriser. The game doesn't end as Tyler's car still hasn't stopped moving as he is trying his best not to fall off the platform, with half of his car's left side tilting to fall off as he steers the wheel to the right to keep himself balanced, as each time he lets go turning right, he starts to slowly tilt to the left more. Despite his efforts, he still falls off and dies but not without a hilarious death scream.
    • Much later, Brock ends up suffering the same thing as Tyler, only this time the front of his car is tilting forward to drop and his car is on fire. He had no other choice but to fall off and die. This only left Nogla on their team to secure a point as Terroriser and Scotty fell off earlier, which is ironic to how they initially started the game with Nogla being the only (accidental) casualty on their team.
    • Tyler only getting 1 Point in a single match, which beats Marcel's fantastic 3 Points from earlier.
      Smii7y: (Sees Tyler's single point) Tyler? Tyler? Are you dead ass serious? Are you dead ass?
      Everyone else: (Laughing at the revelation.)
      Tyler: Hey! Hey! I was testing you guys... and you succeeded!
    • On Marcel's perspective, there's a moment where Delirious decides to jump to Moo, Terroriser, Scott and Nogla's side. Upon landing, one of them reverses and hits him, nearly sending him off. Seeing an opportunity to take him out, everyone on their team decides to go after Delirious. Predictably, Delirious hightails it outta there.
      • Worth mentioning is that Marcel also jumped and made it across to the other side. But both him and Nogla run out of time before they can jump off the ramp, thus eliminating both of them immediately.
    • Delirious trying to give his own Badass Boast with little success, much to the amusement of everyone else.
      Delirious: I'm like a shark in the water.
      Smii7y: Except in the air.
      Delirious: They call me Pauls!
    Delirious actually tries to clear up that he was thinking of Jaws when he said that. Hilarity ensues afterwards.
  • In a Dawn Raid Adversary Mode game, Moo parachutes near Delirious and Ohm and begins shooting at the two while mid-air, however, he fails to notice the gigantic crane in front of him and ends up crashing his chute on it, causing him to fall and die.
  • In a deleted video, Vanoss and the group (consisting of him, Delirious, Nogla, Lui, Jimmy, Velocity and Moo) try to perform a glitch that takes them inside the Humane Labs from single-player. Out of everyone, Nogla is (unsurprisingly) on the receiving end of misfortune during their many attempts to pull this off. First he has a hard time reaching the tunnel that leads to the lab, second once he does get there, Vanoss shoots him as soon as he surfaces and lastly he dies just as he was about to reach the surface.
    Nogla: *after getting shot by Vanoss* AH, HA HA!! NO! NO! EVAN, NO! YOU —- NO! YOU SON OF A FUCKING SHIT-FACE, DONKEY-DICKED BITCH!!"
    • There is also the bit where Nogla is on his third attempt to reach the lab, but suffers worse than his first two attempts and starts screaming in anger. Eventually he dies again and ragequits.
    • Bonus in the fact that Moo lampshades that during his last attempt, Nogla's scream of rage "sounded like a man who was on the verge of insanity".
    • A moment before that, Nogla does manage to get to the surface with them... but surfaces a glitch where he can't see anything. The whole moment is gold to watch.
  • The gang playing Donkey Kong Mode. The session was so good everyone involved had to make their own version of it.
  • This bit with the Banana Bus:
    Vanoss: This is the bus of the future.
    Wildcat: Where nobody has to be paying attention to the road. It just drives and never crashes into other cars-
    [Cue the bus crashing into another car, setting off its alarm]
    Wildcat: (like nothing happened) Welcome to the future.
  • Vanoss sniping Terroriser - only for a glitch to send him flying.
  • In one video, Nogla gets a DNF on a race. Disappointed, he attempts to expand DNF into a phrase:
    Nogla: D. N. F. - Dumb. As. Fuck.
    (Entire group laughs at him.)
  • When the gang do Trevor's Heist (which involves stealing drugs from rival gangs), they decide to pretend that they're getting stuff for a birthday party he's having - Coke, Mentos, potatoes, the world's largest game of Jenga, and meth.
  • In Unfair Windmill Dodgeball, Terroriser gets flattened by a bulldozer, twice.
    • In the last round, Ohm falls off the platform while in a bulldozer. Terroriser and Lui then kill each other. Thinking he has won, Vanoss jumps off the platform... without realising Ohm is still alive in the bulldozer below, and falls to his death, losing the round.
  • During one round of Avalanche - in which one team has to climb a steep ramp while dodging vehicles and debris that the other team drops on them - Delirious uses one of the trucks at the bottom of the ramp to climb up onto one of the train cars, and waits out the chaos. Once the other team (Moo and Vanoss) runs out of things to drop, he simply climbs to the top of the ramp and mows both of them down with the minigun and RPG.
  • In the Windmill and Pantos job, As Delirious and Cartoonz try to get out of a container, of which they are stuck in, while surrounded by Pantos, then Vanoss decides to shoot a C4 that he saw, thinking it might not explode (Take note that he shot the C4 hoping it won't explode and not doing his usual thing).
    • Then later when the three start battling each other, Delirious manages to survive being shot with a sniper rifle by Vanoss and lands in front of him, Vanoss then starts panicking and cycles through his weapon slot while Delirious runs to him with a hammer, only for Vanoss to smack him on the head with his SMG, instantly killing him.
    • There's also Vanoss trying fake out throwing a grenade to Cartoonz and walk backwards to Delirious. Delirious catches on and tries to run away, but is too late survive the explosion.
    • Worth mentioning is the three's first failed attempt at setting up the Pantos around the fighting area. Cartoonz is luckily sent flying up above by the windmill and gets to witness the carnage of failure consume both Vanoss and Delirious.
    • At the very end of the same video, Delirious parachutes toward Vanoss, but his chute gets caught in the windmill, causing him to land face-first on the ground... and then get his face smacked sideways by the windmill which insta-kills him.
      Vanoss: GET REKT!!
  • This video of Vanoss, Terroriser, Moo and 407 playing Hunting Pack has this in spades:
    • At one point, Brian jumps to avoid Brock... but boosts in mid-air at exactly the wrong moment, resulting in him throwing himself off the track. Adding to the hilarity is his scream.
    • He mis-times his jump again a short time later.
    • On the third incident, Brian boosts towards 407 in the ice-cream truck, but manages too jump at the worst possible time, completely missing 407 and sending him off the track again, much to Moo's amusement.
      Vanoss: Yo, sick move, Brian!
    • Later, the group attempt to land on a blimp Vanoss is flying. Moo trolls Terroriser twice, first by shooting him while he's in a "Yamasaki-engined" paraglider, then later on (when Brian jumps off and parachutes) shooting Brian's parachute to throw him off course, which results in him missing the blimp completely and parachuting to the ground instead.
      Terroriser: BROOOCK, YOU BIIIITCH!
    • Terroriser later gets his revenge when he takes a helicopter and mows down Brock with the rotors.
    • Brock later attempts to parachute onto the blimp, but falls short and clips his parachute on the blimp, sending him hurtling to death.
    • Terroriser, finally managing to land on Vanoss' blimp, attacks a helicopter with his assault rifle... only for Scotty to blow up the blimp with a homing launcher, killing Vanoss and sending Terroriser airborne (thankfully, he had a parachute).
      (Blimp blows up, 407 laughs)
      Terroriser: Wha-
      Vanoss: (calmly) Well, okay, that works!
    • At the end of the video, Terroriser flies his hoverbike directly behind Vanoss who is in a muscle car... only for Terroriser to spontaneously catch on fire and burn to death.
      (Terroriser catches fire, sending Vanoss into his Signature Laugh)
      Terroriser: Wha-, wha-, wha-?!?
  • During a round of Every Bullet Counts, Vanoss and Delirious are both dead, leaving only Moo and Terroriser. The latter attempts to jump on Moo from above.... only for him to botch the landing and fall upon hitting the ground, rendering him a soft target for Moo who immediately shoots and kills him. Moo and Delirious laugh their heads off, while Vanoss reacts sarcastically to Terroriser's Epic Fail.
    H2ODelirious: Early Bird (Moo) vs The Terminator (Terroriser). Early Bird, w-what are your thoughts?
    Moo Snuckel: Um....
    [at this point Terroriser jumps from above into the lower level and falls upon landing, causing Moo to start laughing]
    H2ODelirious: Oh God! Kill him! Kill him! [Moo shoots and kills Terroriser, and Delirious starts laughing]
    Vanoss: What a play! What a play! Had a little too much to drink, Terroriser?
    Terroriser: Who spilled— who spilled their beer?!? I could've killed myself!
  • Basically finally decides to come back to GTA V after nearly a year of abscence, and the crew creates a skit that involves Marcel's character (as himself) being inside, on Evan's apartment, for a YEAR, playing nothing but Fortnite, all with Evan sounding as insufferably sarcastic as possible while trying to finally get him to go outside for once.
    Moo: Marcel, you gotta stop, man!
    Basically: I can't man, I gotta get the Victory Royale!
    Vanoss: It's been a full year and you haven't left this room!
    Basically: I HAVE TO KEEP WINNING!!
    Vanoss: Marcel, Marcel, listen to me. I know you're making a ton of money from your Support-A-Creator code-
    Basically: BasicallyIdoWrk at the checkout by the way!
    Vanoss -you haven't been outside... for a full fucking year, ok?
    Basically: First of all, I've been up here, this isn't even MY apartment, it's YOUR apartment! You guys never invite me outside!
    Vanoss: What you talking about? This is- wait, is it?
  • The guys have to sneak into a hotel surrounded by guards so naturally they grab a golf cart with Vanoss and Delirious in it and Lui and Terroriser (in their bright red clothes) standing on top then just driving straight in. The guards seem fairly oblivious to this sight.
    Terroriser: Are we going against the Ray Charles gang?
  • During a transforming-vehicle race, Nogla knocked Delirious off early on, causing him to fall back to last place (Nogla's response to being called out on it was to say that it was the whole point, and then spins out Moo Snuckel to take first place. Fortunately for Moo, Nogla gets twice screwed over: first Ohm sideswipes and spins him out, then Vanoss (who at this point has taken last place and has all but given up on the race, instead focusing on ramming the remaining people with his jet) suicide-rams him and causes him to spin out again, causing him to lose to Moo and 407 who overtook him at the last minute.
  • Nogla, made up to look like Dark Knight Joker, decides to tell his own version of the Joker's "scars" story - only to get mugged in the middle of it.
  • While riding on a blimp with the others (to look for peyote), Delirious decides to switch to first person POV. Unfortunately for him, he's sitting right next to Terroriser, and gets a nice close look at his hat-glitched horse mask.
    • After the gang finally find the peyote, their first crack at is followed by a slew of PETA jokes and dirty dog humor.
      Delirious: We're getting demonetized, guys.
    • The second time sees Brian turn into a rabbit, to which he at first reacts with incredulity. Not long afterwards, in typical Terroriser fashion, he gives his new form a derpy voice with equally messed up lines.
      Vanoss: *standing in a row with the others in their dog forms* We just escaped from our owners!
      Delirious: Except for that guy.
      Terroriser: I'VE GOT SCABIES! I NEED A WASH!
    • At numerous points, Vanoss, Delirious and Brian each have their turn becoming a bird, and waste no time testing out their short-lived ability to fly. Terroriser in particular makes the exact mistake Delirious is in the process of warning him about.
    • After Lui transforms into a pug again, he screams a Big "NO!" in his Squeaker voice, and throws himself off the nearest cliff.
  • Moo driving Wildcat insane in this episode of Tron mode.
    Wildcat: Every time you hit me- EVERY TIME HE HITS ME, I'M THE ONE WHO DIES!
  • Lui trying and failing to say "gay pride parade parachute" (referring to Terroriser's parachute) in his Squeaker voice.
  • The intro for this video:
    Vanoss: Be vewy, vewy quiet, I'm hunting piggies. There's a pig on the loose; we have to find him.
    Wildcat: All right, let's get him.
    Vanoss: Have you seen anything suspicious?
    Wildcat: [Whose mask is a pig's head] No, I'mma check this way. Gonna find that fuckin' pig. [To the Pink Panther theme] Doo-doo, doo-doo, doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo - what is that?
    [The "that" turns out to be Delirious on a motorcycle, who bowls over Wildcat, killing him. The others break out laughing.]
  • Courage JD buys GTA V and starts doing a few videos with the gang, with hilarious results.
    • The hilarity starts with Jack wanting to be a "sex symbol" just in the character customization. He proceeds to be bewildered by all the facial imperfections that can be added, and chooses a very fancy suit to start the game with.
    • His actual first experience is watching a random player firing the Widowmaker (a laser minigun) randomly and destroying things. His reaction is a simple, well deserved "What the fuck was that?"
    • Marcel visits Wildcat's apartment in nothing but robes.
      Jack: Guys, I've played GTA for 2 minutes, I thought there would be naked girls but I'm with two naked dudes!
    They then proceed to furiously arm thrust behind the sofa, much to Jack's chagrin.
    • Wildcat attempts to drop Jack a weapon, but Jack gets run over just before. Wildcat drops him a Mini-Uzi and Jack proceeds to test it by spraying at Marcel.
      Marcel: Can you stop? Can we not?
    Marcel responds by killing Jack with a rocket launcher.
    • They then test the Up-N-Atomizer on Jack.
      Jack: I'm being shot at by aliens!
      Wildcat: We can really make this the worst experience ever for Jack if we wanted too!
      Jack: I mean, really, I'm just running back and forth and you're like "Hey, look at this cool thing we have- Death!"
    • Marcel shows off the Khanjali tank and Jack proceeds to immediately steal it by accident.
    • Jack attempts to steal a car...
      Courage: Excuse me sir, I have a grenade!
      [the grenade explodes and kills him]
    • Basically and Wildcat take Jack to buy a mask, and he decides on a cute anime mask for the giggles.
      Wildcat: Oh my god you're so cute I JUST WANNA BEAT YOU TO DEATH!
    During all that, Wildcat calls a mugger on Jack and his reaction is a sight to behold.
    Courage: Did I just get MUGGED? Did I just get fucking mugged? Give me my money back! Give me my fucking money back, you son of a bitch!
    [Courage kills the mugger and finds out it was Wildcat]
    Courage: Wait, YOU sent the mugger at me? I just thought that was a random thing that happens!
    • After that, Marcel and Wildcat take Courage for the objective of the day: rob a convenience store. Courage chooses an expensive gun for the robbery, with Marcel even killing the cashier, horrifying Jack.

      During the chase, Courage manages to snipe a helicopter pilot with a Civil War era revolver.
    • The chase ends with Jack running the numbers...
      Jack: I spent 30 thousand dollars on the gun and I got 1100...
      Marcel: Worth it!
    • The gang then takes Jack to the strip club. Marcel's already there throwing money at one of the strippers. Jack then accepts a dance, and goes full screen... and all we get is his hilarious reactions to the fully topless dance in-game.
      Jack: How they got them to look so real??
    • Marcel then takes Jack to the airport. The gang challenges Jack to find a way in, and Jack manages to get in through a simple door in the fence that neither Marcel nor Wildcat knew would be open.
      Jack: Give me a second...
      Wildcat: WHAT??
      Marcel: Are you... I didn't know you could fucking do this! This is so dumb!
    • Jack takes control of a private jet. While flying, Wildcat tricks him into getting out of the plane.
    • Marcel buys a 10 million golden private jet, and Jack immediately takes control of it again. He then wonders what happens if he crashes it... And he crashes it while trying to grab Wildcat in the air, much to Marcel's chagrin.
  • On Jack's second video, Marcel, Wildcat and Courage are joined by Moo and fourzeroseven, and Hilarity Ensues.
    • The video starts with the crew going on the ferris wheel, calling it "a very intense experience." Everyone then gets on Wildcat's limo and pull guns on each other.
      Wildcat: Can we not??
    • Wildcat explains the mission of invading the military base and stealing a fighter from it. Jack tries to ramp in with a limo and everyone on it, but the limo obviously doesn't make it through. They try it again with regular sports cars, except for Marcel, who steals a van and doesn't make it in. Jack steals a jet, and flies around for a bit, but Wildcat tricks him again and he jumps off the fighter to his death.
    • The crew goes to the next objective: climb Mount Chilliad. They obtain dirt bikes and struggle a bit to climb, and eventually reach the top.
    • Jack attacks a random hiker.
    • Jack then falls off the side of the mountain and slides down to his death multiple times.
    • Eventually, the crew dashes off the mountain in their motorcycles, and parachute away into Paleto Bay. Mid-flight, Jack snipes Scotty with his revolver, and faceplants miserably upon landing.
  • The crew then proceeds to gamble their money at the Casino to disastrous results.
    • At the start of the session, Jack shows off his shitty, run down house in the middle of Sandy Shores, with multiple unrelated movie posters scattered around.
    • The gang has a extremely R-rated conversation before going to buy new clothes. Wildcat even comments that conversation will cause them all to not get paid. Jack claims he got loaned money from a relative (actually a Shark Card) and decides to spend it all at the casino.
    • After showing off their new clothes and going to the Casino, everyone spins the wheel to attempt to win the car, and amusingly, Wildcat manages to win it by complete accident. Jack and Marcel get clothing.
    • The gang then tries roulette. Through multiple spins, the entire group manages to win literally nothing, with only Marcel winning a measly 10 thousand chips once. Everyone eventually ragequits.
    • The crew then tries Three Card Poker. It goes slightly better, and Marcel even comments about a time where he called a dealer in Vegas a bitch and got yelled at.
      • Everyone bets blind once, and Marcel ends up drawing a straight, with the dealer having Ace High. Marcel wins 28 thousand chips and the entire group ragequits the table in disbelief.
    • Immediately after, Wildcat plays the slots and hits a three-plum, winning over 125.000 chips.
    • Wildcat then shows off his penthouse on the Casino, and the group goes back to gambling on the private dealer table. Jack runs out of money and Wildcat almost loses it all until he hits a god-tier hand on a 50k bet and wins everything back.
      • Once they're all done, the crew just drinks whiskey to cool off all the lost money. Marcel then asks for another hand, and goes alone only to get shit on by the dealer.
    • The gang then bets on horses on an intense race. Wildcat ends up winning 40 thousand chips on the last few seconds, much to everyone's chagrin.
    • Marcel then dons a hideous grape mask to end it all.
      Marcel: You ready to get graped?
  • In the intro of this video, Wildcat picks up his new fancy DLC airplane, colored red and white, much like Canada's flag colors. As soon as he entered the plane, and after both Vanoss and Wildcat insulted Canada, with the latter calling the Canadians "fucking maple syrup eating fuckers", the plane exploded for no reason.
    Wildcat: Well, what have we learned today, people? DON'T TALK SHIT ABOUT CANADA!
  • At the start of Vanoss's POV of him and the others messing with the Sandbox mod we get a little homage to the intros of The Simpsons, complete with a Couch Gag consisting of Michael and Tracey bickering over the TV before Homer blasts Tracy off the couch with a shotgun, much to Michael's shock, and before that we see Delirious bounce off Homer's car on a bike before crashing offscreen and Nogla narrowly avoiding running over Homer with his bike.


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