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  • While his video The Politics of Antifa is still pretty dry, he does describe the idea that "anyone who wears a mask in public is bad" as the J. Jonah Jameson approach to political critique.
  • "Elon Musk":
    • Olly decides to give a practical demonstration of the labour theory of value by attempting to create a wooden chair without the use of labour... Walking into the woods and tossing money at a tree while screaming "investment!" at it.
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    • Olly's video ends on the note that, as youtube expands and making their biggest channels both rich and famous, a lot of the currently left-wing or liberal channels fall into the very real risk of becoming Elon Musk-style counterculture icons of liberal communism, disavowing the harm they may cause in the pursuit of profit but still pursuing it, or even ending up vehicles of counterculture backlash.
    Hank Green, in the comments: *clears throat, tugs at collar*
  • "Suic!de and Ment@l He@lth" is for the most part really dark, but has a few lighter moments:
    • The episode opens with Olly as Hamlet delivering his famous "to be or not to be" soliloquy, only to cut to...
      Dr. Rozencrantz: So, Prince Hamlet... When the ghost of your father instructed you to take revenge on your uncle, who murdered him, and married your mother, and seized the throne of Denmark... How much did that event impede your normal functioning, on a scale from 1 to 4?
    • The Gallows Humor moment when Olly reveals the knife he used to cut himself was part of a Swiss army knife-type cutlery set-up that also includes a knife and fork, which he laughingly explains is a pretty funny metaphor for the self-cannibalism he was performing on himself as masochistic epistemology.
  • "Witchcraft, Gender, & Marxism":
    • Olly prefaces one of his statements with "at the risk of attracting the wrong kind of internet audience: In fairness, Karl Marx wasn't 100% right about everything". The video is promptly interrupted by Olly being called up by Ben Shapiro (who Olly has apparently saved on his contacts list) wanting to donate a large amount to his Patreon.
    • The same gag is repeated later when Olly uses the same preface about postmodernism, only to be promptly called and invited to dinner by Jordan Peterson. By its third invocation, Olly's preface about Marxist feminism gets him called by Sargon of Akkad. Olly simply stares at his phone while an ominous bass hums in the background, before giving an Aside Glance and refusing the call.
  • "Reform or Revolution: An ASMR Guided Meditation" is very close to shit-posting, given the clash between format and content:
    Olly: As you sink deeper and deeper into this relaxed state of awareness, you may begin to notice the position of your body. The surfaces you are in contact with. The temperature of the room. And you may also notice your body's position in the system of global capitalism. And the air continues to flow. Becoming even more relaxed, even more aware. Now, in this relaxed state, we are ready to consider the revolution.
  • Much of the No Fourth Wall nature of "YouTube: Art or Reality?" is pretty funny, including:
    • Olly asks if DS Ellis has to chew so loud; DI Strucci responds he's not chewing at all, it's just a sound effect added in post.
    • As Olly's first citation appear on screen, DI Strucci asks if he's doing that, Olly says, yes, it's his citation. Strucci looks to DS Ellis, who shrugs, and a citation appears: DS Ellis, "Whatever".
    • When DS Ellis swears for the first time, it's bleeped out. His response: ""Don't you ***ing censor me, you fuck!"
  • The first half of "Why Does Britain Still Have A Queen" has Ollie repeatedly refer to the prestige of the royal family as "wanting to *** the Queen", to the point where he begins taking the metaphor a little too literally...
    (about anti-monarchist Jeremy Corbyn) Why won't you *** the Queen, Jeremy? Why won't you just... get in there, and give it to her with your socialist penis? (cut) In all fairness, since then, the leader of the Labour Party has said that he probably would *** the Queen if a majority of British people wanted him to, but he would still be reluctant to come inside.
  • "Steve Bannon: Or Why Do We Build the Wall?":
  • April 1st, 2019: Olly releases "The Philosophy of Anime", a twenty-minute talk by "Professor Gareth Venison" about the Hegelian dialectics and metaphysics behind Tenchi Muyo! set to the soundtrack of Koyaanisqatsi, in one take, without ever breaking character.
  • "Jordan Peterson & The Meaning of Life"
    • A Running Gag of the episode is that Olly, having only two Peterson books to quote from, never openly explains which of the two books his quotes are from and instead giving them origins such as — Jordan Peterson, responding to his waitress' question: "Is Pepsi OK?".
    • Olly cites philosopher Richard Boyd, who had previously made philosophical inroads into the areas later studied by Sam Harris (and Peterson) in the nineteen-eighties... Unfortunately, whatever else his philosophical insights, the man was very fond of Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness and Olly takes the piss out of him for it by quoting him in full Motor Mouth mode, especially in a deleted scene during the blooper reel.
  • In Ben Shapiro and Abortion, the sad violins that play when Olly says that people describe Shapiro as the "cool kids' philosopher", and pressing F on a keyboard when arguing that if life really begins at conception, a third of all people on earth die every week.
  • "HBO's Chernobyl & Personal Responsibility" is pretty grim for the most part, but opens with some great jokes:

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