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Not the faaaace!

The Game

  • While most of the champions don't look unusual on horseback, Ruckus stands out because he pilots his Mini-Mecha while riding a horse. He'll sometimes complain about how uncomfortable it is.
  • Killing an enemy in the middle of their ultimate's Badass Boast.
    Androxus: DEATH AWAITS Y— *gets killed* Pity, I was enjoying myself...
    • Drogoz's One-Hit Kill ultimate? Worrying. Drogoz's ultimate hitting one of Ying's illusions? Funny. Ying had the Resonance legendary card that causes destroyed illusion to blow up? Adding insult to injury. Drogoz was at low health? The dragon's fury got himself killed.
  • With the Jolt card, Bomb King can send enemies flying with his Poppy Bomb, sometimes off the map if he's lucky. However, if Makoa is sent flying, he can hook Bomb King so they'll fall off the map together.
    • Some champions can counter being jolted with their mobility skill. Buck, in particular, can simply leap back onto the map, making it look like he's rewinding time.
    • Torvalds ult is essentially the Jolt Poppy Bomb Up to Eleven and in the form of a beam. There's no sight more beautiful then activating it and watching as your target is launched to the other side of the map in a heartbeat. Or launches the entire opposing team into the skybox if the map has an open side.
  • Most of the MVP poses have the champions in a completely different pose than their default. Androxus' "Apathy" pose is... his default pose, but turned to his left. The pose certainly lives up to its name.
  • Some of the voice lines are quite humorous.
    • Bomb King
      • Upon death:
    • Upon killing Cassie:
    Bomb King: Birds can blow up too!
    • Fernando
      • Introductions:
    "This is a hot team! It is like a normal team, but with me in it!"
    "And just when you thought you were the sexiest person here, I show up."
    • Taking damage:
    (gleefully) "They just can't stay away from me!"
    • On fire:
    (panicking) "Hot! HOT!" (calmly) "And spicy!"
    • Jokes:
    "It's not polite to stare, but I understand."
    "Don't look at me in that tone of voice!"
    • Capturing a point:
    "I did it all alone! You helped a little."
    • His Salsa Dance taunt has him dance while absolutely stone-faced, contrasting his usual charming grin. Apparently, he's too busy concentrating on his moves.
    • Grohk
      • "You Rock" emote:
    Grohk: You smell nice!
    • Ruckus & Bolt
      • "You Rock" emote:
    Bolt: I don't completely hate you!
    • Purchasing an item:
    Ruckus: We could always use more stickers.
    Bolt: No!
    Bolt: Excellent choice, me.
    Ruckus (annoyed): I'm here too!
    • Makoa
      • Not much in his normal voice pack. His Plushy voice pack on the other hand, and even more so if he's in his normal skin.
      • Activating ultimate.
    Makoa: YOU CHALLENGE MAKOA?! (This makes more sense when you look at the link.)
    • Evie
      • Upon killing Fernando:
    Evie: Ugh... Go bug Skye or something, weirdo!
    • Upon killing Skye:
    Evie: Your wedgie slowed you down! Hahahahahaha!
    • Her "I am the greatest" line:
    Evie: (deep breath) Meeeeeeeeee!
    • Troublemaker Evie on death:
    T. Evie: Noise... complaint...
    • Ying
      • Upon killing Cassie:
    Ying: That's weird... Why does your bird die when you do?
    • Upon killing an enemy Ying:
    Ying: Okay, now things are getting weird.
    • Replicant Ying apologizing.
    R. Ying: Sarcastic (Beat) Sorry
    • Seris
      • One of her jokes really abuses Beat and she saw something that makes even herself stumped:
    Seris: Let me look into your future... (Beat) Oh. (Beat) Well... (Beat) Good luck with that.
    • Jenos
      • One of his jokes:
    Jenos: I've surpassed the limits of the human form and achieved ultimate understanding, but someone always has to ask "is it true you don't poop?"
    W. Mal'Damba: If I wanted to heal, my schedule wouldn't allow it. Three o'clock - wallow in self pity; three thirty - gaze into the abyss; five o'clock - solve realm hunger, tell no one; five thirty - yell at the crows; six thirty - buy deft hands, I can't cancel that again. Hm, I'm booked!
    • Zhin:
    Zhin: Give a man a torch, and he will be warm for a few hours. Burn his home to the ground while he sleeps, and he'll be warm for the rest of his life.
    • Pip:
      • Introductions:
    "Explosives, check. Dashing good looks, check. And world-renowned skill, check."

    • Buck:
      • Introductions:
    "Huddle up guys, let's do this! Wait, guys! Hold on, come back!"
    • Match Start:
    "Go time? Hold up - snacks, ammo, inhaler..."

  • OBS41 added messages while a match loads. Most of them are basic tips and tricks, you get the occasional great one-liner in there as well.
    What did Viktor say as he renovated his house? "Garage Incoming!"
    Would you rather hug Bomb King or Plushy Makoa?
  • The announcer packs are much more expressive (and humorous) than the default announcer.
    • Drybear:
    (Champion selection) "Pick the OPnote  one."
    (Champion customization) "Ooh, put that hat on, it's great. I like that hat."
    (Match is about to start) "Get over to them spawn doors right now!"
    (First kill of the match) "Now that that's out of the way, let's uh, play for real, guys."
    (Player gets nine kills in a row)"That's nine in a row! For some reason, we're counting by odds only."
    (Player gets an Immortalnote  killstreak) "Immortal! But not really, you can still die. Good— Good job though."
    (Player's killstreak continues to 13) "Godlik— Seriously? Only odds? Not 14 in a row, we don't congratulate you for evenness."
    (Player gets a Quadra Kill) "Fedangle Kill!"
    (Player gets a Pentakill) "The number that comes before 6, what is that, that's how many kills you got."
    (Enemy gets a Rampagenote  killstreak) "You let them get on a rampage? Aw, come on!"
    (Enemy continues their killstreak to Unstoppablenote ) "The enemy is unstoppable? Is that good? Is that bad?"
    (Enemy captures the Siege point) "God dang it, stop the payload!"
    • PrettyHair:
    (During Competitive Draft): "They're bannin'. Cross your fingers, one tricks."
    (Match Start) "Game time baby, let's go!."
    (Match Victory) "There you go, you're learning."
    (Match Defeat) "I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed."
    (Champion customization) "Ooh baby, lookin' strong."
    (Pushing the payload) "Escort our fair lady whilst I frag!" or "Quit whining and get on the payload."
    (Defending against the payload) "Slash that payloads' tires!"
    (Player Triple Kill) "Oh baby, a triple!"
    (Enemy Triple Kill) "Y'all just really let them Triple kill you?"
    (Player Quadra Kill) "One scrub, two scrub, three scrub, FOUR!"
    (Player Killing Spree) "Okay. Now you're rollin'!"
    "Rampage. 5 in a row. Proud of you!"
    * singing* "Savages, savages, fraggin' noobs and winning!"
    "He is more than a man. He's a shiny golden God!"
    "That's a 15 streak, we talkin' Scorched. Earth. "
    (Eneme Killing Spree) "Okay, real talk? Time to stop that guy."
    "Ahh. I think it's best just to stay outta his way, at this point."
    "That guy's killed our whole team, like 5 times!."
  • The dance emotes introduced in OB 59 allows players to move and groove in the heat of battle.
    • Super serious Lex happens to dance like Michael Jackson.
    • Torvald does a tap-dancing jiggity jig.
    • Pip does the chicken dance.
    • Grohk does the electric slide.
    • Evie ice skates around.
  • On that note, the roaming emotes introduced in OB 68 are also good.
  • Bomb King's Twitch Prime skin, appropriately, sounds and acts like an enthusiastic video game streamer, being a Large Ham and using gamer slang.

  • This deliberately cheesy ad for the Rooster Brewster, which is also a reference to this old Dr. Pepper ad.
  • The trailer for Stone Keep is mostly Scenery Porn of the newly revealed map, but has a few funny moments.
    • Near the end of the trailer, the camera pans to Androxus on a roof. When the camera zooms in on him he grabs it and flies off with it, making it look like he's doing a vlog.
    • The ending has several champions posing heroically when a chicken falls down and strikes a badass pose along with them. They all look at the chicken in surprise before Fernando sends it flying offscreen.
  • In Willo's champion teaser, we have Fernando's priceless Oh, Crap! expression when a seedling is about to explode in his face.
  • The cinematic trailer has Ruckus front and center as he desperately tries to get Bolt's crystal back and the universe is hellbent on making sure he doesn't. It's like Scrat trying to get his acorn.
    • In a Funny Background Event, Ruckus runs past Fernando shielding himself from attack while casually drinking from a goblet.
    • Ruckus trying to outrun Bomb King's ultimate, then riding him, then just when he is so close to grabbing the crystal, Bomb King rolls up and blows him sky high.
    • When Ruckus lands, the crystal falls back into Bolt, who then proceeds to chase a chicken while bringing out the big guns.
  • To celebrate their first ever sale on crystals, Hi-Rez made this deliberately cheesy advertisement featuring everyone's bombastic monarch, Bomb King.
    • Bomb King returns for the August 2018 crystal sale. Not only that, but he also took over the official Paladins Twitter for a day, with Evil Mojo Games fighting to regain control.
  • OB56 had a couple funny developer quotes in the log:
    • Grover's Throwing Axe adjustment had a hurricane of tree puns.
    • About a bug fix for Makoa's hook: This change is only meant to remove the ability to spin players indefinitely. You will still be able to pull off 180° no scope hooks to throw your opponents off a ledge.
  • This silly animated promo by Nevercake, who also makes silly promos for Hi-Rez's other game, SMITE.
    "There's over 25 champions to choose from, such as Fox Boy, Personality, and the tree from SMITE.
  • This teaser image for Strix, shows Strix hiding in a tree and leering at a wide-eyed owl staring blankly into space.
  • This Back to School Sale ad, with a surprise guest appearance from Drybear.
    "No! No! Who let Drybear back in here? Get him outta here! You can't just come back in Paladins."
  • Most of Talus' champion teaser is him pestering a busy and annoyed Barik. He momentarily gets serious and takes out the entire opposition... and then goes back to jabbering with the dwarf.
  • The trailer for the (now defunct) Battlegrounds game mode: Viktor skilfully takes out three opponents. The "players remaining" counter reads 2. He scans the area around him, pauses to wipe his forehead... and gets stabbed in the back by Maeve, who makes a mocking face "aw, poor baby" as he slumps to the ground.
  • Hi-Rez is no stranger to making sprays out of fan art, but making sprays out of intentionally crappy fan art? That's bizarre.
  • OB 67 changed Fernando's facial portrait to actually show his face after previously covering it up with his helmet. That's not the funny part. The funny part is it's listed as a buff in the patch notes
  • In the OB 67.5 teaser, HiRezJuJu is having fun with Paladins while HiRezMartini is pretending to play and Rickrolling the audience.
  • How crystals are made.
  • The very idea of releasing a love-themed update in OB69.
  • Like Smite, Paladins has a "Who is?" series animated and narrated by Nevercake, where he explains the backstories of champions in his funny little way.
  • There's lore, and then there's Drunk Lore.
  • After months of neglect to Grohk, patch 1.4 finally gave the lighting orc some love with a bunch of strong and interesting buffs. In the patch notes, the developer commentary for his section is a poorly drawn Grohk smiling and shedding a tear of joy.
  • When Paladins was down much longer than usual while undergoing maintenance, Evil Mojo capitalized on this by giving antsy players an opportunity to unlock the title: The Impatient.

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