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Hi-Rez are always never one to pass-up a good joke, or a shoutout to another franchise for that matter:

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  • Ying was named after a Hi-Rez employee, Ying Xie.
  • The PvE event Tortoise Power is one big one to TMNT, pretty much boiling down to your team against the titular ninjas, or in this case, Makael, Makonardo, Makoalangelo, Makotello, and Master Pipster.
  • The Team Fortress 2 version of Barik has a few: one of his jokes is "Can we build it? Yes, we can". Another is "Pay no attention to the man behind the turret!". If he kills Pip, one of his taunts might be "That's why you don't feed them after midnight."
  • Makoa's color schemes are the islands named in The Beach Boys' "Kokomo". One of his voice lines upon a successful chaining is "GET OVER HERE!"
  • Androxus' lines for killing Skye asks if she thinks darkness is her ally, and that he was born in the dark.
  • Smite and Paladins share an achievement called "Questions Later", which both involve damaging all your enemies without getting hit.
  • Ruckus and Bolt's Star-Slayer skin comes with the description describing that, in a galaxy far away, you still need to kill things as quickly as possible. Unsurprisingly, his "Woo Hoo" is Han Solo's victory scream after coming to Luke's aid (with more than a dash of R2's screeching), a joke involves Bolt trying to calculate their chance of success before Ruckus snaps with Han's "Never tell me the odds!", another joke is the "fully operational" line about the Death Star, his selection quote is paraphrase of Darth's "Don't fail me again", one of his post-victory quotes with Bolt is patterned after Leia and Han Solo's famous exchange ("I couldn't have done it without you." "I know."), one of his death quotes might be "B-but I shot first!", one of his "Ambush" quotes is "IT'S A TRAP", and one of his post-defeat quotes is Ruckus shrieking just like Luke finding out Darth Vader's his daddy. In a non-Star Wars related shoutout, one of his intro quotes may be demanding Bolt open the rear hatch, only to be told by Bolt that he's sorry, but he can't allow that.
  • Continuing the Star Wars references, one of Cassie's skins turns her into Rey circa The Force Awakens. Another turns Zhin into Kylo Ren. A third turns Torvald into an unholy cross between Darth Vader and Palpatine.
    • With that skin's voice pack, Torvald's "first blood" voice line becomes "You thought you would get first blood, but it was me, Torvald!"
  • V1KT0R's design is heavily based off the Doo M 2016's version of Doomguy, and one of his intro quotes parodies the "in the grim darkness of the far future" tagline of Warhammer 40,000.
  • Torvald's ultimate cry when heard by other allies is "Power Overwhelming!"
  • One of Drogoz's skins gives him the shoulder fins, armor plating, and "nose" of a EVA. In the same vein, an alternate skin for Skye turns her into Rei Ayanami in her plugsuit, blue hair and all.
  • Fernando's Helios skin turns him into a Gundam model kit, and the voice pack makes him mimic the low-res voices that came from old mecha action figures and the cheesy, heroic 80s-style anime dubs of mecha. Another skin turns him into Deathscythe, from the same series.
  • Viktor's Code Green skins turn him into a gung-ho, all-American plastic toy soldier with various guns. What nails in the reference is that he sounds identical to generic Green troopers (and Sarge) from the series.
  • Kinessa's chock-full of Shout Outs: She might call Barik a sad, strange little man after killing him, she says her heart's beating, hands shaking, and she's still shooting which ispart of FPS Doug's statements leading up to his immortal Boom, Headshot! line, states "I like the way you die, boy!" from killing Fernando, remarks "You're my boy, blue!" from killing Grohk, and has a joke "Funny? You think I'm funny? Like a clown? Do I amuse you?", which pretty much taken from Tommy DeVito from GoodFellas.
  • Replicant Ying (being a robot Ying) naturally references the three laws that no longer bind her. If killed by Lex, she spouts "Lex. What are you doing? Lex. Stop." One of her lines is shazbot, which in itself also references the use in Hi-Rez's Tribes. Genie Ying also uses "shazbot"!
  • Buck's, uh, Buck Wild skin is essentially Hulk Hogan. In addition, he sounds identical to Hercule's boisterous kayfabe voice.
  • Khan's large shoulder pads, "ask-questions-later" persona, and obnoxiously large Heavy Repeater have led many to compare his likeness to a Space Marine.
  • One of Triggerman Buck's opening lines (being a Mafia hitman) is "I don't like violence, I'm a businessman. Blood is expensive.". His other one references Taken's "I will find you" monologue.
  • Troublemaker Evie, being a punk rocker, naturally says "I don't wanna waste my time and I never fall in line!" for her spawn, The Ramones' classic "Hey-ho, let's go!", one of her jokes' punchlines is "Bikini Kill", her first blood quote is "This ain't a scene, it's an arms race!", killstreak quotes whip up "Cherry bomb!", "Gettin' away with murder!", and... "Let the bodies hit the floor!", oddly enough.
  • Longboard Lex, being a dudebro fratboy and beach bum, calls out "SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS". One of his spawn quotes references Point Break (1991).
  • Vigilante Lin's design references various superheroes — Robin's domino mask (and Green Arrow's), Hawkeye's bow and clothes. Yes, one of his voice lines goes "Holy...!"
  • Dreadhunter Drogoz is a flying Xenomorph. Naturally, one of his spawn quotes is "In the realm, everyone can hear you scream!", referencing the Alien tagline.
  • Night Bane Cassie is a Witch Hunter.
  • Upon death, Willo, a fairy, begs her team to believe in her.
  • Of course, Hi-Rez would be neglectful had they not poke fun at Paladins direct rival, Overwatch:
    • Lex's 'Good Luck!' quote is "Cheers, love!", much like another dual-gun totting person from a rival game, Tracer. What stops it from being a generic Cockney greeting is that he delivers it in the same tone and chipperness as Tracer, when Lex is the farthest thing from chipper.
    • If a Helios Fernando kills Viktor, the Soldier 76 equivalent, Fernando may grimly comment "We're all soldiers, now".
    • Raeve Maeve yells "Oh, that's my JAM!", a Lucio quote (delivered in the same tone, too!).
    • The Weekly challenge for playing five games as a support paraphrases the last half of Mercy's ultimate quote.
  • Raeve Maeve's helmet is a clear reference to deadmau5. Her lines are also filled with references to electronic dance music as well (so many, that someone made a list for them).
  • 'Bad Cop', a VIP-exclusive emote for Lex, shows him performing a dance that is practically identical to the moves Chris Tucker's character pulled off at the beginning of Rush Hour (itself an homage to Michael Jackson's performance, whose song was featured in said scene).
  • Madame Seris has the same haircut and blindfold as 2B.
  • Demon Slayer Zhin is Geralt of Riveria.
  • Zhin's "Nomad" skin makes him look like an airbender.
  • Imani unsurprisingly has a lot of references to Black Panther: Her VEG line is "Warders, forever!", the Warder skin shaves her head and adds red to her colour scheme to make her resemble Okoye, a Play of the Game line has her ask if you froze (or burned).
  • During the OB64 incident, Lex received two new Legendary Cards, the latter replacing the former when the former was too overpowered: "Fought The Law" and "The Law Won"
  • The Gentleman Jenos skin, which strongly resembles Tuxedo Mask from Sailor Moon in concept except his suit is white. The real kicker, however, is him having a line for Top Play that is, yes, the infamous "My job here is done" meme.
  • The Shore Patrol Battle Pass is one big reference to Baywatch, with the skins all being lifeguard uniforms played for fanservice. The trailer for the Pass features a slightly-altered parody of the show's theme.

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