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Fridge Brilliance

  • Almost every character who uses firearms is either someone who sides with the Magistrate or was once part of it. Considering that the Magistrate was the ruling superpower for a long time, they would have the resources to advance their weaponry from swords and arrows to Magitek firearms.
  • Why is Seris/Abby blindfolded? Because it's common for executed criminals to be blindfolded in their execution. Abby is a sacrifice for the Abyss, which is a death sentence, so it makes perfect sense for her to wear a fold.
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  • During the Ascensions Peak event, at first it seemed somewhat arbitrary for Seris to be part of the Magistrate's team, due to (at the time,) having no connection with them. Then comes the Rise of Furia event, which gives us a possible motive: The Magistrate had been giving sacrifices to the Abyss to keep it from destroying Seris (the town). When Abby was chosen as Seris's (the person) vessel, it also gave the Abyss influence in Crosswind Hold. Seris assisting Khan in his mission could have been the Abyss returning the favour for all the souls given to them.
  • Lian and her bodyguard, Khan, complement each other well. Lian can deal a lot of damage, but doesn't offer much utility outside of damage. Khan has many ways to protect and aid his allies, but doesn't have much offensive power. Put these two together and they cover each other's weaknesses.
  • Every Champion, from Khan, the last Champ released before the official release of the game, to the next ones after him happen to have foils/are rivals to certain characters that have already existed before them
    • Khan is a gigantic, mountain of a man in an advanced suit whose perfect for defending his allies and helping them attack head on, with an Ultimate that's focused on targeting a single foe and it helps that this ability auto tracks the enemy. He also has an ability that heals multiple allies around him in a short range. Jenos, on the other hand, is a Physical God who wears little armor in favor of dashing, godly robes and serves as a support on the battle field, healing singular allies from afar, even threw walls, and generally stays behind them to ensure he can give some cover fire to their foes. His Ultimate is also focused dealing damage to multiple enemies at once but requires precision and skill to do so.
    • Furia is a battle hardened healer angel who wields the power of the Pyre, with her primary style of play is to heal allies one at a time to increase her attack speed, dealing more damage to enemies in a shorter period, occasionally stunning an enemy directly with a large, incoming beam. Her Ultimate allows her to increase the power of her allies. Seris, on the other hand, also has a heal that heals one at a time, but with the right talent, she can heal multiple allies at once. Her ability to deal damage to enemies by marking them allows her to damage foes she can't even see anymore. And unlike her sister, she can only stun enemies with a talent, not something she can do all the time. Her Ultimate, meanwhile, makes her enemies immobalized for a short time so her allies will tear them down for them. Also, yeah, the whole Abyss thing.
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    • Koga is an extremely fast attacker, dashing and slashing his foes to ensure that he never gets hit and basically acts like a complete distraction for the enemy. It helps that his Ult cuts down multiple enemies at once, but there's a chance they can escape it. Zhin, however, is far tougher than Koga. While he can be fast, he's not as fast as most Flanks in the game. What he lacks in speed, he makes up for in strength. With the ability to counter enemies' attacks, turn into smoke to escape and dash forward with a spinning attack, Zhin is built for one on one matches, dealing heavy damage to foes up close and personal, with an Ult that focuses only one specific target and it's very hard to escape from it (read: NEVER) once you're caught in it.
    • Dredge and Imani are interesting, in that they're both new characters (after Khan, anyway) yet can still be seen as Foils. Dredge is simple. He lobs grenades and throws harpoons into the battlefield, uses teleportation to get from one place to another, is a cruel pirate that seeks legendary treasure that's not even his and summons a Krakken from the Abyss to help kill his foes. Imani, on the other hand, fires fast ice projectiles and chargeable fireballs at enemies, needs to ride a surfboard made of ice while using her fire as jet engines to propel herself to traverse the battlefield, seemingly wants to do good and ensures that powerful artifacts do not fall in the wrong hands, like Dredge's, and summons a dragon from the sky the rain fire and ice at enemies.

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