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Nightmare Fuel / Paladins

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  • Terminus' champion teaser plays out like a monster movie, with Terminus as the unrelenting monster. Cassie and Talus are fearing for their lives for most of the teaser until they manage to slay him. Then the fear comes back when he reanimates (as pictured on the right).
    • Terminus in general. He is a surprisingly dark character for such a relatively light-hearted game. Unlike other morally-dubious characters like Zhin and Androxus, there are tons of implications that Terminus is actually a decent person forcibly turned into an undead abomination and mind-controlled to commit atrocities. Oh, and he is still completely conscious the entire time, with his original self briefly resurfacing several times before getting overwritten again by his emotionless dominating personality.
    • This gets worse if you look at it from Inara's perspective. To her, Terminus isn't just some unkillable stone abomination that the Magistrate uses as a bruiser. He's the corpse her fallen friend who died in her arms, stitched together with magic and turned against her. Every time she sees him would be a chilling reminder that the Magistrate could do that to her too.
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    • In-Game, Terminus' ultimate is Nightmare Fuel crossed with Paranoia Fuel for anyone fighting him. It can be only activated after he dies, it can happen very suddenly, due to its nature it can't be shut down like other Ults, and while you can tell when he has itnote , not everyone would know what it's signalling. You could finish defending against a vicious push and be licking your wounds only to hear a bellow of Once more I rise! and know that you likely won't survive Terminus' return. This is especially scary during Siege games since Terminus' Ultimate pulls double duty as a revive and an enemy clearer since it deals 4000 damage over a surprisingly wide radius, more than enough to kill everything short of another Tank hero and even then they'll be brought down to the point where Terminus could easily wipe them out. Have fun guessing if that Terminus is actually down for the count or if he's just holding on to his Ultimate as long as he can to maximize damage!

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  • Androxus' curse has afflicted him with a hunger for souls. This means he has an urge to kill which he can never satisfy, making him kill more and more... Think what it must be for a man who was once a servant of justice to forcefully become an Ax-Crazy killer.

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