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Tear Jerker / Paladins

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All I wanted was peace... Why did it end like this?

  • Some of the champions are good friends with each other and don't take fighting a friend too well if they're on opposite teams.
    • Inara:
    Killing Makoa:
    "I am sorry friend, but it is time you return to the ocean."
    "I thought you, if anyone, would understand my fight."
    Killed by Makoa:
    "All I wanted was peace... why did it end like this?"
    "Was I wrong?"
    • Willo:
    Killing Grover:
    "We were such good friends!"
    "Oh Grover, I actually feel a little bad."
    Killed by Grover:
    "Did I upset you?"
    "Grover, why?!"
    • Strix:
    Killing Kinessa:
    "You learned nothing!"
    Killing Viktor:
    • Terminus:
    Killing Inara:
    "What have I done?!"
    "No I... I'm a monster!"
    Killed by Inara:
    "I deserve this."
    • Moji
    Killing Grover:
    "Oh no, I'm sorry!"
    Killing Makoa:
    "Oh, I didn't meant it, Makoa!"
    • Furia:
    Killing Seris:
    "Oh no. I.. I am sorry."
    "You left me no choice."
  • In Splitstone Quarry, you can find a collapsed mine, with crushed mining mechs sticking out, a memorial of flowers and candles at the base, and warning sign depicting a goblin being crushed. It's a surprisingly dark and tragic scene for a lighthearted game.
  • Talus' kind, the ska'drin, are looked down upon and horribly maligned so much so that they were nearly wiped out twice in revolt. Ska'drin now live in fear, hiding their tails and hide or file their horns in hope of being treated normal. This doesn't always work.
  • "A Realm Divided" shows how Terminus died. He fought alongside Inara against the Magistrate when he took a fatal blow from Ash. The final shot of Terminus is him lying shattered on the ground with a devastated Inara kneeling beside him.
  • Perhaps the most tearjerking moment of the game so far comes from Seris and Furia's shared origin story. They were once loving sisters named Abby and Sarah. Then one day the Magistrate chose as Abby the sacrifice for the Abyss. Sarah tried to protect her sister from the Magistrate soldiers and ended up badly bruised for her trouble. As a meaningless gesture, the Magistrate gave Sarah Abby's hair lock to be a Tragic Keepsake. As Abby was about to be sacrificed, Sarah had no place to turn to but the Church of Pyre. Here, she prayed for the power to fight the Abyss and was turned into Furia in response, but it proved to be futile because Abby was already turned into Seris and the village was already destroyed. There is nothing left for Furia to do except fighting what was once her sister.

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