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These are the characters of Paladins. They fall under the following categories:

  • Front Line: Tanks, protectors, and short range bruisers, all Front Line champions have a large amount of health and can put up some kind of shield to soak up incoming fire.
  • Damage: All-round fighters who are good at dealing a lot of damage in a wide variety of situations.
  • Flank: Subversive fighters who use high mobility and trickery to unleash devastating close range attacks. They suffer from a very harsh damage falloff, making them largely ineffective at long range.
  • Support: Healing allies and debuffing enemies are the support's forte, but they're not to be underestimated in combat.
  • Echo Characters: Moveset Clone Champion Skins that are separate characters canonically in the games' lore, rather than solely being cosmetics or alternative interpretations of said champions.

List of Characters


Tropes shared by many or all of the Champions

  • Achilles' Heel: Various champions have weaknesses against others, with some having weakness against certain item cards. For example, the Support Champions have weaknesses against Cauterisenote , while Frontlines have weaknesses against Wreckernote , and the likes of Barik, Inara, Imani and Grohk are also susceptible to Bulldozernote 
  • The Artifact:
    • The majority of champions circa late 2018 had skins that conformed to the old "Parts 'n Pieces" system, which allowed players to design champions to their liking (Removing Oni Talus' mask to reveal his Kabuki facepaint, or using the "Heirloom Crest" hat and "Ronin" skin with Ash, for example). There's quite a lot of unusual leftover cosmetics that only change one part of the base character, such as the "Wreath" for Makoa, which replaces his shell with a Wreath. According to Word of God, The system was removed as it limited skin designs to a degree the skins artists weren't happy with. The Weapon skins however, were not affected by the removal of "Parts 'n Pieces", and weapon skins can be freely used between skins, for example Ash's "Freedom" Cannon can be used with her XenoBuster skin, even though that skin comes with its own unique weapon skin.
    • Some champions have voice lines for being frozen or stunned that explicitly mention the cold or ice effects pertaining to Evie. These come from the days of Paladins when Evie was the only character who could stun or freeze anyone. This is not the case anymore, as Corvus, Furia, Inara, Io, Khan, Mal'Damba, Raum, Seris, and Terminus also all have talents and/ or kit that lets them stun or slow people. Ironically, these lines are not used on Imani's "Frost Bomb", which roots (meaning enemies are still able to shoot), not stuns or slows.
  • Artistic Age: Not nearly as many as one would expect, as the ages of each champion in this game aren't usually given out in the lore. Notable exceptions are Io, who is a million year old Moon Goddess that takes the appearance of a teenage fox-human hybrid, Viktor, due to his The Artifact voice clashing with his redesigned face, which makes him sound far older than he appears, while Maeve and Talus look about 15 - 16 years old, but both are apparently over 18.
  • Badass Baritone: Most of the male champions have deep voices, and also have the potential to be very dangerous in the right players' hands. Imani, a rare female example of this, also counts.
  • Badass Boast: Every champion has a few boasts as jokes, taunts or just in their voicelines.
  • Badass Crew: Everyone is capable of taking on the enemy team, and are all deadly with their weapons, such as general equipment, magical powers, familiar riding etc.
  • Becoming the Costume: Pretty much every skin in the game changes the voice of the champion to match the theme of that skin, too many to list here, there's more detail within each character folder. There are exceptions of course; Recolors use the champion voice pack, and a lot of the earlier skins for the game, such as "Tactical Pip" and "Commando Buck", who don't have a unique voice pack attached to them despite physically altering their appearance.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Every champion has a few, sans Strix, Ash, and Lex who are quite reserved and don't talk much. The rest of the playable champions have at least one or more quips in store, either for their allies or enemies.
  • Dysfunction Junction: Many of the playable characters are deeply flawed, and nearly all of them have some form of tragedy in their backstory. Ruckus and Bolt, Pip, Jenos, Seris and Terminus all stand out.
  • Everything Trying to Kill You: Asides from just being an occupational hazard for all the characters in a game, this applies to the support and frontline champions the most, given that once the healer and frontlines fall, the rest can be taken down much faster.
  • Foil: Many of the Champions counter one-another in gameplay.
  • Fight Like a Card Player: There are three types of cards utilised in the game: a "loadout" deck which provides extra power to a Champion and their abilities (16 cards for each hero, 4 each for the 3 non-ultimate abilities, and the last 4 for their main weapon and passive armor effects) that are unique for each champion, Talents that provide special effects to each Champion, of which there are 3 per champion, and 16 "item cards" that are bought in-battle (think like the equipment store in a MOBA) with four types: Defense, Utility, Healing, and Offense. Some of the earlier Champions like Pip and Kinessa will refer to their ultimate as "cards" as well.
    "Ultimate is ready!" voice clip: Cards are ready!
    "Ultimate is down!" voice clip: Cards are down.
  • Gameplay and Story Segregation: The Cinematics have shown many of the champions using abilities that they aren't capable of using in-game, such as Jenos' ability to fly in his cinematic, but not in-game (though, he does float 24/7 in-game).
  • Gold-Colored Superiority: About half the roster Golden reskins for their outfitthose being of their default look and weapon (The list is getting progressively bigger, however). The rest of the champions only currently have Golden Weapons, which comes with a unique effect when killing someone. These can be unlocked at Mastery 50 for a character.
    • Khans' base skin is Red and Gold, with Gold trimmings on his armor and repeater.
    • The "Exalted" skin adorns Androxus with golden trimmings with a white uniform.
    • The "Monolith" skin for Terminus turns his normally green clothing black, and his metal pieces golden, making it the only character with an unofficial "Golden recolor" recolor.
  • Heroic Ambidexterity: Talus and Androxus use their other arms for punching.
  • Heal Thyself: All champions have out of combat self healing, but it takes 5 seconds to activate. The item "veteran" increases your healing per second while out of combat.
  • Hitbox Dissonance: The champions all have one Capsule-style Hitbox (to cover the body), and a headshot hitbox (that covers...well, the head.), that are more befitting of an arena shooter. This comes with the obvious problem of having large blank spaces around heads and legs that score damage onto the enemy you shoot at, making spraying bullets a fairly viable tactic, and makes some projectiles, such as Dredge's Broadside or Sha Lins' arrows, which both appear to be more powerful than they actually are.
  • Impossibly Cool Weapon: To name a few, Zhin's Flaming sword, Pip's Potion launcher, Imani's gauntlets, and Bomb King's entire body creates bombs to pelt bombs at you.
  • Infinite Supplies: Nobody runs out of ammo, fuel, power, or anything else they need to use during the fight, although they do require time for stuff to be reloaded or refilled.
  • Informed Obscenity: Some of the characters' "Curses" voice lines are made up of this. Io for example says "Craters, craters craters!", Moji says "Whiskers", and Jenos says "Void take you!"
  • Killed Mid-Sentence: They all shout certain lines when using their ultimates. Logically, this trope tends to happen a lot.
  • Limit Break: Each Champion has an Ultimate ability that is charged up slowly over time and charges faster when healing or inflicting damage upon the enemy. With exceptions to Androxus, Khan, Lian, Talus, Yagorath and Zhin, Once the Ultimate is used, the meter drops back down to 0% and has to be charged up again. In Khan and Zhin's case, it resets to 30% if they do not hit anyone with the Ultimate, while Yagorath resets to 50%, but back to 0% if they succeed, Lian has a talent that let her keep 50% of ultimate charge, and Talus keeps 70%, all under the same conditions. Androxus resets to 60% if he activates his Ultimate without firing any shots, and decreases in increments of 15% per shot for the duration of the ultimate.
  • Meaningful Name: Most of the champions have names that clue in on their abilities, their personalities, and occupations. While some characters go by their nicknames or callsigns, this also applies to their real names as well.
  • No Ontological Inertia: Played straight with most abilities and non-deployable Ultimates, so for example, Skye's Ultimate; Time Bomb, will still be active even if she dies after she's thrown it. Regular Deployables, such as turrets, shields and teleporters, will disappear when a character dies, however. Most healing abilities will continue to heal allies when the healer is dead, though not all healers/ healing abilities qualify for this:
    • The only healers playing this trope straight are Grohk (as his totem dies with him) and Io (Luna dies when Io does). Pips healing potion negates healing if they do not hit anyone when he's killed; Combat Medic potion launcher shots are the exception.
    • Bomb King's "Grumpy Bomb" does not stop its detonator, or even explode early if you kill Bomb King.
    • Furia's Ultimate "Inflame" will not stop until the Ultimate runs out of charge. Any healing done by "Cherish" will still apply, and her fireballs will also still track targets, even if Furia is killed after she launches them.
    • Grover equipping "Rampant Blooming" will still have the three seconds of extra healing if Grover dies after using the ability. Similarly, his "Deep Roots" talent will not stop Rooting until the timer has expired.
    • Jenos' Astral Mark will still have it's effects be applied if Jenos dies after using the ability. Killing Jenos also cancels his Void Grip, and his "Through Time and Space" Ultimate ability.
    • Mal'Damba's Ultimate "Dread Serpent" will still works if you die after it has been deployed. His Gourd continues healing your allies/ harming the enemy if Mal'Damba dies after it has been splattered onto the floor.
    • Seris's "Convergence" will still deploy if she is killed while she throws it. Her Rend Soul stun also goes through its timer and does not cancel early if she is killed early.
    • Ying's Ultimate "Illusory Rift" doesn't stop until the Ultimate runs out of charge. Her Illusions, however, do get destroyed if she dies.
  • The Medic: The healer list is Seris, Pip, Furia, Grohk, Mal'Damba, Ying, Corvus, Io, Jenos, and Grover. Some champions also have their own healing abilities in their kits, such as Khan and Buck (the former can heal other teammates and himself, the latter is personal health only).
  • Palette Swap: Every champion has one skin that has the same design minus a change in color. Starting from Furia, they all receive a Black and Golden skin too, as well as making a minor change to the model for their recolor. Starting from Imani, they have a Season Pass skin. There are details on what their recolors change on each champions' page.
  • Pre-Asskicking One-Liner: Most of the characters have a Badass Boast that they always shout just before activating their ultimate ability. This serves the purpose of giving the enemy team a chance to react, as a sort of subtle variant on Calling Your Attacks.
  • Shoot the Medic First: This is a very wise idea when you're dealing with any of the support champions, those being Corvus, Io, Seris, Furia, Pip, Ying, Jenos, Mal' Damba, Grover and Grohk. Any one of these supports can sustain a team for a decent amount of time, so prioritise killing these champions above all others!
  • Standard Status Effects: All of the champions have a wide range of abilities, some of whom use some status effects in their kit:
    • Burn: Setting someone alight makes them burn off HP at a slow rate.
    • Blindness: Maeve and Strix's Ultimate blocks enemy vision for a few seconds.
    • Decover: Willo is the only champion with Anti-Heal capabilities, tied to her Seedlings' AOE
    • Fear: Mal'Damba's Ultimate "Fears" Champions, and once affected, run in the opposite direction, take more damage from enemies and the players inputs are ignored.
    • Frozen: Evie's "Ice Block" Ability makes her retreat into an ice block for a few seconds, and becomes immune to damage.
  • Root: Stops enemy movement and disables their movement ability, but they can still use their primary fire and other abilities.
    • Slow: Quite a lot of champions possess ways to slow enemy movement, such as Pips' "Fire Potion", and Inara's "Warders Field". Related is the "Cripple" effect, which stops enemy movement abilities, such as Androxus's "Nether Step".
    • Stun: Stun an enemy for a set amount of time and keep them from fighting back.
    • Silenced: Only Torvald can truly Silence champion abilities, denying the use of Ultimates, shields etc. All champions can still shoot and use their primary fire however.
    • Stop: The "Banish" mechanic makes anyone affected be take out of the game for 4 seconds, and neither team can interact with them either. Only Atlas utilises this, and it's his Ultimate that has three charges.
    • Weird Transformation: Pip's Ultimate turns anyone in the potions AOE into defenseless chickens, while Moji's Ultimate turns them into a snack for her Familiar to eat.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: A few characters really don't like the fact that they are on the same side during gameplay. Zhin hates Androxus of all people. Ruckus and Bolt don't like working together either, but their situation being what it is, Bolt has no choice but let Ruckus control him.
  • Unusable Enemy Equipment: Nobody can use anything other than their own weapons and equipment.
  • Vocal Dissonance: If you own a skin, but want to retain the voice for the champion, then you can select the "champion" voice pack option in the lobby. Taken Up to Eleven with three skins; Pip's "Remix Pepper" skin, Drogoz's "Abyssal Lord" skin, and Corvus's "Magnus" skin, as they are all canonically treated as a different people both in-game and lore-wise, so you can have the skins' body with the champions voice.
  • You Have Researched Breathing: The champions for the most part avert a lot of first person shooter mainstay mechanics that would otherwise be available champion-wide, such as Melee as an alternate fire option, or sprinting around the battlefield (The former can only be used by Talus and Androxus, and the latter is only available to Viktor).

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