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  • Dragoon in 8-Bit Theater has a pet dragon named Muffin — who, like all dragons, he thinks is a parrot. She is also the world's most evil dragon that founded the order of Dragoons to kill all of the other dragons, without them knowing, and then killed all but one of them.
  • In The Adventures of Dr. McNinja, Dr. McNinja's gorilla receptionist, who is known to take out hunters of giant lumberjacks and go toe-to-toe with Velociraptors (named Yoshi), is named Judy.
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  • Taking into account the powers Beings have in But I'm a Cat Person, they have the capability to be this.
  • College Roomies from Hell!!! fans know the tentacle goo monster that spawned in the guy's kitchen as 'Mr. Friendly'.
  • Kor'la from EATATAU!!! has a pet Great Knarloc he named Lily. For context, Great Knarlocs are T-Rex sized monsters used by the Kroot as beasts of war, and Kor'la says that Lily, who is already that big, is still just a baby.
  • Exterminatus Now:
    • A running joke regarding Virus is his tendency toward pets like this, including a massive combat cyborg he named 'Skippy', though the only one of these pets to get significant screentime is a Chao that absorbed the DNA of a demonic dog, who he named 'Blasphemy', which is actually quite fitting.
    Eastwood: The traits you find endearing, most right-thinking people have nightmares about.
    • A Patterner cult are summoning a demon named... Kevin.
  • The Gamer Cat has the main character angering a big, intimidating cat who later reveals his name as "Sweet". He turns out to be calmer once Glitch invites him to play Super Mario 3D World. Sweet choses to play as Peach.
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  • Goblins supplies the page quote, in the form of an Owlbear, tortured over months by the guard quoted in order to make it a killing machine. It works, but not quite in the way the guard might have hoped. A little later in the comic we're introduced to "Mr. Fingers". This is a very appropriate name since "Mr. Fingers" is an Eldritch Abomination that is composed of pure Nightmare Fueled Body Horror, one head, and unnumberable limbs that end in many-fingered hands. After that, there's Biscuit the Orc. He was named after his favorite food as a child.
  • The title character of The Good Witch is named Angel, and her titular role as "the Good Witch" is explicitly to use her powers to help people and do good things. She's a self-centered sociopath who instead devotes her powers exclusively to making her own life better and amusing herself. Namely by transforming people at random into whatever she thinks would be fun, such as repeatedly Gender Bending a specific guy to mess with his head, or converting local kids into clothing for her mother's store. The comic has been described as a Darker and Edgier take on The Wotch.
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  • An interesting case seen in Hooves of Death, because sugary names like Glitter, Blaze, Rose, or Sprinkles are fitting names for the ridiculously cute pastel unicorns they once were. After a few years of saving humanity from a Zombie Apocalypse, even the background unicorns Took a Level in Badass and have the battle-scarred appearance to match.
  • Housepets! has a gator named Fluffy, with an apparent history of eating other pets.
  • In a now-outdated Penn State in-joke, the first giant monster to appear in The Inexplicable Adventures of Bob! was the mighty People-Eating Poly-Sorbate Insectoid: a "P.E.P.S.I." Snookums, in his original giant monster form would fit this trope as well, except that Snookums is harmless.
  • Variation: Lackadaisy features the "Sunshine Special", a perfectly cheery name for a train, but that's hardly reassuring to Rocky when he's nailed to its tracks. The comic also includes a mob boss named Asa Sweet and little orange tabby over there who massacres a group of people while laughing maniacally? He's known as Freckle to his cousin.
  • In Life With Lamarr, Magnusson has a T. rex that can fire laser from its eyes, called Mr. Nibbles, and a ninja Fast Headcrab called Noodles.
  • Looking for Group has the Chief Warlock of the Brothers of Darkness, Lord of the Thirteen Hells, Master of the Bones, Emperor of the Black, Lord of the Undead. His name is Richard. His friends call him "Dick" (at their own risk).
    • On later days he's picked up the titles "Lord of the Dance" and "Mistress of Magma" as well. He's also the mayor of a small town up the coast, quite scenic in spring... A small town of the undead that's called "Pretty, Pretty Unicorn." It's a work in progress.
  • L's Empire gives one of the main characters the Ultimate Chimera from Mother 3 as a pet and names it Fluffy.
  • The current page image as of June 2012 is Jared and Mr. Fish the Gyarados from Manly Guys Doing Manly Things. To be fair, Mr. Fish was a Magikarp when Jared named him that, so it is an example of the second case of the "sometimes played with by writers" paragraph.
  • Yuki from MegaTokyo gets a pet FunSized zombie 'zilla. She names him Zom-Zom-chan and ties all the pieces that fall off him back on with ribbons.
  • A Modest Destiny has the Vampire Lord Fluffy, whose name was enough to strike fear into the heart of even the most brave. He has Villain Decay as a backstory. The decay is later subverted with a vengeance.
  • The strongest fighter in all of The Noordegraaf Files is an emaciated sixteen year old girl named Violet. Doesn't sound so bad, right? She's also six foot eight, has a temper worthy of legend, and flies into a homicidal rage when angered. Everyone, including her closest friends, fears her to some extent.
  • The Order of the Stick:
    • Mr. Scruffy Took a Level in Badass by slaughtering a 1st level commoner — with one scratch.
    • Subverted with Little Whiskers the tiger. He's actually less threatening than Mr. Scruffy.
  • Questionable Content has the tall and quietly intimidating combat droid named Bubbles. Meanwhile, her employer, a rather ordinary-looking purple robot, is named Corpse Witch.
  • Schlock Mercenary:
    • The comic has the former Ob'enn Superfortress starship, the "Post-Dated Check Loan", capable of outgunning whole fleets at full capacity. Its controlling AI has taken the name Petey (as in P.D.). This is in deliberate contrast to the absurdly overdramatic names of most of its race's ships. Incidentally, the next ship the Toughs own is the "Serial Peacemaker", which is a glorified troopship entirely unworthy of its awesome name.
    • The Ob'Enn themselves apply, and cross over with Deathbringer the Adorable. A cute-sounding name for a bunch of sapient koalazoids...who have decided to take up "xenocidal tendencies" as their hat.
    • Later on, the Toughs encounter a Fleetmind ship named the "Plaited Daisies".
      Tagon: Oh, there's a nice, peaceful name. I assume it's one of Petey's "Devastator" class warships.
      Ennesby: Actually, he's dubbed this class "Extortioners".
    • T'kkkuts-Afa is the controlling AI of a mind-bogglingly vast space station who has Gone Mad From the Isolation - several million years of isolation, to be exact. In the language of the Oafans, her makers, her name translates figuratively to "Angry God". Literally, however, it translates to the rather unfortunate phrase "Broken Wind." It is testament to how seriously Ennesby takes the confrontation with her that he doesn't make a single fart joke.
      • Later on, the warship hosting T'kkkuts-Afa was renamed to Breath Weapon after she figured out what Broken Wind meant to her current crew.
    • A species of sapient dromeosaurs referred to as "feathrells" domesticated the T. rex and gave the species a name meaning "beast which allows children to enjoy hunting".
      Tagon: "Is Sorlie (currently riding one) hunting something?"
      Feathrell: "No. Fluffy-Winkle just wanted to go for a run."
  • Sequential Art has in-universe MMORPG "Realm of Lorcraft" where the fearsome beast named Pickles scared everyone. An incredibly frightening and powerful creature is a little, bug-eyed chihuahua-looking puppy who can turn himself inside out. (See the start of that storyline right here).
  • Sluggy Freelance, while having its share of killer rabbits, has a borderline example of this in the form of the large centipede called Fluffy — it's small compared to a human, but it's large for a bug and considered scary and unpleasant by the humans in the strip. (It's the alien Aylee who considers it cute and gives it the name). Later, all its species get labelled "fluffies".
  • Something*Positive has the cutely named Choo-Choo Bear and Twitchy-Hug. The former, while terribly cute, is a shapeshifter, occasionally prone to fits of psychotic and homicidal violence. The latter was quite clearly homicidal. That's OK, though. Choo-Choo Bear had him shot. Then Davan made the remains into an ashtray.
  • Of all the doctors in Sparklecare, Dr. Cuddles is by far the most aggressive and violent. It's also worth mentioning he's a small pink squirrel.
  • Bud and Brandi from Wapsi Square have a pet sea monster named Stinky.
  • The villain in Warrior U is a pink unicorn by the name of Hevvin Angelbright. Sure, he's trying to extinguish all life on earth just for the sake of killing (and is living in a den littered with the skulls of his victims), but how can you hate him? A group of unicorns is called a BLESSING!
  • Arthur in Wondermark was seen riding a piranhamoose and calling him "Fluffy".
  • The Scout Report, a World of Warcraft comic, features a hunter detailing the advanced features of her pet in a two-paragraph lecture ending as follows:
    Scout: ...he can sneak up behind an orc, rip his throat out, eviscerate the corpse, and pee on the bloody entrails in four point two seconds. I've timed it.
    Dorna: That's... nice. What's his name?
    Scout: Precious.


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