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Titania Falls (AO3 Link) is a Crossover Fan Fic between Gravity Falls and Fairy Tail by Emma Iveli.

When Erza Scarlet sacrificed herself at the Tower of Heaven, she not only lived but was sent to Gravity Falls, Oregon. She eventually settled down and had children. Fifteen years later, after a divorce, she moves to Gravity Falls with her twins Mabel and Dipper. The three stay in the house belonging to the twins' Great Uncle (or Grunkle) Stan until Erza can get a place of her own. However she never told her children about the strangeness of the town. Thankfully the two inherited her ability to use magic so they can defend themselves against the many oddities of their new home.

At first everything is normal, until the Tenrou Group arrives in Gravity Falls as well. Turns out one year in Earthland is 45 years on earth. How will having the Strongest Wizards of Fairy Tail change Gravity Falls?

There is also a One-Shot Spin-Off Titania Falls: Road Race, that shows the events of a race the guild holds in Chapter 75, which can be read here


  • Action Mom: Erza, having fought of gnomes, dinosaurs, monster, Bill, and all sorts of other things. Not to mention she's an S Class Wizard and later one of the 10 Wizard Saints
  • Actually Pretty Funny:
    • Makarov admits that Mabel shooting Jellal in face with her grappling hook is actually somewhat amusing.
    • After the magical bridge is built, the Strongest Team, Dipper and Mabel, break into Lucy's apartment on a night she's staying in Earthland leads to this conversation:
      Erza: It is a tradition after all.
      Lucy: Yes... a tradition! Teaching your children that's okay to break into someone's house!
      Erza: I would never teach them that it's okay to break into someone's house. (smirks) If they learned it was okay, they learned it from their uncle.
      Lucy: (Giggles) Okay... I'll give you that.
  • Amicable Exes:
    • Once they manage to talk things out, Erza and Alec.
    • Dipper and Yukino dated briefly, while it didn't work out, the two of them are still friends.
  • Ascended Extra:
    • A prop example: The katana that Rumble finds in Fight Fighters. Dipper takes it as his own and still uses Post Time Skip.
    • A downplayed example: "The unnamed woman in blue" as she's referred to in canon... she's still unnamed, but now has a job of being a realtor (and referred to as such).
  • The Atoner: Alec Pines, the twins' father, wants to make amends with his estranged family. After "The Magicing", he plans to open an orphanage for magical children abandoned by their parents.
  • Berserk Button: Dipper and Erza share one: eat their cake without telling anyone and you will know pain.
  • Brainwashed and Crazy: Gideon uses a possession spell on Natsu in chapter 18, forcing Erza to fight him.
  • Brick Joke:
    • In chapter 6 Mabel says if she ever meets Jellal "he's getting a Grappling Hook in the face!", and six chapters later she makes good on her promise.
    • One of the ways of Erza gets back at Ford is by making him watch the Star Wars prequel trilogy. A later gag has Ford trying to burn his old Luke/Leia fan fiction.
    • A blink and you miss it joke mentions during the fight over the tape measure in "The Time Traveler's Pig" brought them over to a strange, well-lit bar, baffling the patrons — thirty-eight chapters later the bar is revealed to be the Guild Hall when Dipper and Mabel suddenly show up fighting over the tape measure.
    • In Chapter 58, after hearing Ford underestimated Mirajane's abilities, Stan makes Mirajane promise (and anyone else in earshot) to take a picture of Ford's face when he finds out about Satan Soul. Much later in the chapter, after Mirajane steals some of Bill's powers she takes a picture of Ford's reaction.
  • Cloudcuckoolander's Minder: Erza often plays this for Stan.
  • Compulsory School Age: Erza makes it mandatory for members of the Earth Branch of Fairy Tail under the age of 16 to attend school, most likely so they won't be functionally illiterate and have something to fall back on if jobs aren't enough (Erza herself was somewhat miserable raising the twins since she lacked a high school diploma/GED to get better paying work). Thus Marvelous/Wendy, Sting, and Rogue are all enrolled into Gravity Falls Middle School alongside the Twins, Pacifica, Candy, and Grenda.
  • Cool and Unusual Punishment:
    • In Chapter 17, Stan decides to tell unsettling truths to the twins as punishment for taking away his ability to lie.
    • Makarov is also known for inventing unusual punishments. Erza threatens to leave a punishment up to Makarov during the events of "Dreamscaperers".
    • In "Fixin' It With Soos: Men's Dorms", Makarov gives Natsu, Gray, Elfman, Gajeel and Gildarts an ultimatum: Help Soos fix the damage they caused or dress up in drag for a calendar shoot. Needless to say, they all agreed to the former.
    • After Dipper and Mabel start a forest fire, Makarov punishes them involving a cactus that was filled with spiders and weird costumes.
  • Cool Big Sis:
    • The women of the guild become this to Dipper and Mabel. They help when needed, such as when Cana with the Boy Band or Juiva with Mermando.
    • Later on Lucy becomes a big sister figure to Pacifica, helping out with with her family's money trouble and even buying her gate keys when Pacifica wants to learn Celestial Spirit Magic.
  • Crossover Relatives: Erza Scarlet is the mother of Dipper and Mabel Pines.
  • Day in the Limelight: Most of the guild doesn't get that much spotlight. However there are certain episodes where certain members get more focus.
    • Juvia helps Mabel with Mermando in "The Deep End".
    • "Manliness VS. Manliness" is an Elfman-centered chapter where he goes up against Manly Dan in a manliness competition
    • Cana helps the girls hide the boy band in "Boyz Crazy".
    • Elfman and Lisanna help out during the events of "Land Before Swine".
    • Evergreen in "Fixin' It With Soos: Terrarium", where Soos fixes her Terrarium.
    • Bickslow in "Sock Opera". He not only helps with the puppet show, but he's able to see Dipper and gets into a fight with Bipper.
    • Cana and Juiva almost getting kidnapped and help take down the Society of the Blind Eye in The Timeline That Wasn't: Blindsided.
  • Dead Guy Junior: Erza and Jellal name their youngest daughter a female variation of "Simon", Simone.
  • Early-Bird Cameo:
    • Tad Strange appears in "Summerween", long before his first canonical appearance.
    • Sting, Rogue, Lector and Frosch appear before the time skip, due to deciding to join Fairy Tail instead of Sabertooth.
  • Egomaniac Hunter: Nathan Northwest, Preston's brother and Pacifica's uncle. He has hunted animals far and wide, and has put up his trophies all over his mansion, including his bathroom much to Pacifica's disgust.
  • Fish out of Water:
    • Ford has it even worse than he does in canon since not only does have to acclimate to all the changes his own world has, he has Fairy Tail to contend with as well.
    • Subverted with Fairy Tail. While there is some minor culture clash, they adapt to life on Earth very well and become well-versed in pop culture in relatively short fashion. Part of this was most likely interference on Erza's part, seeing as she has been living on Earth for fifteen years by the time they arrive. In fact, they adapt so well that many of them have all but moved there permanently. This leads to some humorous friction when, during Erza's baby shower, both Macao and Natsu get her gift cards instead of actual gifts.
  • For Want Of A Nail:
    • Thanks to the twins using magic, Stan is more open about the strangeness of the town, such as filming the Leaderaur beating up Elfman and Manly Dan and the whole Freaky Friday flip episode.
    • Gideon still has his amulet instead of Mabel destroying it in "The Hand that Rocks the Mabel" — this leads to him and Dipper being evenly matched for a good chunk of the story.
    • The time difference between Earth and Earthland means that the Tenrou Group's disappearance did not last for seven years (in fact, it's been longer for them than it has been for those still on Earthland). As a result, after the bridges between the worlds are built, the guild reunites and Fairy Tail remains the strongest guild in Fiore, even winning the first ever Grand Magic Games. Sting and Rogue (and their respective Exceeds) also end up joining Fairy Tail instead of Sabertooth, and it's confirmed that Yukino will as well.
    • Ultear and Meredy refuse to let Jellal join Crime Sorcière and atone for his sins since it would separate him from Erza and his newfound family, including his newborn daughters.
    • The "Timeline That Wasn't" mini-arc that shows the altnernate timeline from "Time Traveler's Pig" where Dipper went missing (due to time travel) and Mabel didn't get Waddles:
      • Laxus ends up taking jobs while the rest of the group helps out with various jobs around the Mystery Shack.
      • The Society of the Blind Eye ends up going to jail instead of their memories getting erased. This leads to Lucy taking charge of the Newspaper (as literally anyone would be better than Toby Determined).
      • Gideon stops his attempts at stealing the Mystery Shack and ends up in a crisis wondering if everything that went wrong is his fault.
      • Erza and Jellal DON'T get together, but promising each other that they would once they're able to find Dipper and figure out what happened with Mabel.
  • Foreshadowing: Prior to their appearance midway through Season 1, the Tenrou Group's arrival was hinted at several times:
    • In Chapter 5, Mabel ends up with a out of body experience that sends her to Earthland where she sees the Tenrou Group and meets Mavis.
    • In Chapter 9, in an alternate future "some idiot" (Natsu) starts a forest fire.
    • In "Plan T" Bill uses plurals to describe Erza's unborn twins several chapters before it's revealed to the readers
  • "Freaky Friday" Flip:
    • "Carpet Diem" has the canon Dipper <-> Mabel and Waddles <-> Soos swaps, but then adds in Wendy <-> Laxus and Erza <-> Stan...
    • Trying to fix the Wendy/Laxus swap causes a four way swap of Erza->Wendy->Stan->Laxus->Erza.
    • Trying to FIX Erza->Wendy->Stan->Laxus->Erza swap leads to a 15 way swap between Laxus->Lucy->Soos->Marvelous->Stan->Mabel->Candy->Dipper->Plue->Wendy->Grenda->Levy->Erza->Carla->Waddles->Laxus.
    • The events of Fairy Tail episode 19 are mentioned so this is not the first time Erza or Lucy ended up in a body swap.
  • Generation Xerox: Downplayed. Mabel knows how to use requip and she loves the same kind of cake Erza does, but the only time she really resembles her mother is when she gets really angry, which happens very rarely.
  • Hands Go Down: This conversation after Dipper explains Gravity Falls' Mayor Election in chapter 56:
    Dipper: Now any questions.
    (Almost everyone from Earthland put their hands up)
    Dipper: IF the question is if all elections are like that, the answer is no.
    (Everyone puts their hands down)
  • Hate Plague: A somewhat mild version in Jerk Flowers, which turns those who breathe their pollen into jerks.
  • Heel–Face Turn: Just like in canon, Gideon, who ends up joining Fairy Tail as part of his parole. To help with his rehabilitation, Makarov assigns Gajeel to him as a mentor, much to Gideon's horror.
  • Hope Spot:
    • During "Not What He Seems" when Dipper, Mabel and the Strongest Team (Sans Erza) find Stan's Fake IDs Dipper and Mabel get worried. That is until Natsu points out that Stan IS a criminal so it wouldn't be surprising for to have a bunch of Fake IDs. They all reminisce about the stuff know they he's done and realize it's fine. That is until they see that article "Stan Pines is Dead".
    • Chapter 60: A rescue team consisting of members of Fairy Tail, Blue Pegasus and Lamia Scale show up to find the Tenrou Group. Not only that, but Hibiki thinks it's a good idea to build a permanent bridge between the two worlds. Ford thinks that the rift could be used towards this. However Bill somehow uses Hibki's magic against him, injuring Hibiki. This wouldn't be so bad had Hibiki not been the one supporting the portal the rescue team used to get to Earth, stranding them along with the Tenrou Group.
  • In Spite of a Nail: The events of the arcs in-between Tower of Heaven and Tenrou Island happened pretty much the same as they did in canon, but with Jellal as Mystogan replacing Erza in most arcs sans The Edolas Arc where her role was pretty much filled by Cana (though both versions of Erza were missing from that arc).
  • Insistent Terminology: Thanks to a joke on The Colbert Report, many people insists on calling the World-Healing Wave that gave everyone magic "The Magicing". Much to Dipper's annoyance, it sticks.
  • Instant Expert: Averted. Just because Dipper can now fly, doesn't mean he's any good at it.
  • Irony: His jealousy over his lack of magic is what destroyed Alec's family life. Thus, when he finds out that the aftermath of Bill's defeat has given him the ability to use magic, Alec is not pleased, to say the least.
  • The Jersey Devil: A group of them appear in Gravity Falls in chapter 81, they are immune to anything they don't see as a threat. When they're young they don't see anyone as a threat... unless they're from New Jersey as well.
  • Kill It with Fire: Erza's reaction to Dippy Fresh is to set him on fire, not once, not twice, but three times. Although in the first two cases the fire was put out and the third Jellal stopped her before she could do again.
  • Like a Son to Me: Stan clearly sees Erza as the daughter he never had. While she never quite admits it, Erza reciprocates the feeling, seeing him as a second father. This is further established when she kept his last name despite divorcing his nephew, and Jellal takes it as his own when they marry. When her second set of twins are born, she tells Stan that she doesn't want him to be their grunkle — she wants him to be their grandpa.
  • Likes Older Women: Subverted. People think Jellal is this. In reality, the age difference was one of the main reasons why Jellal neglected to pursue Erza at first. It wasn't that it bothered him, per se — rather, it was a reminder that Erza has built a life of her own without him.
  • Locked Out of the Loop: Ford in regards to the guild. Unlike his brother, who's known Erza for years, and the twins, who grew up with stories of their mother's adventures, Ford had no prior knowledge of Fairy Tail and finds himself often out of his element in regards to magic and the like. For one thing, he failed to make the connection of Mirajane being an S-Class wizard meant that she was almost as dangerous as Erza, especially when she uses her Takeover to drain Bill of his powers.
  • Loophole Abuse: The Magic Council has no authority on Earth, which Jellal exploits to avoid arrest. By the time an extradition treaty will be set up, his name has already been changed due to his marriage to Erza, preventing him from being charged for anything. After all, the one who committed all those crimes was Jellal Fernandes, not Jellal Pines. That being said, when on Earthland he disguises himself as Mystogan and not push his luck.
  • Mama Bear: Erza, mess with her children and you will live to regret it.
  • The Mentor: For the adolescents of Gravity Falls who join Fairy Tail, only reinforced when "The Magicing" gives them magic.
    • Mabel learns transformation magic from Mirajane.
    • Dipper learns Solid Script from Levy and Jutsu Shiki and Dark Écriture from Freed.
    • Pacifica bonds with Lucy over their similar childhoods. When Pacifica gets her magic, she asks Lucy to teach her Celestial Spirit magic.
    • Grenda apprentices under Natsu. Since Natsu isn't a dragon, she can't learn Dragon Slaying magic without a lacrima — instead, she learns Elemental Fist magic.
    • Candy clicks with Old Man McGucket, who isn't a wizard. She does get a magic teacher later, in Jenny from Blue Pegasus, learning Take Over: Machina Soul.
    • Wendy learns requip magic from Erza and Bisca so she can requip various axes.
    • Gideon is (reluctantly, on his end) taken under the wing Gajeel for rehabilitation/parole, who also makes the effort to physically toughen him up. Since (like Natsu and Grenda) Gajeel can't teach him Dragon Slaying magic, he learns telepathy from Warren instead (mainly so he can read Mabel's thoughts).
  • Mirror Universe: Edolas of course, however turns out Edolas Fairy Tail were sent to the Fanon "Reverse Pines" universe (or at least a Fairy Tail version of it).
  • Moment Killer: In "Roadside Attraction", Laxus walks in on Erza and Jellal getting it on.
  • Musical Episode: In "Snow Lizards", Mabel, the Space Lizard and the inexplicable slug monster all break into song at random moments, much to everyone else's confusion.
  • Named by the Adaptation: Dipper's real name is Natsu this story. Though to be fair the first chapter was written long before his canon name was revealed in Gravity Falls: Journal 3.
  • No Sparks: Erza and Alec's marriage was never going to last simply because there was nothing between them. As Stan points out, they were friends at best, and told Erza that she would regret the decision to marry him (which she did). Even if Alec hadn't screwed things up, they probably would've gotten divorced eventually due to sheer incompatibility, especially once Jellal entered the picture.
  • Noodle Implements: The Prank Job from Chapters 39 and 40.
    "10 feather dusters, three pounds of butter, a taxidermy porcupine, a stuffed monkey, 8 liters of pit cola and any kind of magic you can use — don't worry, I'm flexible."
  • Noodle Incident: "Mabel's Guide to Life" shorts have a couple:
    • The Events of "Mabel's Guide to Getting Gray to Stop Stripping" left not only Mabel dejected, but also her friends and most of the guild's women... also whatever happened caused Juiva to attack them.
    • Something happened offscreen during "Mabel's Guide to Art" that made Gajeel and Panther Lily hold Mabel at sword point (though it could be inferred that she tried to use Lily for a Humani-cat-icature).
    • In "The Great Mabel Juice Adventure", Dipper and Mabel had a job that resulted in the mayor losing his eyebrows and from the sounds of it the mayor didn't seem to mind that much and they still got paid.
    • The results of the prank job, all that was known there was an explosion and it started to rain butter (and the porcupine fell near the guild).
    • There are plenty that happened durring the time skip, such as what caused Rogue to develop a fear of glitter or all the trouble The Next Generation of Fairy Tail got into.
    • Subverted with the "Spinach Incident" which was built up as one, but was reveled after a chapter Dipper got so sleep dreprived he started ranting how spinach controlled the earth while wearing a loincloth.
  • Not-So-Well-Intentioned Extremist: One of the Blind Eye members was the realtor trying to sell Erza a home. Erza deduces that the realtor used the memory gun to get people to ignore the craziness of Gravity Falls so they would buy homes.
  • Old Shame: In universe example: Ford wrote some Luke/Leia fan fiction before he went through the portal. After finally seeing Return of the Jedi he proceeds to burn it, wanting no one to know about it.
  • One-Steve Limit: Averted.
    • Natsu Dragneel and Natsu "Dipper" Pines.
    • Wendy Corduroy and Wendy "Marvelous" Marvell. Though the latter does some cause confusion as only the narration and some people use the nickname Marvelous.
    • There are two Carlas: Carla the Exceed and Carla McCorkle (though they're never onscreen together).
    • There's Lazy Susan and Sue, Alec's new girlfriend.
    • Millianna "Millie" Pines and Millianna, Ezra's childhood friend and a wizard from Mermaid Heel (again, yet to have a scene together).
    • There's also Toby Determined and Toby of Lamia Scale.
    • During the time that Gray, Lyon and Ultear had a magic school on earth, two of their students were named Katie and Katlyn. Katie had a crush on Lyon, befriended Juvia and went on to work at Disneyland while not much is known about Katelyn other than the fact she had a crush on Gray and sent him creepy letters.
  • Official Couple: Erza and Jellal, who eventually marry and have children (twins).
  • Offscreen Moment of Awesome: In "Land Before Swine", after she and Erza gets cornered by the raptor pack, Lisanna has a plan and holds out her hand. Next time we see her she now has a raptor form take-over form and later the pack came to their aid during the escape.
  • Once Done, Never Forgotten: After Dipper and Mabel cause a forest fire trying to stop a hydra, nobody ever lets them forget it, especially since Natsu has yet to cause one (in fact, he's stopped three of them).
  • Papa Wolf: Stan. When Erza discovers she's pregnant, he immediately threatens to kill his nephew (who is the father).
  • Pregnant Badass: Downplayed with Erza's second pregnancy during "Weirdmaggedon", as she only found out she was pregnant on the day the rift was shattered.
  • Raptor Attack: During "Land Before Swine". A pack of raptors escape from the tree sap, end up separating Erza and Lisanna from the rest of the group, however Lisanna ends up befriending and using take over on them.
  • Relationship Revolving Door: Mabel and Eve's relationship Post Time Skip... to the extent that no one knows if they're dating or not on any given week.
  • Running Gag:
    • Erza's inability to find a suitable house. It is Gravity Falls after all.
    • Someone complaining about "Commie Spiders" (which are never seen). Said spiders are actually the main reason why Erza can't find a house.
  • Sex for Solace: Why Erza slept with Alec. She never regretted the night she spent with him because she got Dipper and Mabel. What she did regret was marrying him.
  • Sexy Shirt Switch: The morning after Erza spends with Alec (the Twins' father), Stan find Alec shirtless and Erza wearing his pajama top.
  • Shipper on Deck: It's clear that Lucy and Mirajane would like it if Erza and Jellal got together.
  • Sickeningly Sweethearts: After getting together, Erza and Jellal can be this at times to the extent that Dipper, Mabel and Stan treat it as something to run away from.
  • Shotgun Wedding: It's shown in "Time Traveler's Pig" that the only reason why Erza and the twins' father got married was because Erza was pregnant.
  • Take That!: Chapter 47's B Plot is one to the Fandom-Specific Plot of Natsu kicking Lucy out of the team. There is even a reference to the fact that in these stories Lucy often ends up becoming a Dragon Slayer.
  • There Was a Door: Gildarts kept break down the walls in the Mystery Shack before the Dorms were built, much to Stan's anger. He has the same problem with the men's dorms as well.
  • Time Skip: After Chapter 75, a seven year one occurs.
  • Took a Level in Badass: Dipper started season one with just basic telekinesis. It ends with him not only knowing how to use a sword, but also with a pretty good handle of Solid Script, Jutsu Shiki and learning Dark Ecriture.
    • Just about everyone Post Time Skip with Dipper, Mabel, Natsu and Gajeel all becoming S-Class durring it
  • Took the Wife's Name: Played With. When Erza and Alec got married, she changed her last name to "Pines", and even after they divorced she kept the name (most likely a combination of having come to see Stan as family and not wanting to have to force a name change on her kids). Then Jellal comes into the picture. When Erza and Jellal get married, he changes his last name to "Pines" as well, that way he can't be legally extradited to Earthland.
  • Training from Hell: Gajeel occasionally forbids Gideon from using his telepathy in fights to toughen him up. Gideon always ends up back at the guild hall, beat up.
  • Turn in Your Badge: Subverted. Blubs lets Natsu and Gray keeps their badges as they're the closest to anyone came to catching the bandit, much to Mabel's disappointment.
  • Visit by Divorced Dad: The twins' father Alec comes for a visit in Chapter 59, said visit ends up including Weirdmaggedon and Erza and Jellal's Wedding
  • Wham Episode:
    • Chapter 12: Fairy Tail arrives on Earth and learns Erza is alive and has children.
    • Chapter 60: A rescue team composed of wizards from Blue Pegasus and Lamia Scale arrive to rescue Fairy Tail back to Earthland. However, Bill interferes and strands them on Earth as well.
    • Chapter 66: Bill absorbed the magic of most of the wizards present during Weirdmageddon. Thus, his defeat and the subsequent World-Healing Wave spreads magic across the globe, granting 10% of Earth's population magic (70 million people, which is roughly four times the total amount of people in Fiore). Among that 10% includes several residents of Gravity Falls, such as Stan, Ford, Candy, Grenda, Wendy, Pacifica, and Gideon.
  • Wham Line: This one from "Blendin's Game":
    Soos: I also wished that I could use that magic I think you told me about once… Wood Make… or was it Gray… [...] But yeah… anyways I can use magic now without my hammer.
  • Wicked Step Mother: Defied, Sue hated Lady Tremaine growing up and is very nice to Dipper and Mabel as a result. Granted this was mentioned while she when she was just dating her father. However it is mentioned Post Time Skip that Mabel told her that she was the one who started Weridmageddon before she told Erza so it still seems to hold after she and Alec married.
  • Will They or Won't They?: Dipper and Pacifica, a situation confirmed to last a very long time. Thankfully (or not), the Time Skip will avoid most of it.
  • Workaholic: Before he and Erza got together, Jellal would take several jobs in a row to avoid her and the twins. It got so bad that Makarov would often force him to take breaks, and the guild eventually had to stage an intervention for him.
  • Worth It: After Erza's night with Alec (the twins' father), Erza's in a much better mood. Stan naturally makes a "You needed to get laid" crack and invokes this after Erza punches him.
  • Year Inside, Hour Outside: Earth and Earthland. 1 year on Earthland is 45 years on earth, which translates to 4 months being roughly 15 years. Subverted after Hibiki and Ford link the two worlds with a permanent magical bridge.