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Emma Iveli is a notable Fan Fiction writer, best known for her many crossovers.

Emma has written over a hundred stories, most of which are crossovers. The mediums she usually writes for are Anime & Manga (such as Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece), and Western Animation (including My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, Family Guy, and The Simpsons). There also a few odd ones out such as Harry Potter and Community.


Some of her most prominent Fan Fiction include:

  • Ponies One Half: A crossover between MLP:FiM and Ranma 1/2, where the Mane Six get stuck in the Ranmaverse after Twilight messes up a teleportation spell, and in the process fall into the Cursed Spring of the Drowned Girl.
  • Souls Reborn: A crossover between Naruto and One Piece where the crew, Ace, and many of their allies are the reincarnations of the Konoha 12, the Sand Sibs, and Kakashi. They were reborn in order to kill Orochimaru once and for all, who killed them in their past lives.
  • D Reincarnation: Similar to Souls Reborn, except it's devil fruit eaters being reborn as ponies, and a group of those reincarnations are trying to take over Equestria.
  • The Monkey D. Haru Series: A crossover between Harry Potter and One Piece in which Harry accidentally ate a devil fruit when he was a baby and ended up traveling dimensions. He ends up in the One Piece world, where he is adopted by Luffy (who is the Pirate King) and his wife Boa Hancock. The story begins when Harry starts his years at Hogwarts.
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  • The Biju Biju Fruit: Emma's most prominent story, a crossover between Naruto and One Piece, where various Naruto characters are inserted into the One Piece verse, such as Naruto being Luffy's brother. The story's premise, of course, is Luffy wanting to become the Pirate King, while Naruto wants to be a Kage.
  • Bleached Marimo: A One Piece and Bleach crossover where Zoro takes the place of Ichigo and the events of Bleach take place in the One Piece world.
  • The New Lives Saga: A multi-Crossover involving reincarnation, the Sailor Senshi, and several animes such as One Piece, Naruto, Zatch Bell, Ranma 1/2, and Pokémon. Undeniably her most popular series, mainly because it's the longest running, spanning over several stories, spin-offs and movies.
  • My Little Community Friendship Is Awesome: A Community and My Little Pony Friendship is Magic crossover where Troy and Abed build a real working replica of the ship from Inspector Spacetime only for them and the rest of the former study group to end up in Equestria where they must help the Mane 6 defeat an ancient begin that wants to destroy reality...
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  • Harry Potter and the 7 Reincarnated Spirits: A group of gods decide to create a new Harry Potter universe, and chooses 7 women from various anime to be in reincarnated as O.C. Stand-in and act as bodyguards.
  • Titania Falls: A Fairy Tail / Gravity Falls crossover. Erza is Dipper and Mabel's mother and they move to Gravity Falls due to her recent divorces. They inhered her ability to use magic and now they must use to deal with the Town's Strangeness...
  • Monkey and Butterfly: Monkey D. Luffy and Star Butterfly are sworn siblings. And they go on adventures with their new friend Marco fighting monsters, exploring Luffy's dimension and other such adventures.
  • My Heroes Reborn: A villain during the USJ Incident with a quirk that forces people to remember their past lives hits five students of Class 1-A, now with the abilities of their past lives they contintue their hero training while dealing with their past lives' baggage.
  • My Wizarding Academia: When quriks started appearing, the Statue of Secrecy fell. Many years later Izuku Midoriya is a wizard who is often unsure of himself and if he can be a hero, then not only is he reassured by the number one hero he can be a hero but is chosen to be his successor.
  • Rise of Team Zodiac: Years after Weirdmageddon is averted, Bill sets his sights on Izuku Midoriya. Stealing his body, Izuku is reduced to a soul and must figure out how to beat Bill, thankfully he has help! Unfortunately so does Bill...
  • Quirk: Magical Girl Mascot: Izuku Midoriya has a quirk that turns him to an animal and lets him bond with people. This bond gives them armor and special weapons... that takes the form of frilly dresses and magic wands... in other words he's a magical girl mascot.


  • Crossover: Duh. Emma even has a Naruto and Simpsons Crossover where Bart is the reincarnation of Naruto.The fact that it's there indicates that she's probably done a Crossover for almost everything on FanFiction.Net.
  • Dead Fic: Emma has a lot of them. Well, most are probably on a long-term hiatus, but still, others can't be anything but dead fics.
    • Averted... Somewhat, now has "The Fic of the Month" where her fans vote from one of 5 fics that haven't updated in a year. Every few polls is the "Loser Poll" where the ones that placed last in previous polls make up all five choices.
  • Reincarnation: Emma is strangely fond of this type of fic. Some of her most famous fics above revolve around some type of reincarnation.
  • Rouge Angles of Satin: Unfortunately; this is due to a disability in her hands. Doesn't make her fics any less enjoyable, unless you're the grammar police.
  • Shipper on Deck: Both The Biju Biju Fruit and Souls Reborn indicate that she is a NaruHina shipper.


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