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Emma Iveli has been on for over 10 years and has written over 100 stories, so of course she'd have quite a few funny moments.

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  • The Biju Biju Fruit
    • The hug scene from chapter 34:
      Naruto: Sorry Arlong… but I'm not a normal human… (...) To be frank, I've never really heard any call me human as an insult before you… mainly "Demon" "Beast" "Monster"… in fact every time you call me human I have to resist the urge to hug you.
      (A few lines later)
      Naruto: But I'm not a normal human… in fact I'm unsure if I'm even human anymore… not since the age of 4 (...) Even so… I'm going to beat you!"
      Arlong: Oh really you weak pathetic human…
      Naruto (While hugging Arlong): HUG!
      Arlong: (Punches Naruto)
      Everyone watching: You idiot!
  • Project Conversion (Steven Universe, Fairy Tail, One Piece and Naruto)
    • Mirajane on TV tropes. She's in such a trance that Steven has to take away the tablet she's using. She snaps out of it, but then Steven looks at the page and enters a trance himself. TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life indeed.
    • During the Climatic Battle between Luffy and an evil Gem Personality that was created to take over Nami's body (It Makes Sense in Context) Luffy doesn't even take the gem personality seriously... until this happens:
      Luffy: Hey! Nami![...]You didn't get my message?
      Nami: What message?
      Luffy: You know the one I sent the second time I went to Marineford.
      Gem!Nami: (Tying to punch Luffy) You're open!
      Nami: You went to Marineford… TWICE…
      (Luffy turns to Gem!Nami while sweating)
      Luffy: Okay! I'll take you more seriously!
      Nami: Seriously...
      Steven: I think he's more scared of you than he is of her.
      Nami: (Face palms)
  • Fairy Moon (Fairy Tail and Sailor Moon)
    • After Sailor Moon heals Maxfield, Natsu noticed a side effect was that wounds from an earlier chapter are healed. When he asks him what happened Maxfield's response is "Magic". This causes Natsu to laugh hysterically while Gray and Elfman grumble that he got the chance to use that line.
    • Meta moment, the explanation of the Overly Prepared Gag:
      You must be wondering did I choose Sue to be a rainbow crystal carrier just so she would turn in a cat monster, under go a heel face turn earlier than canon and make a big speech all so I could do a Ghostbusters 2 reference? I will tell you now that is completely 100 percent... true...(Beat) I am a huge dork...
  • Titania Falls
    • Mabel teaching Manly Dan how to ask out her mom.
      Mabel: All right, first step try asking her out.
      Manly Dan: (After stumbling a bit) Have you ever punched a jaguar?"
      Mabel: Okay… okay calm down and thin of something comfortable.
      Manly Dan: (after stumbling again)I LIKE SHORTS THEY'RE COMFY AND EASY TO WEAR!
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    • When Stan is playing Cash Wheel, the Guild ends up watching it. Then it gets to Stan hitting Cash shower and the guild sees more of Stan than they ever wanted to see.
    • When Mabel finishes the montage song in "Snow Lizards":
      Gray: Was it just me or did Mabel kept singing bits and pieces of a song?
      Wendy: I wasn't going to say anything but that was weird, even for Mabel.
      Dipper: She was probably thinking about the montage she was having.
  • The Monkey D. Haru Series
    • Goblet of Fire: Haru's interview with Rita Skeeter. His life story breaks her quill... well not so much broke as made it quit...
    • Goblet of Fire: Haru VS. the Dragon. It's better to find out on your own.
  • The New Lives Saga
    • How does Ranma (try to) get the Rainbow Crystal from Cologne? Why make her agree to do an eating contest with Naruto as the contestant.
      • Even better, Ranma says he can handle it on his own, but Naruto had to run an errand so he didn't hear Ranma say it.
  • My Little Community Friendship Is Awesome
    • Troy's freak out at being trapped in Equestria
  • Harry Potter and the 7 Reincarnated Spirits
    • Haruna/Mandy drawing in the diary. The combination of her drawing Yaoi and the fact she knows it's Voldemort in there makes for a very funny scene.
  • Gravity's Moon (Sailor Moon and Gravity Falls)
    • This story's version of Carpet Diem. Dipper and Serena switch bodies. And since Stan gives Serena the room, Dipper runs off with her body. However after catching up Serena needs to fight a robot and has to transform into Sailor Moon. However among the things swapped are souls, so Serena needs to transform in Dipper's body. And when she does, Dipper's body switches gender. Cue embarrassed reactions from almost everyone nearby.
      • Also the nickname given to Sailor Moon in Dipper's body: "Sailor Dippy Moon".
    • The Pop Clone Rehabilitation Center... just the fact that it exists.
      • Then there's fact that Hotaru thinks Michiru is trolling her at first. One must wonder what her childhood was like.
  • Monkey and Butterfly
    • Law's reaction to Luffy calling him his friend.
    Law: I don't know these people.
    • When River comes to visit, Luffy's stomach rumbled. River tells Luffy that the cooks at the palace can now sense whenever Luffy is hungry. Luffy just laughs it off. However...
    Palace cook: Luffy... hungers...
    • When Star sees that her father and Garp are about to fight, she magics up a spray bottle to spray them so they wouldn't fight, she also sprays Garp when he tries to convince Marco to join the Marines.
  • My Heroes Reborn:
    • Aiko reads a censored transcript of Priestess' freakout after reawakening Yuzu's memories.
    What the (BEEP)! She was a (BEEP)ing comedy writer in her past life! How the (BEEP) is she fighting me? Wait doesn't her quirk run on her calories? (BEEP! BEEP! BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!) She's (BEEP)ing hangry! She was able to flip a (BEEP)ing heavy table in her past life while hangry! (BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!)
  • My Wizarding Academia:
    • How does Izuku stop Todoroki from creating ice during their match at the Sports Festival? By transfiguring some of ice into kittens. Aizawa even expresses his jealously over the situation.

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