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With this being a crossover of two things with plenty of funny, there're a LOT of funny moments!

  • In Chapter 1, as Soun's about to hug Ranma, cue Ran kicking Genma in the spine! Genma even uses a sign which says: OW! My Spine!
    • Akane once again has a Naked First Impression..only instead of it being male Ranma, it's Ryoga and Fluttershy! No P-Chan this time around.
  • Chapter 2: As the Mane Six are freaking out after getting cursed, what is Pinkie doing? Poking her boobs.
  • Chapter 3: Shou(he wasn't named yet), asks if he can make a dating sim based on the new students. Then he realizes he's missing a hero and a tsundere. When Kuno barges in about the engagement:
    Shou:Thank you oh Gods of Dating Sims!
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  • Kuno's impression of the Mane Six's cursed forms.
  • Chapter 4: Emi gives Kuno the reasons why he won't charm any girl.
  • To make the Hentai Horde back off, Pinkie does her Parasprite pony form. The horde freaks out!
  • When the girls are playing softball, Hiroshi and Daisuke start talking about how pretty the girls a pervy fashion. Ranma just groans.
    • The recut shows his reactions getting worse as the perviness goes on.
    • After that, the Pinkie Sense kicks in..and Akane hits the softball right into Ranma. OUCH.
  • Chapter 7: Ryoga's wanderings have made him a web sensation. He's even somehow gotten into Tokyo Disneyland without paying.
  • When Akane gets help in her cooking. She forgets to check the labels. Cue random Pinkie song.
  • Kuno gets bothered by birds while waiting for Ryoga to show up for their duel. Shou says it best:
    Shou: Looks like Kuno's sanity has gone to the birds.
  • During the Kuno/Ryoga fight, Belle and Nabiki are selling T-shirts. One of them has "Kuno is a dope"; it sells out in five minutes.
    • During said fight, after Ryoga breaks one of Kuno's bokkens:
    Shou: Nothing can break the blade of Kuno!
    Emi: Except anything that can break wood!
    Shou: Which somehow includes belts!
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  • During Belle VS Kodachi, the two use Ryoga and Kuno as weapons..and the Pokemon battle theme plays, via Shou's iPod. The text even acts like the game's style.
  • During chapter 20, Kuno tries to enter the cosplay party, and is promptly kicked out literally!
    • Momo's quick costume changing causes a few nosebleeds.
    Shou: (After seeing Momo in a Sailor Venus outfit) And I thought Jupiter had the most "talent." (Cue bonk on the head)
    • Eariler, Shou tries to sing karaoke Konata-style..and gets booed off the stage.
  • Shou and Emi troll the Romeo and Juilet play in true Statler and Waldorf fashion; they're even in a convenient balcony!
  • Ch. 64:
  • Chapter 75:
    • The Ghost Cat possess Genma, hoping Ranma won't attack his father. Wrong answer.
    • Momo vanishes for a bit, and when she returns, she's gone Ghostbusters. Forgot the ghost trap, though.
  • Ch.78:
    • Everyone freaking out about Akane being a waitress..and wavers being signed just in case.
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    • The CMC make a killer robot...which soon goes on a rampage.
    • Hiroshi and Daisuke point in random directions knowing Ryoga'll get lost anyway..and he doesn't go EITHER of those directions.
    • Diana reacts to the killer robot like it was simply Tuesday.
  • Ch. 79:
    • Genma tries to grab the Wish granting sword, only to get a fail message. Before then, he shows his jerkass colors by bragging he'll use the wish for himself.
  • Ch. 80:
    • Tsukiko brags about how they'll beat the Mane Cast ina a cosplay race. Ryoko and Asuza bet on if Momo's in the race. Ryoko wins the bet.
    • Kodachi, even seeing Rarity's true form, STILL can't put two and two together.
    • Ranma gets tricked into entering the race by Hiroshi and Daisuke.
    • Shou is ogling the girls, when Emi shows up:
    Emi: Don't make me…
    Shou: "Make me" what?
    Emi: Bat Credit Card.
    (Shou goes on a rant)
    • The joke returns when Shou asks for "lots on fanservice", and Emi yells the line to Shou.
  • Ch. 81:
    • Shou has PLENTY of zingers, usually involving the costumes, during the race.
    • He covers his ears to evade the mention of a certain card.
  • Ch.84:
    • Tsubasa gets a bishie makeover courtesy of Rarity...and is chased by fangirls for nearly all of the chapter!
    • Pinkie breaking the fourth wall yet again when Ukyo asks about what happened with Loofah:
    Pinkie: It's a really, really super long story that lasts 10 chapters.
  • Ch. 85:
    • Pinkie Pie, Moment Killer.
  • Ch.87:
    • When Shou sees what the thief left behind, he, in a visual gag as to how mad he is, goes Super Saiyan.
    • The thief gets hit with the "Right Behind me" trick, as Seito, sword drawn, is behind him.
    • When the investigation starts, Momo removes a Sherlock hat and pipe, but is told she's doing it wrong..She then puts on glasses and a bowtie.
  • Ch.91:
    • Rarity's sheer amount of luggage she's carrying:
    They didn't tell me to pack light this time.
    • All the chasing after the Dragon Whisker.
  • Ch. 92:
    • Discord messing with Genma and Happosai.
  • Ch. 93:
    • Shou attempting to set up a Nostalgia Critic Appreication Day. With Emi snarking about it, as always.
    • Momo making like a Power Ranger when she activates her Element.
  • Ch.94:
    • Discord creating things for the old "look behind you" trick Soun and Genma pull to cheat in their usual game of shogi.
  • Ch.95:
    • Discord doing his usual tricks..this time putting the furniture on the ceiling.
    • When the Man 6 end up switching forms randomly via Queen Cosmos, Twilight forgets to wear her Element, and switchs to human form sans clothes..Happosai couldn't resist.
    • When the Mane 6 learn they have to skip school until their curses stabilze, the CMC try to get out of school themselves...Nice try, girls.
  • Ch.96:
    • When Happosai tries to go for Momo, Discord grabs him on a fishing line.
  • Ch.97:
  • The next chapter, Discord won't even brainwash Kodachi:
    "We'll all know what'll happen if she's Discorded!" "By the way, trademarked."
    • And she gets so annyoing, he does it anyway!
  • Ch.99:
    • ALL of the antics with baby Prism Star, as she CONSTANTLY slips out of her diaper. And Genma usually being the victim of her bathroom breaks.
  • Ch.100:
    • The scene with Mr. Green Turtle, Kodachi's pet aligator.
    • Pretty much all of Kodachi and Ranma's conversations this chapter.
  • Ch.101:
  • Ch.102:
    • When Picolet shows his BIG mouth:
Shou: Pants to be darkened!
  • Crossing over with CMOA, Momo EASILY beating Picolet.
  • When Picolet chooses Momo to be his wife:
    Nabiki: Wait, WHAT?
  • Twilight's plan to free Momo: Plan A: settle the debt, Plan B: Have Pinkie Pie be Pinkie Pie and see if they no longer want to deal with her, Plan C: eat them out of house and home.
  • Inkie threatens to hunt down Nabiki if the wedding goes through (via letter).
  • Momo pulls a record station and a DJ outta nowhere.
  • Genma saying he wants to eat all the fancy food Momo's getting to eat:
    The sounds of his screams could be heard in Tomobiki…
  • Ch.103:
    • Shou tries to rescue Momo, and dresses up as Batman. Emi brings up his Berserk Button, and while he enters his usual rage, he gets K Oed.
    • This line:
      All throughout Japan, many Otaku got the feeling that an extremely Moe girl(Chiyo) was working as a maid somewhere.
    • Momo's antics with the Chardins continue, inculding her eating cupcakes Pac-Man style.
  • Ch.104:
    • Pinkie breaks the fourth wall twice; first bringing up that people expected more of the Cupcake Killer nightmare, and lampshading the cliffhanger at the end.
  • Ch.105:
    • To keep Shou from trying to rescue Momo, Emi forces him to watch 4Kids One Piece.
    • Momo breaks the fourth wall once more when she reveals her true form:
      "Well it's a long story… But I'm only going to tell the first couple of chapters…"
    • Nabiki's punishment for her role in the Picolet affair? Forced to eat Akane and Sweetie Belle's cooking!
  • Ch. 106:
    • Mousse and Tsubasa's epic fails at trying to beat Ranma.
  • Ch.107:
    • The CMC's attempt at flower arranging.
    • When Shinnosuke says the CMC are aliens, Haruka tempts fate, saying he has no evidence..cue one hot water heater exploding.
    • The fact that Momo again breaks the fourth wall, bringing up the Instant Juysenkyo packets before they're even MENTIONED in canon.
  • Ch. 108:
    • Momo lampshading the fact that the anime club is following Shingo and Tsukiko.
    • Shou encounters a fellow Nostalgia Critic fan, bringing up the "Sparkle Sparkle Sparkle" meme.
  • Ch. 109:
    • The whole mess starts because Momo dcided to try condiment fighting.
    • Discord, after seeing the sibiling rivalry going on between Nabiki and Akane, heads for the hills.
  • Chapter 111:
    • Ran and Momo try to blast the Oni painting mosnster with lighting and water..only for it to No-Sell the attack.
      Momo: "I thought that would have worked since it came from a painting."
    • The "date" Ranma has to go through with the girl panda painting.
    • Nabiki has Hoshi lose her lunch in Nabiki's hair. Karma stinks, don't it?
  • Chapter 112:
    • Even with her memories altered to make her think she's a human, Pinkie is still Pinkie.
  • Chapter 114:
    • Pinkie breaks the fourth wall again by commenting on the narration.
    • Happosai's reason for helping Seito? So he can have everyone in the same place to ogle again.

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