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Funny / Souls Reborn

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  • Ginta, full stop. First he learns that women do not like to be called "chicks," "babes", "hot mama," and ..."boob people". Then he does a Lampshade Hanging on Usopp's Sogeking transformation. Then he insists on being called The Fucking Awesome Lord of the Desert.
  • Tsunade and her gambling addiction. Some things never change.
  • Luffy, as always, Comically Misses The Point.
    Luffy: "Oh yeah, this is Ginta! He's both Gaara's reincarnation and more importantly, our new musician!"
  • Kohza, Vivi, and probably the other incarnations and anyone else who had an inkling as to what Lee was like probably hope to God that his reincarnation is not like him.
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  • Tsunade and the Kung-fu Dugongs. Apparently, a few decades ago Tsunade beat the hell out of a ton of them, and when she returns to Alabasta, the Dugongs worship her, calling her their "ancestral master".

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