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"I hate those confounded bungees!!! I hate them with a passion. And a vengeance. A whoop-a-dee-doo! Here come those idiots now!"
Crazy Dave, just before level 5-5

I know your type: hard, fast, and strong, you wanna make the player's strategy all wrong, and then make him throw his iPad at a wall that is near.

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    Plants vs. Zombies 1 

Normal game modes

  • Gargantuars are large, powerful zombies that can instantly kill any plant (except the Spikerocks), are able to take a TON of damage, can survive instant-kill plants, and can deploy a small, albeit weaker zombie deep into your defenses. Fortunately for you, they are kind of slow...
    • Giga-Gargantuars are even worse. They take significantly more to kill, and have crazed red eyes. Notably, they were put into Survival: Endless because the regular ones were too easy for early play.
  • The Jack-in-the-Box Zombie can instantly destroy your defenses. Including Spikerocks, which otherwise take 9 hits from a Gargantuar or vehicle to die.
  • Zombonis. They cannot be slowed by Snow Peas and Wintermelons, nor can they be stopped by Ice-shrooms or Kernel-pults' butter. They squash all your plants in the way and they are freaking fast! To top it off, they leave an unplantable ice trail that needs to be melted with a jalapeno and said ice trail causes bobsled zombies to appear. Thankfully, Spikeweed and Spikerocks will finish them off in one hit should they run over one. And the ice disappears after a short period.
  • Pole-Vault and Dolphin-Rider Zombies can be EXTREMELY infuriating, especially the latter with how stupidly fast they move when they riding their dolphin. Their abilities render defensive plants like Wall-Nut and Garlic useless. Take this advice, Tall-Nut is your friend. Or just place a cheap plant in front to force them to jump.
  • Pogo Zombies are similar but have the additional annoyance of not losing their pogo stick after the first jump (whereas Pole-Vaulters and Dolphin-Riders can only jump once), meaning if you don't have any Tall-Nuts or Magnet-Shrooms, they can jump right over your entire line of defense. Think you're in the clear because your Magnet-Shroom removed the pogo stick? Better hope you can finish it off fast before it eats something, since it'll inevitably be past every defensive plant you set up by that point (unless you covered everything in Pumpkins). To make matters worse, they first appear during the fog levels and if you don't bring Torchwood/Plantern/Blover you won't be able to see them coming. Also the first time they appear the Magnet Shroom hasn't been provided yet. Hope you put Tall Nut in time/bring instakill plants!
  • Normally, when a Lawn Mower/Pool Cleaner/Roof Cleaner is used, no Zombies will spawn in that row for a while. This only applies to Zombies spawned at the beginning of the lane, not summoned Backup Dancer Zombies more than happy to screw you over at the last second.

I, Zombie

  • Magnet-shrooms. They take away buckets, mining picks, ladders, and football helmets, making many of your tougher and more expensive zombies get easily decimated.
    • If timed right, one can actually use this to their advantage by sending in a Digger Zombie at the exact moment, so that the Magnet-Shroom "refreshes" and takes his pickaxe away just as he reaches the end of the lawn, giving him an easy Dungeon Bypass to the brains.
  • Starfruit and Threepeaters can attack other columns/rows, providing extra firepower and easily screwing up your imps should you choose to send them down a (seemingly) harmless row.
  • Kernel-pults, due to their random chance of throwing butter that stuns your zombies, can become these should the Random Number God choose to be nasty and cause them to constantly chuck butter. Coupled with snow peas that slow your zombies from reaching them, and you may have a nightmare on your hands.

    Plants vs. Zombies 2 

In general

  • If you thought the first game was too easy, this one introduces a lot of annoying new enemies, as you'll see as you read on.
  • Gargantuars in general move much faster and can absorb more damage than in the first game, making them even more dangerous.

Ancient Egypt

  • Explorer Zombies. Not very resilient, but they are fast, can one-hit-kill your plants and can be extremely dangerous if they hide behind a more resilient zombie. Though they are less effective when using an ice plant, as it takes out the flames and forces them to eat plants instead of burning them.
  • Pharaoh Zombies. VERY resilient, even being able to withstand an instakill plant. To make things worse, after the sarcophagus broke he turns from being a Mighty Glacier into a Fragile Speedster/Glass Cannon. Usually right next to your plants due to the sarcophagus' durability, to boot.
  • Tomb Raiser Zombies. Every once in a while, they toss two bones that create tombstones, and can toss up to 6 per zombie. If not dealt with in time, he will slowly fill your lawn with tombstones, making it impossible to plant anything. If you aren't using lobbed-shot or piercing plants, the tombstones will soak damage for the zombies, allowing them to get some distance by the time (if even) they can shoot them. If you are using lobbed-shot plants, they will ignore the graves, making planting anything near-impossible.
  • The Torchlight Zombie is like an Explorer Zombie except even deadlier. Not only does it have more health, but it's also about twice as fast (Flighty speed), meaning that they can easily tear a huge line of destruction with ease. Thankfully, ice plants will put out its flames, just like with Explorer Zombie.

Pirate Seas

  • Barrel Zombies. Practically impossible to destroy with peas before they flatten your whole garden, capable of one-hit-killing almost all plants (except Spikeweed and Spikerock, but Spikeweed is destroyed by a single one, and Spikerock's durability is massively nerfed compared to the first game), quite fast-moving, and when the barrel finally gets destroyed, spit out two surprisingly tough Imps. Fortunately, penetrating plants and lobbed shots can kill them rapidly, as the rollers themselves have low health.
  • Imp Cannon. It periodically shoots imps into the middle of your lawn, which may bypass your defenses and makes it hard for single targets plants to hit. Furthermore, if not destroyed in time, it will rain down imps on your lawn, which WILL bypass your defenses.

Wild West

  • Chicken Wrangler Zombies. After they've taken a couple of damage points, they release a flock of weak but extremely fast-moving and fast-eating chickens into their row and the two adjacent, who Zerg Rush your plants. Lightning Reeds will kill them very effectively, but if they attack on a Lock and Load level where you aren't allowed to use them, or on Big Bad Butte if you haven't received them or other penetrating plants yet, they're a serious hazard.
  • Pianist Zombies. It causes zombies to switch lanes, which can mess up with your strategy. They can also kill plants like Barrel Zombies. Thankfully they also have the same weakness as Barrel Zombies and are much slower. Also, they'll only affect cowboy zombies which makes their appearance in Modern Day a lot less dangerous. And their tune is catchy.
  • Zombie Bulls become these in levels with a Flower Line. Whenever the Bull encounters a Plant, they will throw their Rider Imp, and if that lands on your Flower Line it's an instant loss. They've also got a very good amount of health and initial fast speed, which means that if you don't have a Tall-Nut in the correct lane to block the Imp, it's highly likely they'll be able to throw them into your defences or flower line.
  • The Rodeo Legend Zombie is an upgrade to the Zombie Bull and it's even more deadly. It's far faster than the Zombie Bull, deals a great amount of damage to the first plant it meets when charging before throwing the Imp as usual, although a strong enough wall can still block it. Secondly, unlike the Zombie Bull, it's capable of performing its charge attack again after a period of time (minus the imp).

Far Future

All of the large robots in general can withstand instant-kills more than once and most of them have very nasty abilities. You WILL need that E.M.Peach.
  • Gargantuar Prime. If not killed fast, their Eye Beams can lay waste to your entire garden. It got so bad that the 3.1 update nerfed the rate of fire of its Eye Beams, and ended its particularly unpleasant ability to fire Eye Beams before it got onto the screen.. While it's much slower and has an added vulnerability to the E.M.Peach, it doesn't help as much when there's a lot of them using their lasers to kill random plants.
  • The Robo-Cone has obscenely high health, being able to survive an instant kill plant and even most Plant Food abilities. Once it reaches your plants (which it probably will), it also eats quickly, being able to remove your defences fast. The only good news is that it's rather slow.
  • The Disco-tron 3000 constantly summons Jetpack Disco Zombies, unlike the Dancing Zombie who can only have four summoned mooks at a time, this one can summon an infinite amount of them. Better have a Blover ready if you don't want to be overrun. There's also an out-of-universe problem with it on Android, as if you get too many Jetpack Disco Zombies on the screen at once the game is very liable to crash.
  • The Mecha-Football Zombie. Unlike the Robo-Cone, it doesn't eat but pushes back rows of plants, screwing up your layout and eliminating your back row, and it's also faster than the Robo-Cone.
  • Blastronaut Zombies. Take the Jetpack Zombie, give it around twice the health, make it almost as fast as an Ice Weasel, and you get this. Not only can it easily fly over your defences at a very fast rate, but it is very durable for a Flighty speed zombie to boot. Thankfully, the Blover and Hurrikale get rid of it... but in the level the Blastronaut debuts in, you're prohibited from using Blover and Hurrikale, and the second Far Future boss will also love spamming these guys on you faster than you can obtain Blovers. Hope you got Infi-nut's barrier up!

Dark Ages

  • The Jester Zombie. It's a Lightning Bruiser that's considerably tougher and faster than your average zombie, being as tough as a Conehead but faster. Since he's considered just a standard zombie, he can pop up from graves, which may happen behind your line of plants. But the kicker is that he's immune to projectiles, and in fact returns them, which can mess up your defenses badly. This also makes him the only case where Cherry Bomb is a preferable option to Grapeshot, as Grapeshot's grapes are affected as well, causing them to roll into your defenses and take out more than a few plants. He thus causes Character Select Forcing for the player to use penetrating, non-projectile plants.
  • The Zombie King can turn any peasant zombies near him into extra-tough Knight Zombies. If not taken out quickly, he can create a huge rush of knights. The biggest problem is that taking him out is easier said than done, as he rests in the back column, and with several high-health zombies in front of him, nothing save for a Laser Bean or too-close-for-comfort Fume-shroom will get the chance to hit him.
  • The Wizard Zombie turns more of your plants into useless sheep the longer it's on the screen (and can actually start firing transformation beams before it gets onto the screen and plants start attacking it), and often needs to be specifically targeted with one-hit-kill plants because its slow movement means that tough zombies get ahead of it and shield it from ballistic plants. They come in such large numbers that a single wave of them can easily turn an entire lawn into sheep, unless the player has a One-Hit Kill on hand. They also destroy any chance of a defensive strategy, as waiting for them to approach will end up turning more plants into sheep. However, they're actually less dangerous in Highway to the Danger Room, thanks to being spawned in the middle of the lawn, vulnerable to your plants. They're also one of the few zombies who have been nerfed, no longer being able to turn plants into sheep if they're offscreen.

Big Wave Beach

  • Surfer Zombies. They're very fast on water, have a good bit of health, cannot be blocked by any plantnote , and then when they get on land they plonk their surfboard on the first plant they reach (or if they are killed on land), instantly killing the plant it lands on and also creating an obstruction with a good bit of health. They can overrun your defenses easily if you let them get to land. Essentially, they combine the nastiest features of the Explorer and Tomb Raiser Zombies while also being fast. If that's not bad enough, Modern Day has Big Wave Beach portals that spawn them in the middle of the lawn... which means that unless you have a way to remove them with the surfboard (or destroy the surfboard), expect a plant to be lost.
  • Octo Zombies. They're the page image for a very good reason. Like the Wizard Zombie they can make a plant useless and eventually the whole field if not removed in time, this time by throwing an octopus to bind your plants up. Unlike wizards, Octo zombies are tougher, and their octopus (which has a good bit of health) has to be killed to render the plant usable- killing the zombie will not remove them! If they manage to bind one lane of plants in octopi including the rearmost one, it's near-impossible to get that lane unbound by killing the rearmost octopi without use of an instant or Split Pea. The worst part? There's no plant in your arsenal that's a reliable counter to them. The only halfway decent one is Rotobaga, and you don't get it until very late through Frostbite Caves, which was after BWB initially.
  • Fisherman Zombies. The float at the end of a field in the ocean and have a good amount of health (almost twice that of a Conehead Zombie.) However, they can use their poles to drag plants closer to them, until they drop into the water, or they throw them off-screen when the plant is next to them (the latter only happens if one plants Lily Pads on the entire row, or if the plant can float on water). They also have a tendency to come with the aforementioned Octo Zombies and Surfer Zombies, meaning that you'll often be left defenseless with not enough Sun to turn the situation around. The only counter to their fishing hooks? The forcefield of a boosted Infi-nut or Moonflower. Have fun!

Frostbite Caves

  • The Sloth Gargantuar. What's more annoying than a Gargantuar throwing an imp into your defences? How about one that can throw up to three, each one thrown as it loses health?
  • Weasel Hoarders. Similar to Chicken Wranglers above, but the Weasels are slightly slower moving but significantly tougher. (Lightning Reeds won't kill them fast enough, but many penetrating plants that are too slow-firing to kill Chickens before being Zerg Rushed to death will kill the slower Weasels.) The really nasty bit, though, is on later Icebound Battleground levels, where the freezing winds may freeze your plants just as a pack of weasels is released, leading to instant lawnmower loss or death.

Lost City

  • Excavator Zombies. They're fast and are fairly tough for a fast enemy, No-Sell straight projectiles due to their shovel, can't have their shovel stolen via Magnet-Shroom (which makes sense- gold is not magnetic), and use said shovel to dig up your plants (including Spikeweed/rocks), screwing over your defences easily since your defensive plants will be near the back or worse, thrown off the lawn. Lobbed shot plants and penetrating plants are required... and the former are countered by the Parasol Zombie. Subsequently became vulnerable to the Celery Stalker - they will dig them up and throw them to the space behind them... at which point the Celery stabs them in the back until they die.
  • Imp Porters are easy to beat, but IF they manage to get to a gold tile, then heaven help you. They'll sacrifice themselves to plant a tent on the gold tile, which will then become a Mook Maker that can spawn a constant stream of regular zombies, coneheads, and even bucketheads!.
  • Turquoise Skull Zombies have the ability to steal sun like the Ra Zombie (which will be lost unlike the Ra Zombie), after which they fire out a beam that intakills any plants up to 4 spaces in front of it. The attack still triggers even if they failed to steal sun. If they did steal sun, their attack range gets increased! The good news is that they have low health, but their tendency to stick behind things like Basics, Bugs, Excavators and Parasols means that they have a pretty good chance of getting near your front lines.

Neon Mixtape Tour

The special Zombies all gain a very dangerous ability whenever their Jam plays. Or if they're fought in Modern Day, in which case they don't even need their Jam:
  • Punk Zombies. They've only got the same amount of health as an Explorer, but when their Punk Jam comes up, they move very quickly and begin kicking plants back to the nearest space behind or off the lawn if there's no space. Without penetrating plants (or with Glitter Zombie's rainbow protection), he'll more likely than not kick your front plants. A Magnet-Shroom can instantly off one thanks to the metal piercings in their heads.
  • Glitter Zombies. When their Pop Jam plays they create a rainbow trail that makes all zombies in it completely damn immune to damage and harm (yes, that includes freezing and stunning/slowing), which is very dangerous especially if there are Bucketheads or Gargantuars behind. Even worse, they also get the ability to kill any plant they run over with their roller skates (ala Barrel Roller and Piano). They also have a good bit of health too, around that of a conehead.
  • MC Zom-B. He has low health like Punk, but when his Rap Jam starts playing he gains an Spin Attack with his mic that hits almost all plants around him, and is an instant-death on anything less than a Wall-Nut (which doesn't fare better, dying in two hits). This makes him very dangerous in early waves especially due to his fast speed, or if one uses lots of close-range plants. Without penetrating plants or with rainbow protection/Breakdancer backup, he can get deep into your defences to wreak havoc. It gets even worse in Modern Day, where Neon Mixtape Tour portals spawn him right smack in the middle of your plants where he will destroy them almost immediately.
  • Hair Metal Gargantuar: When his Metal music plays, each smash he does also sends out a sound shockwave that instakills the first plant it hits. And yes, he can keep using this long-ranged move as long as his Jam is playing, devastating your entire row! The only defence against it? Infi-nut's projector, which absorbs the shots even when the nut is "dead", and Primal Wall-Nuts, which can survive three blasts. Hair Metal Gargantuar is particularly even more dangerous in the Endless Zone, where, unlike the other Gargantuars, he can show up as your first enemy when you're still trying to set up your sun production, much less defenses. Going into a high level Greatest Hits without several Game-Breaker lined up can easily spell instant loss.
  • Breakdancer Zombie gains the ability to breakdance, move quickly, and push zombies forward 1.5 squares during a Rap Jam, allowing him to send the Glass Cannon MC Zom-B and the Hair Metal Gargantuar towards your defences fast. Combined with MC Zom-B's spinning microphone attack during the Rap Jam, the duo can easily wreak havoc on your defences. He may have low health, but he will not be a main target of most plants thanks to kicking other zombies forwards to shield him. Worst of all, he can kick forward other breakdancers, essentially becoming a high speed relay system! Also, it acts as a pseudo-counter to the Thyme Warp if one doesn't have a Blover on hand, since using it would mean he'll be guaranteed to kick all the zombies in his lane back forward (especially if there's more than one Breakdancer in that lane).
  • Arcade Zombie during his 8-bit Jam. Like the Imp Porter's Tent, he begins spawning 8-bit zombies in regular, conehead and buckethead variants from his arcade machine. Worse still, unlike the stationary tents, he also pushes the machines forwards during the Jam crushing plants in his way ala Troglobite, and making him able to spawn bucketheads very near your house.
  • Boombox Zombie can be a boon at times in his home world, due to his ability to slow the zombies and disable their Jams, but it does stun almost all plant types for a short while. Furthermore, he needs to walk onto the third column to the right or further in to play his music. Not so in Modern Day's Endless Zone, where Neon Mixtape Tour Portals can spawn him on column 6, allowing him to play his music immediately as soon as he spawns from them, instantly neutering your offenses.

Jurassic Marsh

None of the Dinosaurs in this world can be attacked or affected by Plants (with the exception of Perfume-Shroom), and all of them can greatly help the zombies in some way or other. Thank goodness that the Perfume-Shroom charms them to affect the Zombies instead... but not only it has a very bad recharge time for such an expensive plant, it can only be used in Jurrasic Marsh. note 
  • The Raptor wanders back and forth on the lawn, and when it encounters a zombie it kicks them three squares forwards. Unlike Breakdancer, it can only kick one at a go, but at twice the range! They can easily kick zombies up to the third column, past most of your defences!
  • The Stegosaurus sticks at the right side of the lawn, then catches zombies with its thagomizer spikes before flinging them to random lanes on the fourth column of the lawn, bypassing most of your defences entirely.
  • The Pterodactyl will pick up the zombie furthest from your lawn, turn them around, and carry them to the front of your house, essentially turning them into a Digger/Prospector that eats your defences from behind. This also applies to Bucketheads and Fossilheads! Even worse? The Blover does jack all to them, which means that if they're carrying a zombie and you don't have an available Perfume-Shroom, said zombie WILL be placed at the front of your house.
  • The Tyrannosaurus rex will use a Mighty Roar to scare all zombies in his lane, causing them to move forwards and eat very quickly for a period of time, allowing groups to demolish walls with ease (especially in the case of the already-speedy Jurassic Imps). Thankfully, slowing plants will cause the zombies to be slowed, overriding the Status Buff. The main problem comes when it's paired up with a Pterodactyl- when it roars, all zombies in the lane will turn towards the house. Yes, that includes the zombie that the Pterodactyl dropped off on the square next to your house...
  • The Ankylosaurus stays at the back, and hits zombies forward with the Epic Flail on its tail. Thing is, any zombie pushed forwards this way will push the first plant back and all others behind if there's no space, flinging out those at the back when they hit it (in a manner to Mecha-Football Zombie above). The only way to stop this is with the Cactus, who can override the pushback by hiding underground. But she's a premium, and if you haven't bought her, or if she's already underground and an ankylosaurus pushes more zombies forwards... Well, good luck.
  • The Jurassic Gargantuar is significantly tougher than the other Gargantuar variants in this game, entering the board with 270 health instead of 180. Thankfully, this Gargantuar variant is slower than the others, so your plants have more time to damage it, and the Primal Peashooter excels at knocking him back. Charmed dinosaurs can also do a lot of damage to him.
  • The Jurassic Bully can soak up huge amounts of damage, and is immune to Primal Peashooter's Knock Back, allowing him and any other zombies behind to advance forwards slowly thanks to him absorbing the knockback. While this wouldn't be a huge problem in any other world, he appears in Jurassic Marsh where the dinosaurs mentioned above can and will push him forwards very quickly. Chard Guard and Hurrikale are pretty much needed should the dinosaurs push him to the third column.
  • If one thought the Bully was bad enough, there's the Jurassic Rockpuncher in the extra-tough bonus levels. For one, it's able to survive an instant kill. Although he's slower than the Bully, he still has the Bully's immunity to knockback, but unlike the Bully, it doesn't eat plants, instead using the rocks on his fist to One-Hit Kill plants and leave behind a temporary unplantable crater. Essentially it's a weaker Gargantuar with immunity to Primal Peashooter's knockback that can't be stalled indefinitely via cheap plants such as Puff-Shroom. And God help you if any of the dinosaurs above get him past your defences.

Modern Day

  • The Newspaper Zombie took serious levels in badass in this game. Not only does his newspaper now absorb an incredible amount of damage, when it's gone he goes into his Turns Red mode... which, unlike the first game, is super fast, causing him to move at chicken speed, eat plants in less than half a second, and destroying walls in less than five.
  • The Sunday Edition Zombie is similar to the Newspaper Zombie, only that he's faster when not enraged and has a far tougher newspaper.
  • The levels which have Octo Zombies manage to make them even more dangerous and device-smashingly annoying than they were in Big Wave Beach, by giving them the ability to throw octopi onto any front-most plant on the screen, not just ones in the same row as them. The icing on the cake is that they're also one of the special zombies that appears the most often, present in 5 of the 27 regular levels (along with the Surfer) while most others get 3-4 appearances max.
  • If you thought Football Zombie was a pain in the first game, he's even worse in here as the All-Star Zombie. He might have less health, but now he can oneshot most plants he runs into dealing a Gargantuar Smash's worth of damage. Combined with his extremely fast initial speed and you have a nightmare on your hands. Even worse, he can kick the Super-Fan Imp far into your defences, which then blows up with the plant on the square it's on. While he's easily stopped by Primal Wall-Nut and completely neutralized by Explode-O-Nut, it isn't much in Endless Zones where he comes charging in great numbers.


  • In Battlez, the Zombie Hamster Ball effectively turns any zombie into a faster, deadlier Barrel Roller by having a giant amount of health (enough to survive an instant kill) while making them move very quickly as well as crushing plants quickly (but becoming slower when they do). Unlike Barrel Rollers, there's no weak roller to target, and it will release the zombie inside when destroyed — ranging from weak browncoats to mighty Gargantuars to many other zombies on the list here. Finally, the Hamster Ball is also immune to several negative status effects such as stunning, slowing, freezing, and even hypnosis from Caulipower. Thankfully, it still retains Barrel Roller's weakness to spikes and will instantly shatter if it encounters Spikeweed, Spikerocks, or an underground Cactus.
    • The game has introduced another variant of the Hamster Ball, one that is considerably slower than the usual one, but can change lanes at will, especially to avoid your many methods to counter it. Have fun trying to stop if when there are also Excavator Zombies scooping off your spikeweeds.
  • The Cardio Zombie. When he arrives, he instantly flattens any three plants that are on his way, and while he's on the field, he throws hearts to other zombies, which, even worse than the evil potions in Dark Ages, massively ramp up their health and speed and make them all but impossible to kill except with instant-kill plants. The Cardio Zombie will eventually leave even if he will return later, but if you're desperate to remove him sooner? Well, tough luck; he has twice as much health as the Jurassic Gargantuar, completely immune to lawnmowers, and not targeted by plants like Caulipower. Thanks to his insane health pool, he can completely screw over non-piercing plants, or worse, plants who single out a zombie until it dies (such as Lightning Reed's and Squash's plant food power-up) who will be stuck wasting time attacking Cardio Zombie while his hyberbuffed zombies rip apart the lawn.

Penny's Pursuit

  • Zcorpions are much more dangerous Imp Cannons since they can singlehandedly overrun a lane. Instead of imps, they shoot basic roman zombies, which can sometimes come with buckets. It's complete RNG if they decide to chuck a bunch of Bucketheads back to back, and since they aim directly for your plants, you could potentially face Bucketheads only a couple of tiles away from the house. Its nearly impossible to block them off since their shots also smash plants instantly. It's very telling how deadly these ballistas are when Bombegranate's Pursuit's Zom-be-gone targets Zcorpions instead of Gargantuars.
  • Speaking of Gargantuars, the Roman variety not only has as much hp as the Jurassic version, but their imp nets the plant it lands on, acting as an instant ice block. The net gives the imp much more time to wreck havok.
  • Dear god, the Healer Zombie. It has an almost malicious design; it heals a significant amount of hp to make zombies almost immortal. The thing is, Healers are very overloaded which makes them so demonic. Stupid hp, creeper speed, they leave behind a staff that contiunes to heal, immune to most debuffs, and worst of all, they get rid of debuffs when healing.

    Plants vs. Zombies 2 Chinese Version 
  • In general, the Chinese version adds many, many more dangerous zombies, most of which are in the dreaded Sky City.
  • For example, leveled zombies in general are tough to deal with without your own leveled plants. They all have massively boosted health and they eat through normal plants in seconds.

Dark Ages

  • The Cavalry Zombie is basically the Knight Zombie, the Surfer Zombie, and the Zombie Bull all rolled into one. It's basically a bull but it not only launches a Knight Zombie instead of an Imp, but it pulls a Surfer Zombie by one-shotting a plant and leaves a lance behind that blocks attacks.
  • If you thought the Wizard was bonkers, meet his direct upgrade, the Archmage Zombie. He thankfully attacks far less often, but his shots will put plants in a 3x3 grid to sleep. Since they are just asleep, zombies can eat through the defenseless plants. The worst thing about the archmage is that there is exactly one plant that reverses the spells, coffee bean... Which means nothing, since the number of archmages will quickly out speed the recharge time.

Sky City

  • Christ... This world is home to possibly the largest collection of demonic spiders ever in Pv Z history. Just about everything is a major threat, thanks to Sky City's god awful gimmick.
  • Zombie Fighter. It's pretty much the only enemy that has a decent counter, and you will suffer if you don't use the pineapple. Otherwise, it's not that bad... until it rams itself across the row at death, likely taking out an entire row of plants.
  • The Double Cabin Zombie is just the Zombie Fighter with hp on par with robo cones. Except, this zombie takes up two lanes allowing it to shred plants across lanes. Also, you need to destroy both cabins, giving the plane double the health and harder to destroy with 3x3 insta kills. The icing on the cake is that it's intended counter, Spinapple, won't work, since it only shoots if a lane is clear of all plants. And try to set up a trap at the ground tiles, since the aircraft will explode, dealing massive damage to the house.
  • Arbiter-Xs are just like Glitter Zombies, except they are WAY tougher(Robo Cone levels), and protect even more zombies from harm. Lantern Cherry can make the zombies vulerable, but it has an awful recharge time.
  • Flying Imps. They are thrown to the first column in hoards by transport boats, which would be bad enough. But, the imps will turn around and eat through your ground defenses backwards. There is no good counter against Flying Imps; there is no room to invest in backwards firing plants on the ground waves and no air plants can shoot backwards, becides Rotobaga, but even then, you have to save room for stronger air plants to deal with the rest of the monsters on this list. The wiki even says that you should let the imps destroy your ground plants; there just simply isn't a way to stop Flying Imps.
  • The first of the Chinese only Gargantuars, Flying Gargantuar, may be one of the worst offenders in the series. It carries two flying imps, which are described above. Once again, there is no good counter against this gargantuar. There is no good air plants that can stall him, and he stops between the 3rd and 4th colums, keeping him out of reach of popular stalling options and blocking damage. It only takes three gargs for your base to go down in seconds.

Frostbite Caves

  • The Walrus Zombie is a tough foe that squishes plants instantly (even Primal Wallnut!) and leaves an ice trail that you can't plant on. Jalapeno can shut him down, but it's even harder to obtain the plant in the Chinese version. The icetrail also greatly speeds up Ski Zombies, which would be problematic enough, but the zombie can use the walrus as a ramp, jumping 4 columns ahead. Guess where the walrus stops moving.

Kong-Fu World

  • Monk Imps are some of the most dangerous zombies in the game. Once it reaches a plant, it flys over four tiles. Not only do they breach a significant portion of the lawn, Imp Monks are completely invincible when flying. They also have a nasty tendency to land on endangered plants or directly on flower lines.
  • Zombie Swordsman are a direct upgrade from Explorers. They one shot most plants and move fast, but you can't get rid of their swords in anyway. The worst thing about them is that they are way more common since weapon stands can arm them.
  • The Bronze Gargantuars only appear on three conveyor belt levels, one being a bonus level, but they are absolute monsters. They not only have more hp than Jurassic Gargantuars, Bronzes come with overpowered abilities on top of the typical Garg traits. They can switch lanes, summon zombies, pull plants, and more, and the conveyors don't give you many good plants. You can destroy their statues to stop them from spawning, but they got even more health then the actual Gargantuars.

PvP Mode

  • Monkeyfruits. They are strong. How strong? Enough to completely destroy Level 4 Gargantuars at level 2.
  • The recently released Auberninja. At level 5, it has a high chance of one-shotting zombies. This includes Gargantuars!

    Plants vs. Zombies Heroes 

Plant Side

  • The Smarty class as a whole has several annoying and potentially dangerous teammates. A huge number of the cards can bounce your zombies back into your deck, rendering their buffs useless. A few more can freeze them and stop them from moving completely. Then there's the Plants that can hit with Splash Damage (that hits zombie teammates but not the Zombie Hero) or even worse, attack in multiple lanes (which does hit the Zombie Hero).
    • Snowdrop gains 2/2 for every time a zombie is frozen, Winter Squash does a One-Hit Kill on any zombie that gets frozen, and Cool Bean freezes all gravestones, working with the previous two's effects. A freeze deck is bound to contain several of them along with freeze-based plants.
    • Primal Peashooter bounces any zombie it hits and doesn't kill, resetting their stats. It also costs 1 Sun making it extremely cheap, and has 2/2 for stats which is great for a 1-cost plant. For reference, the trick that just bounces a zombie costs 3 sun.
    • The Great Zucchini turns every zombie into a 1/1 zombie with no special abilities when played.
    • Brainana is a 6-sun card that has only 4/3 for stats and Amphibious. What it does when played however is remove all the zombie Hero's brains, and unless the Zombie Hero has Gentleman Zombies on the field, they'll be forced to skip the tricks phase. Sometimes, Seedling can also turn into one of these at the start of the turn, thus depriving the Zombie Hero from doing anything in the turn!
    • Threepeater, has five health, and shoots on both its lane and the lanes beside it. If it's played by Green Shadow and gets boosted, good luck. And then there's its upgrade in Tricorn with 1 more attack and health, but if Evolved from another plant it will have 4 strength while still being able to attack down 3 lanes!
    • Shooting Starfruit is a 2/2 Legendary for 5 Sun, but it attacks down all lanes. That's five times the damage and potential hits on the zombie hero, but it's not that strong... unless it's in Green Shadow's hands. Her Mega-Grow class has many ways to boost its strength as well as its health, and she also has Umbrella Leaf to protect it from tricks. If boosted and protected carefully, it can wreck all the zombie teammates in one go or even become a One-Hit Kill on the Zombie Hero if there's enough open lanes.
    • Sportacus is a 3/3 plant that costs 3 sun, but unlike Vanilla, it comes with a deadly ability. Every time the Zombie hero plays a trick when it's on the field, Sportacus will damage the Zombie hero directly for 2 damage.
    • Dark Matter Dragonfruit is by far one of Smarty's most dreaded units. A Legendary 6/6 for 8 Sun that has Amphibious, deals 6 Splash Damage (Enough to kill at least 90% of unboosted zombies), and most importantly increases the cost of all zombie tricks by 6. Most Zombie tricks become borderline unplayable when this is on the field, and it cannot be hit by Rocket Science on the turn it's sent out on. And if more than one enters the field, the zombie hero may as well throw all their trick cards aside.
  • Pea Pod. It's a direct upgrade to Peashooter, and gains 1/1 every turn. If properly protected, it can get really powerful.
  • Doubled Mint. Similar to the pea pod, but instead of gaining 1/1, its stats double every turn. This means that in 6 turns, it can one-shot the zombie hero. Though, its fragility upon being planted can result in many people simply offing it before it can be an issue.
  • Power Flower. Firstly, it has Strikethrough, which means that it will hit the Zombie Hero when it attacks. Secondly, it heals the Plant Hero for 1 HP for every flower at the start of the turn, which means that three Power Flowers means 9 HP restored a turn.
  • Bananasaurus Rex has the Dino-Roar trait which makes it use a special ability whenever the Plant Hero draws a card. Said ability gives it +1/+1 each time (read: each turn, making it like Pea Pod above), and performs an Extra Attack at the end of a turn like Repeater. If this is paired up with Party Thyme (draw a card when an Extra Attack is performed), it'll literally grow out of hand and kill off any Zombie Teammates and even the Zombie Hero if not removed.
  • Punish-shroom. Every time a mushroom dies, this plant deals damage to the hero or a random card. When it's included, the deck is probably a mushroom deck, and the user will probably spam weak mushrooms like Button Mushroom and Shroom for Two. If it isn't killed in time, it's very likely that it will take a toll on your health.
  • Astro-Shroom is 1/1 unit for 1 sun, but it deals 1 Bullseye damage to the zombie hero whenever the Plant Hero plays a teammate. Naturally, it will be found in Zerg Rush decks with cheap card draw and cheap minion spawning. While it's easy to destroy in the Zombie Tricks or Combat phase, it will be hitting you for unavoidable damage during the Plants Play phase, and even if it and its teammates are destroyed, chances are that another Astro-Shroom and a swarm of cheap teammates are ready the next turn for more damage to your face. It's normally annoying, but when it's under Nightcap's control along with Planet of the Grapesnote  and Lima-Pleurodonnote , it becomes a lot more dangerous.
  • Mirror-Nut. Whenever a nut gets hurt (That includes Mirror-Nut itself), this plant deals two damage to the hero. Nuts have extremely high health, so by the time a nut dies, you probably already lost your shield. Dealing with it directly isn't a good choice either, as it's a nut itself, and hurting it makes its effect happen. And god help you if it's played after Wall-Nut Bowling. Weed Spray will however make short work of almost all nuts without triggering the effect, thanks to most nuts having low strength... unless Three-Nut is on the field.
  • Cornucopia. When planted, it creates any type of plant in every other lane. Any type of plant. This could result in creating any of the other demonic spiders listed here, or more Cornucopias.
  • Briar Rose. A 4-sun plant with 3/4 stats making it immune to most cheap Zombie removal, and it does a One-Hit Kill on any zombie teammate that hurts a flower tribe plant, which includes itself. This allows it to very easily destroy zombies when used in a flower deck. It's still a huge threat even after Knockout was introduced, which kills plants with 3 or less attack in a lane.
  • Pineclone. What it does is to turn all the Plant Teammates on the board into more 3/3 Pineclones. This is often used when the Plant Hero has a ton of weak but numerous plants on the board with Team-Up such as Shroom For Two, Pair of Pears, Button Mushrooms, Lil' Buddies, etc, turning them into a huge swarm of moderately powerful plants. Since Pineclones have 3 Strength, it also makes them immune to Weed Spray, Rocket Science, and Cut Down To Size, and due to 3 HP most area-wide attacks like The Chickening or Acid Rain won't kill the lot. Season 2 also introduced Molekale to go along with it, which turns plants into random plants that cost 1 Sun more- since all Pineclones would cost 4 by default, playing a Molekale will makes them into a whole field of 5-sun plants ready to destroy the zombie Hero at a moment's notice.
  • Prior to an update that changed how the Block Meter worked, Sergeant Strongberry was this. When another berry did damage to a Zombie or Zombie Hero, Sergeant Strongberry would hit them for an extra 2 damage. Sergeant Strongberry is a berry, and can respond to another Strongberry's attack. With 2 of these in play, the Plant Hero just needed to drop a Berry Blast on the Zombie Hero, prompting one Sergeant Strongberry to hit the Zombie Hero, followed by the other Sergeant Strongberry responding, followed by the first and so on and so forth until the Zombie Hero dropped, block Meter be damned.
  • Set 4 gave Sergeant Strongberry another strawberry he could work with — the 3-cost 3/3 Strawberrian. When any berry is played, Strawberrian would deal 1 damage to zombies in its lane and next door, and Strongberry could easily follow that up with 2 damage to each of them the next turn when he's played. This is equivalent to playing both a weaker Cherry Bomb and planting down a teammate, and if Strawberrian is evolved, he also gives the Plant Hero a free Berry Blast.
  • Lily of the Valley. What appears to be an unassuming 1 Strength 2 HP plant for 2 sun can be quite a game changer for a Mega-Grow hero. While its stats are so-so, as long as it's around, any plant played on the Heights lane gets +2 Strength and +2 HP. This can easily and quickly spell doom on the Heights lane if not removed (such as two 3/3 Shroom For Two, or a 7/6 Skyshooter on turn 4). If there's more than one on the ground lanes when a plant's played on the heights, then you'd better have a Rocket Science/Locust Swarm on hand or something to block the heights, or you're finished soon.
  • The Galactic Gardens update provided Solar classes with one of the nastiest combos ever. The Astrovera is a legendary card, that, when played, gives the Plant Hero 10 HP and increases their Max HP by 10. That's already an extra 50% of their base health when played. Then, there's the Heartichoke, which deals damage directly to the Zombie hero when a plant or plant hero gets healed, equal to the total amount healed. It doesn't take long for one to know how both of these work with each other, and planting two Astrovera when a Heartichoke is on the field spells doom for the Zombie Hero unless they Super-Block. Heartichoke also benefits from being a 3-Strength card, meaning that it's immune to most Zombie removal abilities too.
    • Heartichoke also has a very nasty Cycle of Hurting if played on a Venus Flytraplanet — said Environment heals the hero every time a Plant there deals damage, equal to the damage dealt. When Heartichoke attacks, the Environment heals the Hero, causing Heartichoke to attack the Zombie Hero to cause the Environment to trigger again, making Heartichoke attack yet again. Simply using this can easily heal the Plant Hero to full while the Zombie Hero is massively damaged or even defeated outright! It's pretty telling that the Heartichoke no longer activates its ability if killed, and a new Zombie card was made that specifically counters the Heartichoke — Sneezing Zombie, which prevents the Plant Hero and any plants from being healed, while also giving all plants -1/-1 when played.
  • Captain Cucumber. He's a Legendary 1/4 card for 3 sun. Pretty bad in terms of stats, until you see his ability— When he does damage to anything, he Conjures a random Legendary card into the Plant hero's hand, and any conjured plant cards costs 1 sun less. This includes pretty much all the plant legendary cards around here, and many of them are huge game-changers. The only way for the Zombie hero to stop him from giving the Plant hero a legendary card is to use an Armored zombie to prevent damage (which may still not work, thanks to Captain being a Mega-Grow class, he can easily get a strength boost), or to immediately remove him via Rolling Stone or Weed Spray before he even gets a chance to attack.
  • Clique Peas is a Mega-Grow Bean Pea plant that costs 1, and has 1/1 for stats. It sounds weak, but each time a Clique Peas is played, they give all Clique Peas +1/+1 (including the one that's played, those on the board, and those in the Plant Hero's hand and deck) for the rest of the game, and also shuffles two more Clique Peas into the Plant Hero's deck. This makes all of them grow stronger each time one is played, and considering how cheap their cost is at one sun, they can very easily fill up the Plant Hero's deck and be spammed with great ease, and a 10/10 for the mere cost of 1 sun is nothing to laugh at. If you're faced against Green Shadow, she can combo this with Rescue Radish which bounces it back into her hand... which means an extra +1/1 will commence, and she'll get 2 more Clique Peas, and also combos with her Admiral Navy Bean, which attacks the Zombie Hero directly for 2 damage each time a Bean is played to whittle their health and Super-Block meter down while the Clique Peas deal major damage. It got so bad that the Set 3 update gave them a hefty Nerf, causing their Sun cost to increase by 1 per Clique Peas played.
  • Three-Nut makes any plant that is played get their Strength set to 3. Many low-strength Nuts such as Wall-Nut, Mirror-Nut and Pecanolith that could be easily removed by a cheap Rolling Stone or Weed Spray suddenly become immune to them while having Strength low enough to avoid Rocket Science, and also gain the capability to attack. If Three-Nut is not taken care of, even a Wall-Nut for the cost of 1 sun and can be played in front of other Plants becomes a 3/6 threat.
  • Gatling Pea. It's a 5-cost plant that has 5 attack and 4 health, has Double Strike (attacks after combat if it survives), and its Pea Evolution (played on a Pea plant) makes it perform a Bonus Attack. If it's Evolved and boosted by two attack from Torchwood, Podfather, Lily of the Valley, or Pea Patch, it can destroy the zombie in front while dealing massive damage by hitting once for 5 damage (7 if it was evolved from Pea Patch) then two times for 7 damage each. And if Grape Power is used on it to double its damage from 5 to 10, that's a potential one-turn kill if no zombies are in front.
  • Apotatosaurus is a Mega-Grow 5/5 for 6 Sun that gets +1/+1 every time a card is drawn or conjured on the plant side, and conjures a Root preventing loss of card advantage (while buffing itself). What makes it even more dangerous is its Untrickable trait making it completely unaffected by any tricks, such as Rocket Science or Locust Swarm that would have made it far easier to destroy. Being Mega-Grow, the Plant Hero can easily boost its health and strength further, making it nearly impossible to take care of without teammates that have Deadly, other instant-kill, or bounce effects.

Zombie Side

  • Octo Zombie returns, and it's even worse. It has decent stats for its price (8/8 for 8 brains), but it also has Amphibious, which allows it to be on water lanes, Frenzy, which makes it attack after killing a plant. Oh, and by the way, only one plant in the whole game has health higher than 8 by default (Soul Patch), meaning it will get that Frenzy attack off... unless he's stopped by a Guacodile (deals 4 damage, then deals another 4 damage when killed, killing the Octo and preventing the frenzy attack). Finally, its ability makes it get placed back in the Zombie Hero's hand when killed... which means that he will keep returning every time he dies, unless the Plant Hero manages to transform him.
  • Smashing Gargantuar. What makes this zombie so dangerous is that it gives the Frenzy trait to all other Gargantuars on the field, including itself. If the opponent has enough Gargantuars on the field before placing this monster, you're on your own.
  • Zombot 1000. The Final Boss of the first game would seem devastatingly powerful, and it is. Not only does it have rather high stats (9/9 for 9 brains), but it also destroys all plants on the field when placed down. Not only that, but it's also a Gargantuar zombie, meaning that it can be boosted by certain other Gargantuar zombies or even summoned by the Gargantuars' Feast trick if you're particularly unlucky. Heaven help the Plant Hero if Immorticia (or Brainstorm via Eureka) manages to Teleport one of these bad boys into play during the Zombie Tricks turn.
  • Vimpire. He gains +2/+2 every time he destroys a plant, and has Frenzy. As you'd expect, using weak Team-up plants like Shellery is practically suicide. He also rests within the same class as Biodome Botanist, who creates a 1/1 plant in any lane. That means he can effectively feed Vimpire for free, giving him even more attack! He's at his worst when in the hands of Brain Freeze, as he can combo him with Toxic Barrel Imp to give him Deadly. Then there's Ancient Vimpire, a Vimpire with 1 more strength and health for 1 extra brain, except that it grants Vimpire's buff-on-kill ability to all zombies with Frenzy as long as it's alive. Thankfully, both of them are instantly killed should they attack a Garlic.
  • The Gadget Scientist Zombie. He's only a 2/3 for five brains, but when played he causes all Science themed zombies (including himself) to automatically attack. That can be dangerous enough given that there are several quite powerful science type zombies in the game, including every single Zombot, but what really makes him deadly is that he allows the zombies to attack during the "Zombies Play" phase of the game, before the plants are allowed to do anything at all after the last round of fighting.
  • The Valkyrie is a 3-brain cost card starts with 0 strength but gains 2 each time a zombie is killed, and considering that other Crazy class zombies are Glass Cannons that die very easily, its strength would become pretty hefty- enough to kill the Plant Hero in one hit if enough zombies are killed. It becomes a Demonic Spider in the hands of Professor Brainstorm, who can use Teleport to play her in the Zombie Tricks phase, ensuring that the Plant Hero can't do anything to stop it, then use Rocket Science to remove an opposing or Lurch For Lunch get her to do a bonus attack in an empty lane for a nearly-guaranteed Instant-Win Condition. Come the Triassic Triumph set, and all Brainstorm has to do now is to play a Mustache Monument then play her on it, giving her a Bonus attack and more often than not a clean lane for Valkyrie to do her job.
  • The Arm Wrestler can quickly get out of control at the start of the game if you don't defend it properly. It's a 2/2 Hearty Sports zombie for 1 brain, which is already above average stats. The kicker is that if a plant is placed or moved on its lane, it gets 1/1. The zombie is essentially a 3/3 threat on turn 1 since zombies place teammates first, and only one plant can remove it on the same turn(Primal Potato Mine). Ignoring it would be just as bad, since its base stats are nothing to laugh at, and the same class has Black Hole, which will force plants to its lane. Given that the Arm Wrestler is a Hearty and Sports minon, it's ridiculously easy for it to get beefed up even further by Loudmouths or supported by fellow Sports zombies, like Team Mascot Imp.
  • Mixed-Up Gravedigger. He's got an average cost for power, a 5/5 for five brains, but it's his ability that makes him dangerous. When played, he makes all zombies in play go into a gravestone, then mixes up the positions so that even Grave Buster would become a guessing game without use of a Spyris. This not only recovers any lost health on the zombie team, but it also allows non-amphibious zombies to be placed on the water lane, said Gravestones block all damage save Strikethrough, meaning that Extra attacks are mostly useless, and most importantly, zombies that have a "When Played" or "When Revealed" ability (except himself) will use that ability again. Examples are Pogo Bouncer (who can bounce a plant another time), Firefighter (to bounce the MuG so he can be played yet again), Gadget Scientist (to get the science zombies another free attack), Zombot 1000 (to utterly destroy the plants again), Intergalactic Warlord (who will give all zombie teammates, even those that in your hand and deck a permanent +1/+1 for the rest of the game) etc.
  • Defensive End is a Sports Gargantuar Zombie with 6 attack, 5 health, and Armored 1. What makes him dangerous however is his ability, causing plant tricks to cost 2 more sun, and this stacks. Two or more of these on the field and most plant tricks become borderline unplayable for a good while.
  • Gargologists are this if not taken care of quickly. They have average attack and above-average HP for a 2 Brain cost card, and their ability reduces the cost of all Gargantuar cards by 2 Brains (such as all the Gargantuar cards mentioned here), stacking with more Gargologists. One of these surviving on the second turn allows the zombie player to get a Smashing Gargantuar on the third turn, then amass even more Gargantuars on the subsequent turns.
  • Binary Stars is a Gravestone Zombie that is a 3/3 for 5 brains cost. Their ability doubles all damage dealt from the Zombie side, including damage from Tricks, which means that if they're not destroyed the Zombies will be putting the hurt on your Plant Hero, especially if they have Overshoot (which, considering that Binary Stars and Overshoot are Crazy Class exclusives, it could happen easily). And if there's more than one, their effect stacks, resulting in 4x or more of the damage dealt to the plants— a simple Bungee Plumber dealing 8, while Zombot's Wrath deals an instant 12 damage note ! And if this is combo'd with Gas Giantnote  and Final Missionnote , that's equal to 18 damage if unblocked!
  • Teleportation Zombie. It's a Brainy 2-cost 1/5 with Bullseye and Gravestone, almost similar to Cactus. What this does, however, is that zombies are able to play Zombies during the Tricks phase, exactly like using the Teleport trick, which is That One Attack. This allows combos like the OTK Valkyrie or Teleport Zombot 1000 to be easier to play, while also bypassing the extra trick cost from Dark Matter Dragonfruit.
  • Intergalactic Warlord is a 5-brain cost 2/2, but it's his ability that makes him a threat. When played or revealed from a Gravestone, he permanently gives all zombie Teammates +1/+1... including those in the Zombie Hero's hand and deck. This easily turns previously weak zombies into far greater threats. Naturally, Neptuna can make good use of him via Mixed-Up Gravedigger (another demonic spider) to buff all the zombies to ludicrous levels whenever he's revealed/played.
  • Space Cowboy. He has Strikethrough, and when he hurts the Plant Hero (pretty much a given unless the Plant Hero super-blocks), he moves one lane to the right if it's empty. This means he can get to attack again since lane attacking order goes from left to right. And if he's given Frenzy (especially with Maniacal Laugh which also boosts him a good bit), he becomes even more dangerous since if he kills a Plant on his lane, he'll move to the next and do an extra attack from Frenzy, and if he kills any plants there, this continues until the Plant Hero falls or blocks!
  • Gas Giant is a Crazy 6-cost 5/5 with the ability to do 1 damage to each other plant and zombie when hurt and 5 damage to the plant hero when destroyed. This means if 2 or more Gas Giants are on the field at once and one is damaged, they will continue hurting everything else on the field and each other until every Gas Giant dies. This makes for 5 damage to the plant hero for each Gas Giant. If the plant hero decides to avoid damaging them, they will still be threat and continue to deal 5 damage to whatever they hit. So pick your poison.
  • Kitchen Sink Zombie, a Brainy Class 3/6 for 6 Brains. PopCap wasn't kidding when they named him that, since he comes with (nearly) everything including the kitchen sink for traits that can easily ruin a plant's day. To wit, he has Bullseye, Frenzy, Overshoot 2 (and thanks to Bullseye, it will never be blocked), Anti-Hero 3 (again, unblockable), and Armored 1. While it may only have 3 attack, its 6 health will mean that most non-instant kills won't be able to destroy it on turn 6, and it can very easily deal 8 damage to the Plant Hero from Overshoot and Anti-Hero. Even if fronted by a Plant Teammate, the Zombie Hero can play Lurch For Lunch (also Brainy Class) to weaken the Plant before KSZ breaks through on the combat Phase and hits the Plant Hero with an Anti-Hero attack anyway thanks to Frenzy. If it's played on a Laser Base Alpha (which gives it Strikethrough and Deadly, the two traits it lacks), it's going to HURT.
  • The release of Set 3 has the Jurassic Fossilhead. For 2 Brains, you get a 2/3 Zombie. However, if this is Evolved from (played on to replace) a Professional Zombie, it gets another +3/+3 making it a potential 5/6 with Untrickable on turn 2 since the Zombie Middle Manager and the durable Planetary Gladiator can be played on turn 1. Finally, it also has the Untrickable trait, which means that the Plant player can't even use tricks like Berry Blast, Weed Whack, Meteor Strike, Transmogrify, Goatify, Devour, Doom-Shroom, Tactical Cuke, Whack-A-Zombie, Shamrocket, Lawnmower or Squash to cripple or remove it — all of which would have made things far easier. Thankfully, it was nerfed the following update where it only gains +2/+2 when evolved.
  • Quickdraw Con Man costs 1 brain to use, and is a 1/4 with Bullseye meaning that it has an great amount of health for a 1-cost unit with the capability to attack. Making matters even more dicey is that every time the Plant Hero draws a card, it hits them for 1 damage that is unblockable thanks to Bullseye, and this will likely occur thanks to very few things being able to kill it on turn 1. It can get even more dangerous in the hands of Brainstorm, who has Regifting Zombie to cause both players to draw 2 cards, and Wormhole Gatekeeper which causes both players to draw an extra card each turn, or in Impfinity's hands, since he has Swashbuckler to buff the Con Man every time the Plant Hero draws a card. Tellingly, it was nerfed the following update, having its health lowered to 3 and allowing more turn 1 plays to kill it.
  • Stompadon appears to have rather average stats for a Hearty Legendary, with 2/4 for 3 Brains. What makes this Stegosaurus so dangerous is that every time the Zombie player draws a card, it gives all zombies in the hand a permanent +1/+1 stat boost. As a Hearty card, it can be combo'd with Going Viral that buffs all zombies and gives them Frenzy, puts more Going Viral into the deck, draws an extra card when played. It can also further boost the Jurassic Fossilhead who is immune to direct tricks. In Rustbolt's hands, it's even more dangerous considering that his Brainy class also allows easy extra card draw, which can easily boost the zombies in his hand sky high even faster. It was nerfed in the following update by now costing one more brain, but it's still a potent threat regardless.
  • Zom-Blob quickly earned lots of ire from Plant players as soon as Colossal Fossils was released. It's a 1/5 for 3 Brains with Bullseye, meaning that the Plant Hero cannot super-block its attack. However, when Evolved, it gains Strength equal to the amount of Brains the Zombie Hero made that turn — and with usage of Medulla Nebula and Brain Vendor, they can certainly get that amount up fast. Add in a Bonus Attack via Lurch For Lunch and the Plant Hero can lose over half their health on turns 4-5 if the Zombie Hero gets a good combo hand. This got bad enough that both Medulla Nebula and Zom-Blob were nerfed, the former giving less brains and the latter no longer having Bullseye.
  • Mustache Monument. It's a 1/5 for 2 Brains and isn't too remarkable in stats. but it is a Fusion card, meaning that other Zombies can be played on it to trigger another effect. Said effect allows any zombie played on it to perform a Bonus Attack, and this can be combined with several dangerous zombies to really put on the hurt, such as Valkyrie, Shieldcrusher Viking, Kitchen Sink Zombie, and can help with comboing with Mime Gargantuar.
  • Gargantuar-throwing Gargantuar may sound like a hilarious joke (being part of a Running Gag of zombie-throwing zombies) and has lower than average stats at 6/6 for 7 brains, but every time it's hurt it will spawn a random Gargantuar in a random lane. This includes all the Gargantuars here including Zombot 1000.
  • Zombot Dinotronic Mechasaur. While it costs a hefty 7 Brains to play, it has 6 Bullseye damage, 7 health, and an ability that makes a random History zombie in a random lane when a card is drawn/conjured on the zombie side. Brainy excels at drawing cards, and several of the History Zombies do include other Legendary dino-zombies like Stompadon and Mondo Brontonote .
    Plants vs. Zombies 3 

In General

  • Armored zombies, including Coneheads and Bucketheads, are WAY more dangerous, since their armor now ignores a significant amount of damage. It's got to the point where you pretty much always have to bring instant kill plants since even a Conehead can wade through even the toughest of lawns.
  • Silicorn Labs has a severe difficulty spike, arguably just as bad as Big Wave Beach. At this point in the Devour Tower, the zombie stats begin to really get out of control, to the point of basic zombies eating through Wallnuts in a few seconds and being practically immune to anything less than heavy hitters or over-leveled plants. And these are just the browncoats, not even mentioning all the extremely dangerous zombies introduced.
  • The Doughnut Roller is probably the first zombie that can cause problems with your defense, being a Suspiciously Similar Substitute to the Barrel Roller with more HP and not spawning imps when his hazard is destroyed. The same thing applies here, except worse because Spikerock is Put on a Bus, so you need to sacrifice a Spikeweed or waste a spot on your team for a Blockbuster who’s only strength is being able to destroy obstacles.
  • The Pizza Delivery Zombie is the game's equivalent to the dreaded Octo Zombie from the second game, throwing pizza on plants to immobilize them and said pizzas need to be damaged enough in order to remove them. He also counts as an armored zombie (the armor being the pizza boxes), and mercifully throws less often as his boxes get destroyed. Unfortunately, when he still has his boxes, he throws pizza at a rather fast rate.
  • Dear god, the Sharktronic Sand Sub. It's like a Snorkel Zombie in how it hides underneath the surface with only a fin visible until it reaches a plant and surfaces to attack, unlike a Scuba Zombie, it has very high speed, attack and armor. To make matters worse, the far weaker and more common Shark Suit Zombie (who uses the same underground gimmick) uses the exact same fin as it and both usually appear in the same level, meaning you have no idea who is who until they attack.

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