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Suras (Zeus)

"It's now crystal clear that we have a responsibility. The inhabitants of this planet didn't ask for our intrusion, but it's what happened. So it's up to us to expand our mission. Not only do we need to recapture or eradicate the blight of Kronos and the other escaped prisoners of the Tytan — But from this moment on we must protect the natives as well. For as long as we live here, we will be this new planet's guardians!"

Captain of the Ulympea, and the hero who took down Kronos in the war before the events of the comic. Brilliant strategist and tactician, and hand picked every crew member on the Ulympea.

  • Cool Sword: The Lightning Blade, with the Star Core contained in the hilt. Capable of opening rifts to the Tartarus Dimension, and can cut through anything. That includes Vastedium, the most durable substance known to exist.
  • Empathic Environment: He can control the weather. How well he is able to do so remains to be seen; he accidentally set off a bolt of lightning in a fit of rage, but has also shown enough control to strike down a flying Tytan in the same way (though he was wielding the Lightning Blade at the time, through which he can channel his powers).
  • Stop Worshipping Me

Hurk (Hercules)


A skilled and strong fighter even among the Torsian race, known for being excellent soldiers. Combined with his above average intelligence, he was the second person Suras recruited to the Ulympea, with the rank of Lt. Commander. His homeworld was razed by Kronos during the war, while his family was on it. This caused him to shut down emotionally; now only Ethaynia and Hermaz can connect with him.

Ethaynia (Athena)

Possibly an even better strategist than Suras, she rose to the rank of Lt. Commander even more quickly than him. Up until recently, she was ignorant of the evils of war, taking a more liberal, philosophical approach to her job. Recent events have educated her on this, causing her to take a colder, clinical approach.

Hestya (Hestia)

"Thought you might want something hot.... and the drinks are warm, too."

Hestya was the Mess Officer aboard the Ulympea. She also knows the crew better than anyone, even Suras. After the crash, she gained the ability to generate flames so hot, only Vastedium can withstand it. She's now a valued and very effective fighter.

Hermaz (Hermes)

Temis (Artemis)

Cassandra (Well, Cassandra...)

Frodaity (Aphrodite)

Ipalyo (Apollo)

Airez (Ares)

  • Hand Cannon: His sidearm, Harmonya, is nothing special on it's own, even if it did still work. But with Airez's power, it can fire a blast roughly equal in power to the heavy cannons of the Ulympea. And thanks to some minor modifications, it can now fire a continuous beam.
  • Up to Eleven: What happens to any weapon affected by his powers.
  • Wave Motion Gun: Eris is a weapon originally intended to be mounted on a ship. Airez has to use both hands and hold it over his shoulder to fire it, and when he does, the blast is comparable to a nuke.

Hara (Hera)

Haydez (Hades)

Saiden (Poseidon)

Phastus (Hephaestus)

Metre (Metria)

Nysus (Dionysos)

Andora (Pandora?)


Kronos /Yan

"It's abundantly clear that we have a unique opportunity. The inhabitants of this planet obviously need the guidance of their superiors. So the fates have intervened and brought us here. Not only are we to be that guiding force by our example, but we must take the reins whenever necessary! No force can oppose us, when we work together. I say that if we're stuck on this planet, we will be it's rulers!"

  • The Atoner
  • Black Eyes of Crazy
  • Disintegrator Ray: His power lets him emit one from his hands. So far, nothing has been able to withstand the effect, but he likes to leave people's skeletons intact to scare his enemies.
  • Good Scars, Evil Scars: Has a scar over his right eye.
  • Meaningful Rename
  • Villainous BSoD: Despite being taken by surprise at least three times in the Egypt War, he shakes it off and keeps going... but then his adopted son attacks him too. He holds it together long enough to escape Egypt altogether, but then he starts to fall apart.
    Kronos: I'm leaving.
    Pawn: Leaving? Now?!
    Kronos: Do you have a problem with that?
    Pawn: No sir. When will you return?
    Kronos: Maybe never. We shall see...
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: He leads by force, but uses his authority for what he considers the benefit of everyone. As pharaoh of Egypt, he intended to guide human technological advancement at least far enough to return to council space, so he could finish what he started before the events of the comic.
    Kronos: I offer these people a chance for greatness. What do you offer them?!
    Suras: I offer them their freedom.


Typhon found himself vastly transformed by the Star Core, from a bipedal lizard person to what can best be described as a dragon. He didn't realize he could transform back into his previous form until he met Ekidna, who was affected in almost the exact same way, and had figured out how. He has little regard for human life (as opposed to Tytan life, at least), to the point he at once ate someone who was sneaking up on a Tytan guard.


"Everyone always think that I am Typhon!"

Ekidna was affected almost exactly the same way as Typhon by the Star Core. The only difference appears to be that while Typhon's breath is searing hot, hers is freezing cold. She figured out that she could transform back into her biped form, and later taught Typhon to do this.

Permythe (Prometheus?)

Doctor Chu

"The screams are half the fun."






Queen Ninsun

Prince Menes

  • Laser-Guided Amnesia: Kronos had Doctor Chu wipe his memory, believing it to be an act of mercy after his advance scout slaughtered his family. The memories started returning when Permythe tried to read his mind.
  • Royals Who Actually Do Something: Leads Egypt's human army.


The Syrene

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