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Characters / Final Fantasy IX Scars Of Terra

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As this RP progresses, this will remain a work in progress as new characters are introduced.

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     Active Player Characters 

Annelise K. Steiner

Created by Noblesse Oblige
The Sixteen year old Daughter of Adalbert and Beatrix Steiner. A Lieutenant of the Alexandrian Army's Blue Winged Knights Regiment, she is a Loyal and Proud individual, but feels insecure of her abilities, and tries to fight harder than everyone else so people would not see her as the same as her parents.

Ricard Fiarne

Created by Rorolina Frixell
A Seventeen Year Old Samurai who is a member of the Knights of Pluto. A Level-headed and duty-bound individual, he became a Pluto Knight after taking a part in a duel with then Pluto Knight leader Adelbert Steiner. Despite his duties, he is shown to have an authoritative and sometimes intolerant side to him towards other races.

  • Big Brother Instinct: Ricard's relationship as he sees it with Annelise and Twin Sword
  • Chaste Hero
  • Childhood Friend Romance: Moreso Twin Sword than himself, Ricard just seeing her as a fellow student in their childhood.
  • Chivalrous Pervert: In the remake
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: While he can occasionally be nice to people when things get serious, and particularly involve saving lives he prioritizes those who are more important, oftentimes royalty and authority. if they aren't involved turning to how saving civilians will only get them killed, masking his concern for the party's safety.
  • Katanas Are Just Better
  • My Country, Right or Wrong
  • Rōnin
  • Samurai
  • Unwanted Harem: Between a half-hearted rivalry over him by Twinsword and Annelise, not to mention Eiko, and many of the female members of the Blue Winged Knights showing interest in him, sometimes it's good to be Ricard. Sadly, this is only generally kept to the original.

Lan V. Ester

Created by Baseret
A Sixteen Year Old Genome born in Gaia. He is also known as Lan Ester Tribal. Self proclaimed the "Third Angel of Death" Lan is a down-to-earth individual who is also a very calculating individual. He is the adopted son of Mikoto Tribal.

  • Determinator
  • Dual Wielding: In the remake, wields two Katana.
  • Fake Defector
  • The Infiltration: He pretends to be a ranked officer to infiltrate the army.
  • Lightning Bruiser
  • Muscles Are Meaningless: Muscles only get in the way of his speedy attacks and flexibility.
  • Retcon: The Remake sees him aged up from fifteen to sixteen.
  • The Mole: He is gathering Intel to assist his party on the enemy's plan and find out their overall objective.
  • Samurai: Lan's secondary job class in the remake.
  • True Companions: The fact that he is trying to obtain information to end the war faster shows loyalty to his friends.
  • Warrior Monk: He was trained in the art from his master along with claw fighting. He does not use claws in the remake however.

Remilia Ovelia

Created by Baseret
A Sixteen Year Old Summoner from Dali, Remilia grew to know of her summoner heritage. A Lover of adventure, she loves to travel and see the world, but is intolerant towards flirtatious individuals.

Atalanta E.K. Palaiologos

Created by Noblesse Oblige
A Twenty-Four Year Old mercenary and a veteran of the Oeilvert Civil War, Atalanta is a boisterous individual and a berserker, trained in combat from the understanding of how Behemoth's fight. Despite her somewhat boisterous and sometimes flirty nature, she comes to know many things from her travels.

Vanessa Palaiologos

Created by Rorolina Frixell
A quiet Nineteen Year Old Girl and the adoptive daughter of Atalanta Palaiologos. She was a child thief who, after being rescued from a building she accidentally set on fire, began living with Atalanta.

Gisale A. Wettin-Gesalios

Created by Noblesse Oblige
The leader of the Blue Wing Knights and Annelise Steiner's old master. Gisale is also the Queen-consort of Oeilvert and former leader of the Lord-Generals during the Oeilvert Civil War. Stern and serious to a fault. She hesitates when dealing with morally wrong scenarios, and is often reluctant to engage in battle unless it is necessary.

Kuro Sohm

Created by Yu Narukami
A Twenty-Seven Year Old Genome Dark Knight trained by legendary mercenary Gafgarion. Calm and Quiet, He is a mercenary seeking to fulfill his dead masters wishes.

Casting a ShadowExpy: Of Aaron Sohm from the Original RP.

Mei Sasori

Created by Stevie

Richard Vaughn

Created by Mobius 64

Matthias Bartlett

Created by Mobius 64

Mr. 1000

Created by Bugs Bunny

Fate Talisman

Created by Bugs Bunny


Created by Kyreaan

Luca Dhamon

Created by MC Clapyohandz

John Bridges

Created by Solidjuss

Leona Firewater

Created by Leona Firewater

Quinn Quaff

Created by Leona Firewater

Zachary Clement

Created by Dincht

    Characters from the Original RP 


Created by Rorolina Frixell
A Nineteen Year Old Genome who is also a skilled airship pilot, Lucia is loud, boisterous and flirty. She was an old friend of Gisale during the closing years of the Oeilvert Civil War, and as such holds her in high regard.

  • Ace Pilot: Or the closest one can come to this trope given the setting.
  • Boisterous Bruiser: Of the Geomancer quality
  • Greed: When she sees something or someone she likes, she will not hesitate to make it hers.
  • Handsome Lech: Female version of this trope.
  • Stupid Sexy Flanders: Has Invoked this on almost all the women she met thus far.
  • Unstoppable Rage: For the sake of you and your men, it's probably best not to go and attack Lindblum.

Robert Crescent

Created by Sir Fratley
The Sixteen Year Old Son of Freya and Fratley Crescent, Robert is a Burmecian Dragon Knight who is proud and dutiful to his family and his country. Strong-willed, yet humble. Fratley is known for his quick wit and even quicker bladework.

Aaron Sohm

Created by Yu Narukami
A Twenty-Seven Year Old Genome Dark Knight trained by legendary mercenary Gafgarion. Calm and Quiet, He is a mercenary seeking to fulfill his dead masters wishes.

Stephen Hownam

Created By Deadpool
A Twenty-One Year Old Assassin and Mercenary, Stephen is best described as a Loner. Little is known about him otherwise.

    Returning Characters 

All Tropes from FFIX still apply to the canon characters.

Zidane Tribal-Alexandros

The Protagonist of Final Fantasy IX, now the King-Consort of Alexandria at 33. While he isn't as flirtatious as he was in his youth, Zidane is still some a cheerful and caring individual.

Garnet Til Alexandros XVII

Played by Ravness Loxaerion
The Thirty-Three Year Old Queen of Alexandria, Garnet, while not as naieve as she was when she started her adventure seventeen years ago, lacks some of the understanding of politics outside the Mist Continent, but despite this, is a quick thinker and a superb strategist.

Freya Crescent

Played by Sir Fratley
The Thirty-Eight Year Old Burmecian Dragon Knight, Freya has become the mother five children, yet maintains her sharp-wit from her younger days. She is now a General and top adviser to King Puck of Burmecia.

Fratley Crescent

Played by Sir Fratley
The Fourty Year Old Burmecian General and adviser to puck. Although he had lost his memories as a result of a prior battle with General Beatrix, he was able to slowly regain a few of them, and through it all, rekindled his relationship to Freya, who became his wife.


The King of Burmecia, Puck assumed the role after his father's death in the Great War. Although he is an autocratic ruler, he has learned and is advised in affairs by the Crescent family.

Cid Fabul IX

The Regent of Lindblum, Cid is a peaceful, proactive ruler who rules one of the few nations capable of holding its own against Oeilvert.

     NPC Original Characters 

     Oeilvert and The Six Lord Generals 

Lord Cyril

Full name Cyril Gesalios, he is the current Absolute Monarch of the Kingdom of Oeilvert. Cold and calculating. He is an enigmatic figure, even to his own people and even to people close to him.

The Lord Generals

A group of six military officers who helped bring Cyril to power in Oeilvert. They are the military and political leaders of Oeilvert. While most of them have differing views on why they fight, they all believe in some degree of cohesion and support to their nation.

The Bishop (Full Name: Rose Talbothis)

A merciless female summoner, The Bishop is remarkably skilled in magic techniques and is capable of summoning exotic eidolons not before seen in centuries.

The Twinsword (Full Name: Corselia Kasertis)

The Youngest of the Lord Generals, defected to the Allied Forces so she could be closer to her childhood friend, Ricard. Carefree, she is an idealist compared to the cynical characters of the other Lord Generals

The Magic Knight (Full Name: Léonide R. Dufay-Montaigne)

The Pirate (Full Name: Jean P. Levesque)

The Marquis

The Dark Knight


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