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The character sheet for the cast of Fight for the Lost, a Mass Effect roleplay.

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Sammo "Sam" Marlow

Sammo Marlowe. A private detective on Omega. Omega's only human private detective. He's a Chinese-American, former Alliance soldier with a knack for gathering information and solving any mystery presented to him. He enjoys the challenge, both as a hobby and a means to kill time. He was stranded on Omega four years prior after plans to elope with a beautiful asari woman went south. When he arrived on Omega, as they intended for the first start of a series of romantic adventures, Marlowe found himself alone and without allies. Since then, he has made a small business for himself as a private dick on the seediest rock in the galaxy. He went from being a shy young man with an appetite for adventure to a grim, hardened cynic.

Externally, Marlowe appears to be a cynical, bored man. Truthfully, he’s merely quiet and contemplative, and only speaks when he finds it appropriate. This is because he rarely socializes with other people, and prefers to be alone some nights. When he does speak, it’s either a question or a snarky, backhanded quip. He’s a get to the point sort of man, preferring conversations or any transactions to be simple and straightforward. However, when the job requires he get information or blend in, he will assume a disguise of sorts.

Even after years of suffering the horrors of Omega and his innocence tarnished, Marlowe will not hesitate to save others. He may be a cynical bastard, but he's not a fucking bastard. The detective still believes and holds to a strong code of ethics, refusing to compromise to the bleakness of Omega. He will be determined to see any case done, particularly if it'll mean saving a life. It's an added incentive.

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Lhi Trant

Grounded and straightforward, Lhi prefers excessive bluntness to sarcasm or charm. If he has nothing to say, he will remain silent, and thinks poorly of those who don't do the same. However, he is more than willing to speak his mind, regardless of the consequences, and has a strong sense of humor. Although he generally appears apathetic and often is, Lhi does hold many strong opinions and will back them if he feels it necessary. His apparent inability to be courteous is equaled only by his combat skill.

Even with his somewhat raw demeanor, Lhi isn't necessarily unfriendly and doesn't mind working with people he considers competent. However, if he lacks faith in someone's abilities, he doesn't hesitate to inform and refuse to work with them. While he doesn't trust easily, he's generally more cautious than suspicious. He keeps his back to the wall, his eyes on the room, and his hand on his shotgun, preferring to be prepared than dead. Despite his attachment to being alive, Lhi has no particular goal or focus in life. He has low expectations, few passions, and next to no ambition.

His most outstanding quality, however, is his amazing thirst for bloodshed. He'll pick a fight with a random group of people just because he's dying of boredom. When he's in his blood haze, he becomes an impressive killing machine. Marlowe jokes he's a krogan in a human body.

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Tonya Jamieson

Tonya is a cold, amoral mercenary and can easily take down a single krogan with just a pistol. In a slight tweaking of canon, she's Blue Suns co-founder Santiago's right hand woman.

Tonya is soft spoken, which has led others to believe that she’s easily walked over or someone to disregard. Those opinions are usually proven wrong when out on a job due to her will of iron and steel backbone as well as the ability to bark orders like any good leader can and should do. She’s of the belief that she shouldn’t have to yell to be heard, and those that know her, immediately stop talking the moment she opens her mouth. This is not to say that she’s a sweet person. She might look like it and her voice might imply it, but she’d rather gut a person than take the chance that they’re about to turn traitor. She’s cold, calculating, and a complete hard-ass. She has acquaintances and underlings, but no real friends and she likes it that way. Less emotional attachment means less of a chance of being hurt.

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Rebekah Welch

Freelance technician and Sirta Security personnel, Rebekah is drawn to Omega on a journey to find her missing brother, an Alliance marine who was last seen around Freedom's Progress, sometime before contact with the colony was lost. Clinging on slim evidence he might have come to Omega, she's sticking around to find him.

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Alec "Wraith" Marth

These are the voyages of Alec Marth, a street urchin who started life with but one ambition: to survive. Then he met a girl, another "forgotten child" like him, a girl named Shenko . . . a girl he eventually came to love. And then somebody killed her. Somebody who would get away with it because they were just that much higher on the totem pole than some dirty orphan. One failed attempt at revenge later, Alec learned that he had biotic abilities, abilities that were going to make him candidate numero uno for a private corporation's attempt to revive the Biotic Acclimation and Training Program. Through an experimental nanobiotic formula designed to radically reconstruct human neurophysiology to better adapt to biotic powers. they turned Alec into what they presumed would be the ultimate biotic soldier. Unfortunately, remodeling human neurobiology was the kind of thing that came with drawbacks as they - and everyone else in the galaxy, particularly in Omega - would find out the hard way.

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Auralia T'Lan

Auralia was a young, outgoing asari maiden. A romantic at heart, who always sought adventure, thrill and romance; all what the vids said about life out there in the stars. She fell in love with a young man named Marlowe and the two made plans to travel the stars together. Things were never that simple. Life took a turn for the worse when her ship was on its course to Omega, as per the plan. She was captured by batarian pirates, leaving a confused human alone and afraid on Omega. Auralia would eventually escape, but when she finally made it to the rendezvous point Marlowe was nowhere to be seen.

After spending a few years on Omega as one of Aria's girls at Afterlife, she was taught that life was not nearly as glamorous as the vids made it out to be. That turned her to a more realistic and pragmatic person. A part of her is still - in many ways - naïve due to her young age, but she's learning.

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Krevan Opas

Krevan is not a particularly outstanding Turian personality-wise; he enjoys the company of his comrades, respects his superiors and subordinates and doesn't often step beyond his station. However, Krevan has trouble keeping his anger in check, once critically wounding a POW he was interrogating and another time lashing out at one of his subordinates for refusing to obey orders. In combat situations Krevan is ruthless, a little reckless, and eager to take on any challenge. His tactics sometimes result in himself and his squad taking more severe wounds than with a more cautious approach, but they get the job done quickly and efficiently. In his spare time Krevan enjoys practicing Turian martial arts and playing the human game chess to help his concentration and tactical thinking.

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Cyric Vergal

Cyric is an honourable, oddly Samurai-esque turian. He's an undercover infiltrator agent, a competent black ops soldier. He's also a cyborg.

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  • Bunny-Ears Lawyer: See Samurai below.
  • Hollywood Cyborg
  • Military Maverick
  • Samurai: From a militaristic species that can basically be called "Space Romans," he's a bit of an oddball (cybernetic implants notwithstanding). He somehow possesses a very samurai outlook on life, yet keeps a very knightly chivalrous code of honour. To paraphrase Garrus, "(Cyric) wouldn't make a very good turian."



Baz is an oddity among krogan. He's restrained, honourable and sincerely believes in fair play, even in combat. Currently a bodyguard for human gun shop owner. Ex Blood Pack.

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When people think Spectres, they think of Commander Shepard, Saren Arterius, and Tela Vasir. Spectres are comprised of some of the most badass motherfuckers in the galaxy. But would anyone suspect a salarian amongst their ranks? Daegmir is one of his kind, the only salarian Spectre. and one of the rare and few biotic salarians. The result of an attempt to cultivate such a specimen , Daegmir rose through the ranks of the salarian military, catching the eye of the Council with his ability and accomplishments.

Polite and well-spoken, Daegmir rarely reveals much about himself or fully states his thoughts. He tends instead to be quiet and unassuming, though he does nothing to disguise his Spectre status. He doesn't trust others easily, if at all. This isn't helped by him being something of a speciesist; he is bitter towards asari for their long lives and natural biotics, sees krogans and batarians both as potential threats to the galaxy, dislikes humans for their lack of solidarity, and considers turians good for nothing but soldiering. Of course, he would never actually say any of this, and usually succeeds in overcoming these opinions if his mission requires it. He lives for his duty; all else is secondary.

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