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    Let's Plays 
  • The Hobo Bros seem to have discontinued their series on Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location despite only being on the third level. It's unknown why they stopped (although it might simply be because they aren't horror fans), or whether or not they plan to get back to it eventually.
  • Sandstriker originally had plans in his Unturned Let's Play to have a large scale war, though ultimately this was ended by by no dedicated server and lack of players.

  • Behind The Veil has several, mostly due to players leaving and never returning. Key mention would be the long-running feud between Kathleen Allan and May Lawrence which ended when the latter's player disappeared and never returned.
  • Campus Life:
    • The Scourge VS Sonic arc. Though the Anarchy Berly he brought to the world is still around, Scourge has long since disappeared and Sonic is now rampaging around as Dark Super Sonic.
    • The original B-Plot to the RP where the characters had to deal with the Slenderman.
  • Dino Attack RPG:
    • This is the fate of any character's story when their player leaves the RPG. Probably the most infamous example of an Aborted Arc would be Databoard's quest to rescue Stealth, which was left unresolved after Chronicler of Ko-Koro left Dino Attack RPG.
    • Players do not even need to leave Dino Attack RPG for their story arcs to be aborted. For example, TakunuvaC01 had some plans for the Dino Aliens that were ultimately aborted with the introduction of Dino Attack RPG's Story Arc formula.
    • The alternate ending L.E.G.O. was aborted after only two chapters.
  • In Greatest Hit a war with Algeria never materializes, nor does The Moon's Band Toon.
  • MSF High Forum: Any time a GM quits, or a character with significant plot lines leaves.
  • Happens so often in Super Smash Brothers Life Itself due to players leaving most of the time; the missions they made just often get sent to the Sites Archive.
  • Given that the basis of Survival of the Fittest is for characters to be killed off, this tends to happen a good deal. Many a character has died before fulfilling every goal their handler wanted to achieve with them. Outside circumstances — such as other characters in the planned arc being unavailable, also contribute to this occurring. For example, Madelaine Shirohara (of the first game) was originally supposed to be killed by Psychopathic Manchild Cillian Crowe, then his handler abruptly disappeared. The arc that replaced this one, though, was arguably one of the best in SOTF history, so it isn't all bad.
  • In Tamrielic Adventures, this occurs twice; both times, it's due to a change in DM:
    • The first DM's plot, involving two secret organizations at war, was abandoned when the second DM took over; this point was hammered home when the characters' ship, en route from Morrowind to Hammerfell, wrecked on the coast of Skyrim.
    • The second DM had planned an arc where the characters travel on the way to the Imperial City to bring the newly-captured fugitive to face justice, and there being conflict within the group as they learn more about his past and that he's actually half innocent. This was dropped when the third DM took over; the fugitive was just brought to the prison in Windhelm (from which he subsequently escaped), and the next arc, involving pirates attacking the city, began.
  • In We Are All Pokémon Trainers the Warriors sub-arc in Holon lacked a resolution due to the player responsible for managing it losing motivation.
  • We Have All Become Pokémon has had its fair share of this itself, with arguably the biggest example being the Slak Rock arc, a major arc that ended without resolution when the player managing said arc abruptly abandoned it. The arc ran on fumes for a while until the playerbase gave up and moved on to the next one. Some smaller-scale examples of this include:
    • The epilogue of the Hoard arc was not meant to end at the point that it did, but did anyway due to much of the playerbase having grown tired of the arc by that point and wanting to move on from Hoard.
    • The music competition during the Gleamscape arc ended early due to the player managing it having to take a hiatus from the RP.
    • During the aforementioned Slak Rock arc, Marlon the Gallade was tasked with training a feisty Meinfoo named Sho. This plot was abruptly cancelled shortly afterwards when Sho's player decided to call it quits.
    • An ongoing plot about Jani the Diglett needing to evolve into a Dugtrio alongside two other Digletts (Lilly and Tilly, the sisters of Milly, the Diglett Jani became through a "Freaky Friday" Flip) lest all three's respective mental states begin to deteriorate ended up being put on indefinite hold due to their player finding writing for Diglett/Dugtrio characters awkward (since Digletts are moles that never leave the ground; considerably limiting their mobility and interaction options) and the fact that Jani has become a Purrloin (which Jani did in an attempt to escape the dilemma) and is expected to remain as such for a while (which is partially due to her player admitting to preferring Jani as a Purrloin), rendering Tilly and Lilly superfluous and needing to be Put on a Bus until their plot comes back into relevance again.
    • A sidequest involving the aforementioned Jani, Milo the Umbreon, and a host of native Pokémon exploring an ancient fallout shelter deep within a canyon that was intended to have a significant effect on the setting was quietly ended without resolution after its GM unexpectedly took a hard indefinite hiatus from the RP and the rest of the players involved could not think of a satisfying way to conclude the plot after multiple IRL months of no progress with it.

    Web Video 
  • Aitor Molina Vs. Pandemia said something about a clone in AMvs Seahorse Seashell Party and it was never brought back.
  • On Atop the Fourth Wall Linkara reviewed the first issue of Malibu's Street Fighter comic. He mentioned that he'd review the other to issues at a later date. Unlike other comics he reviews however, the comics were not reviewed again on the show. As mentioned in his IDW My Little Pony comic review, some fans expressed disappointment in the review due to Linkara not being intimately familiar with the source material.
  • An early scene in Awkward. has Lester remarking that Ernie's name rings a bell, which Kevin brushes off. This was originally supposed to lead to a confrontation between Lester and Ernie, complete with backstory, but had to be scrapped when Ernie's actor bailed on the project; Jermaine was brought in as a substitute jerkass for Lester to butt heads with and overcome.
  • The Ben Heck Show has quite a number of multi-part episodes that were aborted throughout the show's run (usually when Reality Ensues and Ben realizes that the project is actually undoable or infeasible). For example, episodes centering around the designing of the America's Most Haunted machine prototype, pretty much only ran until the first half of the design stage of the machinenote , and the "GameBrain" modular console project has became this as of late 2015. The tendency of this happening was lampshaded in the 2015 Halloween episode, where the "Ghost of Unfinished Projects" appears and haunts the workshop in the prologue.
  • Dragon Ball Z Abridged: The Garlic Jr. Arc has its own introduction as previous arcs had. However, at the end of the first episode Garlic Jr. and his henchmen run into Mr. Popo who promptly kills them off-camera. The next episode starts the Android Saga. This is, of course, Played for Laughs.
  • The Game Grumps:
    • They had planned a playthrough of Conker's Bad Fur Day, but because the game starts very slowly and there wasn't much discussion between the two during the playthrough, this idea was shelved. According to Egoraptor at a panel, it was also because Jon - who has previously included the game in several 'Best Of' lists - was slowly "realizing it wasn't all that great." Ego described the experience as "depressing", and also claimed Conker was the worst game they ever played for the show.
    • Jon absolutely hated Demon's Crest and they actually got into a fight over it. Whether or not they air that episode remains to be seen. Jon decided that they'd give it another try, and have started playing it on the show. He addressed their previous playthrough, saying that when they played it the first time he didn't much care for it.
    • Several games they've played have either gone unfinished or have gone months without updates, despite their last episodes ending normally in the middle of the action. See the "on hold" and "unfinished" lists on their trope page. The worst example of this is their playthrough of Sonic 06. The series is over 100 episodes and 20 hours long, and right before they finished Silver's Story and moved on to the final chapter, Jon decided to leave Game Grumps.
  • The Irate Gamer:
    • He started an arc involving robots and said the next episode will be a finale. However, the next episode was about He-Man, with no mention of the robots. It would eventually pick up the next episode, but considering his notorious schedule slips...
    • The end of the Aladdin episode had the Genie take refuge in IG's Game Genie. Three years later, the Genie would return but now played by Chris himself and the whole revenge plot implication was never mentioned.
    • The entire series is this after 2016 when Chris cancelled the show. He would relaunch it two years later under a different name and (slightly) different format but anything related to IG is now done.
  • JesuOtaku had a very bad habit of doing this in his retrospectives. Starting off when doing one for Trigun only to stop when the story started to get into the Gun-Ho-Guns. Then he proclaimed he'll do a month focusing on Digimon, he made it past Adventure and 02. But come Tamers he stopped in the final leg of it during the focus on the other characters and never came back to it. He explained later that he didn't realize how large a task it would be to go in-depth in shows like these and there was no way he could do an entire month focusing on all of it (even though he proclaimed he was only going up to Savers). Like MarzGurl, he has since left Channel Awesome and given up reviewing entirely to focus on other projects.
  • In a panel discussion, the creators of Marble Hornets revealed that the skull masked figure seen in Entry 26 was meant to be Jay. They had even considered going back to this as late as Season 3.
  • The Music Video Show had the host being friends with a Pinkie Pie plushie and a crush on a Fluttershy plushie. It is revealed that Fluttershy is imaginary while Pinkie Pie was taken by the Devil in the last two episodes. When season three came two years later, that plot thread didn't resurface and outside of a couple of references, it didn't seem it was going to be resolved. This trope was eventually subverted near the end of season four when the host of the second season came back with the MLP plushies after chewing out the host of the third season for knocking on his tenure of the season.
  • The Mysterious Mr. Enter:
    • Mr. Enter was planning on reviewing every episode of My Little Pony Generation 3, as part of his Animated Atrocity series. but do to each episode/special having more or less the same problems, he was struggling to come up with things to say by the time he got to Positively Pink and soon stopped, after his review of Two For The Sky. Though he did later review both of the New Born Cuties shorts, the last MLP content between G3 and much more well received fourth generation of the franchise.
    • He also had plans for a retrospective series on the history of animation starting with pre-1910 animations, that would have continued to cover animation history decade by decade. But only the first video was ever made. Though the series did get a continuation of sorts with his video on The Works of Winsor McCay, with Mr. Enter saying that he may make more videos like this in the future.
  • Retsupurae has had a couple of these:
    • In December of 2012 they started a Wrongpurae of King's Quest 7, but abandoned it later that same month. This has been lampshaded several times, such as the description for the last Noir video (which also seemed aborted before they finished it over a stream) saying "Now you can't say we never finish what we start! No I've never heard of King's Quest VII."
    • Part 1 of their Wrongpurae for Amazon: Guardians of Eden was uploaded in March of 2014. Part 2 was never uploaded. According to slowbeef at the RTX 2016 panel (Around 53:30), the longplayer ended up doing things out of order and wasted a lot of time. slowbeef has considered playing through the game himself, but he never got around to doing it.
    • A Wrongpurae of Ripper in a crossover with Lowtax got up to 7 episodes before slowbeef had to cancel it and restart it with Diabetus.
  • Due to undisclosed circumstances, Some Jerk with a Camera's review of The Little Mermaid Ride, promised after the Star Tours II video, was put on hold in favor of an EPCOT Retrospective. To bridge the two, Jerk starts out his retrospective about to talk about The Little Mermaid Ride, but has an encounter with Chris Hansen that forces him to go on the run and end up in Florida.
  • Steam Train gave up on every single one of their various Five Nights at Freddy's mostly because they were having too much trouble getting through the Nintendo Hard later nights, and mentioned during their play of the sequel that even after numerous off-screen tries they simply couldn't get past. Of course, it probably also has to do with the group being legitimately terrified by the games as well.

  • Anti-Cliché and Mary-Sue Elimination Society: The plotline about Willie's other allegiances was dropped midway through. Now subverted, as it's being reposted, albeit very slowly.
  • BIONICLE web-serial examples:
    • The arc: Four of the Barraki reuniting and leading a humongous army against the city of Metru Nui. What became of it: They just turned back, kinda. Reason: Writer's Schedule Slip.
    • The arc: The Shadowed One finding a cache of long-lost viruses, killing Ancient (his crime partner and a double agent for the good guys in secret), with the intention of using the viruses to take over the universe. What became of it: Nothing, just the needless killing-off of a potentially interesting character (and plot). Reason: Schedule Slip.
  • The Onion ran an article about the Mysterious Congressman running for president. Some time later, this was followed up with the Mysterious Congressman challenging the other candidates to a debate at dawn. He was never mentioned again. Since both articles mentioned him carving things into Sam Brownback's backside, it seems that he was intended to be used more.
  • Tech Infantry was full of aborted arcs, thanks to its multiple-author nature and Creator Breakdown.
    • A planned subplot with the Von Shrakenberg family getting involved with a Corrupt Corporate Executive was quietly dropped when Erich got too busy trying to fight a losing war.
    • Icarus Hicks' planned Batman Gambit using mind control to fix EVERYTHING wrong with the universe died when his character was killed off due to Creator Breakdown.
    • Andrea Treschi's capture by the crew of the EFS Schaumburg was originally supposed to lead to both groups being forced to become anti-Federation rebels and go on the run together. The plan was aborted when the authors involved couldn't agree on a coherent plan for how to go about it. The various Author Avatar characters among the crew quietly drifted off to other assignments and other plot threads.
    • The mysterious Mr. Agli as supposed to tempt Erich Von Shrakenberg into rebelling against the Federation with warnings of an even worse plot to topple the Grand Council. The author involved couldn't make the plot work, so it was quietly dropped shortly thereafter in favor of trying to stop another character's planned overthrow of the government through different means. Which led to another Aborted Arc when Andrea Treschi's Batman Gambit involving bringing disgraced politician Samuel Wall back from retirement and exile was brought to an abrupt end when Erich Von Shrakenberg turned down Wall's tempting offer and beat Wall's skull in with his own fireplace poker.
    • The entire Tech Infantry: Exodus spin-off project was aborted when the authors involved got too interested in world-building and map-creation and suddenly realized they'd forgotten to come up with a plot or characters to place in this 'verse.
    • And many, many more.
  • An early plot in Valenth involved mysterious interdimensional entities known only as "the Presences" appearing and causing havoc, bringing hordes of imps with them. Things get worse very quickly, with the near-extinction of several major species and a prominent NPC turning into a giant nightmare monster and going on a rampage. After one of the Presences was captured by Mad Scientists the others summoned their "master", Xilas the Cold— and the entire plotline was abruptly dropped. Almost a whole year later, after much Wild Mass Guessing by the userbase that every subsequent plot event had something to do with the Presences, the creator announced that the entire arc had been retconned away. It was never intended to be more that a small silly story for Halloween, but it had gotten completely out of hand and didn't work in canon.
  • The Sharkasm Crew's Paranormal Activity series of tournaments was meant to last 14 entries in accordance to one of the Crew's Arc Numbers. However, things such as university pushed them to finish it at 10.
  • For a while on Mike & Tom Eat Snacks, when Nabisco was having financial troubles, Michael Ian Black and Tom Cavanagh took credit for the Nabisco's problems, which they said were from they bad reviews they gave to their snacks. For a couple of episodes afterward Mike and Tom were on the run from Nabisco's goons, rating snacks from different classified locations. Eventually they started doing episodes at their studio again, and they never explained what happened with Nabisco.
  • Whateley Universe: Bound to happen in a shared universe this big, but even then very common.
    • The biggest one is Feral: a story called Wild Times, which would have followed Feral as he became the avatar of Artemis/Diana, transformed into a girl, went to Whateley and joined up with the New Olympians, but never got released. There's a small teaser, but that's it- Feral's author dropped off the face of the earth and hasn't been heard from for years.
    • At August 6th 2014, there was a noticed phenomena where the authors introduced Loads and Loads of Characters (each with a highly detailed backstory), but when the characters finished their transformations, the authors stopped writing about them, because continuing would have led to times where the main story arc with Generation 1 hadn't reached yet.
    • The main story got far enough to continue those story arcs, meaning the beginning of the second semester, at sometime in 2016-2017. Presuming the above was about Ribbon, Roulette, Knockoff, and the others, then, their Arcs have resumed, as they got to Whateley at around A Little R%R or so, which was published on 20 February 2017.


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