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Shipper On Deck: Anime & Manga
  • In the English dub of Digimon Adventure, Piedmon is this for TK and Kari, even though they're only 8. "Looks like you two are falling for each other!" It should be noted he was mostly saying it Just for Pun because he had cut the rope they were hanging on, causing them to literally fall.
  • In Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei, Cloudcuckoolander Kafuka ships virtually the entire female half of the class (or at least the 12 main girls) with Nozomu, along with herself as well.
    • It turns out this makes sense, since all the girls are her through a reverse Split Personality: through her organs being donated to all those girls, she lived on through them.
  • Hiyori from Lucky Star ships Minami/Yutaka, as shown when a heartwarming moment between the two gives Hiyori "ideas".
    • Konata isn't as obsessed with it, but it's pretty clear she does too.
  • Mazinger Z:
    • Shiro ships his brother The Hero Kouji and Sayaka together.
    • Kouji also shipped his little brother with Lorelei... until things went wrong.
    • Duke Fleed from UFO Robo Grendizer constantly teasing his sister about her and Kouji with a wide grin.
  • Matsuri Hojou from Sukisho appears to ship Sora and Sunao together to the point where he forces them to participate in a clue hunting game alone together to get them to reconcile
  • Tybalt, of all people, ships Romeo X Juliet Rather ironic when you consider his role in the original work... Cordelia and Antonio are Rome/Juli shippers too.
    • It's odder if you're familiar with Romeo et Juliette: De La Haine a l'Amour , in which Tybalt himself is in love with Juliet, and in the Hungarian incarnation, obsessed enough to hate Paris as much as he hates Romeo for "stealing" her.
    • On the other hand, Juliet herself is a Benvolio/Cordelia fangirl. She gets to see them get married, but doesn't live enough to meet their first child, of whom she would've surely been the godmother if she had survived.
    • Even Ciello, Romeo's flying horse, seems to ship Romeo/Juliet, considering all the times he's suddenly swooped down and landed in an apparently random, out of the way place so that they'll meet up, and that time he got them to ride him together.
  • In Sailor Moon, Usagi ships Rei and Yuuichirou for an episode. She also ships Haruka/Michiru (though they don't need it) and is generally the "everyone deserves love" girl of the series.
    • She also ships Naru and Umino, mostly to help Naru out of her depression after Nephrite dies, and later for real once she sees the pairing more or less works. In an exception, she did not ship Naru with Nephrite himself, since she knew that he was working for the Dark Kingdom and thought he wasn't good for Naru; she was still sad when, in the end, he came to love her... and died.
    • Also, as soon as Rei understood that Mamoru and Usagi were destined to be together, she stepped aside immediately and urged Usagi to act on her feelings. This is given a small nod in Stars, where she also speaks to Usagi abut Seiya's feelings.
  • Tomoyo Daidouji in Cardcaptor Sakura, with Sakura Kinomoto and Syaoran Li. In The Movie, she enlists Meiling Li, Syaoran's cousin and ex-fiancee.
  • Maylene from Black Butler gets nosebleeds every time Sebastian makes a... comment where the meaning is ambiguous to Ciel, despite having a crush on him herself.
    • She's probably just a Yaoi Fangirl though, and in another instance, when she thought that Sebastian was the one Ciel liked the most, she got noticeably jealous and coined Ciel as a possible "love rival".
  • Tokyo Babylon: Hokuto ships Seishirou/Subaru. She ships them so hard that she uses her own Thanatos Gambit to give Seishirou a warning about hurting Subaru any further than he already has done, as well as a Last-Second Chance to show his feelings. Little did the poor girl know...
  • Yashiro in Skip Beat! does his best to get Ren together with Kyouko and even goes to far as to attempt forcing Ren to admit that he loves Kyouko and telling Kyouko bluntly that Ren loves her — Ren gets annoyed with this behavior, while Kyouko completely ignores it.
    • On another ship, Shoko in later chapters serves as the opposing Shipper On Deck, as a Sho/Kyouko fangirl. She, at first, doesn't believe that they are not dating. Later, she tries to make Sho admit that he has feelings toward Kyouko, going so far as to — in the Valentine's arc — take him to visit Kyouko at work on Valentine's Day to "win her back". He proceeds to steal her First Kiss in front of Ren (and Yashiro) but turns the situation into a declaration of war on Ren rather than a proclamation of love for Kyouko
  • Persona 4: The Animation has Yosuke trying to be this for Yu/Chie.
    • This is do to him misunderstanding Chie on some points; and, you know, that he's a colossal idiot.
  • Ino and Kakashi from Naruto shipped Asuma/Kurenai before anyone else was wise to their relationship. In one scene, Ino knows the flowers Asuma wants are for Kurenai before he even tells her.
    • Naruto ships Shikamaru/Temari. He gave Shikamaru a big "good for you" grin and believed Shikamaru and Temari were on a date when they were seen walking together.
    • Let's not forget the Highschool AU omakes where Shikamaru, Ino, Kiba and Chouji are revealed as Naruto/Hinata fans and follow them when they go on a date. Yeah, Alternate Universe, I know. Still cute.
      • Even Sasuke was there. And he seemed pretty dang happy when Naruto and Hinata were on top of each other.
      • Neji also appears to ship Naruto and Hinata in canon, suggesting that Hinata should see Naruto off.
      • Although it's ambiguous in Neji's case, since there is also a scene pre-Shippuden, where he finds out Hinata has a crush on Naruto and frowns afterwards, appearing quite annoyed. Naruto SD, which exaggerates all characters' traits, portrays Neji as a Knight Templar Big Brother to Hinata, who sends Naruto flying every time Naruto comes close to Hinata. Since Neji's traits are exaggerated there, he may not be too keen on the idea of Naruto and Hinata together in the original either.
    • Sai told Sakura how Naruto feels about her, however he also subverts it by saying that Naruto's feelings for Sakura (and Sasuke) are causing Naruto nothing but pain. Subverted later, though: Sai is also the one who tells Naruto that Sakura is among those who want to kill Sasuke... out of a way to atone herself from all the pain she caused Naruto and a means to "save Sasuke from darkness because she loves him." Sai looks like a Naru Saku fan, though it's possible he has a more of a neutral stance.
      • Konohamaru and Gamakich both imply they think Sakura is Naruto's girlfriend at two different points in part 1, even both using the same extended pinkie hand gesture that, in Japan, is used to signal "girlfriend".
    • In the flashbacks, Nagato (young Pein) was a Konan/Yahiko fanboy.
    • In the latest filler episode, Team 8 has had an encounter with a White Zetsu infiltrator. After escaping the mine that the Zetsu were using to enter Allied territory, Shino refers to Hinata's feelings for Naruto as the most crucial secret of the Allied Forces.
    • Not to mention one particular filler episode where Sasuke, Sakura and Naruto ship Kakashi and Hanare. They stalk the two and even give them flowers as a means of giving their blessing.
  • In Macross Frontier, Nanase ships Alto and Ranka. Michel and Klan tend to ship Alto and Sheryl, however both are inconsistent; they mostly want Alto-hime to quit stringing them along and pick one.
  • In the original Macross series, the Bridge Bunnies ship Hikaru / Misa. The most vocal ones are Claudia and Vanessa, who confronts Hikaru about Misa's feelings for him at some point.
    • Max Jenius/Sterling also shipped Hikaru/Misa. He and Hayato Kakizaki/Ben Dixon got the "privilege" to see them kiss to distract the Zentraedi holding them hostage, after all.
    • Most of this is brought over into the Macekred adaptation, Robotech: Claudia and Vanessa often try to get Rick to realize his feelings for Lisa, as in the original, and Max still has front row to Rick and Lisa's kiss.
  • In Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross, a.k.a. Robotech Second Generation, Dana/Jeanne supported her best friend Bowie's love for Musicaa despite the Dating Catwoman aspect.
    • Justified Trope in the Robotech continuity: Dana's the result of a similar relationship (a human Veritech ace and the female Zentraedi who micronized herself and snuck aboard to kill him for beating her in battle but fell in love with him), so she can understand Bowie's plea better than anyone else.
  • Mahou Sensei Negima! has so many examples it's probably tidier to sort by the shipped pairs:
  • Briefly in Blood+, where Mao tries to set up Kai and Saya, who aren't romantically attracted to each other.
    • Kai is, but holds back because he knows Saya cares for him but really does think of him as a brother, nothing more and nothing less.
    • And this is despite Mao having a crush on Kai too.
  • Joe, Jinpei and Ryu to Ken and Jun on Science Ninja Team Gatchaman. At the end, Joe even tells Ken and Jun to quit the team and build a life together as he's dying.
  • Chika Oguie from Genshiken ships Madarame/Sasahara. In a twist, it helps cement her own pairing with Sasahara at the end of the series.
  • Adale in The Good Witch of the West, who gleefully writes what amounts to in-universe Yaoi fanfics that unsubtly pair off both of the female lead's male suitors with each other. It is implied that the reason she fantasizes about this is so she can claim the heroine for herself, although nothing comes of it.
  • Kagome Higurashi from InuYasha ships Sango and Miroku; when Romantic False Lead Kuranosuke Takeda proposes marriage to Sango, Kagome gets more worked up about it than either of them, and gets mad at Miroku for not protesting until he patiently explains that it's Sango's decision and if it would make her happy then it's not his place to interfere.
    • Rin supports Sesshomaru and Kagura, becoming very excited when she thinks that Kagura might be in love with Sesshomaru, tries to convince Jaken that she's right, and says that they should trust Kagura more after she comes to this conclusion — seemingly trying to get them closer together. (ep. 167)
    • Not to mention Miroku, Sango and Shippo ship Inu-Yasha and Kagome pretty hard, and get angry at him whenever he seems to show feelings for his sorta dead ex... who also happens to be Kagome's previous incarnation.
  • Haruhi Suzumiya:
    • Itsuki Koizumi seems to be a bit of a Haruhi/Kyon shipper, though that may just be because it would keep Haruhi happy. Then again, this IS Koizumi we're talking about.
    • The rest of the school also ships the pair to varying degrees. Most people, like Taniguchi, are just honestly under the impression that the two are already dating, while Kunikida brings up Kyon's supposed preference for "weird girls" whenever Haruhi does something strange.
    • Tsurya seems to think it's funny to push Kyon towards either Mikuru or Yuki, whoever he happens to be closest to at the moment. Then again, she thinks everything is funny.
  • Devil Princess of Jurai, Seto Kamiki is the official matchmaker of the Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Oh-Ki timeline. Marrying off her numerous friends and relatives (usually to more than one person, despite the fact that there's zero chance that she'd let her husband have multiple wives) seems to be her main passion, which take almost all her free time — that is, when she isn't manipulating her son-in-law, or chasing pirates back and forth.
  • In The Prince of Tennis Momo, Inui and Eiji are Ryoma/Sakuno shippers. In the anime, so is Ryoma's father Nanjiroh.
    • In last manga chapter/OAV: Inui comments on how naive Tezuka is as he hears the other tell Fuji to not speak about how he *can* smile, and this makes Inui look like a Tezuka/Fuji fanboy.
  • Suzu Sakuma in the Marmalade Boy manga, who, when Meiko says she is in love with someone that she can't be with, jumps a mile to the conclusion that this someone is obviously her best friend's boyfriend and Suzu's tutor, Yuu. She concludes that Meiko and Yuu would be the most beautiful couple ever and plots accordingly to break up Yuu and Miki. Made absolutely hilarious by the fact that a) Meiko is actually pining for her ex-teacher and b) her own cousin Satoshi is Yuu's best friend and absolutely nuts for Meiko. Love Dodecahedron? Oh yeah.
    • Note that in the original draft of the story, Meiko was supposed to end up with Yuu after Namura's death and, apparently, Miki getting hitched back with Ginta....
    • Miki starts shipping Meiko/Namura, then also becomes a Ginta/Arimi fan. Her boyfriend Yuu doesn't ship Meiko/Namura so openly, but the fact that he was their Secret Keeper should say something.
    • Tsutomu starts as Arimi's Dogged Nice Guy, but when she makes clear that she loves Ginta, he gives up and becomes their biggest fanboy.
  • Fairies in Mahoujin Guru Guru love to gossip about love. Put a potential couple in front of them and they'll go out of their way to play Matchmaker.
  • In Hana Yori Dango, Shigeru ships Tsukushi/Tsukasa. Curiously, Tsukasa is her arranged fiancé.
    • Akira and Soujiro sometimes join in, too.
  • Pokémon: Brianna, Soledad, Harley, and Drew's own Roselia are ContestShippers. Even Jessie seemed genuinely interested in the proceedings, talking about love and romance upon seeing them and weirding the hell out of James and Meowth.
    • Poor Ash Ketchum has been shipped with every female companion in the series by some Character of the Day or other. For instance, Lyra (the HeartGold/SouldSilver female lead) showed herself to be a Pearlshipper (Ash/Dawn).
    • The episode "Wherefore Art Thou Pokémon" has Ash's group (and specially, Misty) fervently shipping the male Nidoran Tony and the female Nidoran Maria. (Note the West Side Story Shout-Out). Their owners Ralph and Emily were quite bitter rivals, so they try to hitch them up too and make them a Battle Couple. And it ultimately works.
    • In that same episode, Tracey, who had quite a hatedom by then, frequently teased Ash and Misty about having feelings for each other and actually seemed to be more of a shipper than anyone else before or after would be on the show (Team Rocket had a laugh about it, but were ultimately more interested in catching Pikachu earlier in the season).
    • In the Japanese version of Pokémon 2000, Jessie tells Misty and Melody that they're too young to worry about relationships, and James adds that "even we don't talk about such things". Meowth responds to Jessie and James by saying, "Whatever you say. You two act love-love all the time!" In the English dub, Meowth's line is changed to "Yous two don't need the opposite sex 'cuz you got each other!". He promptly gets yelled at for his trouble.
    • Dawn, May (and maybe Ash) appear to be LagomorphShippers (Pikachu/Buneary). Bonus points in that that's a perfectly legitimate pairing in the games.
    • Spoofed with Oscar and Andi, a Battle Couple and Captain Ersatzs of Oscar and Andre who just won't stop shipping Ash with May and Jessie with James.
    • In Best Wishes Stephan seems to be a SommelierShipper (Cilan/Burgundy) judging by his interaction with both of them and is obviously trying to get the two do stuff together (AKA the Sommelier battle). Burgundy didn't take this well and Cilan seems oblivious (or is he?).
    • Max, in the Japanese version, is a subtle Advanceshipper, since he mentions that he was happy in seeing his sister and Ash travelling together.
  • You're Under Arrest!: Pretty much every single member of the Bokuto police station is a Miyuki/Nakajima shipper.
  • Ashita no Nadja: Nadja Applefield ships Sylvie/Raphael. Sylvie, in return, ships Nadja/Francis, though she's more aware of how Love Hurts...
    • Marianne Hamilton ships Nadja/Keith, since she's got a crush on Nadja's love interest and Keith's younger twin brother Francis and having Nadja go the Settle for Sibling was would let her have a chance on him. She even admits it to Nadja herself in one of their talks.
    • Julietta is a subversion, as when Nadja is caught with her feelings for Keith and Francis, she tells Nadja "choose the guy YOU want and not the one you feel obligued to love back" but doesn't explicitely show preference for either of Nadja's love interests.
  • Everyone in ×××HOLiC seems to ship Doumeki/Watanuki, with Watanuki's employer, Yuuko, being the biggest shipper of all. Others include Yuuko's fortuneteller colleague, and Himawari, the girl Watanuki has a crush on. Even young Kohane picks up on that Doumeki and Watanuki are good friends despite any protests.
    • It gets to the point where Watanuki starts claiming that the entire female camp is against him.
    Watanuki: Why do all the women misunderstand!? *sobs*
    • Not just all females: Mokona ships Doumeki/Watanuki too. He's shown to constantly try to hint to Watanuki that Doumeki likes him — including chiding Watanuki for berating Doumeki, as Doumeki is trying to spend time with Watanuki because he wants to "make sure Watanuki isn't hurt... in heart, or in body."
      • Though, after Watanuki pulled his I Will Wait for You stunt for Yuuko upon her disappearance, Haruka seems to have reluctantly begun to accept (and ship?!) Yuuko/Watanuki, literally giving Watanuki a heart-to-heart If You Ever Do Anything to Hurt Her... talk. Wonder how Doumeki would feel if he knew that he was betrayed by his old man.
  • Shari of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ships Erio and Caro, even supplying Erio a date itinerary during the rookies' day-off in StrikerS. An itinerary that the two of them looked at confusedly and treated like any other order from above. They're kids after all.
    • In the Vivid manga, half of the Numbers come to check out the sparring matches between Vivio and Heidi Ingvalt "because it's romantic." The other half just want to make sure nobody gets permanently hurt.
    • And if the A's Distant Finale is anything to go by, Amy ships Nanoha and Yuuno. When she calls him, she asks how things are progressing between them, and sounds disappointed when he says they're nothing more than friends.
  • In Slayers NEXT, Amelia reveals herself as a Lina/Gourry fangirl after Lina fakes her death to kill the demon Mazenda and recover her powers (which Mazenda has sealed away), which prompts Gourry to call her insensitive and ask "don't you know how I feel about you?" Amelia perks up at this, claims she saw this coming from a mile ago. and drags a bemused Zelgadis away, insisting that they give a now embarrassed Lina and still clueless Gourry some privacy.
  • Kaleido Star: Sora, Anna, Ken, Marion and Mia are Kalos/Sarah shippers. Their OTP becomes canon soon.
    • Sora also ships Jerry / Kate. Another one that goes canon.
  • The Gundam franchise has plenty of these, believe it or not:
  • In the Kimagure Orange Road manga, Kyosuke's younger sister Manami ships Kyousuke/Madoka... while her twin Kurumi ships Hikaru/Kyousuke. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Judging by her reaction to the confession scene in Episode 17, little princess Ana Medaiyu in Overman King Gainer seems to ship Gainer/Sara. And, in some fanfiction, so does Cynthia.
  • In GaoGaiGar, every named kid except Ikumi Kaidou and the ship-ees are rooting for the Puppy Love ship of Amami Mamoru and Hatsuno Hana, who share a Childhood Marriage Promise. At the end of the series, before Mamoru and Galeon return to the Green World, the kids dress Hana in full tiny brides' regalia and stage a wedding, complete with kiss, to the wistful tune of "Someday in the Sea of Stars".
  • Urd of Ah! My Goddess ships Keiichi/Belldandy and frequently tries to meddle in their relationship to advance it, in contrast with her younger sister Skuld who is actively anti-Keiichi/Belldandy.
    • Megumi, Keiichi's younger sister, and Peorth, a wish-granting goddess like Belldandy (except she specializes in one's deepest, darkest desires) also make efforts to bring the two together.
  • Midori no Hibi. In one chapter, Nao gives Ayase one of her father's "love potions". Ayase wonders why Nao did this, but passes it off as nothing. Later, we see Nao holding a notebook of a drawing with the three (four if you include Midori) together, holding hands.
  • In Ranma ˝, Ukyō Kuonji tries to set up Akane/Ryōga a few times, since she's in love with Akane's fiancé Ranma. Unfortunately, since Ryōga is a combination of No Social Skills and horribly shy, it's usually a disaster. Shampoo also tries a cruder version of this by brainwashing Akane into falling in love with Ryōga, with equally disastrous results.
    • In the manga Ranma himself ships Ryōga and Akari, and so does Akane.
      • Ranma and Akane even teamed up to ship them once.
    • OVA 10 has Ryoga and Ukyo attempting to break up Rakane, which ultimately backfires due to a misunderstanding that ends with Ranma and Akane shipping them.
    • In at least one episode of the anime, Mousse ships Ranma and Akane. Of course, he makes no secret of the fact that's because it should leave him with Shampoo by default.
    • Akane blatantly ships Kasumi and Dr. Tōfū once she gets over her own Precocious Crush on him, despite Kasumi's obliviousness to Dr. Tōfū's feelings.
    • And, of course the uber-examples, Sōun and Genma, who engaged Ranma and Akane in the first place and ship them at every opportunity thereafter. Kasumi, Nabiki, and Nodoka all have their moments of Ranma/Akane shipping as well. Dr. Tofu seems to ship Ranma/Akane right from the start, as well.
    • When Genma was going to make Ryoga his aire to the Saotome School of Anything Goes Martial Arts he along with Tendo, Kasumi, and Nabiki start to ship Ryoga and Akane.
  • Captain Tsubasa: Pretty much the whole Nankatsu JHS Soccer Team (their Team Dad doc included) ships Sanae/Tsubasa. Evne Kumi, Sanae's love rival, joins the group without any misgivings or reservations after Tsubasa turns her own confession down.
    • The kids in the Furano team ship Yoshiko/Matsuyama. The Team Mom assistant and the Team Dad captain... perfect!
    • Takeshi is a Hyuga/Maki fanboy in the manga.
  • There is a scene in the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga where Mai Kujaku is seen actively setting up Yuugi Mutou and Anzu Mazaki. Later, just before Battle City starts up Mai pointedly teases Anzu when it looks like she's on a date with Yuugi. It's not really, but it's the thought that counts.
    • Can't speak for the manga, but Atemu in the anime is very supportive of Yuugi/Anzu. He's teased and prodded Yuugi about his crush on Anzu on multiple occasions, and he was quite disappointed in episode 53 when he realized that he was the one meant to go on the date with Anzu, not Yuugi.
    • According to some fans, Anzu might be a Jounochi/Mai shipper, getting angry at Jou more than once when he blows chances at wooing her.
  • Black Lagoon: Eda ships Rock/Revy. Not even Revy's death threats can disuade her.
  • Magic Knight Rayearth: Meet Caldina, the local Cool Big Sis and Umi / Ascot fangirl.
  • In Fullmetal Alchemist,
    • Ed seems to be slightly supportive of Roy/Riza. "And don't worry the Lieutenant."
    • Al is a Ed/Winry shipper. "Brother is so youthful!"
    • Eventually it gets to the point where Al and Winry love to tease each other about their respective love interests, Winry being an Al/May Chang shipper.
    • Also, Riza seems to ship Edwin, or at least she likes teasing Edward about it.
      Riza: "You love Winry, don't you?"
      Ed: [Spit Take]
    • Even Greed gets in on it, shipping another Bodyguard Crush instance between Lan Fan and Ling Yao.
      Greed: "That's some woman you got there. I never knew you were such a stud! Where you been hiding her all this time?
      Ling: "Well, you know, I'm full of surprises."
    • Hohenheim appears to ship this too, as demonstrated when he asks Lan Fan about Ling.
      Hohenheim: "He's very special to you, isn't he?"
    • And then there's Mei and her Roy/Riza shipping, too. She did choose to help save Riza rather than take the Philosopher's Stone.
    • Also, General Grumman ships Roy with his granddaughter. Supplemental material verifies that this granddaughter is he's a Roy/Riza shipper too.
    • In Full Metal Alchemist The Sacred Star Of Milos Al seems to have taken a shine to Julia. Ed responds by leaving them alone together after slapping Al on the butt and telling him to catch up later.
  • Mamotte Shugogetten: Shaorin/Tasuke get shipped by Nana (his older sister) and Shoko (their classmate and Shao's best friend); in fact, Nana and Shoko have joined forces and are actively co-operating to get the two together.
  • Japan of Axis Powers Hetalia may count. When Italy asks for advice on a designing a war poster, Japan suggests putting Italy and Germany's names under an Umbrella of Togetherness. Austria also gives Germany dating advice in the Valentine's comics.
  • In Full Metal Panic!, Kaname's best friend Kyoko ships Kaname/Sōsuke like crazy. She does everything she can on Kana's side to get her to like him (including making teasing comments to make Kaname realize her feelings for Sōsuke, which more often than not actually does work). Exactly why she would want to pair her best friend up with the violent sociopath that is constantly bombing and shooting around the school for outlandish reasons remains a mystery.
    • Kalinin is a Kaname/Sōsuke shipper. He's shown to hope that Sōsuke will "open his heart" and become more human if he ends up with her, and apparently started thinking of her as a hopeful daughter-in-law for his adopted son.
    • And then there's Melissa Mao, who, although less vocal about it, is a Tessa/Sōsuke shipper. In the novels, she even talks to Kaname, makes sure that Kaname is aware that Tessa is in love with him, and tells Kaname to be nice to Tessa. Mao proceeds to try to get Kaname to give an answer about whether or not she likes Sōsuke, and when Kaname gives a (rather ambiguous) answer that appears to be in the negative, Mao responds "that's good" and continues to show how she feels sorry for Tessa's passionate, but suppressed and unrequited love for Sōsuke.
  • In Project ARMS, Yugo ships Ryo and Katsumi after realizing how much they love each other. Keith Green does too, though it's very brief since he dies not long after he decides this.
  • Almost all of the cast in Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann ship Simon and Nia, and early on a number of them were Kamina/Yoko shippers, too. Leeron is an outright shipping fanboy.
  • Hilariously played in Mai-HiME: Mai Tokiha's classmates ship her soft-spoken, sickly little brother Takumi with his manly man roommate, Akira Okuzaki. Their fantasies come true, except that Akira is not quite as manly as "he", or better said, "she" seems...
    • Shiho asks Mai to become one for her and Yuuichi in Episode 6, and Mai accepts. Unfortunately, when Yuuichi expresses his love for Mai with Shiho present in Episode 13, Shiho becomes very angry and accuses Mai of lying to her.
  • In Keroro Gunsou, Giroro's pet cat seems to know her owner has a serious crush on Natsumi, and seems to alternate between being jealous and resenting her for not reciprocating, or even noticing, Giroro's feelings.
    • Natsumi seems to be this for Fuyuki/Momoka. In one episode, Momoka called Fuyuki, causing Natsumi to have a mischievous look, nudge Fuyuki, and encourage him to go get her. However, Fuyuki, being Oblivious to Love, didn't get it. Aki seems to be one as well to a lesser extent.
  • Yumi Miyamoto of Detective Conan is very, very determined to get Satou and Takagi together. It's not just seeing her best friend end up with the perfect man for her, though; she takes delight in teasing those two about their relationship's tendency to not *quite* coalesce. After Satou and Takagi finally do get to kiss, and Shiratori has found the real target of his Single-Target Sexuality (Satou was a false positive), Yumi complains that it's suddenly gotten a bit boring, now that she no longer has anything to aim her teasing at. Amusingly, this has led her to work to make sure that the latest potential couple to appear on her radar don't end up together ... futilely.
    • Conan seems to ship the two as well. One story had Satou promise to marry her co-worker Shiratori if Takagi doesn't come to her by a certain time. While Takagi really and truly wants to get to her, he's held up by a very confusing murder mystery he's gotten caught up in. Conan gives him some help on the case and, when it looks like Takagi's not going to make it in time, sets up an illusion that he's there, giving the real Takagi the few extra minutes needed to make it.
      • The Detective Boys also ship the Hell out of Takagi/Satou. And later, of Shiratori and Kobayashi.
    • On the other hand, Ran ships Heiji/Kazuha and Makoto/Sonoko. Not to mention her attempts to bring her parents Kogoro and Eri back together...
      • And on the other other hand, Sonoko was very reluctant to ship Ran and Shinichi, since she believed (and still sorta believes) he's not good enough for her. In one of the OAV's she even urges Ran to go out with Dr. Araide... Thank God it's All Just a Dream.
  • Yukari from Rosario + Vampire ships Moka and Tsukune, primarily because she has simultaneous crushes on both of them and she thinks getting a threesome would be easier if the other two are already together.
  • In The Wallflower, Noi becomes a Kyohei/Sunako shipper early on, regularly fangirling about their "moments" together. The rest of the major characters eventually follow suit, trying their damnedest best to get Kyohei to realize his feelings for Sunako as the Belligerent Sexual Tension between the two of them becomes increasingly clear in later volumes.
  • Weird variation in School Rumble. Tenma Tsukamoto knows that Kenji Harima is deeply and desperately in love with a young girl whose name she doesn't know, and actively supports him in his pursue of her. Something else Tenma ignores is... that she is the girl Harima is crushing on.
    • The random old guy who shows up to give Hinai mysterious advice (no, he's not an Old Master, he's just some guy) ships Mikoto with Hinai or Aso, depending on who's closest at the moment.
    Old Guy: He's off his guard! If you want to score, now's your chance, you sexy little squirrel!
    Mikoto: Say what!?
  • With The Light features this in a one-off scene: after one mother comments on how happy her son was when Hikaru (an autistic child) brushed against his cheek, another mother grinned knowingly as she pulled out a drawing pad and pencil...
  • Lelouch and Shirley in Code Geass are shipped by most of the Student Council, specially Milly.
    • Milly ships everyone/everyone. Just remember Cupid's day. It's likely that sexual activity at the academy really increased during her mandate as president.
    • Supplementary materials reveal Nunally as a Lelouch/C.C. shipper. So was her and Lulu's mother, Empress Marianne: she openly teases her old friend C.C. about it, and gets a flat "He Is Not My Boyfriend" reply from her. It Runs in the Family, indeed..
      • Kaguya ships Lelouch with Kallen and CC, along with herself, as his personal harem.
    • Asahina ships Todoh / Chiba, suggesting that Chiba "confess already" early in Episode 5 of R2, and his comments about Chiba having a reason to live on after saving her life in the second battle for Tokyo causes her to blush, indicating she knows what he's implying.
    • And Lelouch seems to ship his best friend Suzaku with his little sister Nunally, or at least consider him good enough to to protect her. Naturally, this goes to Hell afterwards.
  • Junpei gets shipped by several people in Nyan Koi!:
    • His family seems to ship him with the Kirishima twins.
    • Nagi supports Junpei/Mizuno, although her brother has stated that he supports Junpei/Nagi.
    • Nyamsus ships Junpei/Kanako.
    • Akari pushes for Junpei/Kanako, although she doesn't mind Junpei/Mizuno too as long as she gets Kotone out of the Love Dodecahedron.
    • Mizuno, being still oblivious to her own feelings fr Junpei (along with an I Want My Beloved to Be Happy), seems quite supportive on Junpei/Kanako, to the point of believing that the two are already dating.
  • Toradora! has pretty much every character as a Shipper on Deck, Combined rather painfully with I Want My Beloved to Be Happy. At first, Taiga and Ryuuji do this for each other (with Ryuuji/Minori and Taiga/Yuusaku respectively). Meanwhile, every other character not genetically related to Taiga ends up at some point shipping Ryuuji/Taiga.
  • Three notable ones in Kekkaishi. The first is Madoka, the best friend of the female lead, Tokine, who always overtly hints to Tokine that Yoshimori, the male lead and Tokine's childhood friend, would be a pretty good match for Tokine even though he's two years younger and Tokine has a preference for older, taller guys. The other two are Kyoko and Ayano, the two best friends of Yurina, a classmate of Yoshimori. They think Yurina's meetings with Yoshimori on the roof (which were actually discussions about Yurina's supernatural awareness) were attempts by Yuirna to confess to Yoshimori.
  • Magma from Spider Riders seems to be a Hunter/Corona shipper. While the hero Quake/Brade seems to think Hunter/Aqune would be just as good as a pairing.
  • Walker from Durarara!! ships Shinra/Celty enough that he's written fanfic about it. Erika, on the other hand, tends to ship in a different direction...
    Erika: Hey, Shizu-chan must like Iza-Iza a lot, right? Kind of like Boys Love between two guys?
    Walker, Kadota, and Celty: No.
    • And surprisingly, Izaya is a Shinra/Celty shipper but this only applies to Shinra's side because he won't hesitate to mock the two whenever Celty is nearby. The Valentine's day comic proves though that he does care for Shinra if he's willing to put up with his spazzing about the holiday and give him actual advice without asking for money or trolling him afterwards.
  • Both Kakeru and Uta, in Onegai My Melody, are Cannot Spit It Out types. Unsurprisingly various characters attempt to ship them — Flat the mouse, in particular, exists for no other purpose. And in Season 2, even Kakeru's romantic rival Jun Hiiragi can't help but plod him along.
  • Installments on Darker Than Black (namely, the second season and interquel manga) have contained numerous instances of characters teasing Misaki Kirihara that the real reason she wants to catch BK-201 is that she has a crush on him. To be fair, they're probably right.
  • In Fruits Basket, Mayuko Shiraki is the Shipper on Deck for her best friend Kanna and her crush/cousin Hatori. Years after it all goes horribly wrong, she still feels guilty for taking Kanna's place in Hatori's affections.
    • Momiji ships Kyo/Tohru, despite having a crush on Tohru himself. In the manga, it's his warning to Kyo about the Green-Eyed Monster that makes him face his own feelings for her.
    • Kakeru ships his friend Yuki and his half-sister Machi. When he points out to Komaki that the two have a thing for each other, she also seems rather pleased by the idea. And while Ayame takes a minute to catch on ("why would you go gaga over [Machi]?") he quickly joins in on the shipping as well, trying to get her to dress up in something cute for Yuki.
    • Much like Sailor Moon, nothing pleases Tohru more than learning someone she cares for is in love, and she ships for all she's worth.
    • Tohru's friends want nothing more than for whoever she dates to be a nice guy who appreciates her. So while they are extremely pissed at Kyo for rejecting her and refuse to let him visit her in the hospital because she's still upset, they do tell him later that they know he's a good guy and to please be good to Tohru. Tohru's grandfather also seems to approve of Tohru/Kyo, noticing that his granddaughter means a lot to Kyo; because of this, he tells Kyo about Tohru and Kyoko's rather unpleasant relationship with the rest of the Honda family, especially after Katsuya's death. (Before this, her grandfather was also the only relative who supported Katsuya's marriage to Kyoko.)
  • In Soul Eater, the otherwise strait-laced Azusa Yumi just might possibly be one of these for Marie Mjolnir / Dr. Franken Stein, judging by her rather uncharacteristic willingness to needle Marie about their past relationship.
  • In Seirei no Moribito, pretty much everyone that knows Balsa and Tanda want them to get married already, Chagum in particular.
  • Iwashida from SWOT ships his two new-found friends: Manabizaki and Hasuno. Mostly because the former is so obvious about his crush on the latter, even though he refuses to admit it.
  • Subverted in Fushigi Yuugi. While many of the Suzaku Seishi supported Tamahome/Miaka, Tamahome's martial arts teacher and former Byakko Seishi Tokaki did NOT support their and made it clear. It was a Jerkass Façade, as he and Subaru knew well what happened to their fellow Seishi Tatara and their Miko Suzuno and tried to prevent it from happening again.
  • Leaf in Record of Lodoss War is completely convinced that Spark and Little Neese are in love. Occasionally Reena and Garrak team up with her.
  • In the anime of Sengoku Basara, Keiji is an enthusiastic supporter of Kenshin/Kasuga, despite Kasuga's embarrassed protests.
    • On the opposite side, Yukimura seems to ship Sasuke/Kasuga, again despite her protests.
  • Juugo Kannagi of Kaze no Stigma is very determined to see his daughter Ayano paired with once-family outcast Kazuma, going as far as to set up circumstances such as dates to amusement parks and hot spring resorts to try to bring them together.
  • In the third arc of Spice and Wolf, pretty much everyone except Amati ships Lawrence with Holo. Mark and his apprentice go to lengths to support Lawrence's scheme to win her back, despite only seeing them together once, and Dianna thinks up a secret plan to reaffirm their trust in each other. Batos also helps Lawrence out, but that's arguably just because he's taken a liking to him.
  • In One Piece, several anime-only scenes have two conductors from the Water 7 train station ship Nami and Paulie together after seeing what appeared to be, to them, a breakup.
  • In the classic shojo manga Ai Shite Night, Hideki "Hashizo" Katou's first scene is about how he dreams of becoming "someone like Cupid who appears in picture books". (Let's cut him some slack, though, he's a kindergartener). Predictably, once Hashizo meets a Girl Next Door named Yakko who may be a good girlfriend for his older brother and caretaker Go, he ships them rather hard.
  • Happy from Fairy Tail likes to ship anyone who has feelings toward others, mostly Loke/Lucy. In fact, he ships just almost anybody, Gray/Lucy, Gray/Juvia, Ren/Sherry and Daphne/Gray. He usually says "He/She liiiikesss you" whenever this happens.
    • Virgo does this as well, towards Gray/Lucy and Natsu/Lucy, and using Happy's catch phrase.
    • Lucy flipped this back to Happy by shipping him with Carla.
      • Juvia is a fan of Natsu/Lucy, though that's probably because it means less competition for Gray's affections.
      • Mirajane told Lucy about Natsu having feelings for her, which she denied, resulting in many fantasies about being with Natsu. It continued when Mirajane told Lucy that Gray has feelings for her.
      • This gets real, when Gemini told Lucy that Gray is somewhat interested in her, as Gemini reviewed Gray's thoughts regarding Lucy.
      • Glidarts ships Natsu with Lisanna.
    • By the end of the Nirvana arc, Natsu ships Jellal/Erza. "You have to stay by her side!!" indeed.
      • If you look close enough, Jellal does the same for Natsu/Erza. "I'll believe in the man Erza believes in. It also helps that Jellal lied to Erza about having a fiance to spare her the drama of maintaining a relationship with him.
    • With Elfman/Evergreen Ship Tease picking up recently, Freed and especially Bixlow have begun shipping the two.
    • Ultear seems to ship Jellal/Erza as well. She questions Jellal's choices after her turns Erza down. And when Merudy asks why Crime Sorciere needed to meet Fairy Tail before the Grand Magic games, Ultear explains that it was important for Jellal/Erza. Though this is somewhat justified considering she's the reason they aren't together.
  • In Puella Magi Madoka Magica, the usually sweet and quiet Hitomi Shizuki reacts with hilarious excitement when she believes that her friends Madoka and Sayaka's relationship has "progressed", when it hasn't. Fridge Brilliance kicks in when you realize that Hitomi is in love with Kyousuke Kamijou (who Sayaka *is* actually in love with) and that she was probably hoping that Sayaka was a lesbian or a lesbian-leaning bi that would prefer Madoka over Kamijou, thus both girls would be happy with their respective "love interests" and there'd be no need to "fight" over him. Overall, it doesn't end well.
    • Sayaka plays it straighter in the manga, when she imagines Homura and Madoka embracing while calling it "the mystery of the universe"
    • In Rebellion, Homura somewhat makes her opinion known on that matter, in a rather twisted way. Twice. By creating an 'ideal world' inside her witch barrier, and later by rewriting reality. In both worlds she has Sayaka-Kamijou-Hitomi Love Triangle resolved by preserving Hitomi and Kyousuke's relationship, and apparently opts for Sayaka to be in a Romantic Two-Girl Friendship with Kyoko. Also, it seems like she's somewhat fascinated by the idea of Mami and Nagisa/Charlotte together. Hmmmm....
  • Mushanokouji Yurina from Hana no Yurina Gumi is a Yuri Fan who enjoys shipping her classmates and setting them up.
    "The next thing to make is a swim team couple."
  • Kenshiro from Fist of the North Star believes that Lin should love Bat, not him, and he gets them together at the end of the manga.
  • In GE-GoodEnding, it's what drives the plot at first, with Yuki shipping Utsumi and Shou together. Reality Ensues.
  • Chitose of Yuru-Yuri usually fantasizes about Ayano and Kyouko.
    Chitose: It's a personal heartfelt dream.
    • Her twin sister Chizuru, on the other hand, ships Ayano with Chitose herself.
  • In episode 7 of Baka and Test Summon the Beasts, all the main characters are shown to ship Yuuji/Shouko.
  • In Mawaru-Penguindrum's episode 6, after Shouma Takakura takes the feverish Ringo Oginome home back home, Ringo's mother Eriko doesn't seem very convinced when Shouma says that he and Ringo are Just Friends... To be "fair", she just saw Ringo pretty much humping Shoma in a feverish pitch.
    • As of episode 11, it looks like Himari might ship Shoma/Ringo. She notices that Shoma cooks a special cabbage recipe only when he wants to make up with someone else, and then deduces he's worried for Ringo and says "I hope Ringo-chan likes cabbage!" Though this being Himari, she might be meaning this in more of a friendshippy take. Her "possessor", however... well, we don't know. She's a wild card.
    • Even more so: Yuri, the girlfriend of Ringo's crush Tabuki, also ships it. (Conveniently for her, but still). Yuri does ask Ringo if she loves him in that same episode and isn't convinced when Ringo denies it, claiming that she could see it coming from a mile away or something like that. Then it's subverted shockingly in episode 14 (when she drugs Ringo and tries to rape her because she looks like her sister Momoka aka Yuri's long-lost first love) and played kinda straighter in episode 15 (when, after Shoma fails to help Ringo and is knocked out, Yuri places him next to a sleeping Ringo, and when he recovers she teassingly asks him if he won't take advantage of her).)
  • The Amakusa in A Certain Magical Index are all for one of their own, Itsuwa, snagging The Hero Touma Kamijou. They try to arrange things to help Itsuwa out and tend to get frustrated when her shyer tendencies cause her to be too passive.
  • Oosaki Nana ships Hachi and Nobu and is angry and disappointed when Hachi gets pregrant and chooses Takumi.
  • In Chintsubu, Kamiya's penis ships him with Iwabuchi.
  • In the Blade anime, Wolverine gets the idea that Blade and Makoto should be a couple. They vehemently deny this.
  • In Amakusa 1637, when Eiji and Kichou share a kiss, Natsuki and Eri are seen cooing and fist-pumping in the background.
  • In Switch!, Hiki encourages Mari's affection for Kai and tries to create opportunities for her to confess to him.
  • In Otomen, Juta heavily ships Asuka and Ryo, because he uses them as the models for the manga he draws.
  • In (at least the animated adaptation of) Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai!, practically the entire class ships Yuuta and Rikka. This is especially noticeable at the start of episode 3, where the entire class gathers around and starts applauding at Yuuta's accidental Indirect Kiss. By episode 7, Nibutani makes it fairly clear that she believes Yuuta and Rikka are bound to be together eventually. Isshiki also takes a Yuuta/Rikka relationship as a given.
  • Ishtar from Vampire Game. By far the best pairing she comes up with is Illsaid and Duzell, especially because she pretends Duzell is her little sister to pull it off.
  • Gunslinger Girl. Triela is assigned to guard Mimi, a girl her age who notices her crush on her handler Hilshire and encourages her to let him know how she feels. Being well aware that Hilshire isn't interested in having an affair with a fourteen-year-old cyborg killing machine whose feelings of love are likely just a side-effect of her conditioned loyalty, Triela never follows her advice.
  • Kotoura-san's Haruka and Manabe is so clearly a couple that people in te universe just can't stop shipping them.
    • In episode 3, the boys in Haruka and Manabe's class put their names under an Umbrella of Togetherness signifying a relationship. Manabe at first seems offended by it, but rather than take offense that they shipped them together, he complains that they forgot to add hearts to it.
    • Haruka's grandfather (who is her remaining parent figure) is all for the couple, too; in episode 6 he is keen to see them kiss.
  • In Rurouni Kenshin, Tae, Sanosuke, Yahiko, Tsubame, and later Megumi are diehard Kenshin/Kaoru fans.
  • In Ravages Of Time, the Sima clan children outright ship Liaoyuan Huo and Xiao Meng in front of the woman that Huo's betrothed to! Not even Xiao Meng pointing out that he's not a womannote  stops them, and on the next page:
    Sima clan brats: Mommy! Don't hide it anymore! So what if the wedding didn't take place, daddy still loves you!
  • In Anatolia Story, pretty much all of Kail's friends, close servants, subordinates, and brothers ship Kail with Yuri (including the ones who like Yuri too), believing that she's the first woman he truly loves. Yuri's maids also ship the two, trying to arrange romantic moments between them. Even the more pragmatic Ilbani gets in on it, after he accepts that Yuri is someone intelligent, strong, and capable enough to be Kail's queen. And Yuri's maid Ursula ships Kail/Yuri so hard that she hilariously beats up her boyfriend Kash (who mind you, is a member of Kail's Badass Crew) when he cracks some bad jokes about Kail and Lady Guzel
  • In Pandora Hearts, Sharon is an avid Oz/Alice shipper.
  • Karen of Kin-iro Mosaic, in regards to Youko and Aya's relationship. In fact, in episode 5, she even made an "Ayaya Pie Chart" that consisted of 10% intelligent, 10% shy, and 80% Youko. Aya's reaction was priceless.
  • Haiyore! Nyarko-san has Tamao ship Mahiro/Nyarko; she has a crush on Mahiro herself, but is good friends with Nyarko and doesn't think she can compare or compete, so she does everything in her power to get them together. They're also shipped by Mahiro's mother Yoriko, particularly in the beach episode where she encourages them to go on a date and then keeps the rest of the Love Dodecahedron out of their way (as well as expressing I Want Grand Kids when Nyarko claims to be pregnant).
    • In fact, all the girls in their class seem to ship Mahiro/Nyarko; in the first episode, Tamao (falsely) told them that Mahiro said he could definitely see a relationship working, which caused all the girls (Nyarko included) to Squee. Additionally, whenever Mahiro is particularly Tsundere, they encourage him to apologize and make it up to her. On the other hand, this might be because they believe the pair is already a couple, since Nyarko's class introduction involved claiming to be his wife (and people always seem to believe her lies).
    • Cuuko tries to ship Mahiro with Hasta in order to Pair the Spares; she wants Nyarko for herself. Hasta is totally fine with this, but Mahiro and Nyarko aren't.
  • The Ryozanpakou masters in Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple actively ship Kenichi with Miu, and even pay attention to any progress in their relationship...except for Miu's grandfather and the head of the dojo, Hayato Furinji, who's openly declared that the only way Kenichi will get to date Miu is by defeating him. Saiga Furinji, Miu's Disappeared Dad and the Big Bad, seems to approve of Kenichi's feelings for Miu, too; it helps that Kenichi was willing to go all-out to rescue her when she was kidnapped by Silcardo Junazard. On a lesser note, Freya has made the assumption that Kisara and Ukita are an item, though Kisara vehemently denies it.
  • Reiner from Attack on Titan seems to be this for Bertholdt and Annie, as he pushes Bertholdt to confess to her once they return home.
  • Kaoru of Servant × Service supports Lucy/Yutaka, to the point that she sets up a gambit to make her brother's one-sided crush on Lucy a mutual one.
  • Ryou, the lesbian Visual Kei idol from Strawberry Shake Sweet. Her Gaydar is so powerful, she can literally see the sexual tension between the protagonists Julia and Ran; and though it's never explicitly stated, her actions in certain episodes make it plainly obvious that she's trying to get the two girls together.
  • Haruka from Sakura Trick ships Shizuku x Kotone and Yuzu x Kaede. Though that former case is more fangirling an existing relationship.
  • Koro-sensei in Ansatsu Kyoushitsu ships his students with each other (though this is mostly just for juicy gossip). And the whole class ships Karasuma-sensei/Bitch-sensei.
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion:
    • Heavily-implied, though not canonically stated, Ritsuko ships Rei/Shinji in though only briefly, as her personal issues quickly redirect her attention as the show progresses.
    • Touji, however, appears to be an Asuka/Shinji shipper, though only by observation and also very briefly, as his own personal issues quickly redirect his attention as the show progresses.
    • Kaji supports Shinji and Asuka, but wishfully and forcefully rather than factually, because he needs someone other than himself to occupy the slot of boyfriend in Asuka's life. In the manga, though he behaves a little more actively in hooking them up.
  • Bleach: When Tatsuki learned that Orihime had ducked out of Ichigo's offer to walk her home, her response was to chastise Orihime for not taking advantage of the moment before launching into an increasingly amusing and shocking list of suggestions on how Orihime could create a situation that would enable Ichigo to take advantage of her.

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