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Ship Tease: Anime and Manga

Franchises with their own page

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  • Nara Shikamaru and Temari from Naruto. Particularly ship-tease worthy are their scenes in Shippuden, where the only member of the Rookie Nine besides Sakura that Naruto sees before leaving to help Gaara is Shikamaru... and all his appearances are partnered up with Temari, and that's not even getting into the actual interactions the two have in those scenes. Naruto even asked them if they were on a date which they both denies. They eventually get together and start a family
  • There also is a fair amount of teasing between Naruto and Sakura, starting with Naruto telling he likes her a lot in her first appearance, and realizing during their Almost Kiss that he likes her because she is akin to him, Sakura blushing when he was fighting Zabuza and wondering since when Naruto makes her blushing, Sakura willing to get her team failing during a test to protect Naruto's dreams, Sakura going on a date with him in Part 1, blushing around Naruto when he arrived at the village after 2 and a half years, trying to calm him down when he was out of control by the Nine-Tailed Fox and being willing to give up the hunt for Sasuke because Naruto was hurt, Sakura going to feeed him when he is unable to move an arm, Sakura hugging him after his and Pain's battle... There is also a scene in which Sakura laments being only able to do small things for Naruto as healing him after his first time going into the four-tailed state proves more difficult than she had expected. Yamato then says what she can do is less important than how she feels about Naruto, and then says:
    Yamato: I can tell just by watching you, Sakura, just how much you- (Naruto wakes up, interrupting him).
  • There is a bit of Naruto/Hinata teasing. Most of it is confined to the anime and on the side of Hinata, but there are a few moments in the manga regarding both characters: She offering him help during the Chunin exams written test, he refusing because she could get caught; Hinata adopting his “never give up” philosophy during her fight with Neji in the preliminaries, Naruto vowing on her blood to avenge her defeat; she encouraging him before the fight with Neji in the third exam when he is feeling down, he deciding she was cool after thinking she was a dark weird girl at first; she jumping in the fray to defend him from Pain while confessing her love for him, he unleashing the Nine-Tailed Fox to a degree never seen before when Pain stabs her, and both crying in relief when they learn the other one is safe afterwards. This continues in the War arc (Naruto encourages her after saving her from an enemy while recalling how she defended him from Pain; Hinata vows to walk besides him and hold his hand after the war while she is running to aid him in the final battle), with a very significant development in Manga chapter 615. Eventually culminates into a movie, the Grand Finale of Naruto which details how they fell in love. In the epilogue, they are married and have two children.
  • Then we have Jiraiya and Tsunade. Their last scene together makes it even more evident, as Jiraiya reminisces about Tsunade rejecting him. Tsunade is concerned about the possibility of him not returning from the Rain Village, and seems hurt when he brushes it off.
  • Neji and Hinata have this in the Rock Lee's Springtime of Youth spin-off, because it's implied more than once that Neji has some sort of romantic affection for Hinata. The most obvious one is the scene where he imagines himself and Hinata in a Romeo and Juliet story. There is also the fact that he becomes enraged every time Lee and Tenten make suggestions about Hinata and any other guy -particularly Naruto- being involved in a romantic relationship.

  • Bleach has very little genuine ship tease in the manga except for comedy moments and Slice of Life omakes (again, comedy). Word of God has stated that the manga isn't a romance manga and confirmed that Rukia and Ichigo are more than friendship but not romantic. As a result, most Ship Tease tends to be invented by the anime.
    • Anime Filler
      • Anime endings sometimes hint at Ichigo/Rukia (2, 16, 19), or Ichigo/Orihime (15, 18), but otherwise the anime is heavily biased towards the former.
      • Manga coverage of Orihime's feelings for Ichigo are removed or significantly downplayed by the anime. Chapter 24's Not So Different moment is replaced with Orihime speaking her Volume 3 poem. Sora's complaint that Orihime talks about Ichigo is changed to her talking about Tatsuki. Orihime's resolve to protect Ichigo in Soul Society is changed to her struggling to decide whether or not to go. Scenes covering Ichigo's resolve to protect Orihime are cut. Filler episodes and arcs ignore Orihime's feelings for Ichigo entirely.
      • A small subplot in the manga where Keigo jokingly creates the rumour mill about Ichigo and Rukia being in a relationship is changed in the anime. Keigo starting it as a joke is removed and filler inserts expand it into an arc that continues long after the manga had ended it. Filler characters are jealous of Rukia's closeness to Ichigo, and canon characters are altered from the canon to be jealous of the same. The Grand-Fisher arc is changed to include a filler shinigami whose job is to return Rukia to Soul Society. He doesn't because he doesn't want to break up such a serious two-some, observing that Rukia has come of age. Episode 342, in particular, is one long filler Ichigo/Rukia tease.
      • The animators are huge fans of Ikkaku/Yumichika so they will insert Ship Tease into filler episodes and rewrite manga scenes to insert Ship Tease where none originally existed. In the manga, Yumichika is never bothered by Mizuho's feelings for Ikkaku whereas the anime changes these scenes to make Yumichika stew angrily in the background whenever Mizuho makes a pass at Ikkaku. A very brief manga flashback to Ikkaku and Kenpachi's first meeting is expanded into a full filler episode. In the manga, Ikkaku begs for death while Yumichika sits in the background with utter calm. In the anime, Yumichika panics on the sidelines and spends the entire episode behaving as Ikkaku's "wife".
      • The animators are very fond of Hitsugaya/Karin and created two episodes about it. Multiple characters think there's something going on between them, resulting in She Is Not My Girlfriend moments and Rangiku thinks Hitsugaya is a Stalker with a Crush because she catches him watching Karin from a rooftop. Even Ichigo notices it. In the manga, Hitsugaya and Karin have never actually met. Since Hitsugaya was promoted to tenth division captain because Karin's father went AWOL from the position, the plot rammifications would be huge.
      • The animators are also very fond of Hisagi/Rangiku. Whenever they animate omakes or create filler episodes, they'll play up Hisagi/Rangiku Ship Tease wherever possible even though there's nowhere near as much of it in the manga.
    • Manga & Slice of Life
      • Slice of Life omakes indicate both Hisagi and Iba have a crush on Rangiku. They also indicate that Hisagi, Kira and Renji have a crush on Omaeda's surprisingly beautiful youngest sister.
      • There are strong hints that there are less than professional feelings between Kyouraku and Nanao. In the manga, he keeps her off the front lines and successfully fights the Central 46 for permission to take her with him as his "personal assistant" when he becomes first division captain-commander. In supplementary manuals and slice of life omakes, hints are further played up. The manga also hints that Kyouraku and Lisa may once have had a less than professional relationship and it's Lisa's fate that has made him so over-protective of Nanao.
      • The Unmasked databook includes a short story covering Ulquiorra's past that ends with two pages focused on him waking up from sleep with Orihime watching him. Orihime then calls him "Ulquiorra-kun" despite him telling her not to call him that.
      • In "Everything but the Rain", the expected ship tease between Isshin Shiba and Masaki Kurosaki was surprisingly complicated by the Arranged Marriage situation between Masaki and Ryuuken Ishida. As Ichigo's Missing Mom, Masaki's romantic fate was a Foregone Conclusion. Most surprising of all, however, was the secondary ship tease between Ryuuken and his Ninja Maid Kanae Katagiri which caused the fandom to immediately speculate that Kanae might be Uryuu's Missing Mom. The manga confirms she was.
      • Kubo once wrote a small scene for the Bleach Musical between Kenpachi and Unohana that was loaded with Belligerent Sexual Tension. This tension enters the manga during the final arc. She's the only woman Kenpachi ever respected, the woman he named Yachiru after. Unohana refers to him as the only man who ever brought her true joy and, when he defeats her, he screams and begs her not to die.
      • The Ichigo/Orihime ship tease has increased very lately, with the most blatant scene taking place in chapter 589. Orihime was wearing a very stripperiffic outfit thanks to Urahara, who trolled her into doing so by telling her it'd help her to "cheer up" Ichigo; not only he had noticed but was desperately trying to not get Distracted by the Sexy, until Chad directly brought it up and greatly embarrassed both of them.. And Yoruichi's reaction to Ichigo blushing and sputtering at the sight was beating up Ichigo for Orihime's sake and telling him he should've at very least complimented her looks.

     One Piece 
  • Like the above example, if you ship anything in One Piece, there's a reasonable chance a good chunk of your evidence comes from filler, specials, or movies. No, seriously, who they're ship teasing with who changes like the phases of the moon.
    • Played up for laughs, but Sanji and Zoro get a lot of Ship Tease scenes in the fillers, from sleeping with their faces right next to each other to nearly kissing twice.
    • During the manga's month-long hiatus, Oda drew a few doodles containing information about himself. To celebrate the birth of his new daughter, he drew a scene of Luffy holding up a baby...with Nami's hairdo and with Nami herself standing right next to him, looking pleased as punch. Uh oh.
      • Here's the page where you can find the image.
    • Luffy/Nami, or LuNa as it's commonly known amongst the fandom has gotten a lot over the years. Most notable is the fact that Luffy only ever hands his signature straw hat to Nami. The most commonly known instance of this is when he places it on her head during the Arlong arc.
      • Not to mention Nami's moment when she was on Weatheria; crying for Luffy and wanting to help him as soon as possible because she understood the pain he was going through after Ace died.
      • This medieval themed spread depicts Luffy as a King and the others, including Robin, as his knights, except Nami who is depicted as a Queen or Princess.
      • The kicker of this Ship Tease? While Luffy doesn't even flinch on Hancock's proposals, he gets a Nose Bleed at Nami's Happiness Punch.
    • A good deal of ship-tease fuel is canon. Franky/Robin, Zoro/Robin, Sanji/Nami, and Luffy/Nami get their more potent fuel from canon materials, though a lot of it is probably misinterpretation of The Power of Friendship.
      • Before the full crew was assembled, Nami/Zoro was somewhat prevalent, due to Nami and Zoro being the two most mature members of the crew and had the Belligerent Sexual Tension (Nami was a tsundere and Zoro was a bit of a jerkass).
      • Speaking of Zoro/Robin.
      • Franky/Robin shiptease has peaked up in recent anime episodes. The new Opening Narration shows Robin helping Franky with his inventions, when the helper’s role is usually given to the crew’s another inventor, Usopp. Additionally, when Franky and Robin meet after two years, their conversation is filled with ship tease starting with Franky openly and loudly complimenting Robin’s appearance. Then there’s Franky’s reaction (or lack of) to Boa Hancock when the crew sees her. The anime is quite loyal to the manga, but here and there the anime adds and extends (hilarious) exchanges between the two of them. It seems that the creators of the anime have really taken Franky and Robin’s roles as official Team Dad and Team Mom seriously and in one of the recent chapters Franky rests his head in Robin's lap and they both act very nonchalant about it. Then there's the clothes.
      • Even before that they had quite a bit of ship tease during Enies Lobby and Thriller Bark and moments appear in the manga just as much as the anime as well as certain parts being cut from the anime that were in the manga.
      • The manga recently had a bit of shiptease with Robin and Jinbe.
    • There's also the worst case of ship tease is Hancock with Luffy, who constantly takes what Luffy's saying to mean something else after his ridiculous display of MANLY and falling in love with him. A love so strong she thought it was a lethal fever at first. Luffy is Luffy, he's ridiculously oblivious about it, despite the fact she acts like a doting housewife to him because her sexiness won't woo him, despite her being the hottest woman in the world of One Piece's world according to in series men and women alike.
      • Subverted when Luffy blatantly tells Hancock that he won't marry her.
      • Yet.
    • The She Is Not My Girlfriend moment with Hachi and Camie.
    • There has been Vivi/Kohza which is understandably seeing how they are childhood friends and still care for each other.
    • Also, Zoro/Tashigi, who physically resembles Zoro's deceased friend Kuina and who he can't stand seeing. Post-timeskip, they met but Zoro doesn't have the same violent, freaked out reaction he used to have.
    • It's quite obvious how much Kaya and Usopp care for one another.
    • Makino and Shanks, and her newborn child isn't helping matters.

     Fullmetal Alchemist 
  • Fullmetal Alchemist has Roy Mustang/Riza Hawkeye teasing out the wazoo. Arakawa manages to get to epic lengths without the tiniest Relationship Upgrade.
    • General Grumman asks Roy to take his granddaughter as his First Lady when he becomes Fuhrer, to which Roy says all in good time. (One of the artbooks reveals that granddaughter to be Riza)
    • He learned flame alchemy from her naked back.
    • One of their secret codes is them flirting over the phone, with her taking the role of 'Elizabeth'.
    • The staff at the bar run by his foster mother believe 'Elizabeth' to be his girlfriend.
    • He refers to her as 'my queen' in the chess-piece analogy he uses for his subordinates - he himself being the king (which is the meaning of his name 'Roy' and a reference to his future ambitions to run the country)
    • She "lost her will to live" when she thought he was dead.
    • And then, chapter 94: "Just kidding."
    • In the last arc of the series, their respective injuries (Roy is blind, Riza on the verge of passing out from blood loss) necessitated them holding on to each other at all times.
  • And Ed/Winry, Lan-Fan/Ling, and Al/Mei. Let's face it, Hiromu Arakawa loves this trope, the manga brimming with official/near-official couples.
    • The people in charge of the Brotherhood anime love those semi-official couples too, and sometimes throw in extra little shipping scenes in the series or in the openings and endings. Let's just say the fifth opening takes the cake if you're a fan of Edward/Winry. At least they're made official at the end of the series.
    • The ending picture of the manga/Brotherhood is the biggest ship tease in the series. (Did Al and May hook up at the end?) Looks like the world may truly never know the truth.
    • The third art book does at least contain the official answer for one of the almost couples. Roy and Riza are not a pairing at the end of the series... well, not out loud. Arakawa confirms in her comments on one art piece that the only reason they aren't married is because the military has an anti-fraternization law, and to get married they would have to stop working together. Since Riza is fairly crucial to Roy's plans to become Fuhrer, they can't give up the working relationship; but the implication is pretty clear that once he reaches the top (which Arakawa has confirmed elsewhere he will), they'll be together.
  • The original anime doesn't have any romantic resolution for the main characters, but is well-known among the fanbase for teasing just about every possible ship: Ed gets hints with Winry, Rose, Roy, his brother and, in The Movie, Alfons Heiderich and Noah. There are also some Roy and Riza hints toward the end of the anime, some Winry and Al hints, even Winry and Sciezka ones...basically, it all depends on which particular brand of Shipping Goggles you wear, but you'll find fodder no matter where you look.

     Ranma 1/ 2 
  • Rumiko Takahashi does some Ship Teasing for some popular alternate pairings in Ranma 1/2 on several occasions:
    • In one storyline, Nabiki becomes Ranma's fiance because of one of Akane's bouts of jealousy. Nabiki spends the storyline exploiting Ranma mercilessly, teasing him to keep him in line, while trying to persuade Akane to take Ranma back — for a token fee.
    • The infamous "Koi Fishing Rod/Fishing Rod of Love'' story parodies the pairing of Ryoga and Ranma (either boy or girl type). Ryoga accidentally causes Ranma to fall into obsessive love with him by hitting him with a magic fishing rod. Hilarity Ensues.
    • Then there's the "Umbrella of Love" chapter with Nabiki and Kuno, using Umbrella of Togetherness. A similar pairing happened in the anime, but with a mistaken fortune telling.
    • Some people consider the OAV opening theme "Where Do We Go From Here (You and Me)" to also Ship Tease Nabiki and Kuno, as Kuno appears in almost every scene that Nabiki does.
    • During one of the OVAs, the characters have to pair up to enter a cave (the goal of every character involved is to break up Ranma and Akane, naturally). However the storyline hints at Ryoga/Ukyo to make it through the Cave of Lost Love. The end has EVERYONE believing Ukyo and Ryoga are a pair at the end. (Possibly including the anime scriptwriters.)
      • This story line is actually in the Manga, so it was once again Takahashi who was poking fun at people in her classical style. However in the manga version it actually counts as ''Ship Sinking'' because the curse of the cave was applied to Ukyo and Ryoga instead of Ranma and Akane (due to their usual bickering making the spirits not see them as a couple). In fact, after this story Ukyo and Ryoga never spoke to each other again for the rest of the manga.
      • The anime version also has some Kuno/Nabiki Ship Tease...if you consider Nabiki dragging the unconscious Kuno through the cave and at one point using him as a human shield against a lantern ghost to be a sign of affection.
    • The 2nd movie does this for Shampoo/Mousse, what with Mousse nearly making a Heroic Sacrifice to save Shampoo, and Shampoo actually seeming moved by it.
      • Takahashi punctures this one all the time, but perhaps most so in the final storyline wherein Mousse frees Shampoo from enslavement and sacrifices his chances to get her devoted to him, and she immediately glomps Ranma and doesn't even care that he's there the following panel.
      • The 2nd movie is also the biggest source of Ship Tease in the anime for Ukyo/Ryoga and Nabiki/Kuno. One of the reasons it's so generally disliked even amidst the fans of the anime (besides the fact it more or less recycles the plot of the first and the presence of Gainaxing) is because of this.
      • It should also be mentioned that the Ukyo/Ryoga ship tease in the 2nd movie is highly subjective to begin with. Fans of the pairing point to Ryoga saving Ukyo from becoming the bride to one of the main antagonist's elite minions. Those who dislike the pairing point out that Ryoga was perfectly content to leave Ukyo with said minion and that he only saved her because Ukyo bribed him with an offer to take Ryoga to where Akane was if he did.
    • The anime has a number of subtle Ship Tease moments for Kasumi and Dr. Tofu...namely in the form of Akane and, on occasion, Ranma, being supportive of the idea. The main Ship Tease is the second OAV ending theme, "Red Shoe Sunday", which has lyrics from Kasumi's voice actor and accompanying animation that hint that she actually does feel something for Dr. Tofu and she just wishes he'd get over that stupid habit of his. Official word from Rumiko Takahashi is that Kasumi is not aware of Dr. Tofu's crush and doesn't reciprocate it, she merely treats him the way she does because...well...she's Kasumi.

  • Digimon Adventure 02 has several instances pointing to a pairing between Takeru and Hikari. Both being "veteran" digidestined from the previous series, both having angel digimon, both rediscovering their crests at the same time, both showing outwardly pleasant exteriors to mask past darkness, an episode and a movie centered on the duo, and a Digimon "god" telling them that both their crests were special in comparison to the rest. Despite this, it was shown that both did not end up together in the Distant Finale (which is rendered Fanon Discontinuity by most fans anyway, so it doesn't make much of a difference).
    • "Focus", one of Takeru's image songs, wherein he sings about someone that he's known since he was small and who he wants to protect — even mentioning that "you used to cry all the time, but now you're standing in the light". Yeah, real subtle. He even wonders if he is the focus of that person's heart.
      • Conversely however, Hikari has an image song on the Girl's Festival album about a childhood friend she has fond memories of and perhaps a crush until one line near the end - "It's a little too cute to call it love", suggesting that any supposed romantic implications from her were just old feelings about a childhood friend. Ouch. Then again, even that fact won't make the above any less teasing to shippers.
      • That might be a quirk of translation. The line is 'Koi to yobu ni wa kawaii sugi da yo ne?', which does essentially translate the way the link says, but 'koi' can stand for selfish love, as opposed to a purer, 'cuter' love closer to what Takeru displays. Thinking of it that that way, their ship didn't quite sink as much as it just mysteriously fell to the won't side of Will They or Won't They?.
      • Then there's also the short story in the booklet of the Christmas CD, where V-mon and Patamon say Daisuke and Takeru are going to give Hikari a present. Tailmon says Hikari is knitting a scarf for someone "but won't tell me who is it for", at which Patamon says "Ahh, I know nothing...". Though not canon, the fact that Takeru and Hikari travel alone together to America, apparently just for fun,while the rest of the group is in the beach, is regard as major Ship Tease.
    • Tai/Sora was probably the largest straight 'ship in the fandom thanks to their teasing, until it got blown to pieces by a Gainax Ending.
      • Interestingly, they still tease Tai/Sora after she starts dating Matt. Something that comes up a lot is Sora dodging behind Taichi when startled (when Matt is the same exact distance away) in Diaboromon Strikes Back. Also, something worth pointing out is that the finale deliberately avoids declaring Matt and Sora to be married; clearly each is the parent of the other's child, but still; she remains closer to Joe.
    • Daisuke and Ken have moments of both Foe Yay and Ho Yay in 02. Including the Kaiser getting a little too excited by having Daisuke crawling like a worm for him, as well as that their hearts beat together when their Digimon first Jogressed. Yes, they even have a Sleep Cute moment.
    • Impmon/Beelzemon and Renamon of Digimon Tamers get some tease, what with him frequently hitting on her and her expressing masked concern for him multiple times. Then there's their "bond", which let's them sense the other's presence and is so strong that Renamon is able to hear him screaming while he gets beaten halfway to death, despite being on different planes of existence.
    • In the original Digimon Adventure, there's a smidgen of Ship Tease between Nancy and Hiroaki, TK's and Matt's divorced parents. They're awfully friendly, at the very least.
    • Rukato fans will swear by Runaway Digimon Express, for the phone conversation in the intro (awkward embarrassment on Takato's end, only half-hearted annoyance on Ruki's), Takato risking his life to save Ruki's and telling her off for demanding he let go and let her fall off the speeding train, and the final scene when Takato attempts to approach Ruki only to yield to Renamon's insistance to let her think. Ruki being emotionally vulnerable and Takato being hero certainly help, though the Canon Discontinuity doesn't. A CD Drama was released that placed the Digimon back in the digital world and re-emphasized the relationships between Takato and Juri and Ruki and Ryo, though Chiaki Konaka was very appreciative of the exploration of Ruki's psyche.
      • Most Japanese fans, on the other hand, went crazy for the Jenrya/Ruki interactions as it's quite a popular Fan-Preferred Couple over there. Their favorite scenes were the instances when Jenrya notes that she does care about them despite her prickly attitude, causing her to act tsun-tsun.
    • Digimon Xros Wars did this for three episodes with Beelzebumon (not the Tamers one) and Mervamon. After he protects her from an attack, she starts hanging around him, helping him, and getting worried when she can't find him (although she pretends she doesn't care). He even makes her blush at one point. The third episode has them occasionally holding hands and flying around together with him carrying her. Then it all screeches to a halt when he sacrifices himself to defeat Lilithmon. In the final episode when he got better, Mervamon sees Beelzebumon and tackles him, crying and repeating "Thank god". Later after the Big Bad was taken out she can be seen clinging to his arm, almost cementing the pairing.
  • In Digimon Frontier, Izumi has a bit of a ship tease with every boy on the team, sans Tomoki. The most prominent teasing is mostly seen between her and either Takuya or Kouji. With Takuya, they had a borderline confession to each other near the end of the season, but in her track on the Drama CD she talked about Kouji with the most affection and claimed to be like Takuya's sister.

     Lyrical Nanoha series 
  • There is reason a large percentage of Lyrical Nanoha fans consider Nanoha and Fate to be the Official Couple of the series, despite nothing definite ever being stated. The first season is almost entirely about the two of them, Nanoha swiftly making it her mission to befriend "the girl with the sad eyes", eventually forging a bond strong enough to weaken the control Fate's Evil Matriarch has over her, the series ending with the single most romantic scene in the series. The second and third seasons dropped the frequency of the teasing considerably, but the latter managed to compensate admirably by showing them sharing a bed and ending with them adopting a child together.
    • Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Vi Vid starts four years after the third season... with Fate still being Vivio's 'other mommy' outright. Vivio's description of her life has Yuuno nowhere to be seen, though to be fair, there are a lot of others nowhere to be seen as well. Also, Vivid takes place during one of the times Fate is actually there with time off, rather than on deep space missions. The Ship Tease now lay in "how domestic can we make Nanoha and Fate; without saying anything definite?
    • Side N of the Sound Stage released by Seven Arcs as part of the promotion for Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha The MOVIE 1st reinforce the Happy Yuri Family with a large amount of its tracks dedicated to Nanoha, Fate and Vivio's family life together as the "Takamachi Family" (also see in the name of one of the tracks, "Takamachi Family Gathering", where Nanoha take care of Fate and Vivio, and share some happy family time together). In the prologue of this same Soundstage, Vivio say she is Nanoha and Fate's child.
    • While no Word of Gay has emerged from the writers, that hasn't stopped Yukari Tamura (Nanoha's voice actor) and Nana Mizuki (Fate's voice actor) from showing support for the couple. Then there's the famous 'Fate-chan's a prince!' picture.
      • There is a subtle hint from Masaki Tsuzuki (creator and original writer of the Nanoha franchise) in that interview, though.
  • For Nanoha and Yuuno ship-teasing: In the first season, Yuuno was very jealous of how friendly Nanoha was towards Chrono when they first started working with him (especially whenever Nanoha got Chrono to blush). The two of them also bond over discussing their lonely early childhoods, and they promise to have more talks like that in the future, when there's nothing going on to worry about. During the final battle against Precia, when Nanoha and Yuuno work together to take out the power plant and its robotic defenders, Nanoha comments on how much she relies on Yuuno's warm support, punctuating her words with a positively sultry, half-lidded look that, coming from an older girl, could only have meant "You don't know it yet, but you're MINE." In the time-skipped epilogue of the second anime season, Amy asks Yuuno if he's "made progress" with Nanoha. Even Fate notes that Nanoha and Yuuno "share a special relationship we can't understand" in a Sound stage.
    • In the supplementary manga issue that recaps and expands the second season's epilogue, Yuuno's answer to Amy's question about romantic progress is dramatically revised. Instead of responding with an embarrassed negative, Yuuno cheerfully says he and Nanoha are nothing more than childhood friends. Even then, the manga throws some support in for Yuunoha when Amy sadly classifies this as a symptom of their mutual workaholicism; she resolves to "have a talk" with them about it.
      • However, in the third season proper, while Yuuno's role is greatly reduced compared to his role in the previous two seasons. His cameo on episode 8 show him and Nanoha cheerfully talking to each other, both blushing and warmly smiling at one another. Fate even leaves to give them some space.
  • ViVid also gives Vivio her own Ship Tease with Einhart, which is both a Reincarnation Romance and a Generation Xerox of Nanoha and Fate's relationship.
  • Subaru and Teana are teased almost as much as Nanoha and Fate, with Subaru being very affectionate both physically and verbally, to the point of outright stating she loves Teana (which could be a case of Love You and Everybody) and groping Teana's breasts while she's sleeping, and Teana being a classic Tsundere model, complete with red hair and twin tails (though she removed the latter after the second Time Skip).
  • Buried amongst all of the yuri Ship Tease is the straight Puppy Love Tease of Erio and Caro. The Sound Stage cranks it Up to Eleven with Caro actually following Erio into the men's side of a public bath to do some bonding — even suggesting that they take more baths together in the future — much to Erio's sputtered embarrassment.

     Suzumiya Haruhi 
  • Haruhi Suzumiya:
    • Haruhi's feelings for Kyon are rather obvious, to everyone but Kyon (who can't stop ranting and snarking about her), and Kyon's crush on Mikuru is hilariously explicit. The crush actually is returned by Mikuru, with occasional flirting between the two, but you know how the time travel-rules are...The teasing comes in with Yuki (to the point of blatancy in the fourth novel/theatrical film where she temporarily becomes a "real" girl...for Kyon) and Itsuki, who may just be doing it to mess with Kyon, aka Mr. Have I Mentioned I Am Heterosexual Today?. If the 5th novel is anything to go by, Mikuru's feelings for Haruhi and Koizumi's statements on how charming Haruhi is and that he "envies" Kyon. And let's include the return of Ryoko Asakura in Disappearance. One has to ask himself why she, despite being a normal human, stabbed Kyon to protect Yuki.
    • Kyon implies in one of the novels that he has dreams about alternate Yuki on a regular basis.
    • Perhaps appropriately enough, official parody series The Melancholy of Haruhi-chan has its own teases, but only for Kyon/Yuki and Kyon/Itsuki, with some Yuki/Achakura on the side.
    • Minori Chihara, Yuki's voice actor, apparently also likes to tease for Kyon/Yuki, if this is any indication; notice that she replaced the last word of the lyrics from "believe me(shinjite)" to "i love you(daisuki)".
    • In the Snow Mountain Syndrome, each Brigade member are confronted with hallucinatory versions of the people they fantasize about the most. Kyon naturally sees Mikuru. Haruhi sees Kyon while Mikuru sees Yuki, Koizumi sees Kyon and Yuki sees Kyon, though which hallucination that appeared to each member was actually a formula worked out by Yuki to provide a clue to help them escape.

     Mazinger-Z series 
  • The original Go Nagai Mazinger Z manga had way more Ship Tease between Kouji and Sayaka than the anime adaptation. Thus, when Sayaka told Kouji he was being transfered to her high-school (in the early chapters), he blushed and stated he "would look forward to it".
  • And when Boss got a crush on a teacher, Kouji was glad because then he "would have no competition for Sayaka's heart".
  • And then you have the Hot Springs Episode. Kouji and Sayaka accidentally see each other naked in the springs, run away and collide with each other (they were so started they did not realize the spring was circular and they were running into circles). Kouji helped Sayaka on her feet, and after a row of mutual apologies they bathed together, back-to-back and with huge blushes on their faces. That scene doubled like both a CMOF and a CMOH, and it was adapted in a Shin Mazinger episode.
  • In the anime had less teasing moments but they definitely were there, although often in the way of Belligerent Sexual Tension. In episode 7, Shiro is praising Boss for being the Only Sane Man in that episode, and Boss is getting smug... until one of his goons suggest him noticing Kouji and Sayaka are walking away together. Boss got quickly angry.
  • In episode 29, Kouji sees a Mechanical Beast -Grengus C3- walking from the place where Aphrodite A had gone to a while ago, and he... completely freaks out. He hops on the first bike he finds -not realizing it was not his- and drives towards the place the Beast came from, screaming "SAYAKA!" the whole way. When he found her, she was lying on the ground, knocked out. He managed to wake her up and then he hugged her silently.
  • And in episode 32 they are having their... third or fourth fight in that episode. Meanwhile, Shiro is fortune-telling and he tells "It is funny. The cards tell they are destined to be together forever."
  • Episode 48, Sayaka and Boss are getting fun teasing a disgruntled Kouji at the end of the episode. Then Sayaka asked Boss going out to have lunch. Kouji flipped instantly, getting jealousy and shouting "What is going between them?"
  • In episode 52 Kouji and Sayaka have their bigger fight. Kouji gets badly wounded after sortying alone, and Sayaka kisses him while he is sleeping in a hospital bed. Later Kouji is bleeding on the ground, unconscious and maybe dead and Sayaka makes an Anguished Declaration of Love ("Please, don't die. I want getting married to you). Then he opens his eyes, smiles and replies he is not going to get married to a tomboy. Sayaka roars and she decides killing him for real.
  • And then you have all times Sayaka got jealousy when a girl (even if she was non-human!) got close to Kouji: Minerva, Misato, Erika...
  • Their last scene in episode 92 went they flying together to America, and smiling at each other.
  • In the Mazinger-Z versus Great General or Darkness feature, Sayaka cried as she was listening to Kouji going through his Despair Event Horizon Dramatic Sitdown moment. Later Kouji and she got an Almost Kiss before his departure.
  • In the Gosaku Ota alternate manga adapted that scene, though, they DID kiss. And it was glorious (they were floating in a void, and flower petals fell around them).
  • In that same alternate universe, after that scene their relationship got uneasy for a while since Kouji, unsure of how dealing with it, was avoiding her, and Sayaka got saddened because he was distancing from her. However, at the final scene, the group meets Kouji again and he reveals he has been turned into a cyborg due to his body becoming badly harmed during the Final Battle. He says Sayaka he's sorry because he no longer is human... and her reaction was hugging him and telling she does not care, and he is still her Kouji.
  • Again in that universe, Boss kissed an unconscious and bedridden Sayaka before leaving for a seemingly unwinnable battle, telling that all he could make for the girl he loved was dying like an hero.
  • And in the Great Mazinger Gosaku Ota manga, when Kouji and Sayaka returned from America, Tetsuya teased Kouji, asking what he had done with Sayaka during their stay overseas. Kouji blushed.
  • Talking about Tetsuya, there was a healthy amount of teasing between Jun and him. Jun flirting with an Oblivious to Love Tetsuya, Jun pretending a sprained ankle just so Tetsuya rubbed her foot (unfortunately it did not work like she hoped), Tetsuya returning the unwanted gifts of a Stalker with a Crush in person and warning that Jun wanted being left alone, he getting jealousy and accusing her of wanting to replace him with Kouji (and being slapped for it. Seriously, it was stupid)... And in the Go Nagai manga a War Beast got Jun hostage. Cue Great Mazinger beheading the Beast with a brutal kick as Tetsuya yelled she was a very special person for him.
  • Teasing between Boss and both female leads (Sayaka and Jun) revolved around Boss being a Stalker with a Crush and both girls ignoring or pretending not noticing his poor attempts. However, sometimes you got them standing up to him when Kouji or Tetsuya were acting stupid.
  • In UFO Robo Grendizer there was a good amount of teasing between Duke and Hikaru. Many scenes featured them together, sometimes at night, invoking the ire of Hikaru's Overprotective Dad who threatened with hanging Duke with his bare hands if he gets closer to his daughter (Not Hyperbole). And in the UFO Robo Grendizer versus Great Mazinger feature, Goro teases his big sister and Duke are in love.
  • There also was Belligerent Sexual Tension between Kouji and Maria (interesting, considering Sayaka was meant to be newest team member and Maria replaced her due to Executive Meddling, filling her role). In a scene, Kouji tries to wake up an unconscious Maria using [CPR], and then Maria woke up suddenly and slapped him.
  • Sayaka and Maria use to fight over Kouji in universes where they interact, like the Super Robot Wars games or the Dynamic Heroes e-manga. In the final scene, the whole cast are giving goodbye to Duke and Maria. Then smirking Sayaka suddenly snuggles up Kouji, and Maria goes ballistic.
  • In Mazinkaiser twins Loru and Lori ask Kouji if he is in love with Sayaka, and he starts stuttering.
  • And in the Mazinkaiser manga, Sayaka stops the rampage of a berserk Mazinkaiser by huging the Humongous Mecha with her own Fem Bot... Kouji felt like if a naked Sayaka was hugging him from behind -and he was naked, too-, and then he snapped out of his trance.
  • The Ship Tease between Kouji and Sayaka got cranked up in Shin Mazinger Zero. At the first arc they were a couple. In the next timeline/arc, Sayaka blushes when Kouji explains he can't tell why, but he is crying because he has seen she is fine. Sayaka gets jealousy when she sees girls getting too close to Kouji, Minerva states Sayaka is irreplaceable for Kouji...


  • From Soul Eater we have any weapon/meister team. All weapons live with their meisters, the teams are usually male/female, and due to the way soul resonance works, are soulmates. However, the main characters Maka and Soul are especially notable, due to the sheer amount of protectiveness they have towards each other. Though Word of God is that most of these relationships will remain platonic.
    • In the manga, after Soul becomes a Death Scythe, a number of girls request to partner with him, both in person and in letter form. These are treated exactly like standard love confessions and love letters. And this clearly bothers Maka.
      • On the subject of weapon/meister romance, it's somewhat alluded to that the previous generation had a lot of partner romance going on. Stein was apparently Marie's "first love", though it's not clear they were actually partners until Marie's debut in the series. Along with her established crush on him, Marie is shown to be dedicated to Stein no matter what he does. By the end of the manga, Marie is pregnant with Stein's child. There is also possibly a case for Stein and Spirit, considering their more interesting moments (at the end of the anime, they light their cigarettes by touching tips) and it makes sense the world's greatest meister would get so close to his weapons.
    • In the Salvage arc, upon entering the book of Eibon, everyone's gender is reversed, but altered in order to take the form of whatever interests them in the opposite sex. Soul as girl has a resemblance to Maka, even down to the flat-chestedness, but Maka's male form is a bit unremarkable, having rather flat hair compared to her weapon partner. Cue Soul Eater Not! Chapter 23, in which we see Soul stumbling around his and Maka's apartment looking for hair gel. Guess what his hair looks like unstyled?
    • Chapter 105 featured Maka teasing Black Star for all the times he's saved her, saying that it must be because he likes her. Cue the following chapter in which not only does Black Star intercept a blow from Chrona for Maka, but Chrona calls Black Star out on Maka being 'his weak point'.
    • Soul Eater Not! also has a fair bit of Ship Tease between the protagonist, Tsugumi, and nearly every other character. For instance, the small fight between who among Anya and Meme is going to be Tsugumi's partner is treated like a legit love triangle, with all three girls interacting in a Les Yay fashion. Not to mention there is another meister, Akane, who is usually flirting with Tsugumi even though it's hard to tell at this point whether or not his interests are legit.
  • The Hellsing OVA managed some Alucard and Seras teasing (Alucard sitting on her bed when she woke up, Seras commenting on how awesome his large guns are), and though its manga equivalent had less, it was still there. All of that drops after Seras meets Pip Bernodotte, and from then on out, Seras and Pip become an official Battle Couple.
    • Alucard and Integra have scores of Belligerent Sexual Tension, complete with his weird flirting, her tsuntsun rages, and the whole Count/Countess thing. And the Distant Finale chapter.
    • The anime contains far more teasing than the manga. The 1st episode is set up as a gothic romance style girl meets vampire and they fall in love type of story, but it gets subverted when we Integra at the end of the episode and there is clearly something going on between them, based on the bitter and jealous expression she has and the smug smile on his face, while Seras gets ignored. Gonzo, the producers, even said that Alucard/Integra were an Official Couple.
  • Anything CLAMP. 20 series, hundreds of characters, dozens upon dozens of plausible pairings...and like, 5 canon
  • Youre Under Arrest has always been infamous in having "official" posters depicting their main lead Heterosexual Life-Partners in various states of undress, hugging, caressing, etc. The new series ED really amps this up, causing shippers' heads to explode. They know nothing will amount to it, but it's so very pretty...
  • Lucky Star mines a similarly rich seam with Konata and Kagami: the official artwork appearing in Japanese bishoujo-centric publication Megami depicts them as being very close friends. Come to think, a good portion of yuri ship fuel debuted in the same magazine.
  • Toei Animation is smart about the Pretty Cure franchise's Multiple Demographic Appeal to Yuri Fans. While Nagisa and Saki had a definite interest in boys, they were never given resolution and had enough screentime for their relationships with Honoka and Mai to be interpreted as Romantic Two-Girl Friendship (and, in Saki's case, there was also some Foe Yay with Michiru). When Yes! Pretty Cure 5 came along, the first Official Couples came with it, leaving Karen and Komachi, a pairing supported by a lot of the yuri fanboys, broken up by canon - so, as soon as that was cemented, in came cute shots of the usually standoffish Karen glomping Kurumi in the ending theme. And if Kurumi turns out to be Milk, there's plenty more where that came from.
    • Also, from what was seen during episodes 4, 18 and 40 of Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GO!GO!, Syrup and Urara deserve to be mentioned. Their little moments together in those three episodes caused the couple to have a fairly big fanbase, inside and outside of Japan.
  • Perhaps in apology for the impending Ship Sinking, a late episode of CLANNAD features Kyou getting locked in a gym storage room with Tomoya, instantly turning deredere to the max, and misinterpreting her conversation with Tomoya into thinking she's about to have her First Time. Fanservice~
    • Exactly why we ended up with Tomoyo After.
    • And, inevitably, Kyou's OVA.
  • A slight tease was present in IGPX concerning Liz and Amy. At one point, just before a race where Amy was getting a little jumpy, Liz calms Amy down by hugging her and pressing her forehead to Amy's in a surprisingly intimate gesture, causing both girls to blush. An earlier clip had Liz hugging Amy from behind, while reassuring her that she wasn't alone, again with both girls blushing. This may have been mostly because of Amy's lack of friends prior to the series and thus an enhanced sense of the newness of it all, but it could have been easily taken as the two growing a bit closer even than that. There are even seen photoshopped cels suggesting that the forehead-press was immediately after a kiss. 'Course, by the end of the second season, Liz had confessed her feelings for Takeshi, and Amy unreservedly cheered them on, but one can't help but wonder if Amy might have had a slight crush on Liz after those clips.
  • In Saiyuki, there's quite a bunch of teases about the Hakkai/Yaone pairing. Whenever the group fights, they get pitted together, they're counterparts to each other, and most importantly, Yaone herself looked like Hakkai's deceased lover Kanan. Lots of shipping generated from these, but eventually it gets featured less and less for the sake of Ho Yay, probably the ship has sunk already...
  • In the vein of Youre Under Arrest above, official art depicts Ban and Ginji of Get Backers in several suggestive poses, one including bondage.
  • Hidamari Sketch of all series has Sae x Hiro heavily implied in both intros, though none of it is ever seen during the actual episodes. The manga, on the other hand...
  • Tezuka and Fuji got this in both the manga and anime of The Prince of Tennis. Most notable were a couple of flashback episodes of the anime in which they held hands, walked under an umbrella together (usually reserved for lovers in anime/manga) and had Cherry Blossoms rain down onto them.
  • Science Ninja Team Gatchaman liked to do this with Ken and Jun once every blue moon, but when it came to America as Battle of the Planets, the writers did all they could to suggest a romantic connection between Mark and Princess without actually making them an Official Couple (that they actually became at the end of Gatchaman Fighter).
  • Monster: Tenma and Nina are the most obvious ship tease, in spite of the age difference, given their apparent care for one another, manifested in occurrences like frequent bouts of cuddling and Nina's more-than-jubilant reaction to hearing Tenma would be coming to visit in the final episode. Though, given flashbacks to their youth and continued tension in their relationship, Johan and Nina may also qualify as a disturbing ship tease.
  • Axis Powers Hetalia has lots of Ho Yay Ship Tease going on between various characters, and a few for heterosexual pairings as well. See the very abundant examples here.
  • The infamous "cigarette kiss" at the end of the 7th episode of Black Lagoon.
    • The Tokyo arc also plays out like one massive Revy/Rock ship tease, with Revy bringing our the dere-dere (what counts as that for her, anyway), jealousy, intense protectiveness, and caring about someone else's mental (or physical) health for what amounts to the first time in the series. Really, any time these two are on screen/in the same panel together counts. Their UST is just that high.
  • Every freaking scene in Venus Versus Virus between Lucia and Sumire. Especially in the first few volumes.
  • Cardcaptor Sakura is essentially built on this trope, the manga even moreso than the anime. Sakura and Syaoran and Touya and Yukito have at least one teasing moment every chapter/almost every episode before they become Official Couples, with plenty of remaining teasing scattered about between Sakura and Yukito, Syaoran and Meiling, Syaoran and Yukito, Sakura and Tomoyo, and most probably others (CLAMP seems to do this in a lot of their shows).
  • The scene late in the second season of Mobile Suit Gundam 00 where Feldt gives Setsuna a flower in a very shy/embarrassed manner is pretty blatantly tease-y, especially when she wonders if it will make Marina mad and he assures her that they don't have that kind of relationship.
    • More teasing is given in The Movie, where it becomes very clear that Feldt is in love with Setsuna. Whether Setsuna returns her feelings is left completely ambiguous, and if he does, he has no clue how to handle the situation anyway (though he does make a couple of very subtle nice gestures toward her near the end). In the end it's a moot point since Setsuna disappears to the ELS homeworld for fifty years.
  • In Mobile Suit Gundam Wing, Relena and Heero technically still count as this, although it's a given by now that they will be together in a romantic way at some point in their lives.
    • Trowa and Quatre are a more traditional version of this trope. It began in the original series, starting with their first meeting, including pointed use of the theme song as they 'surrender' to each other, and a spontaneous flute-and-violin duet an episode later as Trowa's Gundam is repaired. It continues with matching I Know Youre In There Somewhere Fights that bookend at least five episodes worth of pining on Quatre's side, and ending with a suspicious sort of mind-link between the two culminating in Trowa semi-rescuing Quatre after he was stabbed by Dorothy. The mangas Battlefield of Pacifists and Blind Target only lays the hints on even more thick, and in Frozen Teardrop, they are still very close, do not have any children, and their expy's Quatrine and Trowa Phobos are also being Ship Teased.
  • Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny sets this up all over the place for Athrun Zala. First, he was set up with Cagalli in the previous series, but they drift apart over the show. Meer is shown to be interested in him, as are Lunamaria and her sister Meyrin, but Athrun has too much else on his mind to be thinking of romance. In the end, when the other two main characters are shown with their respective Love Interests, Athrun is shown with Meyrin (who had previously helped him escape imprisonment and/or death). Whether that means anything is... rather unclear.
  • Death Note, Death Note, Death Note. Specifically, the anime.
    • In both the anime and the manga, L is ship teased with Misa. L touches her butt, claims to be a big fan of Misa, declares that he could fall in love with Misa, and tells Light he is jealous of him for having such a fine girlfriend. Plus, he puts her in incredibly perverted-looking bondage restraints. On Misa's side, she calls L "cute" and "funny" and seems to enjoy him when they first meet, and later she kisses him and declares him a friend. Then when she discovers "Ryuzaki" is actually L and reads Light's letter ordering L's death, she plans to kill him without a single guilty thought, and gives up half her lifespan for that chance to kill.
    • Played even more in the movie with L going so far as to ask Misa if she'd "rather go out with me instead?"
  • Filia and Xellos from Slayers would have classic Belligerent Sexual Tension...if weren't for the fact that's he's a Mazoku who feeds on negative emotions and shouldn't have the ability to love. That's not going to stop the shippers, especially considering Slayers Try is filled with moments that were obviously intended to look shippy, even if that is canonically impossible. The two most obvious moments would have to be when Xellos rescues Filia by picking her up in his arms (and then...drops her on top of the bad guy) and later when he's injured and she helps him, which results in them spending almost an episode practically cuddling.
    • Whereas the attraction between Lina and Gourry is obvious, there's quite a bit of teasing for Zelgadis and Princess Amelia, and it fleshes out during more dangerous situations. One of the best instances is during the end of the second anime season; Amelia is murdered as a part of a ploy by Hellmaster Fibrizo, and Zelgadis loses it. Earlier that episode, he carries her through a tunnel, leaving her flustered. Their relationship is ambiguous and varies between mediums, but an attraction is there: whereas the original novels have almost no teasing, the manga adaptation of the fifth anime season makes it clear that Amelia is at least smitten with Zelgadis, judging by her reaction of his Face-Heel Turn.
  • Fairy Tail: Erza used to shower with Gray and Natsu and cares a lot for them, but is made out to have romantic feelings for Jellal that might be returned. In fact the two get the only kiss of the series before Jellal decides to try (and fail) to sink their ship for the sake of their happiness. Juvia had a stalker crush on Gray which eventually evolved to the point where something may or may not be going on between them, and views Lucy as her rival in love. Speaking of Lucy, in addition to her little one sided bit with Juvia, she collects pinnups of Mirajane, has admitted to having a girl crush on Erza, and has developed a crush on Natsu in an omake when she thought he may have liked him. Natsu should probably move on, since the girl it's heavily implied he had a thing for died two years ago, or not, now that she's back. There's also Loke, who loves to tell Lucy that the power of his love for her is what gives him the ability to protect her. There's also the little bit with Sherry and Lyon, which was about as subtle as Juvia's crush on Gray-or the equally hilarious crush Lyon develops for Juvia-before Sherry developed another relationship with Ren. Sherry's crushes are no where near as cute on the one Levy harbors for Gajeel, though it's up to the fans whether he protects her to fit in to the guild better or out of actual feelings. Although the feelings Bisca and Alzack have for each other are actually confirmed, they Can Not Spit It Out in order to confess to one another (until the time skip, that is) and something is definitely going on between Cana and Macao. The Fairy Tail manga contains a lot of Ship Tease, in every possible direction. The anime adaptation takes all of that, and then adds EVEN MORE.
  • Putting Keiichi/Mion, and Mion/Shion Rika/Satoko aside, there's Keiichi/Rena from Higurashi: When They Cry. Probably the biggest ship tease was in the last episode of Rei, where Rena confesses to Keiichi under the influence of two magatama that work like a love potion.
    • As for Keiichi/Mion, there's a whole bunch of it, most noticeably in the Watanagashi-hen arc and in Minagoroshi-hen when Keiichi finally gives that doll to her, complete with her blushing and Keiichi telling her about how he thinks she really is girl like despite being a tomboy. And then there's Miotsukushi-hen which is just packed with Mion/Keiichi ship tease...
    • Higurashi Kira has a whole episode devoted to ship teasing Keiichi/Mion, Keiichi/Shion, and Keiichi/Rena. The fact that the ending didn't have a romanic resolution and heavily implied Keiichi/Mion didn't help, either.
  • The Code Geass picture books/dramas are full of Ship Tease for Lulunana fans.
    • Or Lelouch and Nunnally both saying "aishiteru" to each other on two separate occasions.
    • Face it, the picture and sound dramas Ship Tease everything. There's even a crack sound drama with a Suzaku/Lelouch kiss out there. The CLAMP art is also fond of playing up that pairing.
  • Hayate and Wataru, the two Chick Magnets in the Hayate the Combat Butler manga, get some level of teasing with the main girls who are interested in them. Up to a chapter or so per girl.
    • Hinagiku seems to be the only girl who Hayate hasn't seen partly nude (excepting the OAV). She's probably the one who's given the most fanservice though. Hayate is commonly the reason. Somewhere around the later manga chapters Hata seemed to have noticed this trends and decided to reverse it; now only Hayate sees her is various states of undress...rather often if certain lines are to be believed.
      • In a less fanservice-y manner, the two have also been spending much more time together since Hinagiku is also living at the Violet Apartments for a while with Hina being his private tutor for finals and being the one he can go to with his (often bizarre) problems.
    • Around the Greece Arc, there was more serious teasing for Nagi/Hayate which has been treated as one-sided on her part for most of the series. Mostly in the form of comparisons to Hayate's ex-girlfriend Athena and considerations for the future. Not much happened with it after Greece although almost a hundred chapters later Hayate has been considering that he can't be with Nagi forever and it seems to be his motivation to get her right to the inheritance back.
  • In Samurai Champloo, either Fuu and Jin, or Fuu and Mugen, or both, depending on your point of view, neither of which actually materialize, to the deep disappointment of some fans.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds: Episode 75. Period.
    • A guy (namely Crow) bringing a girl (namely Aki) a cup of coffee in an episode is innocuous. A guy bringing a girl a cup of coffee during the trailer for the episode is Ship Tease, especially when followed by a Roaring Rampage of Revenge on the villains who put her in a coma. However things plays out in the future, the reactions will be as interesting to watch as the show.
    • There just IS something between Yusei and Sherry, with her obviously flirting with him right at their first encounter, him dreaming of her right afterwards, then there was that dramatic scene when they traveled to another dimension and accidentally, Sherry was sucked outside of their space-traveling machine thing, Yusei jumped after her death-defyingly, grabbed her hand and desperately tried to not let go of her until she slipped away and he screamed after her in a pretty distressed fashion. Apart from that an equally dramatic shot in the recent ending is featuring them, probably based on mentioned scene, with them reaching out for each other, and the vision of them flying through the World Of Speed together...nakedly...
    • The unlikely pair of Jack and Carly are shipped from their first meeting; while he is initially annoyed by her, he eventually grows to care deeply for her, and vice versa. If it isn't Carly letting him stay at her house or giving him a Rousing Speech that snaps him out of his Heroic BSOD, it's Jack attending an amusement park he hates to make her happy or leaving her for her own safety. Ultimately everything culminates into a Dying Declaration of Love in his arms as he begs her not to leave him.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! GX is, while relatively tame (initially), not free of this. Judai and Asuka popped right up the moment they started spending time together. These fan-hopes were eventually obliterated and the show stayed relatively Ship Tease free until season 3 came along. Then hints for Judai and Johan were thrown around left, right and center. They are to date the most prominent Ship Tease material in the show and they barely have any screen time together, compared to other characters. It...well, it borders on obsession on Judai's part.
  • The original Yu-Gi-Oh! series had the odd dynamic of Anzu crushing on Yami(Yugi's "alter-ego") and Yugi crushing on Anzu...not to mention plenty of Joey/Mai.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL establishes Yuma/Kotori right away and sticks with it despite a few side characters crushing on Yuma as well(Cathy and Anna).
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V sets up Yuya/Yuzu pretty quickly with a few significant teases within the first dozen episodes.
    • Yuzu even gets extremely angry in episode 27 when Mieru calls Yuya her (Mieru's) darling.
  • Kaleido Star, to rather painful levels:
    • Sora/Ken: poor Ken has obviously been in love with Sora since episode one and is almost always the one who supports her when things get rough...and her inability to notice his affections becomes a Running Gag.
    • Sora/Layla: Sora is the only partner worthy of Layla.
    • Yuri/Sora: Yuri has, on at least two occasions, dashed in and saved Sora from serious injury and once gave her mouth-to-mouth (off screen) after she almost drowned (which Sora had a pretty...interesting dream sequence about), and Sora had a rather obvious crush on Yuri early on; etc.
    • Sora/Leon: Well, let's start with the time he tackled her in a way that at the very least resembled an attempt to rape her...
    • Sora/May: Sprinkled here and there, more like Foe Yay tho.
    • Sora/Rosetta: Well, they're very, very close friends, to say the least.
    • Sora/...Well, I think you get the idea.
  • Sgt. Frog has Giroro and Natsumi. If you ship it, you will be tortured.
  • In Element Hunters, not only is there ship teasing between two pairs of characters, one of the pairs is continually commented on by another of the characters.
    • While that pair is firmly within She Is Not My Girlfriend, the other practically shouts about it while she's standing in front of him.
  • Madarame and Saki get some pretty blatant Ship Tease in the Genshiken novel Genshiken: Return of the Otaku. Saki stays in Madarame's apartment for a night after she sees another woman leaving Kousaka's apartment, leading her to believe that Kousaka is cheating on her. It almost turns into a Hurt Comfort scene before that with Madarame trying to cheer Saki up a bit, AND one of the sections of the book is titled Madarame X Kasukabe.
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion has teasing sprinkled about between Shinji and Asuka. They range between the tender (Shinji nearly kissing Asuka but backing down when he saw she was crying in dreams; Asuka trying warning him about who was the Fourth Child), the humorous (the Like an Old Married Couple Toji comment), the awesome (Shinji leaping into a volcano to save her; Asuka shielding him from an acid bath), the dramatic (their gone-wrong First Kiss), the slightly unsettling (Shinji accidentally peeping on Asuka when she was changing) to the thoroughly unsettling (the even more infamous scene in The End of Evangelion).
    • The Rebuild of Evangelion films, being a somewhat Lighter and Softer remake, dramatically increase the frequency of the teasing and lower the disturbing factor; for example the Almost Kiss scene is changed into a lively chat where they agree on a First Name Basis. Then there's the scene where Asuka is cooking for Shinji...
    • Shinji and Kaworu have several teasing moments in the original series, the manga and Rebuild: CPR, standing naked right in front of the other in the shower, declarations of love, sleeping in the same bed, handholding while taking a bath together, the sleep over, the blushing...
  • In the fishing anime Grander Musashi RV, most of the Ship Tease revolved around Musashi's childhood friend Mio. She seemed to get jealous when another girl showed interest in Musashi, and she sings the ending theme with only Musashi being the other character featured during the song. One of the antagonists, who later pulls a Heel-Face Turn, also develops a crush on her and Mio gets some Ship Tease moments with him too when she becomes his friend. Musashi's male childhood friend, Suguru, also develops a crush on a girl named BB. She's initially dismissive, but later episodes hinted at the beginnings of romantic reciprocation from her. No relationship in the series gets beyond teasing, though.
  • Black Butler SebastianCiel are teased every 5 minutes and Alois has a habit of generally hitting on anybody in sight, making it possible to pair him with anyone.
  • Noein easily fits this, with Yuu and Haruka doing such things as holding hands and promising to run away to Tokyo together. Ai and Isami fit this also, with the former having an obvious crush.
  • Persona 4: The Animation has plenty:
    • Episode 2 has Chie and Yosuke share a hug. She then knees him in the groin.
    • Episode 8 has Yukiko and Narukami hiding in a sleeping bag together. Chie and Yosuke do the same.
    • Episodes 9 and 10 have a lot of moments that would make Narukami/Rise fans Squee with joy.
    • Episode 15 features some between Yu and Chie.
    • Episode 17 gives a healthy boost to the Naoto/Kanji ship by showing that he's still attracted to her. He even gets some floating hearts when talking to the group at Junes.
      • Episode 19 teases this one a lot. Kanji begs Naoto to 'make him a man'. He also gets a nosebleed at the thought of seeing Naoto in a bathing suit, even with Naoto's refusal to come out from behind the curtain (complete with Kanji getting so excited they show the animation usually reserved for summoning Personae). Earlier in the episode, during the group date, he describes his ideal partner as mysterious, with a strong facade. Now who might that be?
      • Episode 20 also has Kanji blushing and acting awkward and Kanji-ish when Naoto mentions the pageant. Later when Kanji hops into bed with whom he assumes is Chie, Yosuke wonders out loud why he didn't seek Naoto out.
    • In the Ho Yay front, there's Yousuke and Yu. Episode 12 has Yousuke being the one who directly takes Yu out of Shadow Mitsuo's trap while switching to calling him by first name. Then we have Episode 19 in which Yousuke gets a BIG Stupid Sexy Flanders moment with Yu during the School Festival.
  • While Narita states that he never has and probably never will consider a romantic relationship between Shizuo and Izaya in Durarara!!, he does have a habit of teasing the ship with hints that range from possibly unintentional (Shizuo and Izaya share the same birthdates as each other's voice actors) to suspect (Izaya says in a Drama CD that he saw Shizuo sleeping once and thought he was kinda cute) to deliberate (Erika ships them together), to just plain screwing with the fangirls (he wrote Shizuo/Izaya porn in an April Fools story. It was actually a fight from the perspective of Erika's Shipping Goggles.)
    • Even though he's already with Saki, Masaomi got a bit of tease with Anri—besides her being the only one to see through his mask, he started a gang war to protect her, and they both get very emotional upon learning the other's Dark Secret. They spend most of the last half of the anime worrying about each other; at the end Anri even wonders whether she had feelings for him.
    • Mikado also has a bit of a crush on Anri, frequently blushing and stammering around her. A couple of people even flat-out tell him to confess to her.
  • Heat Guy J did this in episode 15 with Clair and Kyoko. Kyoko rescues Daisuke, and Clair comments "You had to have a woman rescue you? That's so pathetic." But, the way it's played out, it's obviously a statement of sour grapes, not something to be taken literally. The anime makes it clear (albeit in a very subtle, backhanded way) that Clair is jealous of Daisuke and admires Kyoko, but at the same time, isn't going to get in the way of Daisuke x Kyoko. And that Daisuke understands all of that.
    • Also, in that same episode, after Daisuke destroys or subdues a common enemy, Daisuke and Clair gaze at each other for awhile. And that's it for this pairing. Later on Ship Sinking ensues as Daisuke not only winds up with Kyoko as the hero usually does, but goes off on an adventure in some distant land...alone.
  • Katekyo Hitman Reborn! has a lot of Ship Tease of both the heterosexual variety (mostly between Tsuna and Kyoko, Chrome and Tsuna, and Chrome and Mukuro) and the Ho Yay variety (mostly between Tsuna and his male guardians/friends ).
  • Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro features quite a bit of Ship Tease between Neuro and Yako, especially in chapter 201.
  • Much Ho Yay Ship Tease can be had in 07-Ghost.
  • In Pandora Hearts Oz gets shippy moments with everyone.
    • For that matter, most characters who have ever met, excluding some older chars such as Oscar and Rufus Barma, get ship-teased at least a tiny bit. (Even the latter of those gets ship-teased incredibly with Cheryl Rainsworth.. at least for a while.) In the event they don't get much chance to, it's even sometimes just a case of Throw It In, such as Lotti's anime-only kissing Ada or Elliot's admiration of Break as stated in the character guide. The series is more or less made of Ship Tease.
  • D.N.Angel loves doing this with Satoshi and Daisuke.
  • Sailor Moon had much heterosexual and Les Yay Ship Tease. And Ho Yay Ship Tease. And some delicious Makoto x Ami x Motoki
  • Macross Frontier is laced with ship tease for Alto x Ranka, Alto x Sheryl, or Alto x his plane/the sky. There's some mild ship teasing between some members of the rest of the cast as well, and someone probably used a couple shots to suggest Sheryl x Ranka.
  • Given that fanservice is the fuel Saint Beast runs on, there's abundant ship tease in all its media. While Judas/Shin and Luca/Rey and the one-sided Shiva/Judas can reasonably be called canon, fans can easily find evidence for Ho Yay between Judas/Luca, Kira/Maya, Gai/Maya, Goh/Gai, Goh/Saki, Goh/Judas, Goh/Shin, Shin/Shiva, Shin/Rey, Kira/Rey, Pandora/Shiva, Zeus/Pandora (give or take Cassandra), Zeus/Lucifer, Zeus/Judas, Lucifer/Judas, Judas/Kamui and...let's stop there.
  • Wandering Son had one for the Fan-Preferred Couple in a recent chapter, when they enter high school. Chiba and Takatsuki are mistaken for a couple by two kids, who like them respectively but are stated to get married to each other in several years.
    • Anna and Nitori have been having quite a few in recent chapters, such as Anna having a fit when Nitori undresses in front of her and when she gave him a ring.
  • Togainu no Chi: The anime in particular seems to be hinting at the potential love interests of Akira. The anime seems to slide toward Keisuke/Akira though especially in Episode 9. Happens again in episode 11 but the pairing has officially sunk.
  • No. 6 gives us the Ho Yay-riffic relationship between Sion and Nezumi. Holding hands, protecting the other, cuddling, good night kisses, taking care of the other when sick, dancing with each other, caressing the others face and hair, wanting to stay by the others side, meaningful conversations, and Nezumi kisses Sion on the lips in episode 11 before leaving him.
  • The creators of Tiger & Bunny have been teasing Kotetsu and Barnaby as being more than Heterosexual Life-Partners with increasing frequency and intensity note 
    • It's now reached the point where the creators have said it's reasonable to interpret their relationship as either a Bromance or a romantic one.
    • Interestingly enough, there was a moment between Agnes and Barnaby when he saves her from kidnappers in episode 9. There was clearly a long moment when she couldn't take her eyes off him and he was awfully close to her.
  • Märchen Awakens Romance: Phantom and Alviss, Alviss has his moments with Ginta especially in the anime and Ginta has his moments with Snow and Dorothy. Luckily at the end, he seems to revolve some things with Dorothy, Snow becomes Koyuki but unfortunately, he doesn’t solve anything with Alviss. Also, Dorothy and Nanashi. And Snow and Jack. And Chaton and Alan.
  • Yuuri and Wolfram of Kyo Kara Maoh. Actually Yuuri and everyone.
  • Ouran High School Host Club has much heterosexual and Ho Yay Ship Tease.
  • Van and Fiona had quite a lot of teasing moments in Zoids: Chaotic Century; too bad nothing really came out of it.
  • Eyeshield Twenty One teases Mamori & Hiruma, Sena & Suzuna, Rui & Megu, and Marco & Maria.
  • THE iDOLM@STER - A good portion of the second half of the anime has this with several of the girls, particularly when the girl is the focus of the episode.
  • Revolutionary Girl Utena has a lot. Some of the Ship Tease gets resolved, and some doesn't.
  • Despite Sega's stance on the whole thing, Sonic X had ship teasing moments towards Sonic and Amy to the point where, at the end of episode 52 (which was supposed to have been the end of the series), had a returning Sonic present Amy a flower with the latter demanding him to just say something about them. He does... but it's silenced out, so it's unknown what he said.
    • In comparison to the games (barring their first encounters in Sonic Adventure 2), Knuckles and Rouge are much more personable here (although, like the source material, it's dipped in Belligerent Sexual Tension). Rouge constantly flirts with Knuckles (complete with the expected reaction), the two team up somewhat frequently, and the latter half of the series has them assume some degree of greater intimacy; it's even implied in Ep. 52 that the two share a kiss off-screen (or, in English, she playfully tickles him). Rouge also gets more than a fair bit of this with Topaz, her (human) BFF and partner/affiliate at GUN.
  • In Liar Game, there's basically a continuous ship tease between Nao and Akiyama.
  • It's pretty amazing how in Spiral, there's really only one Official Couple but at least ten times as much Ship Tease.
  • Gunslinger Girl teases Hilshire/Triela, even though they're an Anchored Ship as Triela is underage. In the anime adaptation Il Teatrino Mimi Machiavelli encourages Triela to confess her feelings for her handler, and in the manga chapter "Returning to the Birdcage" she kisses Hilshire while he's passed out, with the angle making it unclear whether it's on the mouth or a platonic kiss on the cheek. Hilshire hooks up with prosecutor Roberta Guellfi however, and Triela doesn't kick up a fuss about it.
  • In Cardfight!! Vanguard, this is done with Koutei and Yuri. After Misaki's fight with Yuri during the Japan Stage, Misaki comments that Yuri's Dimension Police deck, the deck she adopted after joining Koutei's team, suits her better than the Oracle Think Tank deck.
    • Excluding the above example, romance tends to be generallt non-existant in the anime. The manga, on the other hand, seems to jump at every possible chance to tease the Aichi/Misaki pairing.
    • Episode 109 slightly teases the Kourin/Aichi/Misaki triangle, complete with ever enjoyable jealousy.
  • Kimi ni Todoke has this in spades; aside from Sawako and Kazehaya, the obvious Official Couple, the supporting characters get a fair amount with each other too (Chizu/Ryu most blatantly, but also Ayane/Kent and Ayane/Pin, of all people).
  • The recent arcs in Blue Exorcist have taken the chance to ramp up the Ship Tease. So far, we have Yukio/Shiemi, Rin/Shiemi, Rin/Izumo, Shima/Izumo, and Mephisto/Shura. And, for the Yaoi Fans, there is Ryuji(Bon)/Rin.
  • For all its darkness, Attack on Titan manages to have some of these moments, though they're not the main focus:
    • Jean develops a crush on Mikasa when he first meets her, and it is one of the main reasons for his hostility against Eren.
    • Mikasa has been utterly devoted to Eren ever since he saved her life as a child, and blushes when Ian calls her Eren's girlfriend. Later on, she tearfully thanks Eren for everything he's done for her and leans forward when she thinks they are both about to die.
    • Eren is the only person who has ever been able to make Annie smile, and she goes out of her way to help him improve his hand-to-hand combat skills. A flashback in the manga also hints that the two of them sparred often enough to make Mikasa feel threatened. Eren also goes into complete denial about Annie being The Mole, and is so unwilling to fight her that Mikasa accuses him of having feelings for her. And then there's his body language when he sees her overpowered and gagged...
    • Petra is noted to adore Levi and her father cheerfully hints to Levi that he'd like the two of them to get married. The fact that he tells Levi this without realizing Petra has been killed makes it a Tear Jerker.
    • One interpretation of why Auruo tries to act and dress like Levi is that he is trying to get Petra's attention. He also makes a couple of passes at her at one point and seems to be trying to invoke Belligerent Sexual Tension.
    • Reiner teases Bertolt about confessing to Annie when they complete the mission and return home. Armin exploits this by bluffing that Annie being tortured for information to get a rise out of Bertolt. It worked.
    • Reiner himself has a thing for Christa, seeing her in an angelic light after she saves his life and mentally proposing marriage to her.
    • The spin-off adds further tease to most of these pairings, as well as Mike and Nanaba.
    • Though not very prevalent in the main works save for some friendly teasing, Levi and Hanji get their fair share of it in the school au spin-off (Complete with shojo bubbles.)
    • The official spin-off manga A Choice With No Regrets is basically one big doujin for Erwin and Levi. Moreover, Levi's strange fixation on Erwin and his opinions is a bit suspect ("That's what Erwin would have done...").
  • There's not a scene that goes by in Free! that doesn't tease a pairing. Rin/Haru, Makoto/Haru, and Nagisa/Rei being the most common.
  • Basically all Puella Magi Madoka Magica media since the original series is this to some degree, featuring the main characters hugging, holding hands, sharing beds, staring into each other's eyes... The opening Omake of The Different Story features Homura suggesting that, to appeal to the fans, they convert the series to a rom-com starring herself and Madoka.
  • The cover page for Chapter 31 in Kingdom Hearts ("A Storm, Love, and a New Beginning") shows Ursula terrorizing the party, as a fearful Ariel embraces Sora. This gives out a clear hint of shipping between the two of them, especially considering that they share a lot in common in both the games and manga.
    • As for the cover page for Chapter 40 in Kingdom Hearts II, it's a parody of a film poster for TRON... but considering Sora takes Yori's place in the poster, many fans began to joke on how close he really is with Tron.
  • Plenty in Magi - Labyrinth of Magic.
    • Alibaba and Morgiana, especially with Morgiana often bridal-carrying Alibaba and coming to his rescue and Alibaba calling Morgiana "beautiful" with her blushing afterwards.
    • Sharrkan and Yamraiha often bicker Like an Old Married Couple and Sharrkan immediately gets jealous/uncomfortable when Yamraiha shows interest in another guy, even if it's not romantic in nature.
    • Kouen and Hakuei are noted to be quite close, with Hakuei being able to approach him at ease in his private study.
    • Kougyoku stepped into the fray against Aladdin because Ugo had injured Judar.
    • There were quite a few moments with Hakuryuu and Morgiana in the Zagan arc. Hakuryuu even proposed to Morgiana later!
    • Alibaba and Kougyoku bonded over that both their mothers were prostitutes. And there's the fact that the Ren family want to have an Arranged Marriage between them.
    • Muu has a Bodyguard Crush on Scheherazade and when they first met, they were Holding Hands.
  • D.Gray-Man.
    • Allen and Lenalee: Where to start with these two? Lenalee goes into a Heroic BSOD when it was presumed Allen died. When the Earl was about to kill her, Allen performs a Big Damn Heroes, reappearing to her the first time since she thought he was dead. Later we get a Sleep Cute moment. A similar Beautiful Dreamer moment happens off-screen when Lenalee fell asleep waiting for Allen to wake up. And not to mention the tearful farewell in chapter 205 when Allen hugs Lenalee and tells her that he loves her ... and everyone else.
    • Miranda and Noise during the Destruction of the Black Order arc where the infected Miranda proceeds to bite Noise in the throat, causing him to blush before he realized what happened.
    • In a recent chapter, Kanda drinks his Innocence from Lenalee's hand. Komui was not pleased.
    • Rhode is the first person to kiss Allen on the lips and she takes every opportunity to glomp or flirt with him. And then she and Tyki arrived to rescue Allen from Apocryphos, including Taking the Bullet for Allen.
    • For disguised herself as Rohfa to speak with Allen after he was discouraged that he wasn't able to regenerate his Innocence and they had an Almost Kiss before the real Rohfa appeared. She goes on to take his appearance to buy him enough time to escape from the attacking Akuma.
    • On the other side, For and Bak too. She teased Bak by saying she liked him at one point, only to immediately punch him and say she was lying (while blushing). And when the two of them thought they would be killed by the Level 3 Akuma, Bak held For close.
  • Each volume of the "Fluffy,Fluffy Cinnamoroll" manga has some moments where it's implied that Cinnamoroll's friend Mocha has a crush on him. While it's never mentioned or out right stated, it's hinted in the first volume when Mocha was the first friend that Cinnamoroll made before meeting the others. Even the official Cinnamoroll merchandise made by Sanrio would mostly have Cinnamoroll and Mocha together. Even the Japan only movie called "Cinnamon The Movie" has a moment where Cinnamoroll first meets his friends. Mocha replies by saying "Cute" and reacts more interested in him compared to his other friends.

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