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06:31:42 PM Apr 25th 2016
About the Science Ninja Team Gatchaman/Battle of the Planets example: I *know* that the writers of Battle of the Planets did their best to hint at a romantic connection between Mark & Princess — the scenes in that adaptation where the two would visit 7-Zark-7 often showed it. I remember at least one time when Princess said that she was worried about Mark in those scenes, after all.

03:33:23 PM Apr 13th 2013
Should we edit the Naruto/Hinata section? It seems really, really bloated, filled with super-annoying "gushing about pairings you like" that sticks out like a sore thumb.
11:10:17 AM May 12th 2013
Are you the one who made thoses changes? The section WAS indeed gushy, but now it's just completly empty. If I wasn't a regular reader of the manga, I wouldn't be able to tell how popular this pairing is just by this section. While it was gushy, it was detailled at least. Now it's just 2 little lines of text. I mean, I can take a little bit of gushing for the sake of well detailled information, this edit was completly unecessary. Plus I don't want to appear like a shipper or start a shipping war, but the informations written in place of the initial text seem to REALLY minimize the amount of development this pairing has had.
02:40:58 AM Aug 3rd 2012
In the One Piece section, there's a mention of a doodle that Oda made in his spare time. The link to it is now broken, could someone please fix it? I've searched several times for the image but all that it turns up is fanart.
11:06:05 AM Apr 1st 2012
edited by DonaldthePotholer
I've changed the Pokemon Entry to be a bit more general. Here was the former entry:

    Old Pokemon Entry 
  • One episode preview for Pokémon threw up a storm in the shipping fandom by focusing almost entirely on a romantic scene between Tracey and Misty, despite the latter's long-established crush on the protagonist. As it happened, the whole scene was just made up by one of Misty's sisters who thought that Tracey would make a handsome prince for her upcoming water ballet. Then they did it again in the preview for the next episode both characters appeared in. This time was a blushing scene that turned out to just be over a photograph of the whole group in Team Rocket's latest scheme. It didn't help that Misty was holding her new baby Pokémon that she had received from Tracey.
    • Zoey and Dawn (Appealshipping) takes the cake. Their scenes together are just tinged with touchy-feely-blushy moments.
    • Back in the early days, there was Ash/Misty teasing going on since about the eighth episode. One of the most prominent examples is when the end of summer festival episode (the Ghost of Maiden's Peak to be precise). Ash sees Misty in a kimono, with her hair down, and his reaction could not have been more Shoujo. Another is Misty's jealous reaction to Melody flirting with Ash in the second movie.
      • A double whammy for Ash/Misty in episode 198 of the original series: When Brock meets a girl who falls in love with him, she talks about how she wants to marry Brock. Ash makes an offhanded comment about how weird it would be if Brock got married. Misty then says "You and I will be married someday, too." Ash first nods his head, then reacts accordingly when he realizes just how Misty said it (This). Then later, when Misty is lecturing Brock on how to talk to the girl who's madly in love with him, she says "Take it from me: it's a lot easier to like someone who likes you, then to like someone who doesn't." Brock then asks how she knows this. Cue major blushing and a feeble attempt at explaining it.
    • Jessie and James are a total shiptease. Especially in the Pokémon Chronicles episode "Training Daze" where James falls awkwardly on top of Jessie and makes her blush.
    • May and Drew have their moments. Plenty of them. Including one scene where he hands her a rose after she wins a Contest...before saying that the rose is for May's Beautifly, not her. Mean? Yes. Complete ship tease? Also yes.
    • Ash/May has had a lot of Ship Tease, too, mostly before all the Drew ones started happening, but there was some afterward too. ''Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea is one of the Advanceshippers' favorites for obvious reasons.
    • The anime writers loaded Diamond/Pearl from beginning to end with Ship Tease for Ash and Dawn, however strangely the pairing just never caught on like Ash/Misty and Ash/May among shippers.
    • Ash even gets teasing from Latias in the Pokémon Heroes movie. Latias openly crushes on Ash, in both human and Pokemon form.
    • Best Wishes wastes no time in throwing out some Ash/Iris Ship Tease right in the third episode. Cilan/Iris are also getting some teases. (Love Triangle?)
    • There's some inter-continuity Ship Tease involving Misty. Various continuities make them as love interest. The first 4koma had Red drooling over Misty a few times, Red in the games has at least one official art with her being buddy-buddy, Satoshi in Pokémon Zensho is implied to be attracted to her (even using a heart when he talks to her once), stated above the anime and Pokémon Special have their fair share of tease (Misty is even out-right in love with Red in Special), etc

Also, I put in a place to add any entries regarding the various Pokemon Manga in their own right.
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