Characters: Total Drama Letterz

Total Drama Letterz features Chris Maclean and Chef Hatchet but also twenty six original OC's; each whose name begins with one letter of the alphabet. From the story so far these tropes are now in play.

Chris Maclain: The Sadistic bully of a host.

  • Bad Boss: Though the producer is higher ranked than him. This comes to play during his downfall near the end of the story. It also seems to be false, as Chris is talking with the other two producers at the end of Letterama.
  • The Bus Came Back: He surprisingly returns in Total Drama Letterama's epilogue...though he doesn't become the host and is no longer as sadistic.
  • Butt Monkey
  • Freudian Excuse: Apparently, he had a tumor in his brain that caused him to act sadistic. This is revealed to be a lie in the Prologue of Letter Starz.
  • Groin Attack
  • Heel-Face Turn: Seems to go through one, at least partially, in the epilogue of Total Drama Letterama. Too bad it seems to be a complete lie, if the meeting with the producers in the epilogue of Letterama and prologue of Letter Starz is true.
  • Humiliation Conga: In the final chapter of Total Drama Letterz, he is fired by the producer and replaced by Spider and Quana. After that his 102 year old grandmother comes on stage and drags him off by the ear while saying he is grounded for three years and shall be spanked by her cane ... and this was on live international television. However, the epilogue of Letterama and Letter Starz in general seem to imply this was a set up.
  • It's All About Me
  • Kick the Dog: He loves doing this to the campers just to get them upset but especially to Uzuri
  • Loves the Sound of Screaming
  • Took A Level In Jerk Ass: He started out a little mean but got worse at an alarming rate.

Chef Hatchet: The Cook with no Catering Talent.

  • The Apprentice: Gary is teaching him how to cook on the condition he gets to cook meals for his own team. Surprisingly Chef accepts as he wants to cook like his mama used to.
  • Deadpan Snarker
  • Even Evil Has Standards: He openly voices when he thinks Chris is going too far and admits he sometimes feels a little guilty about what he does.

Tabitha's Parents

Tabitha's mother and father, who actively encourage her to manipulate her fellow contestants.
  • Abusive Parents: Rather than teach Tabitha to be friendly towards others, they taught her to manipulate others into doing what she wants. It's later revealed that they brutally beat their own daughter for even the slightest failure, and they don't love her at all.
  • Arch-Enemies: To Rheneas.
  • Big Bad Duumvirate: Of Letterama.
  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing
  • Cold-Blooded Torture: What they do to Tabitha whenever she fails something.
  • Faux Affably Evil: Their affability really doesn't make them likable whatsoever.
  • Humiliation Conga: After Tabitha's father's Engineered Public Confession, they end up arrested for their crimes and they lose all their assets … which go to Tabitha, as she's their only living heir, in spite of the fact that they disowned her.
  • Screw the Rules, I Have Money!: Oh boy. As Tabitha's father reveals, they've been hiring hitmen to murder their rivals simply so that their company can rise to the top.
  • The Sociopath: Implied when Tabitha tells Rheneas about the occasions for which they went out in public.
  • Ungrateful Bastard: Rather than applaud her for saving two lives, Tabitha's Father decides to disown her and promise revenge.
  • Victoria's Secret Compartment: Tabitha's father keeps several weapons inside of his robe.
  • Walking Spoiler
  • You Have Outlived Your Usefulness: Taught Tabitha to backstab people when she didn't need them anymore. When they attack the island, Tabitha's Father decides to use his wife as a meat shield once Rheneas begins fighting him.

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    Total Drama Letterz Contestants 

Andy: The Space Fan

Andy is a boy with a love of space and the cosmos. Ever since he had his planet mobile as a baby he has loved everything about it. And why not? It's cool!

Andy knows aliens are out there somewhere ... and he's going to be the one who is gonna find them. They can't hide forever.

Wawanakwa will be Andy's final frontier and he's going to love every second of it; every ... single ... second ... dude!

Will Andy find aliens? Will he be able to keep his thoughts to ground level? And will he possibly win? A million dollars will help him get to astronaut school.

  • Blackmail: Tabitha blackmailed him into keeping quiet about her true nature or she would make Andy's love interest Mable get kicked onto the streets. Andy tried to tell Uzuri about this ... and the results were not pretty.
    • it turns out that Tabitha was just bluffing and would never have actually gone through with her threat even if she wasn't.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Occasionally.
  • Failure Hero: His attempts to rat out Tabitha fail.
  • Fear of Thunder
  • Proud to Be a Geek
  • Ship Tease: With Mable.
  • Space Cadet: He wants to become this.
  • Token Minority: He is the only camper of asian decent, specifically japanese.

Barney: The Pirate

Barney is quite an eccentric sort of person, a type of person that will leave you confused and at the same time wondering why you havn't known him sooner. Barney is ... well, he's Barney. There is no simple way of describing him. First off, Barney is a fan of pirates; be it Captain Sparrow, Captain Pugwash (and all the innuendo that somehow got past the censors) or even Patchy the Pirate from SpongeBob, Barney is a fan of them all and has been since he was playing in a cardboard box ship in kindergarten. Barney talks with a distinct and VERY stereotypical pirate accent that can either be annoying or hilarious. He is energetic, funny, silly and pretty wacked out. He sees no reason to act like a normal person since that is no fun at all in his opinion.

You'd think that Barney would be a ditz by looking at him, but he really isn't. He's actually an A student on the honour role; when Barney focuses on something (which is rare) he gets very good results at whatever it might be. He however doesn't mention this to new people since he doesn't want to be seen as a nerd due to how the jocks treat them. Barney is often the first to try something and often accepts dares, no matter how stupid, dangerous or ridiculous they are ... or a combination of al three. One time Barney even managed to hold his breath for seventy minutes ... though nobody realised he cheated by breathing through his nose.

Barney considers himself a sort of 'love doctor'. He has never had a girlfriend before, but he apparently 'knows girls as well as a mermaids tail fins' ... that statement is generally followed by an awkward silence. He has successfully hooked up some of his friends ... though sometimes his attempts are outright insane and outrageous and can lead to damage or craziness. Barney may look crazy and act crazy ... but he just puts it on for fun since life is about having fun. He's a pretty cool guy in general, though if you get him mad (which takes a lot) then you're for it!

Carlton: The Wimp

Carlton is a scare baby; he's petrified of practially everything in existence, even things that obviously aren't real. He is terrified of school, terrified of lessons, terrified of other people, he's even terrified of his own reflection!

Carlton is somewhat intelligent but always seems to write about sweet cuddly things you would expect from a sweet preschooler. What ... a ... wimp!

Will Carlton EVER conquer his hundreds of fears? Will he wet himself? And will he have a heart attack? We hope not but there is a possibility.

Daisy: The Teachers Pet

Daisy is pretty as her name-sake and is an A star student. Not only that but she plays some instruments and is a fast typer.

Despite this she is very widely disliked. She is the school snitch and head masters pet. Her dad REALLY plays favourites. How else could she have acheived a hundred percent on that Calculas exam? Or get that free ticket to the prom? (Nobody went with her).

Daisy doesn't care she has no actual friends; she's in it to win it and will stop all trouble and fun. And she's going to win as well.

Will Daisy's arrogance be her downfall? Will she ever make any friends? And will someone slap her straight? You know you want to!

Eleanor: The Animal Lover.

Eleanor is a kind and excitable twelve year old with a love for animals and mother earth. She loves her two pet ferrets Frost and Dandilion almost as much as her family.

Eleanor watched the original TDI from the beginning and was amazed by some of the animals she saw; Sasquatchinakwa? Wooly beavers?

Now that she has been chosen Eleanor is ready for her most grand adventure; with her ferrets nearby, turtle hat on her head and her niceness ready to give she is prepared for whatever Chris dishes out.

Will Eleanor find interesting animals? Will she do well despite being young? And where did she get her hair done? It's AWESOME!

Fifi: The Feminist

Fifi is from a upper middle class family and at age 17 is already a full fledged feminist. She is disgusted by how her gender was treated in the past and wants to get even with her oppressors.

With her hair dyed pink, her favourite shirt and the fact she's easy to get along with if you're nicer to her she's going to the top of the tower that is TDL.

Will Fifi be the first Female winner in Total Drama? Will her attitude make her some enemies? And is she creepy looking; some think so!

Gary: The Chef

My compliments to the Chef! Gary is a very talented Chef; he always pleases the crowd with his culinary flair and is a master at cooking cheesecake. He is also quite good at talking in public.

He is generally calm and sometimes quiet but if he sees bad food (particually if done on purpose) he will complain to the Chef.

Gary is hoping to do well in this contest ... and if not then at least he will have impressed some people with his catering skill because in a place like Wawanakwa you're gonna need friends.

Will Gary and Chef be Best Friends Forever or Best Friends For Never? Will Gary show that Catering ISN'T a girls subject and is cool? And what's with the chicken leg on his shirt?

Hector: The Intellect

Hector is a nerd; he plays Dungeons and Dragons, actually enjoys math, has a stereotypical geeky laugh and sucks at sports. Even so, Hector is considered cool ... by nerd standards at least. Physically Hector is the strongest nerd (that's not saying much) and also ranked third in intelligence (that IS saying something). Hector was actually the one who got the Nerd Ranking System going; it uses a complex formula involved grade point average, grades of classwork and how often they contribute to lessons as well as how good they do in the science fair. It creates a fun rivalry with the nerds and has actually made the Jocks pissed off since now they actually have proof presented to them that the nerds are better than them (in academics and life at least). Most nerds have tidy or geeky haircuts, but Hector prefers a spiky haircut since it shows he is 'sharp'.

Hector isn't very good at sports in any way; he may be the strongest nerd, but even the weakest jock is WAY stronger than him. He is known to have never been able to do more than one pull up and has yet to complete one lap of the thousand meter track (he made it to seven hundred and eighteen meters). Despite this set back, Hector thinks he'll do pretty good in TDL; he has intelligence to back him up and always thinks two steps ahead of the game. He just hopes he isn't on a team with someone like Duncan; he's wearing wedgie proof underwear just in case.

Hector has a habit of talking in big words; he doesn't mean to do so, but after hanging around with intellectuals and geeks for so long he's sort of subconsciously picked up on it. But at least this way he might be able to confuse his opponents during a challenge. Hector is hoping for mental challenges; if there aren't any he would prefer to take a back seat to the more physically able contestants, though he does intend to help out when he can. Hector just hopes Chef Hatchet's cooking will have improved between seasons.

Irene: The Tree Hugger

Irene loves trees, let's get that out of the way first. Irene is what some would call a 'tree hugger'; she absolutely loves nature is all its forms (especially the trees and flowers) and goes to any lengths to protect the environment. She has chained herself to trees before so that loggers couldn't cut them down. She also is known to cover trees in a special sap that not only helps them grow but also gives rashes to those who touch the tree (she admits that the friendly fire is unavoidable). She may be a little cuckoo about nature, but she still is quite a nice girl. She has a fair few friends (both human and tree) and is president of the school's nature club. She is talented at hedge trimming (though she always asks the hedge's permission before giving them a 'hair cut') and also owns her own special garden; she has been known to play her saxophone for her trees to help them 'sleep'.

Irene didn't have the easiest time growing up; her early years were fine as have been her later high school years, but in grade 9 things got rather tough for her. I won't go into detail, but let's just say she won't be going to the prom with any guys. Irene tries her best to be nice and liked, but over time she has come to terms with the life lesson that you cannot get everyone to like you. Irene finds that she is more popular with trees than she is with humans; you see, Irene can 'talk to trees' and is surprisingly accurate with what she hears. Irene's favourite trees are redwoods and she wishes she could plant one in her garden, though sadly there isn't enough space for one to grow.

Irene also is a bit naughty; not in terms of behaviour, but she has a rather perverted sense of humour and several of her favourite jokes are rather adult in nature. She's no pervert, that's for sure, but she can create a rather awkward atmosphere with some of her jokes. Thankfully her tree friends find the jokes funny as do her human friends. Irene hopes she can find someone sweet to enjoy nature with, though when people who don't know her well ask what she looks for in a guy she tends to change the subject.

Will Irene be more than a tree hugger? Can she succeed at such a hard challenge? And why are there fish on her shorts?

Jimmy: The Polly Anna

Jimmy is a carefree innocent and very likable ten year old boy with lots of friendliness to offer you. Need a friend? Call Jimmy. Need a lookout while you raid the cookie jar? Jimmy's your man. Want to hear some funny jokes? Call you know who!

Young and slightly naive, Jimmy will have to watch his step around certain individuals. Some may like kids but some hate them.

Will Jimmy survive in Wawanakwa? Can he exceed all expectations despite being a kid? And what happens when he drinks caffeine? Probably nothing good...

Kasimar: The Complete Monster

Imagine the worst person you have known in your life; how much you hated them, how much you despised them ... well compared to Kasimar I'm sure that person will seem like an angel! Kasimar is known to be one of the most violent, psychopathic and malevolent people around ... to those who know him. Kasimar is simple a monster, but rather than try and better himself he actually embraces his ability to cause pain with open and welcoming arms. Kasimar enjoys banned movies, suffering, smoking and lots of taboo stuff. He sees females as nothing more than sex objects and has a truly sadistic sense of humour; in his bedroom he actually has a picture of a naked women being hanged that he refers to as true art. He has his own gang (the Barbarous Scorpions) and delights in vandalising property, burning things and causing pain. He has a record and is already on probation, though he can evade the police quite well due to his gang backing him up as well as the fact that, believe it or not, he can pay his own bail since his always unseen family is quite well off. He just never mentions his financial status since he wants to be respected, not have 'worthless fags' leech off him.

Kasimar, despite being incredibly violent and dangerous, is quite intelligent. He knows exactly how to break each victim he comes across be it with mind games, straight up violence or burning their possessions. To Kasimar it is not enough to make somebody cry or come halfway to traumatising someone ... he wants to destroy his victims. Kasimar cannot be reasoned with; trying to appeal to him with empathy or getting him to 'see the light' is futile. The only way to stop him from hurting you is to bribe him with money ... but his prices are often absurd. Kasimar enjoys toying with his prey and relishes in their agony; Kasimar displays traits of each of the seven deadly sins, most notable lust, wrath and greed.

Kasimar already knows how he is going to play the game; through intimidation, destruction and threats. he plans to make himself be seen as a 'goat' that people could take out at any time. he knows he can get away with cruelty and nastiness since Chris is the host. Kasimar knows he'll need an alliance at some point; but he'd rather let people come to him, he never grovels ... so he says. If he's ever the target his plan is to pulverise an opponent and get them medivacked out of the game. Kasimar does not give a shit about who he hurts in his quest for the million dollars, all he cares about is fulfilling his thirst for destruction and traumatising as many people as he can. He has no remorse.

Lavender: The Strategic Cheerleader.

Lavender is on the cheerleading squad at her school and not only is she at the top of the cheer pyramid but also she is known to be very inteligent. She may look evil and schemish but she is one of the nicer girls in school ... when not in a bad mood.

Perhaps it is true to say that red heads have a temper because Lavender is easily angered; particularly by negative stereotyping.

Will Lavender go all the way? Will she make life long friends? And is she an Albino because those red eyes are suspicous.

Mable: The Health Food Fanatic

Mable likes to think that she is an 'everygirl'; not one to really stand out, but one who can make friends easily and be relied upon. And it is true that she is relief upon by some; she has two little sisters who look up to her (both metaphorically and literally) and is known for being basically a body guard to her little sisters. She had a distaste for bullies and often tries to fight them off ... she was quick on the offensive when she was younger, but a few trips to the school nurse helped her wisen up about how she dealt with problems. Mable is seen as a sort of big sister to some of her friends; Mable is more than happy about this, it makes her feel good that people rely on her since Mable doesn't like feeling unnecessary to have around.

Mable is also quite focused on her health; after watching an episode of 'Half Ton Hospital' (which gave her nightmares) she vowed to never let herself go and to always think of the long term effects of being lazy. Mable is active and sporty; when she has free time she tends to perform yoga or go for a jog. Due to watching 'the evil show' (her words) Mable has a fear of junk food that borders on paranoia. She may like the taste of it, but she sees that as 'the man's way of luring her in'. Mable refuses to give into temptation and forces herself to not eat sweets ... but her resolve crumbles if her sisters make a cake fr her, she just cannot say no to them.

Mable also has a rather noticeable hair style; this is the one way that Mable loves to stand out. She sees her hair as something to style and experiment with; her sisters love her funky hairdo, though her parents would rather she keep it in its natural raven colour. Mable counters this by reminding them of their younger years to which they are quick to drop the subject. Mable is looking forward to Total Drama Letterz; it'll be a summer to remember. She just hopes Chef Hatchet's cooking won't be too bad for her.

Nakia: The Hair Lover

Nakia comes from a well off family; she has the best of everything be it cloths, accessories or cosmetics. One thing she loves above all else, including friends and family, is her hair. If you asked her why her hair is so great she could (and likely would) go on four HOURS bragging about how great it is and how it puts her above the commoners. Nakia herself has quite an ego possibly to the point of it being megalomaniacal. She cannot accept or comprehend not being the centre of attention. She feels that her hair gives her the right to act as she wants. At school she is one of the most popular students ... with the popular kids that is. The unpopular students really do not like her (BIG understatement) and feel that her ego and the way she thinks she is entitled to be in charge is very annoying. Nakia has a habit of getting under people's skin (whether she means to or not) and is very condescending to unpopular people ... when in a good mood.

Nakia isn't that bright; she's kinda close to Lindsay in terms of intelligence, give or take a few IQ points. However, she is not the big chested sweetheart that Lindsay is. Nakia hates unpopular people and people with 'bad hair' (which she deems 99% of people to be). Nakia does take part in bullying of unpopular kids, though she doesn't lay a finger on anyone and just prefers to stick to name calling and cheering on a popular jock giving a nerd a swirly. Nakia prefers to get other people to do things for her. She doesn't like putting effort into things that require manual labour since that is 'an ugly person's job.'

Nakia is quite nice to other popular people who have 'good hair.' If people 'know their place' and treat her like a princess she can be rather sweet. But what happens if people stand up to her and call her out of her meanness? Well ... she goes psycho. Nakia suffers from one of the WORST cases of Narcissistic Personality Disorder ever seen. She normally doesn't get into fights; but if you piss her off and don't treat her like a Goddess then she will order her flunkies to make you 'pay' ... this normally results with the victim being unconscious. Thing is, Nakia doesn't think she is ever in the wrong. She thinks it is perfectly acceptable to hassle unpopular kids. TDL might either satisfy her ego ... or be the ultimate wake-up call.

  • Arch-Enemy: To Quana.
  • Alpha Bitch: To a horrifying and psychopathic level.
  • The Bully
  • The Dark Chick
  • Famous Last Words Although Nakia doesn't actually die her last words before her elimination were: "My hair…"
  • Hate Sink
  • Never My Fault: At no point over Letterz or Letterama does Nakia ever believe herself to have been in the wrong.
  • Popular Is Dumb: She isn't too bright though not as dumb as Lindsay.
  • Pride: Big time; she loves her hair that much.
  • Revenge: After her elimination she vows revenge on her team, especially Spider
  • Primal Fear: Having her hair damaged.
  • Put on a Bus to Hell
  • Sanity Slippage: She gets progressively worse throughout the story, up until the point she tried to murder Spider with a pipe due to his hair and came dangerously close to succeeding,
    • But by Episode 27 of Letterama, her sanity is pretty much gone, and she plans on killing the contestants and interns with a robotic spider...
  • The Sociopath: She starts out as just a whiny brat, but by the end of her time on the show she has gone past the point of redemption and tries to cripple Spider with a pipe ... because he has bad hair.
  • Spoiled Brat

Oscar: The Strong Guy

While Noah thought brains alone could win; Oscar on the other hand thinks brawn alone can win. He may not be dumb but he's stronger than he is smart.

Oscar is captain of the School's weight lifting team, able to lift more than 392 pounds! He is generally well liked except by people who foolishly bet against him in weight lifting competitions.

Oscar may be strong but can he win in a crazy show like Total Drama? Maybe ... but maybe not.

Will Oscar get any stronger? Will he prove himself as the strongest in the competiton? And did he leave the gym sink running again like he did in the school flood of 05?

Patch: the Burger King.

Patch is fat; no, he's a lard butt! But I mean that nicely because really he isn't too bad. He's just dumb and a little weird at times.

Both his parents are fat just like him so it may be genetic; but that can be hard to beleive when your brekfast consists of a roast chicken, two pizzas, a box of sugar puffs and a mint humbug.

Will Patch follow in Owen's footsteps? Will he stop groaning 'fooood' like a zombie? And is it me or does he look like that guy from judge judy with 'amoeba for brain cells"?

Quana: The Sexy Singer.

Quana is a considered sexy by many people who attend her school; lot's of people want to go on a date with her or 'tap dat ass'. All of this flirty and lustful attention makes Quana a little nervous. She likes attention, but when she gets anonymous notes on her locker on an almost daily basic it starts to become a little unnerving. Quana tries to gently let people down; it's not that she doesn't like them, it's simply that she isn't really looking for a boyfriend and doesn't feel the same way. She also wouldn't want someone with his eyes glued 'below the equator' 24/7. Aside from her physical appearance Quana is also popular for her sweet personality. She doesn't often hang with the other 'popular' since she doesn't really have anything in common with them and it's not like there's a rule that states she HAS to hang out with those of her social level. Quana prefers to just do her own thing.

Quana likes to sing; it's something she's always liked to do ever since she first saw 'Top of the Pops' on TV. She hopes to become a popular singer, the next Britney Spears even. She has sung at competitions and at the school show (which invariably makes the male audience members set out wolf whistles and cat calls). Quana's room is filled with posters of popular singers ... as well as muscular and hunky boys (just because she is shy about the attention she gets, it doesn't mean she doesn't like boys); she also has a few Spanish keep sakes such as a collection of Spanish fans and some Spanish fashion too. Quana has Spanish heritage on her mother's side; Quana is somewhat amused by how many people cannot figure out her ethnicity; guesses have ranged from Egyptian, Indian, Inuit and even Swedish ... the latter of those guesses baffles Quana.

Quana auditioned for Total Drama Letterz since she felt it would be her first step to stardom and also since with the money she could finally but the PS3 that has been eluding her for so long (I.E she never had enough money saved). Quana is willing to get her hands dirty in the challenges and is looking forward to meeting her team mates; she hopes none of them will be lustful jerks since Quana has admitted she is kind of attracted to bashful and dorky sweethearts. Maybe Quana will find exactly what she is looking for, be it the money or romance ... maybe both?

Raven: the Shy Girl

Raven is quite a naturally shy person; she often keeps to herself and stays away from crowds. She also doesn't join in with clubs or social activity; the idea of all eyes being on her makes her scared. It's not that Raven doesn't trust people or is antisocial; she just doesn't like everyone looking at her. One time in first grade it was Raven's turn for show and tell ... she fainted before she got to the front of the class. Raven tends to sit back and let things happen, that way she has enough time to retreat before they go bad. Raven is terrified of bullies ad fights; one time at her school when two students got into a fight during second period she ran to the girls bathroom, locked herself in a stall and didn't come out for the rest of the day. Raven admits she has a problem with her shyness, but she is quite content as she is; she says her danger senses are very fine tuned. Raven prefers flight to fight indeed.

Raven enjoys activities that don't require much noise and that can be done in the safety and comfort of her home. She enjoys board games, drawing, playing puzzle games on the PlayStation (with the volume turned down) and reading. Raven is a big fan of the Harry Potter series and would love to meet J,K Rowling ... the only problem is that she fears crowds; when a new book is released she gets it through mail order. Raven would like to attend a Harry Potter cosplay convention ... but she worries that her outfit may stand out too much and people might stare at her.

Raven is not very well known in school due to how much she keeps to herself; however, those that do know her find her to be cute and cuddly (the boys at least ... and a girl or two); romantic attention makes Raven very nervous and shaky; Raven does like the idea of romance, but she just feels she wouldn't be a very good girlfriend due to her fear of attention. Raven also speaks with a stutter which is one thing she would rather do without. Raven's parents decided that Total Drama would be a good way of curing her shyness, or at least a way to help her socialise a bit. Raven may not be strong, but she is kind and smart. Raven doubts she'll get very far, but has wondered if being passive and quiet could let her fly under the radar; a mill dollars sure would be a good prize. Raven sure is going to need a confidence boost to win Total Drama ... but maybe a certain other contestant might be able to help her out in more ways than one.

Spider: The Sick Kid.

Spider is unwell. In fact he can hardly remember a time he WAS well. Aside from his cool name he has very weak immune systems and a usually blocked nose.

Spider is quite a nice guy with a love of music and art but rareley gets a chance to prove this as people avoid him so they don't get infected. He's off school so much he's practically homeschooled!

Will Spider ever get well? Will he make some special friends ? And does he have some special talents or is he just sick?

He goes on to win Total Drama Letterz.

Tabitha: The Manipulator

Tabitha is a girl from a very rich family; growing up she had pretty much everything that she could ever want, well, most things. Anyway; Tabitha is an only child and as such her parents spent a lot of time with her, teaching her life skills. Unlike most parents who teach their children stuff like 'don't steal', 'be nice' and 'help others', Tabitha's parents taught her things such as 'backstab people when you don't need them anymore, 'blackmail is a useful tactic' and 'there is nothing wrong with hitting somebody when their back is turned'. All of these morals turned Tabitha into the person she is today; an intelligent manipulator who wants to get herself ahead and be perfect ... mostly because her parents want her to be perfect.

Tabitha has several hobbies; she plays world of Warcraft to relieve stress, she enjoys watching anime's and she is quite good at drawing. Tabitha however absolutely DESPISES Family Guy; she finds it insensitive and hurtful ... exactly why she thinks this she would NEVER admit. However, Tabitha also enjoys the show Blinky Bill ... she insists she hasn't watched it in years but I think that we all know she still does today.

Tabitha didn't audition for Total Drama by choice; instead her parents made her go on the show to bring glory to the family name. Tabitha knows she has a lot of pressure on her shoulders but she knows she'll do alright ... she HAS to do alright...

Tabitha is quite a withdrawn person with a number of secrets; one is that she still sleeps with a cuddly toy (a stuffed unicorn called Polly-Anna in case you were wondering). Another is the fact she always refuses to bare ANY skin if anybody at all is nearby; people have wondered why but Tabitha says she would just prefer not to ... could there be more to it though?

Uzuri: The Sweet Sadist

Uzuri is quite an oddball girl; she has a fascination with horror movies, is almost impossible to scare and if basically the opposite of a stereotypical girl despite the fact she is very girly. Uzuri enjoys the SAW series, though admits that she cannot reveals explain why; it just 'clinks' with her interest. She often makes predictions what order the character will down gown in a movie she hasn't seen and tends to make a running commentary during movies of all kinds (such as saying Oscar in Shark Tale is the closest thing to an Oscar the movie will ever get). Uzuri also loves playing with dolls; she may be sixteen but she still hasn't outgrown her dolls from when she was a pre-schooler. She claims they are just for show and are nostalgic, but I think we ALL know she still plays with them.

Uzuri has a collection of pet rocks (according to Uzuri they are the easier pet to care for) and also several autographed posters of various horror movies and video games. Uzuri quite likes Silent Hill due to the psychological aspect of it since psychology is something that has always interested her. A lot of people think Uzuri is weird, nuts or crazy ... but Uzuri just sees her attitude as 'challenging the ordinary' and not following the sheep of society.

Uzuri is of French descent; despite the fact she is fairly short she insists she has no relation to Napoleon. Regardless of this several people tease her about it. Uzuri tries not to let teasing bother her, but she does admit she is a little lonely. Still, she has her family on her side as well as her watchers of DeviantArt. Her art is said to be a mixture of 'seizure inducing' and full of perspective and interpretation'. Uzuri would also like a boyfriend since she has vowed to get a kiss before leaving high school; she has declared that if she doesn't find sometime on TDL then she will set up a kissing booth at school. Knowing Uzuri, this is likely not a joke...

  • Action Survivor: ...Somewhat. While she doesn't get captured due to being in the woods at the time of Tabitha's parent's arrival, she does alert Zita and Wallace of Tabitha's parents, and Wallace helps by sending Rheneas' bike and beam katana by use of an invention Wallace built, to which Rheneas helped save Tabitha and kick Tabitha's dad's butt. Uzuri does give a piece of her own towards Tabitha's dad, however.
  • Cloud Cuckoo Lander: Due to being autistic.
  • Collector of the Strange: Has a collection of pet rocks.
  • Creepy Doll: She has an emo doll that has over nine thousand creepy sayings.
    • Emo Doll: Let's all cut ourselves! Heheheheheh!
  • Dumb Blonde: More naive than dumb, though.
  • It's Pronounced Tro-PAY: Her name is pronounced "Yuh-Zer-Ee" according to one of the Aftermath shows.
  • Large Ham
  • My Greatest Second Chance: Possibly.
  • Misunderstood Loner with a Heart of Gold
  • Nice Girl
  • Older Than They Look: She's 16, but could pass for Jimmy's age group.
  • The Pollyanna: Most of the time...
  • Too Kinky to Torture
  • Primal Fear: Electrocution ... but only if it has AMPS because they are one of the only things that can hurt her.
  • Unwitting Pawn: Tabitha manipulates her by cruelly pretending to be her friend and care about Uzuri's feelings. In reality she sees her as a pawn and a freak.
    • However, it is all but a shell, and Tabitha is really jealous of Uzuri.

Vinnie: The Guy with a Metal Arm'

Vinnie is quite a normal guy ... or he was. An accident on an easter egg hunt left him without a right arm. Nowadays he's a little more shut away and slightly distrusting. After all; he doesn't want a pity party or unwanted attention. But he is a very good arm wrestler and left the school bully with as broken hand (not on purpose).

How will Vinnie do? Will he be able to prove himself? And where di he get that stylish hat, I want one!

Wallace: The Wannabe Bad Guy

Wallace ... um ... he's evil. Or at least that's what he thinks. Wallace has always been a little mean but being picked on for his hair and name made him snap ... from then on he was a bad guy. He spends his time scheming up world domination ideas and new evil inventions for he is actually fairly intelligent. People usually think he's crazy but he doesn't mind; all great villians are crazy (coughJOKERcough)

Is he really going to be the biggest bad guy? Will Wallace ever be taken seriously? And dude; what's with that arrow in your hair, it's kinda stupid.

Xaria: The Complainer

Xaria is a fairly negative girl; she is easily angered and always has her arms crossed and grumbles about something. People at school generally avoid her which she complains about. Some try to talk to her but she complains they are feeling sorry for her. Yeesh!

Truth be told there IS a reason Xaria is like this but she refuses to speak of it. She and her sister also have a strained relationship.

Yessica: The Born Swimmer.

Yessica has been called a 'mermaid without the fish parts' by her friends. She's always enjoyed swimming ever since she was a little girl and has won several trophies in swimming competitions. Yessica has ambitions to be a life guard; it'd be the perfect job for her ... right next to the beach at all times and an ice cream stall always close by. Yessica is considered to be attractive by her friends, owing to her light tan and ... somewhat revealing bikini, though Yessica isn't really looking for a relationship at the moment. That being said, she does think muscular beach boys are rather attractive, but she hasn't got any real romantic interest in them.

Yessica is quite close to her family; she has her parents and a little sister called Karly who looks up to her. Yessica and her family enjoy playing Wii party games such as Mario Party 8 (Yessica usually wins) and actually have a sort of 'ranking table' that keeps track of who has won the most games. They also have a weekly movie night, but Yessica is quite 'picky' on her movie choices; she is absolutely terrified of scary movies, even things like 'Disney's haunted House' give her nightmares. To make up for the fact she is easily scared Yessica is quite smart and tends to be able to recognise people based on body language and small quirks; it's useful at Halloween if she has to tell apart her friends if they are wearing masks.

Yessica auditioned for Total Drama because she wants to not only win the money, but also because she likes the idea of staying on a tropical island for the summer. Yessica feels that she can cope with Chris's challenges and is sure she can make some good friends; the only problem will be if there is a horror themed challenge. Even so, Yessica knows there will be at least one water challenge and thinks her team will keep her around for that. As long as she's nice and doesn't take the spotlight she feels she could get far. She also hopes that Chefs cooking will have improved, but she isn't gonna hold her breath.

Zita: The Thief

Zita; what is there to say about her? She steals ... a lot. Since her first heist in nursey where she stole a toy care she has loved the thrill of the theft When Zita heard about the second season of Total Drama she immediently auditioned; why not after all? There's bound to be a rich kid with some fancy jewelry.

Will Zita's thiefing skills come in handy? How far will she get? And for the love of cornflakes will someone keep priceless ming vases out of her reach?

     Total Drama Letterama Contestants 

Alice: The Type A

Alice is a calm and confident individual who knows she has what it takes to succeed in the world; after all, she's a great leader at team activities at school. Well, that last part might be in her opinion as a lot of people at her school label her as 'bossy' and a 'control freak'. It is quite accurate to say Alice likes it when she is in charge and that she has a sort of 'my way or the highway' attitude. She might be a little (*cough*ALOT*cough*) bossy but she is no doubt intelligent as she passes all of her classes with A's.

Alice likes it when things go 'just so' and if something disrupts what she feels is the natural balance then she will quickly set out to sort the problem. She likes to be in a crowd of 'mature, calm and hard working individuals'. She would never willingly associate with somebody she labels as 'nuts', somebody like Izzy for example. Alice hasn't got much in the way of patience and is known to lose her temper if somebody acts too wild or if the people working with her don't work hard enough (and by that I mean working hard enough to get dehydrated).

Alice has a good feeling about T.D.L.2 and feels that not only will she be able to simply sweep aside any obstacle she comes across but that she can lead whatever team she ends up on to victory after victory. With 'perfect' leadership such as hers there is no way her team could ever lose right? Alice has never lost at anything in her life before so a taste of defeat might be even worse than the taste of olives if she actually loses at all. Time will tell if she is as fantastic a leader and as strong a competitor as she claims to be.

Will Alice lead her team to the merge completely intact? Will Alice manage to stay calm when things look bad? Will a certain blue and green haired girl drive Alice mental? And will Alice score an A grade at T.D.L.2 and win it all?

Bishop, the Mean Rich Boy

Bishop likes money. Whether it be a dollar or a single cent, he loves it like a child. He comes from a rich family, even richer than Tabitha in fact! Bishop flaunts his richness whenever he can and loves to see the jealous looks on people's faces when they see his deluxe beach house, trio of million dollar yachts, ridiculously large mansion and, of course, his personal jet that he flies to school just to see the looks on everyone else's faces. Bishop is used to living the good life and always carries up to eighty thousand dollars on him as his 'daily allowance'. Bishop has very few friends but he doesn't care; money is the only friend he needs.

If there is one thing that Bishop seriously hates, it would have to be poor people and charity. Bishop hates that such, in his words, 'inbred ghetto trash', get free money while everyone else has to work for a living despite how hypocritical this is due to Bishop never having to work at all. Bishop is a little bit sadistic due to his fondness of laughing at homeless people or baiting them with money and then yanking it away and laughing at them when they reach for it. Bishop also enjoys hunting; particularly of rare species; he has hunted a whole pride of lions before in his family's holiday mansion in Africa.

Bishop is usually home alone due to how often his parents are at work earning money (this he approves of). He cares little about this; Bishop can do anything he wants with his money; he loves riding around in his limo and smirking mockingly at passers-by. With a lifestyle such as this one has to wonder how Bishop will react to being at Camp Wawanakwa as Bishop seriously hates summer camp. Bishop knows he can easily win; he can just bribe people to vote for his enemies by giving them a dollar. After all; that is SURELY more than they earn in a year. Bishop is also a believer in the philosophy 'Screw the rules, I have money'.

Will Bishop get along with 'poor people'? Will he ever give money to charity? Will Bishop put any effort into physical challenges? And will he ever stop being such an arrogant snob? (Probably not.)

Cherry, the Genki Racer

Cherry wants to be a race car driver; it's her dream. She loves all things fast with four tires and tends to bounce around as though she was high on caffeine. Cherry has a very large collection of Hot Wheels cars and is the only person in her school who has completed Challenge Mode in Micro Machines V3 for the PS1. Cherry is reasonably intelligent but the teachers have to keep reminding her that she isn't allowed to wear her racer helmet in the classroom. Cherry is a free spirit and an avid lover of roller coasters and go-karts.

Cherry is currently attempting to get her driver's license; she can control the car perfectly but the driving instructors worry about her love of speed. Oddly enough despite her name Cherry dislikes cherries quite a lot; in fact, she's allergic to them. At every cross-country marathon her school holds, Cherry always manages to come in first place because her running speed is oddly high for a human. Cherry owns a go-kart that she drives around at the local park; pedestrians give her some distance due to her love of drifting around corners.

Cherry lives each day like it's the final race of a championship; that is to say, she lives it fast and furious. Cherry is looking forward to T.D.L.2; she feels that if there is a racing challenge she will win it with no problems. Cherry however has a habit of using the handbrake to skid around corners which tends to make her passengers scream a lot. Despite her wild attitude and love of speed Cherry is a kind hearted and excitable girl who has all the heart of a driver in the game Crazy Taxi.

Will Cherry finish in first place in this race of a competition? Will a certain someone catch her eye? Will Cherry be able to sit still for half a second? And if Cherry wins what car will she buy with the prize money?

Donny, the Irritable Short Guy

Donny has some anger management issues. Its quite understandable really given that he's very short for a sixteen-year-old and the taller kids always poke fun at him for being small. This leads Donny to get easily angered and also take up boxing. Small but deadly, tiny but fast, those are good ways to describe Donny. He is fairly outgoing but when his opponent is really tall he stoops to ANY level to beat them and stand up for the little guys.

Donny is also fairly intelligent and does decently at school though he's not top of the class. He is however quite flexible and athletic and is on his school's boxing team in the lightweight division, a weight class he greatly resents. Donny has no problems standing up to bullies even if his ways of doing so are occasionally fairly questionable. Seeing Kasimar has only made him more determined to settle the score with his oppressors ... and what better way to do that than win at Total Drama?

Donny is frequently on the receiving end of 'short' jokes and also Snow White and the Seven Dwarf puns. These make him go into a frenzy of anger; kinda like Yosemite Sam. Donny enjoys the fantasy genre of books and resents the giants but is a huge supporter of the gnomes, dwarves and hobbits, its why he's a big fan of Lord Of The Rings. He however has an extreme hatred for The BFG by Roald Dahl. If Donny is to survive at Wawanakwa he is going to have to keep his volcanic temper in check.

Will Donny make a stand for the little guys in society? Will he win the contest despite what a tall order it would be? Will be end up befriending some taller contestants? And will Donny have an anger meltdown?

Eddie, the Detective

Eddie Lynmoire is really into the detective genre of fiction. His favorites include Poirot, Sherlock Holmes and Professor Layton. He wants to be a private investigator when he leaves school and has already made his mark on solving mysteries. He has solved different cases such as the Mystery of the Urinal Turd, the case of the Vandalised Boiler and, of course, the theft in the cafeteria on Pizza Day. He has never failed to solve a mystery yet and he intends to keep his success streak going. With his fedora and magnifying glass there is no mystery that Eddie cannot solve.

Eddie's friends nickname him 'The Sherlock' due to his tendency to overthink things and state the obvious. He takes this in stride and quite likes the nickname. Eddie has a fair number of friends as he is quite a nice guy ... though when he is prosecuting suspects over stolen possessions (and he always knows who did it) then his friends call him by his other nickname, 'The Reptile'. Eddie enjoys challenging logic puzzles while drinking root beer when relaxing; every detective deserves a day off, right?

Eddie may have gotten to know the twenty-six campers of Total Drama Letterz fairly well ... but how will he cope with all the new campers in his season? Due to the very diverse personalities of everyone, Eddie might end up having to solve a murder mystery! One can only hope Eddie's notebook is big enough! But a true detective never gives up and Eddie will not rest until he either wins the money or leaves with his head held high. And maybe along the way Eddie will solve a mystery or two.

Will Eddie be able to win as easily as Poirot can solve a case? Will he and Sasha be as good a duo as they were in Total Ousted Alphabet? Can Eddie figure out what Chef's food is made of? And will he TRULY live up to his title as a detective and solve a very important mystery?

Fripp, the Blockhead

Fripp is, to be perfectly honest, even stupider than Patrick Star. Every Saturday morning he sits in front of a electric outlet and licks it no matter how many times he gets electrocuted. He also enjoys cooking class but no matter how many times the teacher tells him crayon sandwiches aren't gradable he keeps making them. He also always forgets to turn the oven on which has sent people away with food poisoning more than ten times. In short his IQ is around -5 ... Fripp sometimes forgets how to sit down.

Fripp doesn't wear shoes as he thinks that if he did his feet would suffocate and he would be executed by the inhabitants of the Ankle Alliance in outer space. Thus he tends to track mud in the school's corridors after a sports lesson which has led the janitor to swear a vendetta on Fripp. Fripp has a fair number of friends though a lot of people think he is just so stupid. He also seems to cause a huge amount of mayhem and destruction through his own stupidity everyday; the school has had to be rebuilt three times already solely because of Fripp! He is too stupid to really mean any harm ... but he had left people in hospital. And when he goes to visit them he ends up talking to the newborn babies.

Fripp's favorite food is toast. Whenever toast in mentioned he starts to act like that guy obsessed with chocolate from Spongebob so everyone spells it out as Fripp cannot spell toast ... in fact, he can't even spell 'cat'. Fripp is quite a nice guy but his dimness tends to cause more harm than his niceness does good. Despite all this Fripp is oblivious to all the destruction to property he unintentionally causes. Who knows what the other twenty five contestants in Total Drama Letterama will think of him. One thing is for sure; he'll be no good at a math challenge or indeed a challenge where even the smallest fraction of a gram of brainpower is needed.

Will Fripp get to eat some toast? Will he say no to a stop sign? Will he cause Wawanakwa to be reduced to ruin within an hour? And will anyone ever convince him to wear shoes, let alone socks?

Gordon, the Alcoholic Asshole

Ten percent booze and ninety percent neck is a simple way to describe Gordon. He likes booze a LOT and has used a fake ID to get his hands on it; that isn't so hard as he is quite muscular and looks a bit older than he is. He now no longer needs the fake ID but keeps it as a reminder of the 'good old days'; when he got his first hangover.

Gordon is somewhat lazy and a bit of a lout. In a way you might think he is a human expy of Bender ... and you'd be more or less correct. He hits on girls; this would be fine if it weren't for the fact he only does it when drunk. Wawanakwa has a no alcohol rule but it's likely Gordon will find a way around it.

Gordon is a little bit of a bully though nowhere near Kasimar's level. He's sometimes a little rude and irritable when sober but when drunk he becomes argumentative, slurry, swears and then passes out. One can only hope this won't happen during a challenge ... it would be funny though!

Will Gordon manage to stay sober for just one day? Does he prefer beer or wine? Will be be useful or useless to his team? And will he pick on the smaller contestants?

Helen, the Anti Fun Girl

Helen hates fun; in fact she directly campaigns against it. She sees it as a complete waste of somebody's life when they could be studying, listening to lectures or practising math problems. Her life's ambition is to become a pencil pusher in a big business corporation. Helen hates art class due to all the exciting fun colors used when everyone paints. The only color that Helen likes is beige; it's so wonderfully dull is her opinion. She thinks that boring is beautiful and that the world would be so much more suited for her if everything was grey and beige like a true stereotypical business metropolis.

Helen doesn't really have friends, but this is her choice. She can't stand anyone at school due to how bouncy, interesting, cool and partyish they are. But she feels that when she is rich and has a business empire which makes pencils, paperclips and beige crayons then they'll be begging her to share her success while they sink in the pit of failure because Helen thinks fun leads to failure. Helen has never been to a party and also hates cake. She would much rather have a plain loaf of brown bread and work during a party. For Helen life is for working and fun is a most serious crime. Helen's favorite movies are lectures about pointless things such as the history of beige or watching grass grow (though she dislikes how green it is).

Helen thinks that it'll be easy to win Total Drama Letterama; while everyone else is wasting time making friends and having pointless fun she will be focusing on the game and will walk away with a fortune of a million dollars. With the money she can bribe her school to make the uniform beige and get rid of all classes except math and English (though English would only consist of boring essays). Helen is in one word ... dull.

Will Helen end up being forced into fun situations? Will she show that boring is beautiful? Will Helen realise she looks a little bit like Mrs. Tweedy? And will Helen learn to enjoy life once in a while?

Imanda, the Girl Scout

Imanda is a proud and accomplished member of the Chipmunk Scouts. She has won almost every badge that the the troop offers and is leader of her Six Squad. Imanda has badges in Cookie Baking, Sock Washing, Compass Reading, Raccoon Tracking and even one for sitting through 'Disaster Movie', and that's not even ten percent of her badges! Imanda is popular among her fellow girl scouts and is decently liked at school, though a few people think she's a bit of a geek. But Imanda doesn't care, she's proud to be a geek, she has the badge to prove it.

Imanda has been with the girl guiding organisation all the way; from Rainbows to Brownies to Girl Scouts. Some people compare Imanda to Chuckie Finster while some think of her as more like Eliza Thornberry. Imanda knows a great deal about things like camping and building a fort; but she isn't so strong at boating, she just cannot control the canoe properly. But Imanda keeps trying because like Tyler she never gives up. Not only that but she is a BIG fan of the cartoon series of Alvin and the Chipmunks and can imitate their voices without much difficulty.

Imanda is a true girl scout; she knows their motto and never forgets it, 'Through thick and thin, scouts stick together'. Imanda would never leave anyone behind and is hoping that the other twenty-five contestants in T.D.L.2 will share that attitude. Imanda was a little scared of Kasimar last season but since he is not competing this time she knows she can relax a little. Imanda has all the heart of a lion and the brownish carrot top hair of a, um, carrot. She is hoping to earn the elusive 'I Won A Reality Show' badge; time will tell if she can achieve this goal.

Will Imanda show girl scouts are just as good as boy scouts and can kick ass just as much as they can bake cookies? Will she bake better cookies than Chef? Will Imanda's girl scout skills come in useful? And will Imanda become the first girl scout to win Total Drama?

Jill, the Sarcastic Chick

Jill can be summed up in three key words, snarky, sarcastic and independent. She may seem moody every once in a while, but she's a nice girl at heart. She only has a small select group of friends, but she is fiercely loyal to them and has been known to beat up the bully on occasion for she has got a blue belt in karate. She may seem fairly lightweight but she can pack a punch both verbally and fist-ally.

Jill has a purple streak in her hair as a statement of individuality which reflects her loner nature. Some think it's a little silly, but you can't call her a bumblebee, can you? And despite being tough, she does have a fondness for the color pink, as you can probably tell by looking at her attire. She's fairly active and outgoing but not as fast and bouncy as a certain pair of girls on this series.

Like Noah, sarcasm is Jill's strongest weapon. Some of her insults to people who piss her off have been known to leave the "piss offer" in tears like "Your birth certificate was an apology from the condom factory" or even "Shut up; you'll never be the man your mother is". Jill may certainly be a little rough around the edges but deep down she's a truly nice person who just prefers to do her own thing.

Will Jill snark and sarcasm her way to victory? Will she get teased for liking pink? Will she be a stronger competitor than she seems? And will anybody try to look up her skirt? For their sake they had better not!

Kim, the Dangerous Flirt

Kim is a very attractive girl. She's hot as the sun, sexy as a lingerie model and allegedly as good a kisser as someone like Wonder Woman. She may seem hot and popular on the outside, but inside she's a MONSTER, far worse than Tabitha could ever be. Kim knows what she wants and knows just how to get it. Her usual methods involve flirting with weak-willed boys and feigning affection to get them to do whatever she wants. Kim uses her large breasts to her full advantage in order to ruin the lives of everyone she wants and gain the loyalty of hapless hormonal guys to do things like steal money or jewelry for her. Kim views males as the far weaker sex; but unlike Fifi she knows much better than to say this in front of anyone.

Kim likes things like shoes, makeup and jewelry. Everything that glitters is something that Kim wants. She could easily steal someone's jewelry and frame an innocent passerby as the culprit. Kim has a completely spotless record and nobody would suspect anything of her, not even her parents. Even if people see the true her on T.D.L.2 it won't matter as she'll be rich and also 'she has boobs they must obey'.

Kim was very amused by all the bullying and mayhem Kasimar caused last season and finds him attractive. But to her he's just another pawn to get her closer to her personal goals. Kim doesn't give a damn about anyone but herself and would gladly sacrifice the lives of animals to get what she wants. As for people she would simply use them. Kim knows she will come out on top in T.D.L.2 and that as long as she can get a couple of guys under her finger she can run the game like a race. But sometimes Kim tends to not give a single glance to the underdogs...

Will Kim win the million and quench her greed? Does she really have 'boobs men must obey'? Will she team up with some truly horrendous people just like herself? And will she get angry if people say she looks like Dixie Kong?

  • Ascended Fanboy: It's revealed in the bonus chapter that she's a very big fan of Survivor.
  • Beauty Is Bad
  • Cluster F-Bomb: She has a... colorful vocabulary, to say the least, at least in the Confessional, and even in the bonus chapter.
  • Covert Pervert
  • Crazy-Prepared: After watching Letterz and realizing she would be unable to access her pills during Letterama, she made a video explaining lots of things she was afraid she'd do, clearing up most of the things she did in her past, and showing her face to the online world and submitted it two days before she competed on the show. And, as a result of the bonus chapter, this was clearly a very good decision.
  • Even Evil Has Loved Ones: Implied with her parents, if her aftermath interview is anything to go by. Confirmed in the bonus chapter when she finally reunites with them in the therapist's house after two weeks.
  • Fantastic Racism: She considers being black to be an unforgivable crime, and refers to Opal as a chink.
  • Faux Affably Evil
  • Foil: Kim is essentially what happens when you take Tabitha, remove the redeeming qualities she had, take her atrocities Up to Eleven, and make her hate anyone that isn't part of her ethnicity.
  • Frameup: How she eliminates Yannis the first time, by making the other campers think that he wrote a vicious hate note to Sasha when in fact she was the one responsible.
  • Freudian Excuse: Apparently everything she does throughout the season is due to severe depression, and it's implied that something happened in her past intense enough to cause it. She also had no pills for the duration of Letterama as a result of her contract, and based on her reactions in the bonus chapter, her pills clearly help her a lot.
  • Gold Digger: She desires to use Eddie to get her through the game by becoming his girlfriend, and then telling him what she really thought about him at the finals so that she won't have any competition.
  • Hate Sink: Barney and Yannis both consider her to be worse than Kasimar.
  • The Heavy: Of the pre-merge.
  • Humiliation Conga: Hoo boy... Upon Yannis's return, he exposed Kim of who she really was, had her Idol switched with the fake one by Lankston, got her plans to burn Sasha exposed to Spider and Quana, getting her disqualified at the Campfire, was forced to beg for the fake idol by acting like a pig, was tossed via the Hurl of Shame... and that was on the Island. Upon her interview, she gets disowned by her parents for the horrible things she had done, and sent to Juvie.
    • Fortunately, things improve for her as soon as she gets to Juvie in the bonus chapter. It's revealed that she gets a letter from her parents after two days with pictures of good memories she had with them when she was younger, the burned disownment papers, and a heartwarming letter, and after two weeks, she gets put under house arrest to a very kind therapist and reconnects with her parents.
  • Knight of Cerebus: You thought Kasimar was bad...
  • Lack of Empathy: Though she's pretty skilled at faking it.
  • Large Ham
  • Manipulative Bitch: Even more so than Tabitha.
  • Nightmare Fetishist: She was able to watch SAW in full without flinching on a dare.
  • Politically Incorrect Villain: She refers to Sasha and Opal with hateful ethnic slurs ... though only in the confessional. And then there is the note she left for Sasha...
  • Sex for Services: She has sex with Kasimar (off screen) after he finds the immunity Idol for her as she requested.
  • The Sociopath: She effectively pretends to be a friend to Sasha and Eddie. In truth, she was anything but a friend to them.
  • Unholy Matrimony: With Kasimar after a few episodes.
  • Valley Girl: Intentionally put on.

Lankston, the Condescending One

Lankston has self-esteem, perhaps a bit too much. He has a habit of being quite condescending to those around him, whether he means to or not. This leads to him not having too many friends but he actually doesn't care about this at all, he doesn't need much.

Lankston is clearly not very strong, he is both very skinny and also somewhat short, about an inch taller than Beth. Despite this, he is pretty intelligent and frequently gets good grades, and is finishing high school on the honor roll. Some people wonder how anyone as big an outcast and condescender as Lankston could beat them at anything.

There is a reason to the above. Behind his squinty eyes and bored expression, Lankston is quite a schemer. He stays in the shadows and watches his opponents, studying their strengths and weaknesses and how they react to things. After that, he can simply use their weaknesses against them. With his many strong qualities and keen eye and wit; that is how Lankston says he will come out on top.

Will Lankston scheme his way to the top? Will he last less long than he expects (or maybe longer than everyone else expects)? And will he be of any help in the physical challenges if he is so scrawny?

Max, the Nerdy Robotier

Max Austintine brings a new meaning to the word 'nerd' ... a good meaning. He is quite gifted at electronics and engineering and loves to tinker about and make robots. He also keeps wires in his pockets just in case of emergency ... or to shock an unconscious friend back to their senses. He isn't very popular at school but has a number of close friends ... and they are REAL geeks, if you know what I mean!

Max wears 3D glasses because according to him everything is better in 3D such as drawing, building, sleeping and watching a guy watching a 3D movie. That last one might not make much sense but Max doesn't care about that, sense is just an obstacle in the world. Max has won the science fair three years running though the year of the ill-fated Gerbil Translator is best left forgotten. Max also has modified his bike to shoot out cherry bombs in case of a bully attack.

Max may be an underdog on the popularity food chain, but when it comes to robotic prowess then forget about it; he's top of the class! Max also enjoys playing Dungeons and Dragons with the geekiest kids in school. One thing is for sure ... he's was the only one in the party to survive the fight with the Red Dragon. Max is quite quirky and a little odd and dorky but he's a pretty nice guy overall ... just don't break his robots on purpose.

Will Max win the contest and build a 100 foot tall robot? Will he end up thinking reality shows are better in 3D? Will he fit in for once in his life? And will he shock someone back into consciousness with electricity?

Nina, the Messy Girl

Nina loves getting filthy; it's that simple. At school she is known as the girl who loves nothing more than rolling around in a big puddle of mud. She detests taking baths and goes to any lengths to avoid having one. While Nina is a girl, she is very unladylike. She eats messily, burps often and breaks the stereotype of girls never farting.

Due to her messy habits Nina tends to smell kinda bad. This makes a lot of people keep their distance but some willingly socialise with her (albeit with a peg over their noses) and soon find that she is quite a talkative fun-loving girl. However Nina has a strange terror of bathrooms due to all the cleaning supplies in them and as such when she has to go ... erm ... let's just say she goes 'lumberjack style'.

Nina might smell bad but she isn't such a bad person; she just has a hard time fitting in. Also she changes her clothes about once every month or two and holds her town's record for going the longest without changing her underwear. Nina doesn't eat pork because when visiting the local farm she loves hanging out with the pigs and getting messy. Nina is also quite fond of art lessons due to the paint that gets everywhere. Who knows what the Total Drama people are going to think of this oddball.

So will Nina make people's noses shrivel up? Will she ever take a bath? Will Nina terrify a certain germaphobe? And for god's sakes, will anybody bring a peg with them when in Nina's vicinity?

Opal, the Trilingual Basket Case

Opal is as wild as a stampede and as hyperactive as Hammy the Squirrel. She has so much energy that when other people are tired out she is still ready and raring to go. She is Chinese and can not only speak English but also fluent Chinese and Catalan (the latter she feels is an underappreciated language). Her hair is blue and green as according to Opal those colors are the most 'colory'. Opal is thought of as attractive with her cute smile, fishnet stockings and sweet attitude ... but every boy knows full well they'd never be able to keep up with her in a relationship.

Opal is quite oddball; she COULD take a dog for a walk ... but she's equally likely to throw it, go skiing with it or paint the dog purple. Her logic system could be described as 'Insane Troll Logic' such as believing Winnie the Pooh comes from the dark side of Jupiter's moon Callisto (and don't get me started on how she came to THAT conclusion.) Opal is as bouncy as a rubber ball indeed.

Opal has a fair number of friends but especially likes hanging out with the fish in the local park's lake; apparently they tell her to sing songs in reverse as well as invite her for a swim. Opal also claims to have a large air collection; something she is quite proud of. Opal might be more than a little crazy but she has a kind heart and always tries to lend a hand to those in need ... a very haphazard helping hand indeed.

Will Opal drive a certain team member of hers to insanity? Will she be correct in her assumption that 'you gotta have blue hair'? Will Opal's troll logic EVER come in handy? And will she prove hyperactivity is more of a help than a hindrance?

Paul, the Germaphobe

Paul is afraid of germs, to put it lightly. He doesn't like sports, not only because he's naturally bad at them, but because he is always pushed over into mud and thus has to take four showers at least just to get rid of the germs. He generally prefers to be indoors; he however isn't really a gamer. He prefers to study, read and (laugh if you want) sew as he has a fair few indoor talents. He however is loath to go outside due to his extreme paranoia that the germs will kill him.

Why is Paul so afraid of germs, you ask? There is a surprisingly very good reason indeed. Paul once had a twin sister called Penelope. They were very outgoing and liked hiking in the woods near their home. One day though after a play fight in mud Penelope got sick. Time went so fast and slow at the same time for Paul and just a month later she died of an unknown germ. The loss of his twin sister was too much for Paul to take and he became a hermit and utterly *terrified* of germs. He now never goes ANYWHERE without a can of air freshener, a neckerchief around his mouth and a water pistol loaded with soapy liquid.

Paul also happens to be homeschooled due to his fear of catching germs at school due to the very rare common cold outbreaks. Paul is very intelligent as far as schoolwork goes, but he isn't exactly a social butterfly. He will hang out with other teens if pressured to, but as most would expect, he doesn't fit in very well. Maybe one day in the future he will recover from the state he has fallen into as of the present due to events in the past.

Will Paul face his phobia of germs? Will Paul survive on the germ-filled Wawanakwa? Will he be scared of a certain pigpen messy girl? And will Paul be a stronger competitor than he looks? Probably not, but it never hurts to be optimistic.

Quarla, the Aggressive Girl

Quarla is a tough girl; a fair number of people at her school are a little scared of her. Quarla is very strong despite her thin build and is a good fighter. To strong people like herself she is fun to be around and can be nice. To people who are either weak physically or have fragile egos, she is nothing short of a sadistic bully. She has been suspended from her inner city school a total of six times, but since the school is inner city, Quarla hasn't been expelled. Quarla likes online shows such as 'Happy Tree Friends' and thinks the game 'Bully' is how school should be, the weak serving the strong people like herself.

Quarla's attitude means she doesn't have many friends, but she hardly cares; she has a small amount of close friends, all members of the local gym, though sometimes they are a little disapproving of Quarla's bullying. But as Quarla is captain of the cross country team, they don't say much about it. Quarla enjoyed watching Kasimar torment the weaker contestants in TDL; she was a little disturbed by some of the things he did but generally found his 'antics' funny. Quarla is very good at karate and also is a big fan of wrestling, especially the violent type. Quarla is the type of girl who is anything but girly and loves hardcore things.

Quarla knows that her aggressive attitude may earn her a few votes, but she isn't worried. She knows that she could easily twist somebody's wrist as painfully as possible until they agree to vote with her; that or they'd keep her due to her all round strength and competitive drive. Quarla thinks that T.D.L.2 will be as easy as playing uncle with a high school freshman and as fun as watching a Celebrity Deathmatch marathon.

Will Quarla dominate the game with her aggressiveness? Will she bully anyone? Will Quarla win it all? And will she get on the bad side of a certain germaphobe and a certain hippie?

Rheneas, the Rebellious Pyromaniac

Rheneas loves fire, it's as simple as that. Most people can tell he likes it judging by his hairstyle and outfit, and they would be right. Rheneas is very skilled at using fire, from juggling fire batons to making a signal fire, he's a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to fire.

Rheneas is generally well-liked by his peers at school; he is known to be cool, somewhat wild and more than a little crazy, but he has a good heart all the same. Rheneas, while reasonably intelligent, is quite a rebel and while not a criminal like Duncan, he is not above causing mischief and mayhem with his buds.

Rheneas also likes comic books; he's a particularly fan of Superman, his lighter has the Superman logo on it. One would wonder how somebody with such a posh and refined-sounding name would be so, well ... crazy about fire. A word of advice though; don't make fun of him for having the same name as a Thomas the Tank Engine character. Seriously.

Will Rheneas go far in Total Drama Letterama? Will be be a valuable Team Member with his knowledge and skill with fire? And will be possibly butt heads with a few of the others?

Sasha, the Bubbly Gamer

Sasha is a cheerful and bubbly girl who loves video games. She doesn't mind being outside but she greatly prefers to be inside and in "the zone". Sasha has been playing video games since she was three years old and has had years of practise. She plays all genres though she prefers racers, platformers and puzzle games.

Sasha sometimes has a habit of bringing video games into everyday conversation. It can sometimes be amusing when one moment you ask if Sasha likes mushrooms and the next moment she brings the conversation around to Super Mario Brothers. Her friends have grown used to it but it does raise confused eyebrows every now and then.

Besides video games Sasha greatly enjoys Disney movies and Chinese food. If somebody aksed her if she liked Chinese food she would reply, "Dhk! Who doesn't?" Sasha also has one key weakness, which is getting her ponytail yanked; in her words, "It bloody hurts!" Could anybody use this to make her do as they say? Probably not, but it would piss her off.

Will Sasha manage to keep her mind away from video games and in reality? Will she have an advantage due to appearing in the aftermath in the previous season? Will she get to bash Twilight on international television? And will Sasha's knowledge of video games come in handy?

Tyson, the Cool Rocker

Tyson is considered by many to be coooooool. He is always calm and never breaks a sweat in most circumstances. He is generally pretty friendly and easy going but isn't afraid to get assertive with people who give him or his many friends trouble.

When Tyson isn't hanging out with his friends or playing Guitar Hero or Space Invaders at the arcade, he can be found rocking out in his garage on his custom-made guitar, frequently being told to keep the noise down. Noise doesn't bother Tyson; it's what makes things like music enjoyable.

While Tyson is most of the time calm and collected, you must NEVER mess with his beloved guitar, because if you do, he isn't afraid to get down and dirty in a fight. Tyson isn't the fighting sort, but he is quite protective of his guitar; some say he sleeps with it at night.

So will Tyson really be as cool as a sea cucumber? Will his music keep his team up all night? And what color eyes does he have? Because he almost never takes off his sunglasses.

Ulric, the Tough Guy

Ulric is, as his stereotype suggests, a tough guy. He doesn't scare easy and is the last person the bullies would want to target, especially after what happened to the head bully when Ulric was a freshman. Ulric is very good at arm wrestling as well as being the school champion at thumb wrestling. He can throw a good punch but prefers to not get into fights; despite being a tough guy he prefers to settle disputes without beating the ever loving crap out of someone. Ulric may be a tough guy .. but he's a CANADIAN tough guy.

Ulric is reasonably strong and as such he enjoys sports. Funnily enough Ulric's favorite sports are billiards and chess despite the fact they aren't considered sports like football and baseball. Ulric is skilled at billiards but he isn't a very good chess player, but Ulric always perserveres towards his goals. There are two main things that Ulric doesn't like ... bullies and hypocrites. Those things just tick Ulric off. Ulric doesn't often get angry but some people say he is scary when he gets angry.

Ulric has only one fear in this world; he is scared of falling. The feeling of free fall makes him feel queasy and sick; it's why Ulric never uses the high dive at the local swimming pool. But Ulric is brave and would confront his fear ... but ONLY if there is absolutely no way around it. Ulric is looking forward to season three of Total Drama. He feels he'll be a useful asset to whatever team he ends up on; he just hopes that there won't be an eating challenge as he is a vegetarian and has a weak stomach.

Will Ulric be tough as a rock? Will Ulric manage to stand up to the worst of the contestants? Will he prove he is younger than he looks? And will he prove to be as resilient as his bio suggests and stick it out till the end?

Vayvay, the Philosophical Hippie

Vayvay is quite an oddball girl. Some say she is completely out of her mind while others say the philosophies that she comes out with are wise and take time to decipher. What philosophies does she come up with? Stuff like, "Whether we be fried, boiled, poached or scrambled, we are all a part of the great eggcup of life'. Vayvay is seriously 'out there', but has a very kind heart and is always willing to give advice to those who need it ... but understanding her advice is another matter completely! Some people have nicknamed her 'The Luna Lovegood' and Vayvay doesn't mind this one bit.

Vayvay wishes she could have been alive in the 60's due to all the hippie gatherings and great times the world had back then. Vayvay has organised 'hippie marches' in her neighborhood with her friends before ... events that make her friends feel ridiculous but they do for a good bit of fun. Vayvay likes flowers, especially tulips, and has a flower garden at her house with many different types of flowers because 'the more the meatier' according to Vayvay. Vayvay has a dreamy and soothing type of voice and almost always has a smile on her face. Her outlook on the world is very positive and she says that one day they will join the family of stars in the sky and have a galactic pillow fight.

Vayvay is not a fan of bullying no matter what the circumstances, and if a friend of hers is getting bullied she uses her philosophy of 'The discus being the better part of the valor' and lends a helping hand as Vayvay is quite a charitable person. Vayvay auditioned for T.D.L.2 because she wanted to spread the message of hippiness 'like butter' and show that the sixties aren't dead yet! Vayvay feels she'll do alright; she doesn't really care if she wins or not since 'only one person can be Top Hamster'. However; she wants to have a fun summer and what better way than being put on an island with 25 strangers and taking part in crazy challenges?

Will Vayvay bring the 'hey hey'? Will she confuse people with her odd way of speaking? Will she help people overcome personal problems? And will she start a hippie drum circle?

She goes on to win Letterama

Winnie, the Excitable Cat Lover

Winnie LOVES cats! If you couldn't tell that from the way she dresses, you'd have to be blind (no offense, George). She is sweet, easily excited and is quite bouncy. She doesn't mind dogs but doesn't like it when they chase her cats.

Winnie has five pet cats (Henry, Spooky, Baby, Cornflake and Emerald) and cares for them deeply. She's going to miss them dearly while she's at Wawanakwa but knows her parents will take good care of them. At night all five cats sleep in a fluffy cat basket on Winnie's bed.

Aside from her obvious obsession, Winnie enjoys Disney films, stuffed animals, skateboarding, and thinking of when she'll be back with her pets. Okay, she might be a little bit obsessed, but she's really a truly sweet girl with a very kind heart. She may be blond, but she isn't stupid.

Will Winnie last just over four weeks without her beloved pets? Will she win the big prize and buy her pets a lifetime supply of tuna? And will she manage to love something OTHER than her cats?

Xyly, the Viking

Xyly is directly descended from Vikings and she is proud of it! After all, she does wear an authentic Viking helmet. She speaks with a voice that is deep for a female, though she is still obviously a girl. Her best school subject is gym as she is very strong, which you can probably see. While Xyly looks a little scary, she is generally pretty friendly, unless somebody says Vikings suck, or something similar.

Xyly is a little odd in that she has a collection of Viking weapons; her parents are okay with this as long as the weapons do not leave the house. Xyly is also okay with this rule as she could easily beat down a sasquatch with her bare hands if she wanted to. Xyly is also a fan of the great outdoors and likes to go for walks across the country as her town is near a forest. She uses this time to fish, one of her hobbies ... though she tends to use a spear instead of a fishing rod.

Xyly occasionally refers to herself in third person despite not really having any difficulty at school. This may just be her Viking blood coming into play. Some people wonder what color eyes she has but hardly anybody knows as her hair covers her eyes completely; though Xyly can still see just fine. Xyly is looking forward to competing on TDL 2. She has all the strength to get far with and she's reasonably intelligent ... but she feels it's going to be her Viking blood that will make her prevail.

Will Xyly prove Vikings are awesome? Will she 'hornbutt' anybody who insults Vikings? Will she sneak a battle axe onto the Island? And will she accidentally scare anyone with her Viking habits?

Yannis, the Mute Guy

Yannis is pretty well-liked at his school and has a happy stable home life. He is very intelligent as well as friendly too. However; Yannis has a big disability ... he can't talk. It's not that he doesn't want to but his vocal cords never developed so he is in fact incapable of even saying a word. Despite this shortcoming, Yannis is able to get by without too much trouble; he is familiar with sign language and has a notebook to write down his thoughts. He can also use body language to communicate. Yannis can cough and sneeze, but those are about the only sounds he is capable of making.

Yannis is an A student and is quite fond of antiques. He has got a large collection of old tin toy soliders from the early 1900s and before. Yannis has a fairly good sense of humor; while he cannot tell jokes he is still able to make people laugh with his wit and by writing down sarcastic snappy comebacks. Yannis feels very much at home in the local library where he studies extracurricular subjects. Yannis is not very easy to trick and can quite easily tell if somebody is trying to manipulate him. He will try and alert people half the time. the other half the time he pretends to be fooled and brings the manipulator's plans crashing to the ground. Yannis is a nice guy and would sooner poison himself than bully somebody.

Yannis auditioned for T.D.L.2 because he wants to show the world that regardless of whether you can speak the right words (or words at all) you can still get by in life. His numerous friends are ready to cheer him on every step of the way. Yannis just has to prove he is useful to his team despite that he isn't very strong as well as being mute. But sometimes actions speak louder than words. Yannis doesn't mind if he wins or loses; as long as he is able to play a fair game and leave with his head held high, he feels it will be alright.

Will Yannis have at least a single line in the entire season? Will he show that quietness can be better than loudness? Will Yannis find some true friends? And will a certain blond girl catch his eye?

Zed, the Farmer

Zed has lived his whole life on his family's farm out in the country. He is naive about a lot of the world and has no idea what things like cellphones and X-Boxes are. Zed is unlike most teens (like YOU) in that he has no problems doing chores around the farm; in fact, he kind of enjoys it. Zed is homeschooled but unlike Ezekiel he knows women are equal to men. Zed is an outdoors kind of guy; his idea of a great day is camping out by himself on the fields of the farm and watching the sunset. Zed hasn't really interacted with other teens before, except at family reunions once a year.

Zed may be very skilled at farming, driving a tractor, herding cattle and shearing sheep ... but he has no real experience with girls. The idea of girlfriends and relationships makes him rather nervous. Plus he doesn't really know what impresses a girl anyway. Zed can play the banjo pretty well and can track animals very well, which is useful when a sheep or cow gets loose from the farm and he has to find it. Zed is pretty good with a hunting rifle and can nail a target from hundreds of yards away. Zed wears a horseshoe on a chain around his neck like a necklace as a sort of 'lucky charm'. Zed, despite being from the country, is rather hopeless at archery; the last time he tried it, that night's pork dinner had an arrow in it.

Zed believes that there is no sense in worrying when things start going wrong because obstacles can all be overcome. Zed auditioned for T.D.L.2 because he wanted to meet some new people and win money for a new tractor for the farm since 'Ol' Betsy' is starting to get rusty. Zed plans to share the rest of the money with his family. Zed is a good egg ... but that can egg be cracked by the more ruthless and cold-hearted contestants in T.D.L.2. Maybe Zed should prove you don't need to be from the city to win a reality show.

Will Zed ever understand the Internet? Will he ever get a haircut? Will he track mud in the mess hall with his muddy boots? And will Zed's lucky horseshoe really grant him good luck?

     Total Drama Letter Starz Characters 

Alice - The Stern and Firm

Barney - The Ninja

Bishop - The Rich Snob

Eddie - The Level Headed Guy

  • Dumbass No More: He's realized since last season that he was pretty terrible at being a detective and has eschewed the whole gimmick.
  • Expy: Seems to have become one to Richy. Design-wise, he's practically a palette-swap of Hans, by the same author.

Eleanor - The Animal Lover

Hector - The Scheming Mathlete

Helen - The Dull As Dishwater

Imanda - The Adorkable Dork

Irene - The Harsher In Hindsight

  • Reality Ensues: As it turns out, her claiming that trees could talk to her was, in fact, schizophrenia, and now it's really starting to get to her.

Jimmy - The Rain Cloud

Lankston - The Confident Man

Lavender - The Catty Cheerleader

Opal - The Ray Of Sunshine

  • Verbal Tic: Played with. Though she no longer laughs spontaneously, she now adds emoticons to the ends of her sentences, though it's implied that this one is intentional.

Paul - The Life Liver

Quana - The Sexy Singer

  • The Atoner: Seeks to right the wrongs she committed in Letterz.

Quarla - The Loner Bully

Raven - The Cute Friend Maker

Rheneas - The Badass

Sasha - The Nervous Gamer

Spider - The Sweet Medic

Tabitha - The Defrosted Ice Queen

Uzuri - The Fan Service

VayVay - The Dazed Hippie

Wallace - The BAD GUY

Yessica - The Slight Show Off

Zed - The Easy-Going Farm Boy

     The Interns, or the "Kim-Along Gang" 

Clyde - The Chill Guy from Chicago

Jennifer - The Bloodcurdling

Steve - The Excitable Adorkable