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Nightmare Fuel: Total Drama Letterz
  • Zita's fear challenge, which involved going into a burning building.
  • Uzuri's scary doll.
  • Barney falling and breaking his leg.
  • Nakia's plan to cripple Spider with a pipe.
  • Mable getting broken glass stuck in her leg from Kasimar sabotaging the pinball machine.
  • Kasimar murdering one of Eleanor's ferrets.
  • Uzuri and Yessica trapped in the burning mess hall.
  • Tabitha's parents, who have an extreme hatred for people they don't consider perfect...which is practically everyone.
  • Winnie's 'tortures' in the SAW challenge may seem somewhat funny, but taken out of context they become a lot more horrific and seem like real torture.
  • The hate note Kim writes for Sasha features among other things, her being brutally slaughtered.
  • Tabitha's Texts from an anonymous source (in fact, her parents) counting down how many days she has left...
  • Nakia finally snapping, and planning on killing both the contestants and interns, and to make matters worse she gets her hands on a biomechanical spider..
    • The way she plans on killing them isn't pretty either. She plans on scalping Quana's hair to use as a wig, capturing the remaining contestants and interns, shaving them bald, poisoning them, and burning them alive.
      • The spider itself, which according to Nakia is incredibly poisonous.
      • And to top it off, there's no silly warnings from the author this time, showing how serious things become.
  • In episode 10 of Letterama, Kasimar was going to do something to Tabitha had Rheneas not showed up at the last minute.
  • Kasimar in general is this. And to make matters worse his gang is implied to still be out there.

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