WMG: Total Drama Letterz

Nakia will return and try to get revenge.
  • Confirmed.

Kasimar will get a Humiliation Conga Up to Eleven.
  • Confirmed.

The final showdown in Total Drama Letterama will be between Rheneas and Vayvay.
  • Confirmed.

Tabitha's parents were the ones that sent the four days message to Tabitha.
  • Given the fact that her father wrote a vicious letter to her earlier and promised payback, this might be the time until they arrive on the show.
    • Confirmed.

Jimmy's parents will die between the end of TDL 2, and the beginning of TDL 3
  • Or they'll probably get divorced.
    • Confirmed.

  • It would be just like Cragmite...
    • Jossed. Vayvay and Spider have immunity to compensate for the three uneven teams in Letter Starz, so neither one will get voted out first.
    • She was eliminated second, though.

New couples in Letter Starz will include Barney/Helen, Raven/Wallace, and Alice/Bishop.
  • Considering the buildup they've received within the first couple episodes alone, it seems likely.

Steve is actually a member of the FBI and is Obfuscating Stupidity.
  • He gets calls frequently from "his uncle, Francis Bruno Ingrid", to whom he always refers by his full name (Cragmite's not one for subtlety). There was a scrapped character originally planned to compete as a newbie named Cole, who was also an FBI agent, so it's likely Cole's role in the story was given to Steve.