Characters / Honorable Hogwarts

A list of characters who appear in Honorable Hogwarts and its Spin-Off, Hogwarts Futures.

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    Main Characters 

These are the "primary" characters run by each player on the site, and therefore tend to have the most posts and/or the largest amount of focus in the storyline.

  • Jason Frost

    Love Interests 

The Love Interests of the main characters. Unless, of course, they're main characters already.


Characters from the Harry Potter Canon.


The folder for all villainous characters who haven't been redeemed, whether they're working together or not.

    Crossover Characters 

These are characters from other continuities who have appeared on the site for one reason or another.

    Ministry Workers 

People who work for the Ministry of Magic.

    Other Hogwarts Students & Staff 

Diop Johnson

    The Wakefield Group 

People who work for The Wakefield Group, at first presented as an evil corporation but now in a more morally gray area after helping out the good guys on a number of occasions. Heel–Face Revolving Door applies heavily.

     The Dehaviland Collective 
A mysterious company with dark intentions fronted by a Circus of Fear with the Seven Deadly Sins as performers. Currently live and under construction.

    Spinoff Characters 

Characters who were first seen — or first became important to the plot — on the Spin-Off site, Hogwarts Futures.


For characters that are... difficult to classify.