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  • Awesome Music: Violet Evergarden: Automemories, the anime's soundtrack, is a downright work of art.
    • "Letters From Heaven" is bittersweet, yet full of warmth and splendor; perfect for the montage of Ann Magnolia receiving her mother's letters through the years.
  • Base-Breaking Character:
    • Violet, particularly in the anime adaptation. Violet is considered by some to be one of the weakest characters due to her stoic personality and reserved actions, including some light novel readers critiquing the show for making her more robotic and less sassy than her novel counterpart. Others enjoy her for her sympathetic backstory and Character Development, arguing that her initial stoicism sets up payoff for her developing of empathy for others and learning to understand her emotions.
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    • Iris Cannary and Erica Brown. Some people welcome their addition for fleshing out Violet's workplace and their budding friendships with Violet, serving as an interesting contrast to Violet's development. Others, however, find them superfluous to the overall narrative, feeling they take up screentime that could be spent developing other plots, and dislike Iris' Jerkass tendencies. However, a number of viewers warmed to them after episode 9, where they showed concern and appreciation for Violet while she was in her depressive state.
  • Broken Base:
    • While the animation is agreed to be nothing less than stellar, many viewers complain about the show's slow pacing and episodic nature, with many characters being introduced and fleshed out, only to never be seen or mentioned again. This is largely because the source light novel is a compilation of short stories, featuring the clients as the protagonists of each rather than Violet herself (with a few exceptions).
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    • The ending: Gilbert's (possible) survival. For light novel readers, Gilbert's survival is either seen as a heartwarming culmination of his and Violet's relationship or a Deus Ex Machina that cheapens his role in the narrative. For anime viewers, though the series doesn't confirm Gilbert's survival, the fact his fate is left open as drawn mixed responses: some fans are thankful he didn't come back, feeling it'd detract from Violet's character arc; some fans are miffed the anime deviated from the novels, feeling it robbed the anime of one of the biggest moments in the novels; and others are simply annoyed at the anime refusing to confirm his fate, feeling it comes across as a cheap Sequel Hook.
  • Ear Worm:
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  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Luculia, Violet's friend from the Auto Memories Doll School, due to her story and heartwarming interactions with Violet.
  • Fandom Rivalry: With DARLING in the FRANXX of all things, due to both series being hyped up before their Winter 2018 premiere. The fact that a comparison between Darling and Evergarden resulted in the former getting Banned in China doesn't help things (for more details, check the Trivia page of the former).
  • Fridge Brilliance:
    • Not much is known about Violet Evergarden, aside from the fact that she possesses ridiculous physical strength, well beyond that of a normal human being. This could be handwaved as being due to her prosthetics, but even if that was the case, lifting another person or a heavy suitcase would still put a lot of strain on her back and shoulder, and wearing high heels while carrying said suitcase would only cause even more trouble. However, in chapter 10, "The Demigod and the Auto-Memories Doll", a cult claims that the gods are real, and that demigods exist, who are supposedly children of said gods and normal humans. Demigods supposedly possess certain qualities that exceed that of normal humans, such as extreme intelligence or charisma. Considering Violet's mysterious past, her ridiculous strength and her appearance constantly being described as angelic or mature beyond her years, and the fact that both Violet, Lady Lux and Sister Lisbon all agree that Violet looks completely like the goddess of war, Garnet Spear, it is not unlikely that the cultists are actually right, and that Violet is actually a demigod.
    • In episodes 1-7 of the Anime, lots of work is put into making even irrelevant background characters look unique. In the flashbacks in episode 8, however, all the soldiers look alike, except Violet, Gilbert and Hodgins (the only two soldiers to actually treat her like a human being). At first, this seems a bit jarring, considering the level of detail put into the previous episodes, but it makes perfect sense, since Violet only cared about Gilbert and the flashback is Violet thinking back on the war. In other words, the reason the soldiers all look the same is that, to her, they were all just the same.
    • Many fans have noticed that scenes from the novel have been changed for the anime, with one of the bigger offenders among the fanbase being her giant axe Witchcraft not appearing or even being mentioned, despite the CM1 trailer explicitly showing Violet leaping through the cathedral's window with Witchcraft in hand. However, if one pays attention to the CM1 and CM2 trailers, one will notice that the scenes in CM1 all happen in Volume 1, while the scenes in CM2 all happen in Volume 2, with both ending with the words "The anime adaptation is in the works". The Fridge Brilliance part is: The CM trailers were never meant to be trailers for the anime. They were meant as commercials for the books!
  • Genius Bonus: For those who've translated the fictional language of the series, it's possible to read the final words of Violet's letter to Gilbert: "I love you".
  • He's Just Hiding!: Gilbert in the anime, due to his body never being found and the fact he faked his death for Violet's sake in the novel.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • Some fans were quick to link Violet Evergarden with the infamous Haddaway's What is Love.
    • "MARY POPPINS, Y'ALL!" Explanation .
    • Violet is a Saberface Explanation .
  • Narm: The scene where we see Violet Evergarden lose her arms in the anime is intended to be a serious and sad scene, but the fact that they just fall off without anyone being anywhere near her except the Major makes it unintentionally funny at the same time.
  • The Woobie: Oscar from Episode 7 is this. As he lost his own wife and daughter, the thing he loves the most, in his younger days. This resulted his inability to write a story and become a pathetic trainwreck and everytime he felt something about his daughter, You can't help but feel sorry for him.


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