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Heartwarming / Violet Evergarden

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  • Violet Evergarden's devotion to the job. Doesn't matter if her customer is despicable, poor, in a tight spot or troubling. She will go great length to make sure the required work is done proper.
  • Claudia doing everything he can to make sure his workers lead a better life, even if it means no salary of his own for a month or two. Him spending a good sum of money to get Violet her emerald brooch back is a good example.
    • For that matter Violet receiving her emerald brooch after having lost it.
  • Shrinking Violet Erica standing up for Violet in episode 2 of the anime, despite knowing little of each other.
  • Leon's final moments with Violet. It doesn't earn him her love, but it's enough to finally change his opinion regarding woman and allows him to move on with his life.
    • Leon himself maybe the temperamental employee that everyone in the department gives him shit for, but he never forget how his life is indebted to the Institute who took him in and raise him up.
  • Violet personally visits Aiden on the battlefield, who requested Auto Memories Doll in a drunken haze. Then much later profusely apologizes to his family for failing to save his life in the end, even though she clearly isn't at fault.
    • Her decision to bring Aiden's body with her home, even if it means paying for transport out of her own pocket only made it all even more heart-warming.
  • Chaser assuring Violet that she is far better person than Edward Jones, and that his words aren't worth listening to.
  • The letter from Silene's mother. She truly cared for her remaining son. It's just her age and fading memory that gets in the way.
  • Lady Lux's circumstance with Violet. Two complete strangers meet during a rain stop. Lux, a mindful girl, urges a lady she just met for mere hours to flee the death cult without her. Violet breaks her out anyway, taking Lux all the way to CH Postal, a far cry from by-the-letter soldier she once was.
  • Violet's first successful letter, as shown in Episode 3 of the anime:
    Dear brother. I am happy that you are alive. Thank you. Love, Luculia.
    • The first letter Violet writes in the anime that doesn't read like a military report. She writes it on behalf of Luculia, her fellow student at the letter-writing crash-course, and one of her only friends at that moment. What's more, she does it completely on her own, without Luculia knowing that she wrote it until Luculia's brother tells her. In the end, Luculia shows the teacher the letter, and the teacher decides to let Violet pass the course, despite the course ending two days earlier with Violet failing. Even despite the letter being extremely short, it conveys Luculia's feelings perfectly, which is the most important thing. The last few minutes of that episode were really heartwarming.
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  • Marriage of Princess Charlotte and Prince Damian is this on multiple levels: Princess Charlotte gets to act not only for her nation but also the love of her life. The love letters between the two causes civilians from both countries to root for their respective counterpart and deepen their geo-political relationship even further.
  • Episode 9 in the anime has everyone Violet has ever helped as an Auto-Memories Doll return in a "Where Are They Now?" Epilogue: Luculia and her brother have reconciled, Charlotte and Damian are Happily Married, Leon is a Bold Explorer, and Oscar is overseeing a production of the play Violet helped him finish.
    • Spencer hiring Violet to write a thank you letter to Luculia, for having helped completely turn his life around for the better.
    • Violet receiving her first letter ever. It leads to her recovering from her Heroic BSoD.
  • At the end of Episode 10, the reveal of who Mrs. Magnolia was dictating those letters for. They're addressed to her daughter Anne, to be delivered on her birthday - one for each birthday, over the course of fifty years. Even long after her death, she'll be there for her daughter.
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  • Violet finally coming to terms with Gilbert's death in animated adaptation. Doubly heartwarming, if you translate the letter she wrote at the end, it reads: I love you.
  • The ending in Chapter 13 of the Light Novel. After not having seen eachother for years, Violet is finally reunited with Major Gilbert Bougainvillea, who once again confesses his love for her and explains why he had Hodgins take care of her. The narration makes it pretty clear that, although Violet doesn't understand it completely herself, the feelings are mutual. In the end, they are both reunited with the only person they have ever truly loved.
  • An in-universe example: In Chapter 13, Gilbert becomes extremely happy, when he finds out that Violet kept the emerald brooch all those years.


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