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Nightmare Fuel / Violet Evergarden

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The world of Violet Evergarden is much like real life; grandiose in some places, dark in others.

  • Telesis continent draws a lot from our 19th century including all of it's negatives. Long distance travel is still dangerous, highwaymen and robberies are still a very real threat, discrimination against women is still a thing, and wars break out every so often. It's pretty telling that during Violet and Benedict's motorcycle trip in Volume 2, both of them carry a gun each.
  • Violet Evergarden herself. When Leidenschaftlich first found her, this girl who can't even speak butchers several trained navy sailors who try to molest her. No one knows where she got that from and why.
    • Dietfried's gruesome display of her skill to Gilbert. Sure, the victims are petty thieves who killed Dietfried's men for food. But have a girl who is not even 10 years old gutting them?
    • Gilbert skirting his own Despair Event Horizon during Violet's training, yelling "Kill!!" at Violet to finally move her and fatally maim the prisoners much to Claudia's shock. Some of Leidenschaftlich soldiers go puking at the sight of it.
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    • The reason Leidenschaftlich's Army considers it justifiable to use Violet as a weapon to begin with. Leidenschaftlich has a dubious honor of being a major Southern trade town since its inception, with enemies on all sides and wars constantly being fought for and over it since medieval ages.
    • The night before the battle of Intense, it is revealed that Violet has murdered countless of Leidenschaftlich's own soldiers at night, because they tried to molest her. As a result, Gilbert decides that he and Violet will be sleeping side by side in the supply-tent, to avoid having Violet kill more of their own soldiers just before the final battle.
  • God-worshiping "Utopia" in Volume 2 of the novel: a cult of 'nuns' who took in war orphans of specific racial features and raise them as a 'demigod' according to fables, made to never leave the island by killing them when they reach 14 years old all to uphold their delusional belief that all humans will eventually grow up and become corrupted.
    Sister Lisbon: “Even if you haven’t done anything yet, you eventually might. Your existence is a bother. To put it simply, we are… afraid of those like you. That is why we worship, respect and kill you.
    • The idea of someone taking advantage of war orphans is sickening all by itself.
  • The state Violet is in throughout episode 9. Where she's normally cold and unemotional, she is suddenly mentally broken down, to the point where she believes she neither has the right to live nor anything or anyone left to live for. The scene right after her nightmare, where she attempts to choke herself to death with her metallic hands, while definitely a Tear Jerker, is nothing short of Nightmare Fuel! Thankfully, she gets better after receiving her first ever letter.
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  • The battle of Intense itself is nothing short of one long nightmare for both Violet and Gilbert. Special mention goes to the scenes where she looses her arms, as she’s so desperate to save him that she barley even seems to notice her own limbs falling off one at a time.


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