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  • Abandon Shipping: Tendou regards Hiyori so flirtatiously until it's revealed that she's the girl that would have been his sister.
    • To be "fair", this isn't the first time Toei has teased that kind of thing in its shows, at times not even stopping the flirting after the bombshell.
      • However, it doesn't help the fact that all but one of the series above came AFTER Kabuto aired...
    • And the fact that she was the child of the Worms who had replaced the Kusakabe parents pretty much throws out the 'sister' thing.
  • Alas, Poor Scrappy: The Hopper Brothers were both kind of annoying for awhile, either in their original iterations or, once they were teamed up as a goofy emo duo, they were a pair of butt monkeys who were a bigger butt together than apart. The resolution of their storyline is enough to make you sob.
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  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Is Tendou a God-Mode Sue played straight, with his boundless confidence and superhuman abilities (even without using the Masked Rider System)? A Parody Sue and partial deconstruction of the type (with his various failures, his strange obsessions, his inability to truly connect with others)? A Decoy Protagonist for Kagami (because Kagami is the one who actually espouses heroic values much better than him)?
  • Awesome Music: Full Force.
  • Badass Decay: In Kamen Rider Taisen, you'd think Tendou would have a far easier time dealing with Kamen Rider Stronger. Though considering it's Tendou, this might've been on purpose.
  • Base-Breaking Character:
    • Tendo is either an interesting and badass character with plenty of awesome moments (and some good Heroic BSoD moments later on), or an arrogant character who is hard to root for (and think Kagami should have been the lead).
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    • Sou Yaguruma, particularly as KickHopper. He is seen either as a cool character who is much better as an anti-heroic wild card with some legitimate funny moments or very annoying with his emo behavior and a lot of his later problems are his own fault.
  • Broken Base:
    • Pretty much the only things that people can agree on is that the fight scenes are awesome (when they have money to throw into the clock-up scenes) and that the later episodes are weaker than the earlier ones. Beyond that, you'll see arguments about every other aspect of the show, for example:
    • The show's tone: Appropriately tense and dramatic, or inconsistent and suffers from too much Mood Whiplash.
  • The Chris Carter Effect: Kicks into gear around episode 30; not so coincidentally around the time Ending Fatigue sets in.
  • Complete Monster: In the war between the ZECT paramilitary armed forces and the intergalactic invaders known as the Worms, these show themselves to be the pinnacle of evil in the work:
    • Masato Mishima, the second-in-command of ZECT, is, due to his selfish behavior, their Token Evil Teammate. In the past, Mishima captured the young boy that would become Dark Kabuto and performed horrendous experiments on him to unlock the power of the Hyper Zecter, keeping him as a prisoner for years inside a ZECT facility in Area X. Assigned to oversee the development of the Gatack Zecter, Mishima wastes no time in sacrificing the lives of his own soldiers to see who is worthy of its power. Mishima allies himself with the Worms to stop the independent non-ZECT Riders, framing Daisuke for the murder of a rival makeup artist and later sending an agent whom he forced to eat nothing but dry boiled rice for the last seven years of her life to pose as a cadet to get closer to Tendou in a plot to assassinate him. Taking part in the AM Bomb operation, Mishima is disappointed in his superior for attempting to save the civilians that were made hostage by the Worms in Area C3, informing Arata that if he fails the negotiation, he'll just nuke the entire district. After the existence of Worms is announced to the world, Mishima turns himself into a Native and conspires to do the same with the rest of the world by usurping the position of general and, just so he doesn't get to lose his status after all the Worms have been exterminated, manipulating the population into wearing a pendant that detects Worms, but, unbeknownst to them, also converts those wearing it into Natives.
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    • Reiji Nogi/Cassis Worm is a field leader of the Worms' army who, despite being introduced in the last episodes, proved himself to be the worst of his race. An open cannibal, Nogi follows the philosophy that he must devour the weak by absorbing his own subordinates. Making his appearance known by destroying the peaceful Natives that were being escorted by ZECT, Nogi leads the counterattack against ZECT during the AM Bomb operation and makes the entire Area C3 fall under control of the Worms, promising to execute civilians if ZECT doesn't give the anti-mimicry device to him. With the Worms attacking four different sections of the city at the same time, Nogi directly participates in weakening ZECT's defenses by killing a platoon that was stationed at one of the sites to stop the Worms from continuing their rampage. Going to Shibuya, Nogi brings the Worms to slaughter the soldiers at Area Z, massacring all of those that were guarding the place from him except for the last line of defense, who almost committed mass suicide by nuking the place with them inside to prevent Nogi from stealing the Masked Rider System. After failing to recruit Dark Kabuto to his side, Nogi was ultimately responsible for Tsurugi's Suicide by Cop by making him remember that he is a Worm.
    • The unnamed principal of Jyuka Tendou's high school from the School's Ghost Story Filler Arc is a human who willingly collaborates with the Worms all for the sake of pride and fame. Discovering the existence of the Worms after they replaced his choir group, the principal decided to take advantage of their superior abilities by forming a pact with them to replace his own students and make the Worms win at competitions instead of risking to lose with his human students. Sealing the Worms inside an abandoned part of the school that is covered by a mirror, the principal allowed a rumor to spread about the "cursed mirror" that grants the wish of desperate students but also makes them disappear, resulting in an entire basketball team going missing. After Tendou and ZECT uncovered the truth behind the mirror, the principal refused to accept responsibility and blamed the students for wanting their wishes granted, telling Tendou that his own sister was the last person to have approached the mirror with a wish, which led to the Worms going after a bus filled with innocent students.
    • Kamen Rider Kabuto: God Speed Love: Issei Kurosaki/Kamen Rider Caucasus is ZECT's legendary Sociopathic Soldier and an eccentric thug who views strength as beauty. Hired to destroy Neo-ZECT troops and help with the Jacob's Ladder project, Kurosaki becomes notorious for his enormous bodycount and habit of leaving roses on his victims' corpses. After executing Neo-ZECT leader Hidenari Oda, Kurosaki joins ZECT's inner circle in a conspiracy to annihilate humanity with a second meteor filled with dormant Worm eggs. When confronted by Tendou as to why he would let the Worms rule Earth, Kurosaki confesses to not caring for the lives of both humans and Worms, merely wishing to satisfy his Darwinistic philosophy. Severely injuring renegade ZECT agent Arata Kagami in a space station, Kurosaki breaks the window of his escape pod out of spite, leaving him to freeze and suffocate to death.
  • Ending Fatigue: It's generally agreed that the plot haemorrhages coherence around episode 30.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Tsurugi Kamishiro is one of the more popular comic relief character in the series. His Large Ham tendencies and overall goofiness trying to "learn how the common man works" help. His storyline ending helps even more.
  • Game-Breaker: Kabuto and Gatack's Hyper Forms as their Hyper Clock Up system surpasses the normal ones since it can move faster than a lightspeed. The former is more so, thanks to the Perfect Zecter added to his arsenals later on.
    • Tendou Souji when he does ... anything.
  • Gateway Series: This series has introduced many Western viewers to the Heisei Kamen Rider series with its balance of humor, drama, and action. The Clock Up feature really seems to help as well.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Hidenori Tokuyama/Yaguruma will be the lead star in a movie based on the boxing manga Thanatos: Mushikera no Kobushi, which will also star Yūki Satō/Kagami possibly as the antagonist.
  • Ho Yay: Subtle with Tendou and Kagami, but more blatant in Yaguruma and Kageyama, especially after they become the Hopper Riders.
  • Memetic Mutation: Start the ZECT-Van!
  • Memetic Badass: Arguably, Souji Tendou. He's basically the Chuck Norris of the Heisei Riders. Fittingly enough, his Rider Kick is a Roundhouse Kick.
  • Most Wonderful Sound: "CAST OFF. CHANGE BEETLE!"
  • Narm: Depending on who you ask, the Dark Kitchen arc. To explain, the writers seemed to be trying to find a way to work Tendou's cooking skills into an actual episode plot instead of just being a source of witty aphorisms, and have him face off in a cooking duel against a Worm who plans to take over the world with his own cooking skills...somehow.
  • Nightmare Fuel: No one expected the Masked Rider System to be developed from brutal experimentation on poor Dark Tendou as shown in Episode 48.
    • Being experimented and caged up when you're just a young boy is bad enough, but to have Natives performing the experiments?!? That just makes this already disturbing scene EVEN WORSE.
    • Speaking of which, Dark Kabuto's blood-curdlingly child-like smile upon entering Earth in Episode 42 is enough to keep anyone up all night. The creepy music doesn't help either.
    • In a case of serious Paranoia Fuel, a Worm can become an almost perfect copy of anyone, including you. They are also stronger than you, can spit goo on you to kill you, and can slow down time to prevent you from escaping their clutches. The only way you can sense a worm is by their smell, which would be too late by then (unless you're a Kamen Rider, of course.)
  • Paranoia Fuel: The Worm. The fact that a race of over-6"-tall, hyper-advanced aliens with retractable tentacles for hands have successfully managed to infiltrate Japanese, and, by a larger extent, world society, perfectly imitate the humans they encounter right down to their memories, and kill those they replicate, can be severely unnerving. They're like the Kamen Rider equivalent to the Yeerks, only even more horrifying.
    • Take that Up to Eleven with Tsurugi being the Scorpioworm without even realizing it. The only thing more unnerving than someone you know being a Worm is the possibility that you are a worm yourself and you don't even realize it.
  • Relationship Writing Fumble: Halfway into the series, it's revealed that Hiyori is a mimic of Tendou's would-be sister from when the Worms who killed their parents had mimicked them so perfectly down to their mother's pregnancy. But prior to that, they had a lot of Ship Tease, and in one of the earlier episodes Yumiko asks Hiyori if Tendou is her boyfriend, which Tendou himself doesn't deny. Furthermore, Tendou's utter devotion to a girl he barely knows (who also happens to be his sole motivation with getting involved with ZECT and the Worms) seems a bit too intense for someone who's supposed to be his sister. Sean Wiig, the actor of Tendou's child self who obviously hasn't watched the series to know better, even thought that they were boyfriend-girlfriend in a post made on his blog.
  • Special Effect Failure: Gattack's battle damage in 44 is very obviously just extra bits stuck to the suit, with obvious edges.
    • There's various instances of transformations not melding very well (actor and suit actor standing in obviously different poses), sometimes bluescreen effects are sort of obvious, and some Worm are designed and fabricated better than others. Let's just say, some episodes obviously had higher budgets than others.
  • Shocking Swerve: Everything involving the Native Worm.
  • Superlative Dubbing: The English language dub that aired in the Philippines isn't without its problems, but some of the dub casting does the characters remarkably well - particular highlights include Yaguruma, Kageyama, and the laughing tofu merchant.
  • Tear Jerker: And loads of it...sniff.
  • Visual Effects of Awesome: The special effects are extremely impressive for a Tokusatsu series. From the cast-off and clock-up sequences to the choreography of the fight scenes, Kabuto, even after 11 years since it originally aired, is still considered to be one of the best-looking series in the Kamen Rider franchise.


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